Rock Bottom Showing For Jameis Winston

October 4th, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

(Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, sure was awful against Carolina today. He looked more like America’s Disappointment on this afternoon.

But what was most disturbing was that Jameis repeated mistakes.

One of his four interceptions was similar to one he threw on opening day. He held the ball too long, too, also something that plagued him in Week 1.

The multiple intentional grounding calls showed Jameis hasn’t yet accepted that sometimes he has to take a sack. And accuracy was a troubling issue.

Jameis also wasn’t able to rally himself or his teammates.

Joe remembers when Josh Freeman threw five interceptions in December of his 2015 rookie season. Freeman bounced back for a monster second year. Joe really isn’t concerned, but repeating mistakes is never good.

The final line for Jameis was 26-for-43 for 287 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions.

136 Responses to “Rock Bottom Showing For Jameis Winston”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    At this point the narrative that Jameis was more NFL ready than Mariota is not even close to true. He often looks clumsy back there with his foot work, movement and decision making. Mariota has definitely looked better in the pocket so far.

    Not saying he’s a bust, or that Mariota will be better, just that that line of reasoning for preferring Winston has been proven false.

  2. rayjay1122 Says:

    Winston will be a great QB……on another team.

  3. Bucnut@ Says:

    He’ll be a bust

  4. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    The team looked good, even well coached for awhile there, but sadly, wound up playing like the same old Bucs when it counted. 3-17. For you stat geeks, that’s a .150 winning percentage. Good for an NL pitcher’s batting average, but not much else.

  5. bucs55 Says:

    Stop calling him that you want a nick name for him call him jamarcus Winston because he’s horrible come on please stop making excuses for him wtf he lost us the game him self

  6. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Marcus Mariota. ……say it Joe!

  7. Lamarcus Says:

    Hate to swallow this pill bur mariatto is better at this point. Maybe better in the long run cuz he definitely has better ppl around him to succeed. I’ll bench Winston now just to salvage him from this disasterous coaching

  8. tgreg Says:

    Joe knows QBs!!!!

  9. BUCutalkinbout Says:

    He looked horrible today. But you know what, overall today, today showed me something. This team needs more talent. We were not out coached today. We were not out played today. We just don’t have enough talent… and i predicted 10-6. Talent and depth goes a long way

  10. DefenseRules Says:

    26-for-43 (60%) for 287 yards is meaningless when offset by 4 interceptions, not to mention some of Jameis’ other faux pas.

    Defense showed up today for the most part, and played good enough to win. But the offense kept putting them in hole after hole. And having the offense give away 10 points in the first 3 minutes of the game pretty much set the tone for what was to follow.

    Was telling my wife on our way out of the stadium that I’m not sure I can go to any more games this year. This just flat isn’t fun. I’d sell my remaining tickets but I’m afraid of how much whoever took them would want me to pay them to take them off my hands.

  11. WalkdaPlank Says:

    The most NFL ready QB in the draft. Smartest kid to play football. America’s Quarterback. Savior.

  12. Bucamania Says:

    Very indecisive today. Dirk – great call on the 3 yard TE play that got picked.

  13. Yungry Says:

    Thank you JW for the 5 turnovers(4ints,1fumble)and 2 intentional grounding calls. Anyone know when the Titans game is? Glennon needs some time.

  14. NJBucsFan Says:

    I can’t wait to see the article about Jamies McCown moving on to a different team and how Joe was wrong but has another man-crush and a bad QB. Hopefully by then we have a coach that knows better than Joe

  15. J Says:

    Get used to it Joe.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The defense did play OK……lets face it…..4 ints and a fumble…..along with 2 missed FGs & an extra point….

    And….that fluke fumble recovery for TD after Conte did his job…..

    Defense was OK again….

    Our offense looked awful….and Jameis looked like a rookie on a bad offense.

    Time to give Pamphile some snaps.

    And, for those who hate on ASJ….we could sure use him.

  17. Tom Edrington Says:

    Come on guys…….it was a promising loss….wasn’t it?

  18. J Says:

    From G.O.A.T to goat

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    It was stated before this game that Norman is a helluva DB as he’s been getting picks left and right since the start of the season. He had 2 today against a rookie.

  20. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    He’s just so blessed to play this great game of football!

  21. lightningbuc Says:

    Let Brindza play Qb and Jaboo kick FGs…same outcome!

    Who do you expect more from…the #1 overall pick or an undrafted free agent rookie?

  22. Dooshlarue Says:

    Joe knows QBs.
    Josh Freeman 2015 rookie season?
    Joe also knows hard liquor.

