Stop, The Bucs Aren’t Moving!

October 1st, 2015
There is no conspiracy theory in the negotiations to upgrade the Den of Depression.

There is no conspiracy theory in negotiations to upgrade the Den of Depression.

The news broke last night that, as part of negotiations to pay for substantial upgrades to the Den of Depression, in order to make the stadium more fan-friendly, the Bucs seek permission to play up to two regular season games away from Tampa.

Not only was/is this part of the standard give-and-take of contract negotiations, such a clause has not been agreed upon.

This news fired up the old and tired conspiracy theories that Team Glazer has moving vans backed up to One Buc Palace.

This notion is so silly and outrageous, Joe doesn’t know where to begin.

First, the Bucs are not moving. In the immortal words of Bucs coach Lovie Smith, simple as that.

The Bucs have a sweetheart deal on their lease with the Tampa Sports Authority, an ironclad deal. Why break a sweetheart deal when it’s a struggle to get a new stadium built anywhere else?

Of course, Joe noticed comments that the Bucs were looking at Los Angeles. For someone to suggest this tells Joe they have no clue what is happening with Los Angeles and the three teams fighting for a piece of real estate in Lipstick City.

The Rams have both land and blueprints for a stadium. The Chargers and Raiders have the same, and plan to share a stadium. If Team Glazer was so inclined to move to southern California, then they’d be the fourth in line, with no land deal and no stadium plans.

This just in folks: Four teams are not moving to Los Angeles.

Why are three teams wanting to move? Because they cannot get a new stadium (though the city of St. Louis does have plans to build a new crib for the Rams, but won’t build it unless the NFL forces the Rams to stay put).

Besides, Bryan Glazer announced at the start of training camp that the team is going to build an indoor practice facility with their own cash. This is not like going to Home Depot and buying a pre-made shed. These things can be eight figures.

So Team Glazer is going to build one of these and move? Right.

Not to mention Team Glazer built One Buc Palace on their own dime and that joint isn’t even 10 years old.

As for London, well, the current lease with the Tampa Sports Authority runs through 2028. Joe is pretty confident there will be a team in London well before the Bucs see the current lease expire.

As for the second regular season game option away from Tampa the Bucs included in negotiations? The current and original lease allows the Bucs to have one regular season home game away from the Den of Depression per year. That option has been exercised twice since the lease began in 1998; twice in 18 years. And the last time it was used, Bryan Glazer stated no more London games because of fan outrage.

Besides, Joe understands a member of Team Glazer has relocated its family to Tampa recently. Would someone do that while planning to move the family business?

Calm down, folks. There is no grassy knoll here.

23 Responses to “Stop, The Bucs Aren’t Moving!”

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    Sounds like the Glazers are poking at what is left of their paying loyal fan base. Season ticket holders don’t want to wait all year long to see only 6 home games a season.
    Glazers, how about focusing your attention as owners into hiring some people that know how build a football team and win some damn football games instead of effing with your fans. It’s bad enough incompetent Lovie Smith is driving this franchise into the toilet.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    They can move any game in Sept!!!!!

    I have a feeling if they “move” Lovie Smith and hire the right coach, Sellouts will be an assured thing in Tampa!!!!

  3. Name Required Says:

    They’re making my rebel decision real easy. Where would they go? Citrus Bowl? Didn’t Orlando make a decision to not show Bucs games due to waning popularity in the region?

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    I don’t know about you, but I trust the Glazers completely.
    What reason have they given not to be trusted?


  5. Eric Says:

    Your right Joe, but it is incredible to me the Glazer’s could be so tone deaf as to how this would be received by buc fans.

    Its a bit of a kick in the teeth to the “shareholders”.

    As bad a football as we have been getting and they want to have the option of moving two home games?

    Pitiful PR.

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    I read the headline on this post and thought it was referring to the Bucs rushing attack, or lack thereof……

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    Florida just doesn’t support sports teams unless they win. Besides the Lightning, who actually consistently draws in the state? Of course the answer is no one. And the Lightning are a model professional sports franchise unlike say the Bucs who are a disaster. Too many free or cheap entertainment options in Florida. But in the NFL owners don’t really care about fans in seats, they’re profitable off the TV deal alone. Hence why the Glazers really don’t care about how bad the on field product is.

  8. Espo Says:

    Division rivals sharing a stadium? Sounds like a riot is brewing!

  9. denjoe Says:

    It’s Lovies Idea! since he can’t win at home!!

