Has Jameis Turned The Corner?

November 5th, 2015
Detailed breakdown on America's Quarterback.

Detailed breakdown on America’s Quarterback.

In the first few weeks of the season, America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, sure didn’t look like the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. He looked more like a third-day draft pick.

But in the past couple of weeks, the young rookie is playing at a level better than anything the Jets have at quarterback, much less a handful of other teams as well.

NFL analyst Matt Bowen of BSPN decided to break down the tape of all of Jameis’ first seven games and for Bowen, it is clear Jameis is growing into a solid NFL starting quarterback.

From identifying coverages to recognizing pressure, Winston is seeing the field with more clarity. That has allowed him to process his reads more quickly, while taking what the defense is giving him. If that means throwing underneath to the flat or hitting the check down, then go with it. Live to see the next down.

The biggest leap for Winston? It’s on third downs, where he’s completing 76 percent of his passes in his past three starts. Remember that 8.8 Total QBR on third downs? Well, it has jumped all the way to 94.6 in Weeks 5-8. That’s a major increase — and it shows up on tape.

Sure, the Bucs are facilitating the rookie’s rise by using the screen game and putting their receivers in a position to pick up yards after the catch. And yes, Evans can make Winston’s play look better than it sometimes is, with the wide receiver’s ability to turn a 50-50 ball into a big play. But it all starts with the quarterback’s development within the system.

Bowen is right: Shoot, even with good quarterbacks there will be more turnovers. And Jameis is still wet behind the ears in the NFL. Bad games are coming.

Here is the thing, which Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter talked about yesterday: People forget Jameis only played two years of college ball. He’s still 21. In other words, if you think Jameis is playing above board now, imagine when he gets a couple of years under his belt in the NFL and straightens out his mechanics, which Koetter said takes longer than “five minutes” to smooth out.

Joe doesn’t think he can type the following with a straight face thinking about what was last year: it is fairly obvious Jameis is already an upgrade from Stuart McClown.

19 Responses to “Has Jameis Turned The Corner?”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Let’s not forget it’s Jameis first full year without baseball as well. His mechanics will continue to improve under Koetter. Winston will lead the bucs to victory despite having the worst coach in the division and possibly the league now that Whisenhut is in the basement. That leaves two dungy clones to battle it out for worst coach in the league caldwell and lovie.

  2. TAC Says:

    “Jameis Winston is your classic example of a rookie who has been thrown into the fire.”

    The entire plan they had from the draft onward has been excellent. All of them involved with him deserve much credit. Can’t say enough about that Oline.

    Damn good thing Hawley was still available.

  3. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I don’t consider Caldwell a Dungy clone. That’s not me defending him. I just remember him more as Wake’s head coach, and he was primarily known for a passing offense there, not much running the ball.

  4. Buc4Lyfe Says:

    I’d like to know when Evans has made “Winston’s play look better than it sometimes is”. I’ve seen every snap and noticed a lot of drops and well thrown 50/50 balls that he hasn’t made the play on. I like ME, not trying to dog him, but I think had he played better early on Jamesis’ numbers could look much more better and maybe even have another W (Houston game…).

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn

    fair enough maybe clone was a poor choice in words. Dungy’s coaching tree is pretty brutal minus Tomlin and he was like Caldwell not a complete dungy guy. Marinelli still set the bar the highest at 0-16 even though lovie tried to match it last year with his 2-14 run.

  6. mike Says:

    would be great if we keep koter for at least 2 more years so they grow together.

  7. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:


    I hear you. Dungy did a great deal to change the culture here. That being said, if he didn’t have a HOF QB/ built in on the field offensive coordinator, I don’t think he ever wins a SB (imagine Peyton ignoring him on the headset when he wanted to run).

    And, I have said this before. The optimist part of me hopes that maybe Lovie can do that: Get the team back to decent, and then the next guy goes to the top of the mountain, a la Gruden.

    But, allowing QBs to pass for 70% isn’t going to cut it.

  8. Fsuking Says:

    Yea I’m not sure Mike Evan has done anything to help Jameis this year. Those 50-50 balls that were 70-30 last year have been completed a quarter of the time and he has dropped some easy ones. A lot of Jameis’s early struggles were a combination of poor recover play and Jameis drastically underestimating the speed of the NFL. He got the speed down now and his decision making has been stellar as of late. He has me wondering if the couple of bad throws he has made are a result of mechanical tweeks that he is trying. Dirk Kotters instance that he needs to tighten up his release may have gotten in his head. You know Jameis won’t wait until the offseason, he wants to be perfect now. Little stuff like that can screw with accuracy.

