“There Was Three Times In The Game When He Didn’t Know Whether It Was A Run Or A Pass”

October 26th, 2015
Rookie left tackle Donovan Smith

Rookie left tackle Donovan Smith

Is Doug Martin making the Tampa Bay offensive line appear stronger than it is?

One former Buccaneer thinks so.

Ex-Bucs guard Ian Beckles got out his bullhorn this afternoon on WDAE-AM 620 and heaped heavy praise on Martin, Mike Evans, Jameis Winston (America’s quarterback), and right guard Ali Marpet. Beckles sees superstar talent and potential in those guys.

But the rest of the offense? Beckles thinks it’s bad news, including the revitalized offensive line, which Beckles called “really bad.”

One Beckles dagger was hurled at rookie Donovan Smith.

“Yesterday’s game, Donovan Smith at left tackle, that was one of the worst things I’ve seen. So awful,” Beckles said. “I’m not trying to pick on the guy, the guy’s a rookie. But there was three times in the game when he didn’t know whether it was a run or a pass.”

Joe agrees that Martin so darn sharp and hard-pounding that he’s making the O-line look better than it is. But Joe can’t take away from the unit’s improvement. It’s dramatically better than last season in all phases of the game.

The O-line is the least of the Bucs’ problems, a premise Beckles accepted, too.

34 Responses to ““There Was Three Times In The Game When He Didn’t Know Whether It Was A Run Or A Pass””

  1. JollyBucsFan Says:

    Regardless the offense performed well.

    Coaching and Defense are the biggest issues. Lovie MUST GO NOW.

    Look at what the dolphins have done since their change, I am not predicting a huge turnaround, but we have the talent to be better.

    A new headcoach and new defensive schemes might mean growing pains, but even with that, learning a new scheme, adjusting to a new head coach,style and philosphy. Week ONE of the transition this team will be infinitely better than it is today.

  2. Lamarcus Says:


    Ur right it doesn’t. The defense lost that game. I see Beckles is picking on him.

  3. JuJu Says:

    There was one play where Martin was stopped at the line, but changed direction and turned it outside for a first down. Doug has been awesome this year.

  4. Michael Johnson Says:

    WEll Joe, I agree. Our O line has improved as well as our Offense. 30pts is more than enough to win in this league. This one sticks in your craw like a sore throat that gets worse. We just can’t seem to play with passion on Defense for 4 qtrs. Where is the fire? Lovie may be in jeapordy after only 2 seasons. We Buc fans simply cannot take any more of this. Coming off of a bye week rested against a bad team anchored by Capt Kirk Cousins? Unforgiveable. At least we know we will have one of the top 3 draft picks next year. But We are sick of losing. Now we shall see what Lovie and his defensive staff are made of. Will he be bold enough to make a few changes? We shall see. Good Luck Lovie. You are gonna need it to keep your job. Batter up.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How exactly does Beckles know…..did he speak to Smith?……did Smith admit to that to someone else? Was it simply the way Smith blocked or didn’t block?…..perhaps Smith didn’t block well….but didn’t know the play?

    Becles is inferring that Donovan Smith didn’t know the play…..that’s difficult for me to believe….

  6. James Walker Says:

    Beckles knows because he played the game and can probably tell by Smiths footwork and position if what he did made sense in the play that was run.

  7. ChanEpic Says:

    Beckles made another really good point today. We, Bucs Fans, should not get excited about drafting Defensive talent. Drafted talent shouldn’t be the savior they are there to learn grow and contribute in year 2-3. He went on to say that Jamies being the 2nd or 3rd best offensive player on this team is a problem. I agree on all accounts.

  8. James Walker Says:

    The Dunning–Kruger effect runs deep with so many Bucs fans.

