Position Perfection

November 17th, 2015

LavonteDavidThe stat geeks may not be aroused by Lavonte David’s solid game against the Cowboys, but those with much deeper knowledge see perfection.

Joe’s talking about Lovie Smith, Bucs defensive play caller, head coach and former mentor and coach of Derrick Brooks.

Lovie turned the film on of David’ latest showing and saw consistent perfection in one aspect of his game.

“Some games the [Will linebacker] position will require you to make a lot of tackles,” Lovie said on the Buccaneers Radio Network. “Sometimes it will require you to make tackles and maybe a couple of sacks, too. And then when you get an opportunity to finish up the football, and that doesn’t happen every week, but when you do, you just need to be in position. Lavonte was in position to make all of the plays that the defensive required him to do yesterday.”

Those are pretty strong words, claiming David was in perfect position on every play. If he can do it once ….

The final stat line on David was five solo tackles and seven assists. Undrafted rookie cornerback Jude Adjei-Barimah led the Bucs in solo tackes with six.

5 Responses to “Position Perfection”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Nothing could be finer than for David to get his groove reinvigorated. Watch out Fleagles, the up and coming Bucs are coming for you.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Hey Jude…keep on rockin it! LVD seems to be growing more comfortable with the weight of the new contract and is finally back to playing his old brand of ball.
    Perhaps he was simply trying too hard and overplaying his position because of the money and pressure. He seems a lot more like his former self the past two weeks.

    If both LVD and Kwon play at a high level at the same time this defense is going to be good!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We have two very seriously good LBs…….they are flying all over the field making tackles and other plays……
    If we could pick up 2 or 3 more top notch players…..DE, CB, S……and add a WR to our offense…..we are ready to roll….

  4. Buc since '74 Says:

    Wonder if LVD played poorly the first quarter of the season because he realized that the DB’s were out of position and not doing there job, and was therefore trying to do to much which led to him being out of position. On some plays, IMO, you could almost tell that he wanted to make a play (since it seems that no-body else was) so badly that he was trying to do the job of those around him.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    @tampabaybucfan…your right, we have 2 very special lbs…their so special I haven’t even noticed whos playing the sam position? no really is it danny or bruce manning the sam position? and big shout out to JUDE!!!!kid came in and stepped up and has provided the team with solid play..keep it up…GO BUCS!!!