“Those Rare Throws” & “Vintage Brady”

October 10th, 2015

WinstonMariotaTampa Bay’s starting quarterback has been a model of inconsistency since opening day.

So who is Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, and why should fans be excited?

Longtime NFL general manager Charley Casserly tried to answer this question for NFL Network via a video cut.

Per Casserly, the positive evidence on Jameis is “those rare throws,” the special completions Jameis has displayed on various occasions with the Buccaneers. (You can open the video via the link above.)

What will drive many fans nuts is Casserly going over the top nuts for Marcus Mariota, outling “Vintage Brady” reads and pocket patience.

57 Responses to ““Those Rare Throws” & “Vintage Brady””

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    The Buc’s picked the wrong guy Joe.

  2. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    It doesn’t take a pair of “expert” eyes to see that Mariota is the better QB when the live bullets are flying. Jameis needs to do some major work on his fundamentals and decision making or it’ll be 5 more years of Yuc Ball

  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    This is the guy who drafted David Carr…

    All these analyst are just guessing. Get back with me in 3-4 years.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Was Casserly trying to say that “On Rare Occaisions, Jameis Completes The Throw)?


    But, let’s not oversell Jameis…..give him some time…..we really don’t have a choice but to be patient with him. I’m still confident he will work out.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    87… yeah right, I won’t even go that far. I know you’re jk.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    I have not given up on Winston really, he is capable of immediate progress enough to be at least adequate with improved play from others. Off topic, I know there are USF Bulls fans out there, I’m excited they were leading Syracuse by 3 TD’s last I saw in the 3rd quarter. Nobody thunk it, The Bulls need this win to get ready for conference play, some tough opponents coming up.

  7. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Lets see how MM plays this week against a real d

  8. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Mariota is a future HOF’er. Of course Bucs fans are upset.

    Winston might be great someday as well, but MM is polished and one if the best QB’s in the league already.

  9. Buc1987 Says:


  10. Buc1987 Says:

    Mariota is a future HOF’er? bwahahahahahaha

  11. Bucamania Says:

    I totally remember Casserly calling Mariota a 2-3 year project prior to the draft.

  12. Seminole Bill Says:

    The Mariota vs. Winston argument was decided in the draft; it’s over, guys. The question now is thus: how do we turn all that Winston ability into a premier NFL QB. The first part of that answer is time; it will take 2-3 years before Winston can read defenses and make throws. So what do the Bucs do in the interim? Answer: call plays that Winston can be successful at, without letting him make too many mistakes. I think we saw that in the first game of the year; however the QB was Mariota. The Titans called short drop pass plays, quick hits over the middle, not the long throws Jameis has been attempting. Let the young man learn, but keep the risk down. We might just win a few games that way.

  13. Tampa Tony Says:

    Mariota is one of the best now? Ha ha ha ha hah h h hahhahahabahbabshahHahahahhahahahhah

    Someone started drinking early. I was gonna wait until kickoff of the late college games before I started drinking

  14. Buccfan37 Says:

    Scratch that USF BS comment, only leading by 7 now with the entire 4th qtr. left, slip sliding away.

  15. DefenseRules Says:

    Personally think that Mariota is a better QB than Winston already, and will be a HOFer in the future. BUT … that doesn’t mean that Jameis won’t also be a HOFer himself when all is said and done.

    The Bucs have never truly developed a QB. Obviously it wasn’t because they didn’t have talent (Steve Young? Doug Williams?). Problem always seems to be that we don’t build a decent team around them, and thus they pay the price … until they sign on with a better team. Then they flourish.

    Jameis can develop into a very good QB IF the Bucs can build a decent team around him and IF the coaches do their jobs and train him up right. I’m not an advocate for drafting a QB who has only 2 years of college and turning over the reins of the franchise to him like we did with Jameis. Just not enough experience, and I think that’s what we’re seeing right now. But with some good coaching he can fix things like staring down receivers and shoddy mechanics/footwork and become an excellent QB in the end.

    Question is: Can Lovie survive Winston’s growing pains?