  23. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Winston is only one of many problems with this team. It’s a perfect storm of incompetence.

  24. BucsFaninSanintLou Says:

    Jameis Winston = Bust. Lovey Smith = Idiot. Tampa fan = Demoralised. Same old story.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    The fact of the matter is and I’m not making excuses, but last time I checked the Panthers have a really good D. Although minus Luke they still have a good D.

  26. BrianBucs Says:

    Jameis Winston will fast become the NFL king of the garbage time yards and stats. When the game is still in doubt he stinks. When the opposing defense goes to prevent he compiles yards and TD’s.

  27. NJBucsFan Says:

    Joe remembers when Josh Freeman threw five interceptions in December of his 2015 rookie season. Freeman bounced back for a monster second year. Joe really isn’t concerned, but repeating mistakes is never good.

    Freudian slip? Jamies will be out of the league in 5 years….

  28. WalkdaPlank Says:

    87 nobody cares how good the DB was. Jameis gifted him those picks. The only one that wasn’t his fault was the tipped pass INT. Your boy was hot garbage, deal with it.

  29. Ray Rice Says:

    Must say THE MESSIAH takes majority blame today.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc…I expect more from a kicker naturally like most people outside of yourself.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc…yeah you’re right playing kicker is ten times harder than playing QB in the NFL.

    And here I always thought you were a smart guy…

  32. The Sentamentalist Says:

    The Glazers wanted to have the rights to 2 games away from RJS in their new deal. Hmmmm….. Doesn’t look so bad after all. No wins at home under L&L. Good thing the season doesn’t start until November.

  33. 2002bucglory Says:

    FYI, looked at the stats, Manning did throw many picks his rookie year (28) but never threw 4 in a game. Took him years to do so. Luck never threw 4 his rookie year. He never has thrown 4 in a game. Bree’s did not throw 4 his first for. Took him years to do so. Same with Big Ben. Same with Brady. Same with Flacco. Same with Wilson. Same with Rodgers. Many of the above have never ever thrown 4 INT’s in a game ever…. MG8 has never thrown more than 2 INT’s in a game. Many of the above have only thrown 3 max. Most had less than 5 INT’s in first 4 games. I can go QB by QB for guys who won a SB (Luck and Glennon never from above of course) and can’t find a guy who plays like this.

    He is a gun slinger. He takes risks all the time and puts his team in a bad place. Is he talented? Sure he is. Gifted arm for sure. He needs to learn to be smarter and not put his team down. Great QB’s don’t do that. So far even Mariota has not thrown more than 2. Taking care of the ball really helps. Being the leader on the team he needs to get it better at this. Of course he is a rookie but he needs to be smarter. Almost no great QB’s throw 4 in a game as even rookies. Some do of course but the vast majority don’t. They protect their team and do their best to not lose the game. It is not all his fault of course. He did many good things too. He looks in some cases to be improving. But to be honest I bet if Glennon was in we don’t have all those turnovers, not saying we win or that is the answer because it is not. But taking care of the football is something that will kill this team. We just are not good enough to survive it often. Joe knows QB’s. I understand this was always going to be a bad year for us but man all he has to do is not lose us games and we can eventually do really well. His INT”s looked either reckless or rookie mistakes. Maybe what they do is each one like that they fine him $50K…. Just saying he might back off if he plays for free for a year… 🙂

  34. Yungry Says:

    “America’s Favorite Pick 6 QB”

  35. DefenseRules Says:

    Joe … Just noticed that on your site there’s a set of ‘Hot Stories’ on the right side, one of which is titled ‘Don’t Dare Blame Jameis’.

    Isn’t that kinda what you just did?

    You’re now leaving Jameis Junction. Welcome to the real world. Or maybe we should call it Bucville.

  36. lightningbuc Says:


    When a team drafts someone (even an alleged #1 overall, I expect a LOT from that draftee…way more than I expect from an undrafted free agent rookie kicker!

  37. Clodhopper Says:

    I effing hate Jameis! go back to Alabama you loser. Glennon is miles better and has never once been this bad.