  10. LargoBuc Says:

    The Bucs want this option to potentialy play games, who knows where. Thus, expanding their product and their brand. Business wise, its a no brainer.
    But football wise, not cool. Season ticket holders are already paying an arm/leg and to even consider taking away one game per year is outrageous, let alone two. Thats bull spit and its not right.
    I get why tje Bucs want this option. What franchise dosent want to be the Yankees or the Cowboys. But people hate those teams. And the fact that we arent even good with a quarterbacjk loathed by outsiders, your just going to make fans from other markets hat

  11. LargoBuc Says:

    DAMNT! Your going to make fans from other markets hate your brand when your own fanbase dosent like you for the constant losing. Start winning then maybe try to push your brand a little bit but no one in Orlando, London or even Tamp want to see this garbage you sell us as “Buccaneers football”

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    My only issue with this is the season tickets. Will fans still have to pay for the home games played away from Tampa?

    Not that I’m a season ticket holder anymore. that ended when they didn’t take Dereck Carr. I like Winston though, so I might attend some games later this year and consider buying a few season tickets again next year.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    So far as the winning, it will come. Later this season (2nd half of the year we’ll win a few; only one more before game 9).

  14. mikeyd Says:

    It’s a boondoggle. NFL ratings maybe be huge, but it’s not really fans, it’s gamblers tuning in. NFL attendance has declined every year. It’s not a game for fans moreso it’s a game for gamblers now who have no allegiance to any team. The game was changed to account for this. Parity was the focus because dynastic teams would be an easy bet. The 65k seat stadium will be a thing of the past soon. I’d like to see the Glaziers try to scare HC into another stadium deal, it would be hilarious. Stadiums will get smaller as leases expire. NFL will make their revenue no doubt, however they don’t need fans anymore. Almost a trillion dollars will be spent on sports gambling THIS YEAR! So my point is the NFL doesn’t really care where a team ends up, as long as there’s a team somewhere to be bet on they will get their money. Owners don’t need to invest in their franchises if they don’ want to when that TV money comes rolling in. It doesn’t matter what kind of product they put on the field and good for them they don’t need to spend a dime. They really don’t care.

  15. OneLove Says:

    They should move this team! We have too many CRYBABY B!TCH fans who “think” they are smart and know the game of football, but IN REALITY, DONT KNOW JACK SH!T!!! To TOP IT OFF, I bet most of the people who CRY LIKE LITTLE SCHOOL GIRLS on this site after every loss don’t even HAVE SEASON TICKETS!!!

    AND DON’T GIVE ME THIS BULL!%!%@ about “Yeah, but who would want to pay to watch this incompetent team week in and week out!?” If you have to ask that question, then you’re NOT A LOYAL FAN!!! Therefore, your opinions don’t mean SH!T!!!

    So do me a favor and take all your comments and opinions and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR @$$!!

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith aka “Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers til 2020(AT LEAST!!!!!)”

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    The fans all have their opinions and they are optimistic when the Bucs are winning or at least showing the ability to compete in the league, pessimism comes with lackluster efforts and bumbling constant losing. As far as not being season ticket holders, well those Bucs fans outnumber those who attend games by hundreds of thousands.

  17. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Forget about Orlando, I still like the idea of playing a game in college stadiums….The Swamp would be cool, and with Jameis, Doak would be even cooler.

    The atmosphere would be an absolute BLAST for games at major college towns. I’d consider travelling just for the sheer novelty of it.

    Plus, you have kids from all over the state attending those two universities. If you could convert a couple into Bucs fans who take that fandom back home with them when they’re done at school it would be worth it

  18. passthebuc Says:

    Let them go. We could then move the Rays and build a new stadium on the Raymond James site. A win win win.

  19. Joe Says:

    They can move any game in Sept!!!!!

    Joe is just now logging on at the media room at One Buc. That is the very first thing he heard: Move a September game.

    This theory did not come from anyone with the Bucs.

  20. Joe Says:

    Your right Joe, but it is incredible to me the Glazer’s could be so tone deaf as to how this would be received by buc fans.

    Pretty sure they knew the blowback from fans that was coming. Can’t tell you some things that were happening behind the scenes.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    OneLove: If you don’t have season tickets, you’re not a loyal fan and have no reason to bitch.


  22. BucDaddy82 Says:

    I am a Season Pass Member. If they get the “permission” to play up to 2 regular season games away from Tampa , doesn’t mean they will do it every year or at all. I would agree to it with the stipulation that they are ONLY September games and start a tradition of playing one September game in Orlando against Miami, Jacksonville. In addition it cannot be a premium opponent like New England, Green Bay, Dallas, etc….That way all late season, rivalry, playoff chase games must be played in Tampa. Green Bay used to play in Milwaukee for a long, long time 1933 – 1994.

  23. MTM Says:

    These are the type of issues the Glazers are negotiating now? How about some improvements to this lousy ass team? You want a more fan friendly stadium. Win games. There is not such thing as a fan friendly stadium when your getting blown out. The Glazers have no grip on the reality of Buc football the last 10 years. Please sell this team so fans can move on.