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hope that Bulls game does not tear up the turf too bad over there in Tampa.

  17. Bucnut2 Says:

    Those of us who preferred MM over JW were called haters, not real BUC fans etc…by the Joes and others. JOEs when will you all admit the truth? You touted JW saying he is pro ready, built win now, a great pocket passer and are STILL comparing him to Manning and other great QB’s with NO basis for doing so. Will you guys at least acknowledge that MM is more pro ready than JW. One great throw followed or preceded by two crappy throws don’t equal a great QB. JW looks a lot like Josh Freeman to me. I don’t hate JW, Im rooting for him but we picked the wrong guy!

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    I actually already picked the Bucs to win this game tomorrow, as a few others have. Why not?

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s kind of like saying in 2012 that Doug Martin is a future HOF’er, the only difference is Mariota’s only played 3 games.

    You guys keep it up though. It’s good to laugh while we’re in pain.

  20. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Look up the stats. Mariota is a top-10 QB and has already set 2 All-Time NFL records in 3 games, Winston is like 25th.

    Wasn’t it supposed to be the opposite of that at this early point in the season??

    It just sucks that we had the #1 pick and didn’t take the best QB in the draft.

    Fingers crossed on Winston, but EXTREMELY bitter about passing on MM.

  21. LargoSamIM Says:

    Let’s see… why didn’t the Bucs take Mariota:

    a) he is more athletic than Winston no
    b) he has quicker feet….. no
    c) he is more accurate…. no
    d) he is a leader on the field not in the press… no
    e) hemakes good decisions… no
    f) he won;t be able to play under center for a long time…… oh yeah.. that was it ! So how is that working out ??

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Erik….Cadillac Williams had his gloves and shoes sent to the HOF in first season….

  23. Architek Says:

    I don’t even listen to these guys anymore!

  24. ndog Says:

    Erik just like always you are short sided and everything is right now. This is a prime example why you have no idea what you are talking about as a sports fan. Mariotta might end up being the better player but the fact that your day that with such conviction right now shows how clueless you are. As an example do you all remember the Jim Mora “playoffs” rant? Well that was after a 4 pick one fumble game by Peyton Manning
    Yeah Erik you can tell for certain after 4 games how a player is going to turn out.

  25. Clodhopper Says:

    We did take the wrong guy! We picked Lovie instead of Whisenhunt, who was on my short list of coaching hires at the time

  26. KevinM Says:

    Joe you were wrong about Winston.

  27. ndog Says:

    Cadillac Williams, Michael Clayton, Josh Freeman, Santana Dotson, etc… all according to the commenters on this site should all be in the hall of fame. After all they were all really good after first four games. I mean they are all first ballot locks right Erik?

  28. ATrain Says:

    Say all the opinions you have for Winston or Mariota for their futures..

    Fact is Mariota has had a better start to their NFL career.

    Winston was said to be More PRO Ready which was not true

    Both started on 2-14 teams..

    Those are Facts…Time will tell on the HOF talk but for today Mariota is better

  29. stopthemadness Says:

    Courtesy of Jacksonville’s paper…

    Based on his record, Winston is ahead of Drew Bledsoe and Manning, the top picks in 1993 and 1998, respectively. Bledsoe’s Patriots and Manning’s Colts started with 0-4 marks.

    Based on his touchdown total (six), Winston is ahead of Manning and Matthew Stafford (three apiece), Bledsoe and Carr (four each) and Cam Newton (five), equal to Bradford and behind Luck (seven).

    Just about every rookie quarterback is going to have the train-wreck kind of game Winston did last week. Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles’ fifth start was low-lighted by two interceptions returned for touchdowns by Miam

  30. ATrain Says:

    Good Facts but I noticed you forgot Mariota has 8 TDs
    And is 5th in QB ratings right now

  31. ndog Says:

    But stop the madness didn’t you hear your supposed to be abonfida hall of famer after your first 4 games. Erik, KevinM, Yungry, Supersam, LARGOSAMIM all said he is a bust and they know all, just like they all said we were taking Mariota in the draft. Oh wait. …

  32. ndog Says:

    Atrain that’s because he doesn’t play for the Bucs and the fans of the Bucs don’t give a ….. about Mariota.