  38. chris Says:

    C’mon 87, your boy flat out stunk. Yet again another weak ass pass in the flat .Pick 6 again, the throw behind Jackson, the baseball wind up tipped pass int, the lb he did not see, the fumble on the snap,. He talks a great game, but talk doesn’t mean shutdown.We allowed a guy who’s made questionable move after move make our most important draft pick for the next 5, 10 years

  39. Tampa Tony Says:

    I’m a Winston fan but he looked awful today. D still couldn’t get a stop when needed or a crucial turnover

  40. Buc1987 Says:

    2002bucglory Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    “FYI, looked at the stats, Manning did throw many picks his rookie year (28) but never threw 4 in a game. Took him years to do so. Luck never threw 4 his rookie year. He never has thrown 4 in a game. Bree’s did not throw 4 his first for. Took him years to do so. Same with Big Ben. Same with Brady. Same with Flacco. Same with Wilson. Same with Rodgers.”

    I’m not doubting that info, but how did you come up with what all those QBs did in individual games? Where do you find out such info per game?

  41. The Sentamentalist Says:

    The whole team is weak. Light years away from the Bucs we loved and filled the stadium for.

  42. Yungry Says:

    Footwork=Horrible, accuracy=Horrible, Decision Making=Horrible, Pocket Awarness=Horrible, Windup=Horrible,

  43. Clodhopper Says:

    Thank god quarterback of the past and quarterback of the future but not quarterback of the present is still on this team because hes quaterback of the future again!

  44. SCBucsFan Says:

    I don’t think Winston will ever be able to play properly at home. The pressure is too much for him.

  45. Supersam Says:

    Enough with the “Americas Quarterback” crap! He doesn’t deserve that title! It’s just stupid already! Winston sucks!! If Mike Glennon opened up both home games with pick sixes, you would be ready to hang him! Enough with the Winston crap, the dude needs to be on the bench. He sucks!!

  46. Supersam Says:

    Winston is absolute GARBAGE!!! That’s what we get for drafting a baseball player instead of a quarterback. Hey JOE you for your guy, you happy now? Stares down recivers, forces throws, elongated release, has happy feet, very inaccurate. What a waste of a draft pick. Bye Lovie!! Back to the basement for u!!

  47. 2002bucglory Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    2002bucglory Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    “FYI, looked at the stats, Manning did throw many picks his rookie year (28) but never threw 4 in a game. Took him years to do so. Luck never threw 4 his rookie year. He never has thrown 4 in a game. Bree’s did not throw 4 his first for. Took him years to do so. Same with Big Ben. Same with Brady. Same with Flacco. Same with Wilson. Same with Rodgers.”

    I’m not doubting that info, but how did you come up with what all those QBs did in individual games? Where do you find out such info per game?

    It was painful… Honestly. Go to, stats and player stats. Search by name. I work in the internet industry and type and move very fast at gathering data and compiling it. It was a better one, but I rewrote it. I started though after he threw the 4th pick so I had time……….

    Anyone could check my work but I am very confident. When you looked line by line it was painful. You have to look under game logs and pick a season. I only did reg season though because I thought playoffs are not comparable since he never has been yet (Winston). Honestly when you look at most good QB’s (winners of SB) they don’t play like this. Manning may have thrown 11 but he did not have a 4 INT game. Also, his team back then was in my opinion, he did not have Mike Evans, VJax, and some other talents. He had Marvin and Marshall yes but when you look past that it was scary.

    I am not saying that Glennon is a super star or that Mariota was a better choice but I believe either of them would have had less turnovers and we could have been closer to a W today if not getting one. If Jameis can’t learn to be smart with the football, (please stop the Peyton stuff as we need more time to know if he is like him or a bust…) we will be a competitive team.

    I think the problem with 3 is simple, the offense we run if you watch on rewind is a vertical attacking offense. It is based on Don Coryell’s vertical offense that the Chargers ran. Very fun offense with Dan Fouts. I think that if we ran either a west coast (freeman had an amazing year with that and Olsen….) or what the Pats run the Ron Erhardt – Ray Perkins system we would be better off. West coast is safer throws and quicker plays. The pats is an offense that has a few plays that are run out of many formations and very easy to understand once you learn the keys of it. It’s all a few words and you have to memorize the whole play as a picture but very flexible system.

    For those who hate lovies defense please remember the Cowboys and many others run the same thing but are very good defenses. Our struggles are not because of a old system that does not work. Also, watch NFL coaches film ($90) and you will see the bucs play man coverage and 1 or 3 deep zones. Not cover 2 so stop with the BS that it’s all they run, its not.

  48. NJBucsFan Says:

    SCBucsFan Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    I don’t think Winston will ever be able to play properly at home. The pressure is too much for him.


    And that is just pathetic for a professional. We drafted the wrong QB

  49. Destinjohnny Says:

    How do u teach accuracy?

