“What’s Going On Here?”

October 1st, 2015
A former Buccaneer breaks down film on Lavonte David

A former Buccaneer breaks down film on Lavonte David

It’s one of the few questions that keeps Joe sweating and drinking through the night: What’s wrong with Lavonte David?

It’s not just Joe wondering, either.

David is not the same player he was under Greg Schiano. And he’s not as good as he was last year while still learning Lovie Smith’s ways.

Former Buccaneers defensive end Steve White (1996-2001) dives into Bucs game film like no other and shares some of his findings on WDAE-AM 620 every Thursday with Ronnie and TKras.

White says David’s breakdowns are mental and physical. Two key missed tackles — missed tackles for loss — highlighted David’s woes in Houston.

“He knows he’s supposed to run his feet through contact, for whatever reason he kind dove at those guys,” White said. “He should know where he’s supposed to be all the time. He shouldn’t be getting himself blocked by a lineman. And it still happens. So I’m just wondering, ‘Where is the missing link?’ What’s going on here?”

White said David’s struggles are “unacceptable from one of the best players on your defense, best players on the team, in fact.

Hear all of White’s commentary via the 620wdae.com audio player below. (Joe will share another take from it later.)

17 Responses to ““What’s Going On Here?””

  1. Greg Schiano Says:


    The answer is simple. Coaching! I believe this roster and the roster last year can win games, but the total lack of a game plan that is drafted to meet the strengths and take advantage of the opponents weaknesses. My pal Bill game plans the Patriots differently for each team they face. I was listening to the Big Poodle blah, blah, blah about players changing and it taking time to adapt players, but if you watch the Patriots with no high draft picks…losing Revis Island and Browner…taking other teams players that do not work out and putting together a great plan around what they can do.

    I believe David is a super star, but they must have a game plan that puts them in a positon to compete. At halftime, the HC makes zero adjustments for what is changing. Simply put, a total lack of coaching…clock management, and the inability to game plan for the specific opponent each week means this team will struggle to win games!

    The fact that #55 and the Big Poodle keep pleading for more time with Lovie is not a reason to feel that he will improve. We are not talking about a HC who had zero NFL experience, who came to the Buc’s with a lot to learn, and yet was only given 2 seasons despite having 1 -2 good seasons is not fair. Lovie was a known HC with NFL experience and so anyone who believes he will get any better or deserves a 3rd season if the Buc’s do not go 9-7 is unrealistic!

  2. MTM Says:

    Bad play is accepted in Tampa and a lot times it’s rewarded through large contracts. LVD is not immune to this disease.

  3. Supersam Says:

    I think he’s got his wallet in his football pants, it’s pretty heavy and slowing him down. Funny how money changes people.

  4. DB55 Says:

    Is it possible that having kwon call the plays is messing up alignments? It’s seems like there’s a lot of confusion on defense at time. Wouldn’t you want to have LVD calling the plays and adjustments since he’s the most tenured player?

  5. Supersam Says:

    I starting to think maybe David is a little overrated? When you stop and think about it, he never did make very many “splash” plays, no pick sixes, hardly and sacks, seems to always be a step behind in coverage. From what I can tell is he’s made a very nice living making tackles behind the line, which isn’t very hard to do when you think about it, all you gotta do is beat the slow lineman. Dare I say Lavonte David overrated?…..

  6. DEEnice07 Says:

    He got paid, don’t over think this people. Who’s surprised? Wake up people!

  7. Tiny Tim Says:

    Supersam Says:
    October 1st, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I starting to think maybe David is a little overrated? When you stop and think about it, he never did make very many “splash” plays, no pick sixes, hardly and sacks, seems to always be a step behind in coverage.


    I guess you missed 2013 when he was the only linebacker in NFL history to have 7 sacks and 5 ints leading to him being selected all-pro. Oh he also had over 140 tkls and 2 forced fumbles. You do understand in this defense, sacks are not a requirement of the weakside linebacker………..see Derrick Brooks. Supersam still at it I see. Lol

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    everyone wants to blame lovie…in the article white stats the obvious, his mistakes are mental…not running thru tackles, not wrapping up, missing tackles..those are all mental and technique issues…the only thing the coach can do is recognize what he’s doing wrong and show him in meetings during film sessions and tell him to practice with his position coach to correct the issue…maybe he’s thinking too much..who knows but he has to get it together in order for the bucs to succeed…GO BUCS!!!!