  9. Newbucsfan Says:

    Wondering if the couple of bad throws he has made are a result of mechanical tweeks that he is trying. Dirk Kotters instance that he needs to tighten up his release may have gotten in his head. You know Jameis won’t wait until the offseason, he wants to be perfect now. Little stuff like that can screw with accuracy.

    Excellent theory Fsuking

    That seems very likely!

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn

    I have all the respect in the world for what Dungy did here that being said the quality that did him and cost tampa and indy super bowls was his stubbornness. lovie might be even more stubborn than dungy. I respect men of principles however the game and players have evolved and the coaches must evolve as well. I was all for lovie’s hiring right up to the point I realized that he could not change.

  11. NewTampaChris Says:

    You’ll never know that a player “turned the corner” until about a year after they turned it. Did everyone think that Josh Freeman “turned the corner” after his 10-6 season?

    Can we just worry about beating the Giants, please? No long-term pronouncements are warranted after 7 games.

  12. Jason McLaurin Says:

    Yes indeed the Glennon mob is gone the Marriota crowd is now silenced and now the corner turns. Hes getting better by the game and is doing more with less in the receiving game as well. I’m hoping ASJ returns and play receiver as well because I think he can stretch the field as well as Chuck Sims who I feel should be the slot in spread shotgun formations or three wide personnel until Jackson returns but Koetter needs to become more creative with ASJ and Sims in the passing game for WINSton to succeed. They both can extend the field anf WINSton succeeds at a playaction deep ball offensive scheme ad well just hope LOViE figures it out to save his job.###play4WINStonfight4LOViE

  13. R.O Says:

    I’m all for JW.. But turned the corner? No, he still was inconsistent. Missed wide open throws. Needs to step up in the pocket rather then slide into pressure. Only threw for 177 on 29 attempts. No, has not turned the corner.

  14. Espo Says:

    I hope he never feels he turned the corner. The last thing we need is a complacent quarterback.

  15. Pick6 Says:

    “And yes, Evans can make Winston’s play look better than it sometimes is, with the wide receiver’s ability to turn a 50-50 ball into a big play.”

    evans giveth, and evans taketh away. his drops have probably done more to damage the bucs chances and winstons stats than his non-routine catches have done to help. i’m glad he’s making the big plays, but it’s not fair to winston to say evans is bailing him out on the balance of things

  16. Pick6 Says:

    “turned the corner” does not mean “arrived”. it means he is not playing nervous and making as many panicked throws as he was in the first 4 weeks, when (very unintelligent) people were beginning to question the decision to draft him #1 overall

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis and Mankins are FAR better leaders on this team than Lovie has the capacity to ever become. Has he turned the corner? No FREAKING way. Jameis has a ways to go. The Jameis we see today will be ten times better in 2 years from now. Lovie on the other hand will not. Therefore Lovie won’t BE here to see it take place. Fans worried about getting rid of Lovie for the sake of Winston’s development are out of their mind imo. When certain fans say that, it’s those very same fans that have no idea how good Jameis is going to be someday with or without the immortal Lovie Smith God of everything football. Jameis will succeed because he’s Jameis Winston. If anything the typically conservative Lovie Smith will only hinder his development. Jameis Winston doesn’t NEED Lovie Smith. Lovie Smith NEEDS Jameis.

    If you’ve ever had your order screwed up at the drive thru, imagine if Lovie Smith was the manager of the restaurant. The place would be out of business within a year. That’s how horrible this man has become. He might have been an ok coach back in Chicago, but right now I’d prefere to hire the McDonald’s manager to coach this team over Lovely Smith.

    The day can’t come soon enough. I’ll light off fireworks in my front yard when this man is let go at the end of this season.

  18. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Yes, Jameis has turned the corner. He’s protecting the ball, making better decisions, and not turning it over. It looks like he’s doing a better job of reading defenses and taking what they are giving him. He’s starting to impose his will in clutch situations and he’s taking over the leadership of the team.

    His footwork and accuracy still need a lot of improvement, but even if he doesn’t get them fixed, he will be a perennial Top-10 QB and he will win a lot of games for the Bucs.

    He’s gradually winning over the community and fans (like me) who doubted him and were piling on after the opening game.

  19. Bobby Says:

    I’d say he’s turned the corner as far as the game slowing down for him. He still has a lot of work to do but he is making better decisions and most importantly, he’s making the play when he has to make the play. Several clutch throws on 3rd down against Atlanta. The TD run where he pulled in the shovel pass and ran it. He’s just seeing the field better and taking what is available. He’s developing quite rapidly.