  50. Destinjohnny Says:


  51. 2002bucglory Says:

    87 the last little bit about offenses or defense strategy is not at you, also when I said Olsen I was referring to the old OC not a TE…

    Winston needs to be very careful with the ball. If he was (I know it’s not in his DNA but damn let’s fine him a game check every time he does that to help him have motivation) safe with the ball he could be better for us.

  52. Supersam Says:

    Whoever thought this kid was better than Mariota is a complete DUMB@$$!!!!!

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t know Johnny he threw for 60% and Norman had 2 INT’s just like he’s been picking off QB’s all season long, only this time it was a rookie QB.

    Carolina DOES have a good defense right? Or am I lying the Panthers D sucks?

  54. Supersam Says:

    Bench Winston immediately!! Fire Lovie and promote Dirk Keotter, salvage what’s left of this pathetic team, led by a mediocre baseball player and a god awful lackadaisical head coach.

  55. Supersam Says:

    87 just go away and take your god awful quarterback with you, were sick of you defending him. He sucks. You wanted this clown now you got him.

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    2002bucglory …no seriously where do you find game for game breakdowns of QB’s stats like Manning and Brees’s or Brady’s from years past?

    You said you found the stats that these guys never threw 4 in a game during this season or that season. How do I look up those numbers per game from way back in say 2008 or even beyond? How did you do that?

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    Sam…do you need a tissue?

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Yep…and I’m happy with JW so far. Just about what I expected at this point.

  59. Supersam Says:

    What you expected?? HA!! Give me break.

  60. Waly Says:

    Lovie should have sat Jamarcus in the second half. Maybe he can learn by watching.

  61. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This game was over it’s truly hard to make any observations other than #3 is

  62. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    LONG WAY from being NFL ready!!! He may yet develop into a great QB but learning lessons that raw are not entertaining to watch. Thank heaven Hockey season is beginning.

    Bottom line is that was hard to watch!

  63. Supersam Says:

    So you expected him to miss open recivers, throw into double coverage, stare down recivers, sloppy footwork, slow release, and you still wanted to draft this kid!? You need a catscan.

  64. 2002bucglory Says:


    Here is how I did it:
    Go to
    Hover over Stats and click on the Player section called By Name
    Type a name like Mike Glennon in the search and click go.
    Now your on the players page itself. Right below their picture is a menu bar.
    There should say things like profile, career stats, etc. Click on game logs.
    Right below that on the right is a year that should default to 2015. Change it to whatever year you want and scroll down. Starts with Preseason, then reg and then playoffs.

    That is game by game stats for any player. It’s fun but if you want 20 guys stats is annoying as it is not easy to just flip through them quickly you have to load each one so it can make you frustrated.

    Let me know if you still have issues.

  65. 2002bucglory Says:

  66. ufour20 Says:

    Hate to say I told you all so, but told you so. Jemarcus Winston Freeman

  67. Marlow Says:

    America’s QB… Put it to bed

  68. Buc1987 Says:

    2002bucglory …thanks man I never knew they broke down game by game from that far back. I know how to use their layout and all, just never knew it could look up game by game. Thanks for the info. Seems easy to do.

  69. 2002bucglory Says:

    The challenge is that the web address has the player name and then a number after it. I assume this is because when they made the database they could not have duplicate names (which happens all the time in the nfl) so they give them a unique number a a primary key for finding records and delivering them from a user request. The rest makes sense just game logs with a query string and then season year. If you were to get all the top guys unique number and name though you could in excel make a formula to give you all years and rapidly pull stats faster. There are data services out there with API’s you can use too but that is like more advanced so I would stick to point and click.

  70. Buc1987 Says:


  71. BrianBucs Says:

    Like I said before – Jameis Winston – “America’s King Of Garbage-Time Stats”

  72. 2002bucglory Says:

    Buc1987 glad to help. Yeah I always use that and split stats. They can be helpful.

    So if you expected this from 3 then do you think it is a mistake to run this aggressive, down field offense with long drops as a rookie?

    It just seems he is getting hit a lot, having many bad plays which can mess with confidence of himself and the team in him… Just seems like maybe playing different would be better long term.