  9. road warrior Says:

    It’s time for Licht to play GM and take the defense out of Lovies hands. Maybe even fire him and make Koetter head coach. At the very lest tell Lovie his defense is through and when the season’s over hire a real D coordinator. Just because he was a DC doesn’t mean he was any good at it. The defense he had in Chicago was good before he got there. Let Licht be a real GM and lets see what happens. I would bet that if Licht was hired first Lovie would not be our head coach.

  10. Sadbucfan Says:

    When lovie get fired who would be a good candidate for the D-coordinator

  11. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    I would not question Ian’s expertise, but the line is clearly performing better as evidenced by the success of both Doug and Sims III.

  12. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Why does everyone keep saying the offense put up 30 PTs smh did everyone forget the defensive fumble returned for a Td smh. I question the integrity of the viewers.

  13. road warrior Says:

    @Bucsalltheway Says:
    October 26th, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Why does everyone keep saying the offense put up 30 PTs smh did everyone forget the defensive fumble returned for a Td smh. I question the integrity of the viewers.

    Who is everyone?

    I question the integrity of Bucsalltheway

  14. BucFan20 Says:

    Beckles. Another one that thinks he was the best there ever was. Another one man wonder.

  15. GhostofSchiano Says:

    When the eversoft lovie let the2nd. Quarter run out with 35 seconds left and2 timeouts i knew we were screwed. So sick of lovies conservative approach. Please fire lovie, he just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to win in this league today

  16. David Says:

    Man..I’m not sure if our Bucs will ever win any meaningful games again. I liked the Lovie Smith hire until he went all “We didn’t need to score more points before the half”. When I heard dat sh*t last year he lost me. The good teams will try to score whether there is 1:00 or 10:00 left on the clock. They understand more point are always needed. Play agressive and win or lose we’ll be ok, but playing scared or passive loses u fans and most games. And Lovie, not the Bucs, have lost my endorsement.

  17. Sadbucfan Says:

    David look at the pats they destroyed the jags. They kept him in and won 51-14 that is a sign of a winner

  18. Sadbucfan Says:

    *tom brady

  19. BucFan20 Says:

    Beckles needs to get with the program. Glennon and McClown could operate with this line. They are doing the job and keeping Winston off the ground for the most part. Winston has a leash on just like Glennon did. You want to pick. another 7 points or less loss. WHO keeps on allowing them? Only these are defensive blow outs. This being one of the worst! Giving up a 24 point lead! Go pick on Lovie you fool. Not a rookie!

  20. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    It’s over now. The Big Dog just withdrew his support of Lovie. Ouch!

  21. BucFan20 Says:

    Now can we put up the signs?

  22. Kaput Says:

    Listening to Beckles and Duemig is hard to do right now. I’m not asking those guys to hold back on legit criticism, but they seem to take joy in slamming the Bucs every chance they get. It’s old, is all.

    Winston deserves raves right now.

  23. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Wow.. Even Big Dog finally sees the light. Time for the Glazers to make a move.

    Save the Season! Make a move Glazers & Let Lovie Go!

  24. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Tannehill & the Dolphins STOMPED on the Titans & Texans after making a coaching change!

    Time for a Culture Change! Inject some LIFE into this team Glazers!

    Leave the offense and Koetter alone! Move Frazier to Interim! Cause I’m DONE watching another Lovie Led Soft Assed team!!

  25. This Guy Right Here Says:

    From another site I wont name…

    “..look south to Miami and see how the Dolphins have responded to interim head coach Dan Campbell, who is 2-0 after the firing of Joe Philbin following a 1-3 start. After failing to score more than 20 points in its first four games, Miami has beaten Tennessee, 38-10, and Houston, 44-26, under the energetic Campbell.”

  26. cmurda Says:

    Regarding Lovie, no news is bad news. I’m fed up with him and I was hoping to read that the Bucs gave him his walking papers. Apparently, that’s not the case. It’s safe to say the Glazers will do what they always do and wait until the end of the season to decide his fate. The only good that does is ensure the new coach will be receiving a top 5 draft pick.

