Opposing QBs Complete 68.4% Vs. Bucs

October 26th, 2015


This stat comes with an alarming twist.

Quarterbacks facing the Bucs this season complete 68.4 percent of their passes. But what’s scary is Tampa Bay has played the Jaguars, Panthers and Texans. Those are the three worst NFL teams when it comes to completing passes.

Combined, their quarterbacks’ completion rate averages 56 percent.

On deck, Matt Ryan in Atlanta.

23 Responses to “Opposing QBs Complete 68.4% Vs. Bucs”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    This is gonna challenge for the worst defense of all-time by years end. Scary fact: We just played the 6 game JV portion of the schedule. Next two weeks could be very, very ugly.

  2. Buc2015 Says:

    bucrightoff, have you watched the Falcons the last few weeks? They have not looked great at all … Bucs may find a way to lose but I’d bet on a tight game either way.

  3. BucFan20 Says:

    What is scary. Just think if they started the backup. We know how this team makes the backups look as starters. They would have never been behind to start with!

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    Buc2015, have you watched the Redskins before yesterday? Colt McCoy was starting next week until Kirk Cousins torched us. The Falcons are going to tear that secondary apart. Julio getting the NFL single game record would be a given if he were 100%. As it is he’ll probably settle for a 200 yard, 3 TD game.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    The comeback seemed so swift and easy that my gagging had no rest.

  6. I know why Says:

    Barron 16 tackles yesterday, Goldson 14 tackles yesterday…Revis still the best in the league but hey, who needs those guys. That’s why I think Licht needs more heat on him, seriously he doesn’t share in any of this?

  7. passthebuc Says:

    The other QB’s in the league will not look better than what has already trashed our defense. There is not enough time in a game for that to happen. Lovie’s defensive strategy is to run the ball and eat up the clock. There is nothing wrong with such a strategy except it is for teams with a stout defense. Lovie has not figured out that a stout defense does not mean drinking stout.

    Lovie will be here for 2 more years. its a matter of money

  8. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    I know why – if those stats are correct then I’m even sicker now. If Licht made those moves then shame on him. If he objected to the moves but had no veto power then shame on the Glazers. Either way the Boyz need to fire themselves and hire a real president/CEO to run the organization.

  9. TAC Says:

    “That’s why I think Licht needs more heat on him”

    Head Coach controls the team, including the final roster. We will never know what a team roster put together by Licht would have looked like.

    Lovie has the keys, everything that occurs is his.

    Look for Coordinators, and position Coaches to start getting thrown under the bus soon, I doubt he throws his handpicked GM under the bus right now.

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    You guys really think Light is making the defensive player decisions lmao?

    This defense is Lovie smiths’ #1 responsibility. There is no excuse for this crap. We have as much talent as many other defenses that play more disciplined ball. And the talent we have is due to what Lovie wanted. He’s made players like Lavonte David into mediocre

  11. OneLove Says:

    Lovie needs to host an ope workout like Dick Vermeil did with the Eagles!! I’m sure he could find some SCRUBS off the street that will player better than Verner/Jenkins/McDougald/David!!!

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  12. Michael Johnson Says:

    30 points is enough to win in this NFL Buc fans. I use to be a Lovie supporter Whats up with our Defense? Why do we give out of gas in the 4th qtr? Why..can’t we cover? Kirk Cousins looked like Johnny Unitas 2nd half. Why is it mediocre QB’s make their rep with our Buc Defense? This one hurts. We will not recover during the season. A few more outings like this and it will be unanimous…Dump Lovie Smith in the Bay. Atlanta had gotta be foaming at the mouth. Put it down as an ATL win.

  13. Tampa Tony Says:

    One of these games I hope Winston waves off the kicking unit like Manning did to Dungy years ago. Loser Lovie is a joke

  14. CC Says:

    Overall the defense sucks.Our linbackers are not playing well all. Kwan Alexanders not getting it done against the pass. He has been exposed. No pass rush from the front 4. And the db’s are probably the worst group in the league. This is Lovie Smiff’s defense. He owns it.
    Fire Lovie!

  15. John McKillop Says:

    Lovie is in full control of this thing. Remember he hired the Gm, usually the Gm hires the coach. This whole thing is backward, The Glazers need to get their heads out of their a$$es and hire a president of football operations to turn this into something that resembles a pro football organization. Simple as that!

  16. road warrior Says:

    @John McKillop Says:
    October 26th, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Lovie is in full control of this thing. Remember he hired the Gm, usually the Gm hires the coach. This whole thing is backward, The Glazers need to get their heads out of their a$$es and hire a president of football operations to turn this into something that resembles a pro football organization. Simple as that!


  17. Tbbucs3 Says:

    If we’re running so much man coverage we should play more cover 2 and Tampa 2 schemes cause our secondary isn’t good enough for man. We have 2 corners who’s only strengths are playing in a cover 2 defense.

  18. Tbbucs3 Says:

    And Kwon can play the middle a whole lot better than mason foster.

  19. Another J Says:

    This week I’m not even mad, I seen this game coming a mile away!

    Another J Says:
    October 19th, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    The backup quarterback scares me…
    Kirk might go all Joe Montana on Jennings, and Jenkins!

  20. CC Says:

    Tbbucs3…agree he’s better than Foster, but hes not good in coverage,yet.
    Pro Football Focus
    Rookie linebacker Kwon Alexander (-3.0) tied the best run defense grade of his career; however, his struggles in coverage greatly contributed to Washington’s comeback yesterday. Alexander allowed seven receptions on seven targets for 86 yards, and quarterback Kirk Cousins had a passer rating of 117.9 when targeting him. He was often beat by Washington’s Jordan Reed (+2.1), who took over the game in the second half as the tight end caught four passes in Alexander’s coverage. The linebacker also failed to limit the Washington receivers’ yards after the catch, since 47 of the 86 yards he allowed came after the reception.

  21. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Putting Julio on my fantasy team…

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    Just another pathetic statistic/accomplishment to add to Imcompetent Lovie’s resume.

  23. Pick6 Says:

    we started last year the same way. many of the players have changed, but the coaching and the outcomes haven’t