  73. Bobby Says:

    So, all of a sudden everyone posting expected the Bucs to win this game?? Please….
    Yes, Winston made some stupid mistakes, really stupid, however; I’m not really sweating that stuff. He made some good throws too and the O-line played pretty good for the most part. The thing I saw that bothered me the most is his holding the ball too long. That has got to change. He throws a couple picks and thern he gets scared to throw when receivers are wide open. That is concerning and he has to gert over that. He has to see the field better in order to succeed at this level.
    I don’t expect a lot to happen the first half of the season but towards the end of the season the team should be gelling and the rookies won’t be rookies anymore. I see promise and today was a good example. We gave up 24 points on turnovers and for the most part outgained the Panthers but that’s a deep hole to dig out of. I think we’re getting closer but it’s not in synch yet.
    The FG kicker has to go.

  74. BrianBucs Says:

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the Bucs chose the wrong QB.

  75. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL exactly Bobby. I predicted a blow out loss before the game and sure enough. If it’s Winston and Brindza’a fault this week it will be someone elses the next week. We got beat by an undefeated team with a very good defense.

    Or once again. Am I lying that the Panthers have a good d?

  76. AceofAerospace Says:

    Ray Perkins coaching Jarmarcus Leaf.

  77. Buc1987 Says:

    lol Bobby…I also said it’s going to take by midseason for fans to realize just how good JW is going to be. I said that back in pre-season. I also said early on during the season is going to be ugly for the kid.

    So everything is right where I thought he’d be at this point. He’s a really smart kid and he’ll learn. Midseason.

  78. Clint Says:

    Joe he is truly a special brand of awful. Should not call him america’s QB. He is a bust as of now.

  79. lightningbuc Says:


    You also predicted the RayJay would be packed to the brim with Jaboo lovin’ Nole fans…how’d that work out? You don’t even pay to go see Jaboo. Why?

  80. @FamousBroy3434 Says:

    You people are ridiculous. The same 5 people are BASHING everything. Just move the hell on to rooting for Green Bay. My god. He threw 3 int’s and f anyone thinks he threw 4 you’re out your damn minds. Yeah bad game. What he did against Carolina is what he could become with patience and work. Now stfu

  81. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    87 it’s simple brotha go to pro-football reference website. One of the best sites on the net

  82. Buc1987 Says:

    Ha ha ha I’m going next week to the Jags game. I could have went today but gave my tickets away to my mom.

    Yes the majority of those fans in the stands today probably were FSU

    I didn’t draft the kid, don’t look at me. I don’t call the shots. I thought he was the better QB of the 2 and the season is still young. I’m NOT worried about JW’s NFL career, not in the slightest. Not after 4 games.

    Get back to me in say 3 years…

  83. @FamousBroy3434 Says:

    What he did against the saints *^

  84. Buc1987 Says:

    LUV…so it’s easier than when it comes to looking up game by game stats from years pasts from certain players?

  85. ndog Says:

    4 games into a career and you fools want to give up on the number one overall pick. This is why this fan base sucks. I love this town and all of the teams in it but you people make it hard to stay a fan. Yes he had four picks but he also kept playing and fighting till the end. HE IS A ROOKIE WHAT DON’T YOU PEOPLE GET! He is going to have games like this but it’s the fight, determination and leadership that makes him special. But he has to learn and go through this to become what he will one day. So all of you take your shots now cause I know you will all be back once he gets it going.

  86. MTM Says:

    All the people that thought Lovie should have picked Mariotta instead of Winston just take it easy. Mariotta would suck if he played for Tampa. You know I’m right.

  87. LargoBuc Says:

    It all starts pre snap. If Jameis cant sit under center and read the defense, the play is dead before it began. And judging by the results and the fact that Jameis is a rookie, im guessing he still can digest the che complexities of an NFL def. That should improve with time. But its the inaccuracy, bad footwork, slow release and how slow he goes through his progressions that concerns me.
    Will he get better? He works his tail off so maybe. Def not about to call him a bust tho.

  88. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    No worries brotha

    (Follow Up)

    NFL Career Passing Yards Leaders

    Start By Clicking on Top Leader (Brett Favre)
    Scroll Down to the grey tool bar (Game Logs+)
    Scroll Over to Passing –Click INTs (Interceptions Thrown)

    Damn Favre Threw 4 Interceptions in (4 games)
    • 1993 (1994-01-02)
    • 1999 (1999-11-01)
    • 2002 (2002-11-24)
    • 2003 (2003-09-07)
    • 2005 (2005-12-25)

    He also threw for 5 Interceptions in a game
    • 2005 (2005-10-30)

    O Just In case U 4got About – Favre’s Career highlights and awards

    • Super Bowl champion (XXXI)
    • 2× NFC champion (1996, 1997)
    • 11× Pro Bowl (1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009)
    • 3× First-team All-Pro (1995, 1996, 1997)
    • 3× Second-team All-Pro (2001, 2002, 2007)
    • 3× NFL MVP (1995, 1996, 1997)
    • 5× NFC Player of the Year (1995, 1996, 1997, 2002, 2007)
    • 4× NFL Passing TDs Leader (1995, 1996, 1997, 2003)