  27. Elle Says:

    Watching Kirk Cousins as he yelled “You like that? You like that?” has to be one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever experienced as a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Really, other than Lovie Smith and the rest of the coaching staff on the defensive side, I must question the players as well. I’m not expecting to win again this season, but I want to see effort like never before starting from the game against Atlanta. After yesterday’s epic collapse, I want to see pride and the willingness to turn it around in each and every player on D. I want to see a fire in them, else I’ll think that those guys are enjoying Florida and robbing them team in the process.

  28. godzilla13 Says:

    @ road warrior Says: Lovie Smith has more power and control than Jason Licht. If Lovie has final say on the 53 man roster then Lovie has more say than Jason Licht. I agree with you on the defense. It does not work with this personnel. Period. Call it the Tampa2 , call it bump and don’t run, call it cover no one, I don’t care. It does not work and Kwon Alexander is as big of a problem as the secondary including Johnthan Banks. Alexander allowed seven receptions on seven targets for 86 yards, and quarterback Kirk Cousins had a passer rating of 117.9 when targeting him. He could not stop Jordan Reed either. If Lovie is to stubborn to change a defense that is failing then the Glazers should step in and tell him what he is going to do.

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    Beckles comments make no sense.

  30. meat Says:

    Former players can tell based on body language- how he fired off etc compared to the rest of the line- especially a former pro lineman- he could tell Donovan was performing differently than the other lineman- which only means that he was totally unsure of the play or audible called…. it was away so that makes some sense….. no ex athletes here obviously. Oh yeah, also, FIRELOVIENOW

  31. meat Says:

    we are meaningless- I watch sportscenter to see them tear us apart…. and we get one play to summarize our game like the Jags or Browns or Raiders…. totally irrelavant laughable. OUtcoached and schemed EVERY WEEK- off bye’s against backups and other coaches who will likely be fired. We suck. I hate Lovie so much. I wish we had an intelligent owner.

  32. FortMyersDave Says:

    This Guy Right Here Says:

    “..look south to Miami and see how the Dolphins have responded to interim head coach Dan Campbell, who is 2-0 after the firing of Joe Philbin following a 1-3 start. After failing to score more than 20 points in its first four games, Miami has beaten Tennessee, 38-10, and Houston, 44-26, under the energetic Campbell.”

    I had to bump this little beauty along the thread simply because it is so ****ing true! Lovie admits to his mistakes and places the DC L on the coaches but how many games have the coaches lost since 2014? I am counting at least 6 or 7 if you count the intentional tanks for losses like the saints finale. The should be 4-2 yet they are 2-4; with just mediocre coaching this team would be 3-3 at worst and probably 4-2. Lovie has to go, its that simple; fire him, fire him, fire him!!!!

  33. godzilla13 Says:

    Donovan Smith did not have that bad of a game. Overall he gave up two QB hurries and did a good job at run blocking. He did blow it on the last series on the 3rd down and goal, he missed his block and did not engage. He was left standing there as all the Redskin defenders converged on Charles Sims. What I like about Donovan is has shown improvement and his recent games are so much better than his first three games. He has talent and is going to be our left or right tackle for a long time. Logan Mankins had a monster game in run blocking and Joe Hawley was good as well.

  34. LongSeasons Says:

    I wouldn’t let Lovie go now. Here’s why. The next head coach I would pick is Koetter. Make him the interim head coach and he is not working as much with Jameis. Put another person in as interim head coach and then have to make change at end of year again.

    Let Lovie finish and then after the season, fire him and then name our next head coach in Koetter. This would do one thing which would ensure Jameis had the same system for 3-6 years depending on the Bucs success and record.

    A new defensive staff would be needed and this would give us time to find the right defensive coordinator and staff that can take care of the defense the way Monte Kiffin did.

    If the whole team were bad and we didn’t have a promising young QB with promise across the offense, then I would say toss Lovie in the bay right now.