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Stats are for Boozers……

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    The Canes are going to get their ass beat PRB.

  35. utahbucfan Says:

    It’s quite simple and is the best comparison I can think of. Andrew Luck went number to the worst team in nfl at time and had a mediocre rookie season. RG3 went to a better team (actually traded up to get him) and won rookie of year. Same thing is happening this year the worst team in the nfl drafted the right QB but the team overall is just not very good. Titans drafted the second best QB (similar skills to RG3) and he does seem better NOW. Teams will figure him (MM) out like they did RG3. In the meantime JW will start to flourish while the Bucs build for him, not around him. While MM is shut down because his skills and his style of play will be figured out, the same RG3 was. JW doesn’t need to win any hardware this year or be a top 10 QB this year. He just needs to learn and get used to this game (nfl) speed. Be the Andrew luck of this draft not the RG3. Leave that for MM.

  36. utahbucfan Says:

    Lastly I like the fact JW won a national championship, unlike MM. He is played on the big stage and delivered. That’s not something every QB can say. He has been there. He has struggled more than I would have liked (4-0) would have been nice but dude can ball. But he needs more. Whether he has what he needs on this team or not is up for debate (Aaron Rodgers would love this team I would think) the team has to better. 4 games into season tho I’m not writing this season or this team off. Especially not the number one pick of 2015 draft. You don’t get there by accident

  37. NYbucsfan Says:

    Joe knows nothing about QB proof is in the pudding. I really hate to think in a few years we will be looking for another QB

  38. Rob Says:

    America’s turnover machine is forcing throws and telegraphing enough of them to throw pick after pick. Manage the game and hold onto the &@?/$ football and we will be fine. Go Bucs!

  39. passthebuc Says:

    So we got Americas QB according Joe. We could have had Worlds QB

  40. Lamarcus Says:

    Jameis is still better. Simple as that. Mariotta obviously has a dumb down play book. Any quaterback can star with that teams will figure that out and how many games they won so far?

  41. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Brilliant, passthebuc.

    I wholeheartedly agree with that viewpoint.

  42. Joshua Schall Says:

    Why everyone writing both these qbs off. Mariota is Manning and Winston is Leaf. Wtf. Its been 4 GAMES everyone stfu and just let these qbs develop more. Lets discuss this again in 20 years when these qbs retire

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    Over 1/2 of Winston’s INT’s game in 1 game. Yet I see people talking about staring down and telegraphing his plays. If that’s so, he’d have about 10 picks by now. Take away that ONE game and he’s got 3 picks in thru 3 games.

    Nonsense talk everyone of you.

  44. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Can’t believe how much bucs fans are all over MMs sack. HOF? That’s the stupid thing I’ve EVER read. 3 games, and he’s a hall of fame qb. Wow. I’ll admit Mm has performed above expectations. And Winston has performed at or below expectations. But let’s at least finish a season before calling either a HOFer or a bust. I know it’s fun to talk, but the things people say when they are drunk is getting ridiculous.

  45. Trubucfan22 Says:

    It’s also funny how this rookie hall of fame qb is still a measly 1-2.

  46. Clint Says:

    I mean Joe; he literally highlighted the one big time throw he’s made all season. I’ll give him credit for one more later in that Saints game to Murphy, other than that, he has shown literally no ‘wow’ throws. And I love Winston, but he has sucked mightily.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Man the meds have me loopy again…typos galore.

  48. Bucsfan Says:

    Yea rg3 did great his rookie year he dont even start now so lets wait 4 years see how stuff goes

  49. J. Mason Says:

    Jameis looks like he has 2 left feet….always stumbling around, Marcus on the other hand looks fleet afoot…Marcus will prob be rookie of the year. Yes Buc’s screw it up again.

  50. Steve from oregon Says:

    It finally occurred to me…Jamies foot work and delivery reminds me of Byron Leftwich.

  51. Mord Says:

    LargoSamIM — Ha!! Too true.