  89. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Gruden would be the Best Head Coach for this Kid

  90. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    He could Hire Farve as his QB (Since He & Favre R Best Buds)

  91. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The wet football drills Gruden use to run, would’ve come in handy today – for the kid. As Gru use to say its all about preparation. Gru would chew his hide, everytime he screws up. Not coddle him

  92. bucrightoff Says:

    Gruden will be coach again when the Glazers sell. How can we force them to do that?

  93. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr. ?

  94. bucrightoff Says:

    Someone else may want to buy, but we need something to make the Bucs sell. Not sure what that is, this is their cash cow as all their money is tied up in Man Utd.

  95. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    To the gas bag that thinks because Favre had some games where he threw numerous interceptions that Jameius will be the next Favre, you are sick in the head. You need to put the crack pipe down and sober up.

  96. bucsbedabest Says:

    Hey..we were in the game until the 3rd quarter. The game plan stunk to high heaven. After Jameis threw the second INT I was like, don’t even throw at Norman the rest of the game. What does he do. Keeps throwing at Norman. Then the Panthers keep throwing to Olsen. Cam to Olsen and every time it was McDougald getting burned.. just like last year. Does Lovie even game plan and say “humm..if McDougald could not cover Olsen last year.. maybe we should scheme something different so we won’t repeat more of the same.” Then Lovie benched our best corner Verner. Do you want to go there on Kyle Brindza? 58.3% senior year in college = 50% in the pros. I wonder what Lovie said at halftime? “Were making progress. Hang in there team. I know the Panthers are much better than we are, so don’t let it get you down. Its a work in progress. Lets go get ’em in the second half!”

  97. Rob Says:

    Generous Jameis being schooled by Marcus. Big mistake , Joe. Huge

  98. BillT Says:

    19 & 9

  99. ndog Says:

    By the way for all of you Jameis sucks morons, Tom Brady threw 4 picks one time in his first 16 starts as well. The Patriots should have cut him you’re all correct, he was a bum. Do you just how dumb you all sound. Guys don’t get me wrong I am just as pissed as the rest of you as I actually goes to these games and can see the horrible throws he is making. BUT this is how you learn and if he doesn’t learn then we can get rid of him but you have to give him a chance, and four games is not giving him a chance. I personally think he is trying to just do to much right as he hates losing. He will learn that he do it by himself and he is just making matters worse by trying to hard.

  100. Mike10 Says:

    Stared down receivers, held the ball way too long, no communication pre snap, little chemistry w the receivers. Watch the game again, his head doesn’t move from the snap to the pass. I thought we picked him bc Mariota couldn’t check down and he was. I question the QB coach.

  101. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    At the end of the day Winston played a horrible game and many of our fans get off saying I told you so after 4 games. I’m donating my tickets to some bums on the street. Until this team proves me otherwise I’ll hold my judgement on who I think is great or not because quite frankly this team is a hot mess. One finger pointing at you coach. Goodnight.

  102. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Jameis Winston…”America’s Turnover Machine”.

  103. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Normally I don’t respond to Kats – with diarrhea of the mouth. No one is saying Famous will be the next Favre.

    I was simply giving – 87 – the play by play of pro-football-reference. One of many resources I use for stats. It just so happens that Brett Favre is Top of the Leader Board in many categories – Including Interceptions.

  104. pittbucfan Says:

    MG8 mob!!!!

  105. NJBucsFan Says:

    By the way for all of you Jameis sucks morons, Tom Brady threw 4 picks one time in his first 16 starts as well. The Patriots should have cut him you’re all correct, he was a bum. Do you just how dumb you all sound. Guys don’t get me wrong I am just as pissed as the rest of you as I actually goes to these games and can see the horrible throws he is making. BUT this is how you learn and if he doesn’t learn then we can get rid of him but you have to give him a chance, and four games is not giving him a chance. I personally think he is trying to just do to much right as he hates losing. He will learn that he do it by himself and he is just making matters worse by trying to hard.

    Winston is averaging an INT every 19 drop backs. His last year at FSU he averaged 1 INT for every 25.5 drop backs. He’s a bad QB and the fact that this is so obvious is laughable. The only problem is the joke is on the Bucs fans that aren’t FSU fans because we have to listen to BS stats of HOF’ers that Jamies will never sniff their jock and hear how they somehow correlate to Winston. His footwork is bad, he can’t read a defense unless it’s on a chalkboard, and his throwing motion is too slow for the NFL. He is Byron Leftwich.

