“He Wanted Some Ownership”

October 4th, 2015

LoviesadBucs icon Ronde Barber dropped quite a nugget about Lovie Smith on today’s broadcast of the Panthers-Bucs debacle.

Calling the game for FOX with Chris Myers, Barber responded to Myers talking about Lovie taking over defense playcalling this season, stripping Leslie Frazier of the duties.

“He wanted some ownership [of the defense],” Barber said of Lovie making the move.

This was very telling stuff from Barber. Keep in mind Barber sits with Lovie for private chats before preseason Bucs broadcasts, and when he calls a game on FOX. All announcers are given that opportunity, in order to have the inside scoop when they hit the airwaves.

So Lovie wanted “ownership.” Joe finds it odd that Lovie didn’t think he owned it previously, when Leslie Frazier was running Lovie’s system with great input from the head coach. After all, Lovie made it clear it was his defense imported from Chicago, and grown in St. Louis and 20th century Tampa.

Indeed Lovie clearly owns it now. And it’s messy.

Did anyone see Mike Jenkins embarrass himself today as a starting cornerback? Lovie yearned long and hard for this day, and it backfired. Tim Jennings looks slow. Alterraun Verner looks better than both of them and he rarely plays, despite being hand-picked by Lovie for top dollar.

The run defense is shoddy, and the edge rush is often hard to find.

Linebackers are Lovie’s specialty, and they aren’t making enough plays.

The Bucs have enough defensive talent to turn it around, especially when Johnthan Banks returns from his knee issue. If they can’t, then Joe would love to know what ownership thinks of Lovie’s “ownership.”

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  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


  2. "TheKevin" Says:

    And the coaching carousel will continue with a soon to be new staff new coaches new everything. Then the new staff will say be patient while we build a winner. Then they will fail and get fired and it will continue yet again.

    Lmao. It’s comical at this point. I can see exactly what the future holds for this pathetic franchise lol.

  3. This Guy Right Here Says:

    The linebackers are actually the worst unit on this D right now.. And thats saying alot considering this secondary…

    Lovie dug his own grave with this move.. Instead of using Leslie Frazier as a buffer, he took over and us all his real colors.. That he’s just not able to coach, coordinate, and handle personnel at the same time!

    Dudes wayyy in over his head… When we lose to Jax next week, its time to dump his ass!


  4. "TheKevin" Says:

    Is anyone still dumb enough to root for this crap?

    Does anyone really believe this team and organization is gonna magically turn around and become competitive? DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH. most of you don’t remeber this but this is exactly what this franchise has always been. Completely incompetent and worthless. It will continue. Most old buc fans recognize this and can see what the next ten years will bring. Same ol song and dance.

  5. AceofAerospace Says:

    I’m done asking to fire Lovie. I want the kickball fans to sell the team to football fans. These idiots will just hire another idiot.

  6. Oahubuc Says:

    He owns it alright. And he fits right in with the rest of this team’s ownership. Clowns, all of them.

  7. This Guy Right Here Says:

    @ “TheKevin”,

    Maybe instead of hiring a professional position coach (Raheem) as HC, or a lower tiered college coach (Schiano), or a glorified-20th-century Def. Coordinator (Lovie), we look for the next Dan Quinn… Someone with league experience, assertive and not passive, knows how to gameplan, get his men in line…

    We need a HC whose BUILT for this new era of the NFL!

  8. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    It’s okay! It’s okay! They had a good week of practice! They are getting better! Even though they aren’t winning they are getting better! What is the barometer for “getting better?” In the real world the barometer for “getting better” is WINNING! LOL!

  9. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I think it’s more than Lovie that is the problem. These players just can’t put a flawless game together. And maybe that is on Lovie. But when you constantly have change in the coaching, the coaches can’t create the atmosphere they want. It takes time to build a dynasty. Bill bellicheat was fired by the Browns. The Browns, fired bill bellicheat. Do you think it was only the coaches fault? He just wasn’t given enough time. I’m not advocating that Lovie is the answer for us at HC. The losing is taking it’s toll on everyone tho. The fans, the players, the coaches, the ownership. Lovie might be able to grow this team into a contender. But if the losses stack up before he able to manage that. He will lose his job. And rightfully so. Anyone can coach an already great team. Example: chucky. It’s being able to build that team to what is considered great. This team isn’t there yet. And perhaps it will get there with Lovie as HC. Unfortunately if the losses keep happening he won’t be around long enough to know.

  10. "TheKevin" Says:

    @this guy right here.

    No disrespect dude but really have you followed the history of this team?

    This is the bucs. They completely lucked and fluked their way to a super bowl and had a nice 5 or 6 year run. Other than that this franchise has been pathetic in every sense of the word. They always hire the wrong guy or make the wrong draft pick. Murphy’s law= the bucs. Always have always will. It will never change. The fans demand a coaching change so fast that no one has time to really build anything. And even with time they still will screw it up. There is no hope for this team unless the glazers sell to real football people. Who really know football.