  9. Red86 Says:

    I don’t get why most of the blame are on the coaching. A lot of these guys been through 2-3 coaches in Tampa already. It’s time to blame the players for their mistakes. It’s the coaches job to get players the opportunity to make plays. It’s the players job to make plays and win or lose games because of it. Lately, our key players have been failing at capitalizing on the opportunities to make plays.

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I love how everyone is saying he’s quit because he got his money. How many of you know the guy? How many practices have you been to? Are you a longtime family friend with some insight? Unbelievable.

  11. ATrain Says:

    Look at the teams under Raheem and Lovie. Very similar in the way they tackle and the way the defense plays.

    I believe the PLAYERS COACH is the problem

    Both have the same mentality when it comes to the team.. Listen to the press conference.. A bunch of senseless talk. We will get better. Doing things better some things need work.. NO Sh^t.

    Coaches set the tone of the team.

  12. BucTrooper Says:

    I’m repeating a comment above, but he’s got ROCKY III Syndrome.

    “The worst thing happened to you….. you got civilized.”

    And that’s what a fat pay day does… it breeds complacency. David got paid so he’s pumping the brakes now. This isn’t a complicated issue to figure out.

  13. Ray Rice Says:


    Ray Rice Says:
    September 29th, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Man I am one of Beast LVD’s biggest supporters. My favorite player on the team (THE MESSIAH is making a strong push though). But to see him play the way he has been playing is depressing. $hit! I know he’s getting tackles but I don’t see the same FLASH from him. I’m not in the huddle and don’t know everyone’s responsibilities on every play. I don’t know how much of it is Lovie or Beast LVD. But all I can say is PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Start FUKN blitzing this man. If I see another Mallet type QB rip them apart and get a $hit load of time to throw I’m going to FUKN barf!

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Ray Rice,

    I don’t like the way he’s playing either, but I just can’t stand when people judge his character without any information. Maybe he just doesn’t fit the defense. Maybe he is injured. Maybe he’s trying to do too much. Maybe he’s not as good as we thought. Maybe other teams are game planning away from him. Who knows? But unless there is evidence otherwise, I’m not going to attack his character by saying he’s not playing as well because he’s gotten his money and packed it in.

  15. Ray Rice Says:


    Doesn’t strike me as one of those either. He’s a FUKN animal when he’s unleashed though. Lovie needs to blitz this man. Maybe this will get him into the game more. Players thrive off of making plays. We’ve all seen what he can do when he’s put in position to do it.

  16. Jerseybuc Says:

    For those who defend Lovie, LVD’s game changed exactly when the new coach, and staff showed up.
    There were even stories a week or so back saying that David had changed his tackling technique last year. WHAT? Seemed pretty good first few years to me.
    Who would change a thing about an absolute sideline to sideline tackling machine, except to get him in better position to utilize his strength. But what happened? He became passive, NO INT’s, severe downturn in TFLs. Fits right into the new coach’s scheme. The entire team suffers from the same problem. Lack of pressure from front four, corners playing off the ball, safeties sitting in the end zone when the ball is on the 20 instead of pushing up to cover the inevitable slant. We are a passive D.
    There is no passion on this team, when you flip around to see the other games there is a stark difference between how we play D and the good teams in the league.

  17. bucsbedabest Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, LVD still out hustles and give it his all on every down. His concentration is off, not wrapping up on tackles or being where he is supposed to be? By not being in the right place it has effected his speed as well. His speed to the ball just is not what it was in years past. How would you feel if a rookie starts in the middle and is making the play calls? The other point is that this defense can have, at times, six to eight players who did not play together until this year. Johnson, Melton, Alexander, Carter, Moore, Conte, Jennings and Swearinger. Then again, if you got girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and a bietch ain’t one!