    Jameis = Sam Bowie

    I hope I’m wrong, and I am rooting for the kid to do well, but.. This felt like the wrong choice during the draft, and I’m sure there will be people after even a second year of ‘meh’ who would still be calling for more developmental patience, while the Titans actually grow into a better team behind their guy.

    It’ll be interesting with Bortles here today, to see how he looks as a second year prospect

  52. bucsbedabest Says:

    Who are the better qualified Coaches?

    HC Ken Whisenhunt, OC Jason Michael, QBC John McNulty
    2014 – Present Quarterbacks Coach at Tennessee Titans
    2012 – 2013 Quarterbacks Coach Arizona Cardinals
    2009 – 2011 Wide Receivers Coach Arizona Cardinals
    2006 – 2008 Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach at Rutgers
    2004 – 2005 Wide Receivers Coach at Rutgers – HC Greg Schiano
    2003 – 2003 Wide Receivers Coach for Dallas Cowboys
    1998 – 2002 Wide Receivers Coach for Jacksonville Jaguars

    HC Lovie Smith, OC Dirk Koetter, QBC Mike Bajakian
    1995 – 1997 Receivers Coach Connecticut
    1991 – 1994 Assistant Coach Michigan
    1996 – 1997 Delbarton School (QB,PGC)
    1998 – 1999 Rutgers (GA)
    2000 – Sacred Heart (QB)
    2000 – 2001 Michigan (GA)
    2002 – 2003 Central Michigan (QB)
    2004 – 2006 Chicago Bears (OCQ)
    2007–2009 Central Michigan (OC)
    2010–2012 Cincinnati (OC)
    2013–2014 Tennessee (OC)
    2015–Present Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  53. scotty Says:

    We always do the wrong thing!

  54. The original "Kevin" Says:

    I said in the offseason mariotta reminded me of brady. I foolishly bought into the winston hype. Mariotta will be the better long term qb. I hate to admit it but this team screwed the pooch again. Anyone not seeing that just doesnt want to see it. I wish winston would come out and make me look lime a fool for saying it but he wont. Meanwhilr marcus mariotta will lead his team to a win over tyrod taylor and the nasty playing bills.

    Go Lightning!!!!!

  55. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Winstons line has been playing good enough. He has been staring down recievers and missing them when they are wide or not even throwing to them for that matter. He had looked horrible.

  56. Mo_Downs Says:

    The Winston vs Mariota comparison doesn’t hold water when you compare the receivers. That’s why, from Oregon to the Titans, Mariota’s receivers always seem to be WIDE OPEN. He doesn’t have to “throw them open” with some amazing athletic throw because they are WIDE OPEN.

    Not to put too fine of a point on it, but the Titans have “quick AND fast” receivers. Anyone recall the WIDE OPEN slants from Game 1? The Bucs have “big, and SLOW” receivers. How do you make an “easy throw” to a receiver who is covered from the snap until the end of the play? If you throw the ball into a “tight window”, you’ll throw an interception more often than not.

    Throwing into a “tight window” really means the receiver is COVERED, but caught it anyway. Some DB’s are better at cover AND catch. After all, this is the NFL.

    If Mariota has time in the pocket then a “quick and fast” receiver will get WIDE open. If Jameis has time in the pocket, a “big and slow” receiver will never get close to being WIDE open. Mike Evans has to (OPI) knock over a DB most of the time to get wide open.

    A lot of Jameis’ pre draft hype was centered around comparing Kelvin Benjamin (WR/Florida St.) to Evans and V-Jax. In college, Benjamin was a man among boys. In the NFL, DB’s are big AND strong. It seems to me the Bucs need a receiver like Rashad Greene (WR/Florida St.) who is “quick AND fast” to complement Evans and V-Jax.

    Let’s hope that Dye, after spending 1/4 of the season getting “coached-up” on the PS, will bring “quick and fast” to the Bucs offense.

  57. bucrightoff Says:

    Look at how bad Oregon is right now. Maybe it’s entirely possible that despite the belief, Mariota wasn’t a system QB and they needed him more than he needed them.