November 30th, 2015
Even Cowboys QB Tony Romo knows to pay homage when he is in the presence of America's Quarterback.

Even Cowboys QB Tony Romo knows to pay homage when he is in the presence of America’s Quarterback.

Yesterday’s game was a washout in the second half.

Seemingly on the cusp of a victory to seize a 6-5 record, the Bucs let the Colts defense punch them in the mouth and take their lunch money.

That doesn’t mean the game was a total waste. That’s because America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, put his stamp on Bucs history. Joe Kania of has all the details.

Winston threw for 245 yards in Tampa Bay’s loss, bringing him to 2,650 for the season. His total passing yards were enough to set a new Buccaneer rookie record. Winston passed Mike Glennon, whose 2,608 passing yards in 2013 remained a team record for less than two seasons.

Winston and Glennon are the only rookie passers in team history to throw for 2,000 yards or more in their first season. The two are among six quarterbacks to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark as rookies, as well.

At the pace he is on, Winston will finish the season with 3,854 yards, which would be the second-most yards in a single season in team history by any player, not just rookies. Winston would need 4,066 yards to break the team record. Winston is also on pace to finish the season with 23 passing touchdowns, which would be the fourth-most in a single season in team history.

Think about that for a second. If Jameis keeps this up, he will all but rewrite the Bucs’ history book for quarterbacks. And the dude is 21!

And people wonder why Joe jumps off his couch and waves his flag proudly when Jameis plays.

22 Responses to “Record-Setter”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Without blocking up front in second half, Jameis was just another QB getting sacked and mugged….

    OBW, thanks for the TD drop, Mike Evans.

  2. Bankie Says:

    I actually come to this site several times a day and it wont let me post from my phone so i just read, (the submit comment button disappears after I type a comment). That being said, I’ve been extremely impressed with Jameis this season. Feels good to brag about my bucs again! I will say this though, Thank God we didnt get Manziel like Joe was raving for years ago…….

  3. Strider.... Sec 146 Says:

    You think OBJ drops those haaaa that dude balls out for manning waiting for Evans to man up

  4. Jack Says:

    Not Jameis fault they lost – WRs catch half of their targets and Martin gets only 2 touches in 2nd half.

  5. Anthony Says:

    Who wonders this, Joe?

  6. Bobby Says:

    Yeah, let’s not run Martin in the second half. I mean he only got 90 yard the first half. Time to shut that production down….SMH

  7. Ufour20 Says:

    Don’t understand why they stop running Doug after the first quarter and half – every damn game. I understanding resting him, but’s it’s just ludicrous how we are using him (or not using him). Our QB is still missing receivers and we still have receivers dropping balls – with a line that fell apart yesterday. Then we went one dimensional and forget would could run the ball, crazy.

  8. CC Says:

    Not running Doug Martin in the second half and playing a soft zone in the second half cost the Bucs a victory.if the Bucs pressured the Colts in the second half with blitzes we would have won. Yes once again we were outcoached.

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    First off it’s time to give Indy some freaking credit. We so full of it if we think we should have been favored going into that game. The Colts had two losses against Carolina and N.E..the two best teams in the league.

    Indiapolis was easily the best team we’ve faces this year aside from Carolina!!!

    Indy has a tradition of excellence…3 straight 11 win seasons…each year advancing farther in the playoffs only to be stopped by Brady and the Pats.

    You can’t have it both ways…either QB is the critical position or it isn’t. Hasselbeck was harrassed just as much as Fameis. His line didn’t protect any better than ours. Hasselbeck is a wily vet who knew when he only had a second to get the ball to his hot receiver or THROW IT AWAY. That’s a lesson Fameis…only a 21 year old rookie has yet to learn. I have no doubt he will however. He’s figuring it out. We need to give him time and admit our learning curve. Same for Donavan Smith. The Colts were starting some pretty pathetic OL and Hasselback was hurried and hit as much as #3..he also was sacked 3X which would have been the same as #3 if #3 hadn’t run around back there trying to stretch out plays that just weren’t there.

    I do not write this to slam #3. Eventually he’ll be much better than Hasselbeck.
    Yesterday he simply wasn’t. We were beat by a more experienced QB who played a much better game than our QB. No shame…just a learning experience.

    As far as was clear the Colts adjustment was to stuff the run and force #3 to beat them. Martin rushed twice for only 7 yards. Should he have run the ball more..perhaps…Koetter and his people upstairs were trying to take what the Colts were giving them…duh isn’t that the smart way to play. I guess not if your star receiver can’t catch the football.

    We also have problems with our kicker. In an even contest..Vinateri kicks Barth’s butt…it’s as simple as that.

    So some of you FSU guys tell me how we can get your kicker next year!!!

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    SPBF..Roberto Aguayo. I think he might slip into the 2nd round or late 1st for sure.

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I know we desperately need a DE and I was hoping to use the first two picks on that position in the hopes of finding at least one franchise TE and perhaps two good DE’s as bookends.

    But after watching Vinateri yesterday and seeing how many times he makes pressure kicks…and then watching your boy Aguayo do the same thing over and over again…

    I gotta think if we could package MG8 and perhaps a lower draft pick and we could get him I’d do it in a heart beat. The kid just seems like gold and you really can’t overestimate the value of a great kicker.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Oops typo…TE should be DE

  13. LongSeasons Says:

    Jameis isn’t the problem. The entire team regressed yesterday. I thought they were playing like they had the creamsicle uniforms with Bucco Bruce on the helmet. I expect this team to be a bit uneven. This isn’t our year. Next year or the year after is depending on how our defense goes.

    Colts played very well and Hasslemonkey looked like the vet that he is.

  14. 1nebuc Says:

    Bankie Says….

    My phone does the same thing but you have to tap where it says leave a reply and the submit button will reappear to leave a message

  15. Phillip Says:


    Turn your phone sideways and the reply button pops up for me(whenever I actually post on this site anymore).

  16. Bankie Says:

    Thanks guys

  17. 1nebuc Says:

    No doubt.

  18. loggedontosay Says:

    Young team like the Bucs cannot beat referees and their opponent. The calls that the referees are making are being done at the right time to determine games. That is the sad part Joe. the media has not opinion on the subject even sadder.

  19. Owlykat Says:

    Agree with Loggedontosay. There were so many ref bad calls the NFL should start a criminal investigation.

  20. Pawl Says:


    After you type in the box comment, tap outside the box and submit button will appear

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree with all here who posted about rotten officiated. It was a very poorly called game. However I’m not yet ready to adopt a the Bucs are persecuted. We are not going to get calls because the refs just assume that a team this highly penalized is undisciplined so I concede we get no benefit of the doubt.

    Other than the absurd PI on Mike Evans (he’s worn out his NFL welcome with the refs with all of his whining and complaining on the field) the calls were simply bad calls. I’ve seen enough bad calls this year..and in years past for that matter…to realize it’s just poor officiating.

    Someone chided the media for not making more of this problem. But the NFL butters their bread and so it’s not a subject the big networks with billions of dollars at stake are going to tackle.

    I did hear a great discussion about it on the Sirius NFL net. The consensus opinion was that the NFL needs to give up what amounts to part time help at the ref position. No more lawyers, doctors, school teachers who are moonlighting but full time professional refs who put in as much time studying film, getting coached, working in the off season as the players. I like that idea.

  22. Wes Says:

    That’s good for both Winston and Glennon. Glennon didn’t have a full rookie season