Bizarre Call To Bobby Rainey

November 8th, 2015
What was Dirk Koetter thinking?

What was Dirk Koetter thinking?

Joe must nitpick here because it’s the kind of decision that will drive Joe to the Valium bottle after midnight.

Why did the Bucs decide to give Bobby Rainey his first carry since opening day on a critical fourth-quarter drive?

Trailing 23-18 with seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Bucs threw incomplete on first down and then handws off to Rainey for a three-yard gain on second down.


Yeah, it didn’t cost them the game or the drive. They converted on the next play, but Joe is dumbfounded by the decision. Rainey’s previous touch in the game was a muffed punt. And Charles Sims’ previous touch was a 59-yard explosion. What the hell was the logic there? Again, Rainey hadn’t taken a handoff since opening day — opening day.

Joe would have really liked to see more Sims on that stalled drive. The Bucs got away from the running game far too quickly there for Joe’s taste.

10 Responses to “Bizarre Call To Bobby Rainey”

  1. pete Says:

    Benching Martin after his fumble really hurt Bucs!

  2. tb Says:

    Why was Doug pulled in the 1st and benched till the 3rd.lovie is why and its getting old.

  3. Lovie can't stop a fart in the wind Says:

    Lovie didn’t want to score points at that point of the game. He was waiting to hoodwink the Giants with less then 2 minutes left.

  4. Buc Neckid Says:

    Now we know why Martin stormed out of the locker room

  5. Espo33618 Says:

    Everyone else fumbled. Everyone else dropped passes. No-one deserved the rock.

    I think the actual answer is it was an attempt at deception, with Sims split wide.

  6. Mike10 Says:

    The only thing I could think at the time was for deception. Having him on the field, made NY think we wouldn’t run?

  7. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Wtf? Of all the things to call out, you call out the 1 play that bobby rainey was on offense? And it played absolutely zero effect on the game.

    Better just log off and call it a night. I think the drugs are taking their toll on your mental state.

  8. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Idiotic. Doug Martin is a great player who should get the ball on 1st to 3rd down. For me at least, he is what the Bucs should be about. Smart, humble and hard working. Running anyone but Martin on 1st down is just insulting.

  9. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Doug Martin will get snatched from this moronic team and be on a contender. It’s going to suck as a Bucs fan, but he’s earned my respect no matter where he goes after this year.

  10. Bucco Brice Says:

    Yeah, they are treating Martin like sh*t…works his tail off and then they bring in dancing poodle Sims, who will only have a good run by the blocking in front of him…he has no power and it’s a joke using him on short yardage…Martin fumbled – big f*ckin deal, doesn’t happen often….Sims is no lead dog…