  106. ndog Says:

    NJBucsFan apparently when a player comes into the league they are what they are going to be for the rest of their career. So I really wonder how all those great players that struggled their rookie year ever got better. I guess the rest of the league just got worse because as we all know, and you so astutely pointed out, players never improve. Just shut up and go away till you actually know what you are talking about. Oh yeah, the fact that you are clearly rooting against him means you are not a Bucs fan so why don’t you change your User Name if you are going to stay.

  107. ndog Says:

    I also want to point out that two missed FG’s = 6 points, one missed extra point = 1 point and fluke fumble TD deal by the Panthers = 7. 7 + 7 = 14 and we lost by 14 points so even with Jameis playing his worst he still had the team in position to play with a 4-0 team that will no doubt be in the playoffs this year. Horrible busts that will never be any good do not still compete like that and will his team to still compete despite playing as badly as he did.

  108. NJBucsFan Says:

    Ndog….if you want to use stats to make a point, do not get your tampon twisted when they are used against you. Also, calling out someone’s fanhood is kind of childish. I think you need to work on your comprehension. Do I think Winston is a good QB, no. Have I said I hope he fails…no. He doesn’t need my hopes, he will fail on his own. The thing that agitates many of the Bucs fans that where on the fence about Winston is his perpetual free pass. Nothing is his fault or something he does correlates back to a HOFer so therefore he’s going to be a franchise QB. He has been crammed down our throats and the second someone questions it…the FSU’ers come with their pitch forks and torches.

    Unlike many of the people on here that are blinded by many things, I fully understand what I am talking about.

  109. NJBucsFan Says:

    Ryan Leaf threw 4 interceptions his 4th game as a profession as well

  110. ndog Says:

    Please produce one post on this site where anyone has given Jameis a “free pass”. And I highly doubt you know what you are talking about as anyone who calls a QB a “bad QB” after 4 professional games clearly has no idea what they are talking about. You are blinded by your hate for Jameis, for whatever reason, and it has blinded your judgement in that he may or may not be a bad QB, but judging after 4 games just makes you look clueless, which it looks like is a foregone conclusion.

  111. ndog Says:

    The stats below are John Elways #’s from his 11th professional game:
    13 completions, 34 attempts, 38.2 comp %, 143 yards, 0 TD’s, 4 INT’s.

    So if you were in charge of the Denver Broncos back in 1983 you would have given up on this former baseball player who just couldn’t read defenses and was just a “bad QB”. Do you not see how ridiculous you sound?

  112. Johnny Dejay Says:

    But Jameis has only sucked 3 out of 4 games. Blame it on the rookie kicker!

  113. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    In other news

    QB Nick Foles Beats the 3-0 Arizona Cardinals
    (16-24) 66.7% 171 yards 3TD’s – 0 picks

  114. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Glennon has never been this bad. Bench the rookie. Let him learn from the sideline or we’ll be picking first again next year.

  115. tickrdr Says:

    These are MG8’s stats after 18 starts in the NFL:
    29 TDs and 15 INTs.
    Better than all but Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Tony Romo, at that point in their careers.

    Yes, better than Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer, etc. Please, I invite you to look them all up, and do the calculations. Add up the totals.

    Not after an individual game, but after 18 starts in the NFL.

    Yet, he was benched by Lovie for first McCown, and now Jameis the Messiah???

    tickrdr ( America’s Doubting Thomas)

    And again, for the record, I voted trade down in EVERY poll; and ZERO confidence in Lovie.

  116. Gus Says:

    The thing I wonder about these sites (Rays Index too) is whether these guys are paid house organs of the teams. I have yet to meet any Bucs fan I know (and I go back to 1976) who was convinced Winston was a for sure thing, even FSU-Bucs fans who liked his talent but we’re worried about his decision making. He might turn out okay, but ALL the red flags were there, and they have shown up on the field in 4 weeks. Is Joe Bucs Fan some independent contractor or was he paid off to support the Winston pick? I get small satisfaction from saying you look idiotic for your fanboy love if a 22 year old jock with some serious baggage, but mostly I wish he wasn’t driving my team into the ground. And I blame this blog for giving the Bucs some cover in the fan base in supporting a pick few people I know really supported.

  117. Yungry Says:

    These people look desperate comparing Jameis to Manning and Elway… Swallow your pride, he sucked today! Admit it

  118. ndog Says:

    See you call it desperate I call if facts. Don’t let those little details get in your way. Also never did I say he did not suck today as he clearly did im just not going to give up on somebody I believe in after 4 career games. You guys can clearly do so and comparing him to other players in his exact same position is not desperate it is exactly how you make a point. But the problem with you folks is you did not want him in the first place and are just waiting to pounce. And that’s fine but please be prepared to say you’re wrong if history proves accurate. All of us Bucs fans will be waiting you.

  119. ndog Says:

    Driving this franchise into the ground? Wow you people are truly going overboard now. We have won half as many games last year as all of last year in 4 weeks but Jameis is running this franchise into the ground! And you wonder why people who support/the team get so upset.

  120. ndog Says:

    4 GAMES!

  121. NJBucsFan Says:

    Again… Ryan Leaf threw 4 INTs in his 4th game as a rookie starter…FACT

    So how does comparing Aimless Jamies to Manning, Elway, and Brady get a point across not not comparing him to Leaf?

    Your argument is collapsing on itself.

  122. Yungry Says:

    Yawn… You mad bro?

  123. Bird Says:

    Ndog- I guess you don’t follow Joe gives him a pass all the time. He rips every player but Jameis. Went out of his way to bash a nice kid like Mariota. He said he had a bad game but then started comparing him to Favre and manning.

    Just wish bucs nation did more articles cause this site which I used to be in all day is all about one player these days Americans quarterback. Aka the man. Aka man crush Jameis.

  124. Bird Says:

    Joe is a moron

  125. ndog Says:

    The point is 4 games proves nothing for long time success. But I guess you just don’t get that but I should not be surprised with the statements your making. It really isn’t that hard to understand that after four games you can’t claim anything about any qb as far add long term success goes. I freely admit he could suck long term and yes I would be totally shocked but what pisses me off is you people saying he is a bad qb after 4 career games. You people are what makes being a Bucs fan so hard. People think Bucs fans are clueless and I see why.

  126. NJBucsFan Says:

    Bird …you’re my new favorite poster.

    Very smart and articulate posts.

  127. BrianBucs Says:

    I can’t even imagine how unbelievably happy the Titans fans are that the Bucs decided to draft Winston. I bet they celebrate every day

  128. Yungry Says:


  129. ndog Says:


  130. NJBucsFan Says:

    Ndog…what makes it so hard to be a Bucs fan is the team management and the constant ineptness to make any progress in building a team. A real GM would have taken Philly for everything they have and taken the best player available…but yet we had this QB forced down our throat because the Glazers saw $$$$ because of the FSU connection.

    There’s no reason we couldn’t drop down in the first round and put a decent Oline around Glennon and see what he could do. The cushion of the future picks from Philly would have made a failure more palatable.

    There is no hate for Jamies here, it is just this was so predicable. The second the talent surrounding Winston was not top notch, his warts started to show. His footwork is horrible, his delivery is beyond fixable, you can’t teach accuracy, and his decesion making may be great on the chalkboard but when the players you’re playing against are world-class atheletes and not X’s and O’s it’s much different.

  131. Yungry Says:

    Bad footwork, accuracy, decision-making,wind up and vision. Lol hopefully he can rebound

  132. Gus Says:

    What hope has Jameis given the fanbase? Is there any out there? 4 games and he is worse than we feared. Turnover/bad judgement/horrible fundamentals are all horrible. Is that Josh Freeman?

    Taking a desperate franchise and making it worse.

  133. distraughtfan Says:

    Jamarcus Leafwhich……..any questions??

  134. BucDaddy82 Says:

    This first year with Jameis will be similar to the first year the Colts had with Peyton Manning in 1998. Peyton was 3-13, 26 TD – 28 INT, 56.7% Completion.

  135. bucslifeforme Says:

    Not trying to make any excuses for Jameis, however I was at the game, and on the very 1st grounding penalty, he was about a foot or two outside the tackle box, and they still called it grounding. Watched another game this year, same thing happened, and they ended up picking up the flag saying QB was a foot or two outside the tackle box. Problem is when your the Bucs you don’t get those kind of breaks.

  136. mveal2006 Says:

    maybe jameous will turn it around. but tim tebow doesnt have to turn anything around – he has won whenever he gets on the field. so I don’t bother watching the nfl, occasionally I listen to it on the radio. I am so weary of people who ignore whats right in front of them. put tebow in, I will watch and maybe buy a ticket to two.