  11. Bucsfanforlife Says:

    I am not a Lovie hater. he has had much success in his career, and I wish him well. But, it has become increasingly clear that he is not up to the job. He needs to go, and he must take the kicker with him. We’ve got the players, we need the coaching. This season is looking like a duplicate of last season, and that cannot be tolerated. Good luck to you, Lovie,and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

  12. mdsbuc Says:

    It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose against Jacksonville. That will be a battle of two sorry assed teams; one will get lucky. Lovie needs to go.

  13. This Guy Right Here Says:


    After 6-7 years under Dungy… Going nowhere, with all that talent???

    All it took was a new HC named Gruden, with fire shooting out his anus, to put this team over the hump…

    Forget about the Raheem Experiment, or the Schiano Implosion, just cause those last guys didnt work, doesnt we need to stop trying and just SETLLE FOR THIS!

  14. Sapp, STFU Says:

    Team hasn’t been good since Malcolm was calling the shots. Drafting Winston might have been the right call, but putting him in Day 1 was not. They are ruining him and anyone who understands player development and patience knows it.

    If they care about Winston’s future with the team, bench him until they can protect him.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The defense wasn’t great….but probably at least good enough for Bucs to be 2-2 or maybe even 3-1.

    Sure is has room for improvement…..but 1-12 on 3rd down last week and 5 turnovers this week….and I think only an idiot would hang these two losses on the defense.

    Add the kicking game to the offensive woes and we have the answer.

  16. "TheKevin" Says:

    Correction we do not have the players at all.
    The players are half the problem lol. Did you watch the game?

  17. bucrightoff Says:

    Belichick’s situation is more comparable with Schaino as it was both their first NFL coaching gig. Lovie just coached his 164th regular season game. It’s not giving up too soon at that point, he’s pretty much what he is as a coach and we won’t see significant changes.

  18. Bucco brice Says:

    BYE BY THE BYE or suffer longer….”simple as that”….

  19. This Guy Right Here Says:

    All you guys too scared to change Head Coaching regimes just cause of those last two failures (and now this one)???

    Kind of fckin fans are you??? NEVER SETTLE! Till we get this sht RIGHT! And we all know now, that hiring was Lovie? Was so WRONG!!

    Save the Season, Fire Lovie Now!!!!!

  20. Elle Says:

    Speaking of ownership, what it’ll take to realize that the main problem is the head of the snake, so to speak? You won’t to continue supporting mediocrity, go right ahead. You could put Brady/Rodgers and the strongest o-line ever on the field, awesome WRs and the most skilled/fast RB, as well as a legendary defense, and this team would still struggle. Why? Because the coaching staff would have no clue about how to best utilize all that talent. Why? Because the damn owners have no clue about how to pick a good head coach. Do yourself a favor and stop wasting time on a bad product. Come back when either the owners will finally realize that they have no clue and will hire someone else to make football decisions for them, or when they’ll sell the franchise to somebody who actually CARES to field a good product and WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    This franchise has gone downhill ever since Malcom Glazer stepped aside due to his health related problems. Go bless, my man, I wish you were still in charge, your sons are idiots.

  21. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Are these guys even coached?

  22. "TheKevin" Says:


    Totally agree. Sell the team or move them. Either one equals less pain for me.

    They have no idea how to run a franchise. As long as they own this team the worse it will get.

  23. bucrightoff Says:


  24. Elle Says:

    *You want

    And sorry, I misspoke. The Bucs are mediocre on a good day. Otherwise, they flat out suck and it’s time that people stop settling for this. Stop buying tickets, stop buying merchandise, ignore this franchise until the fools at the top will realize that they’re losing money now and maybe it’s time to start making the right decisions.

  25. bucrightoff Says:

    I think most know it Elle. But it’s the hardest thing to change. Forcing the Glazers to sell is not an easy thing to do.

  26. crazy Says:

    Why are we so sure it was Lovie’s idea and not the Brothers?

  27. Bucco brice Says:

    No heart and soul in this team.. Hire people where football matters…SIberias QB sucks…sick of this sh*t….unbearable!

  28. This Guy Right Here Says:


    If Lovie is still here after the bye, after he loses to Jax, then the Glazer Boys will get sht on so wet, that theyll either hire a new HC, sell, or do what I believe they really want and move this team to London.. at which point, I could give a fcuk less..

  29. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Like their coach, no emotion happy or mad….CHECK
    No Passion, like their coach…..CHECK
    Out coached (Again)…..CHECK
    Out Played (Again)…..CHECK
    Two new Milk Cartons (LVD and McCoy) not making an impact…..CHECK
    Lovie absolutely ruining LVD…..CHECK
    McCoy has NEVER taken over a game…..CHECK

    Keep Licct and fire Lovie. Let Licht pick the new coach.

  30. "TheKevin" Says:

    Moving the team would be the best thing for the whole state. Why would anyone want to cheer for this garbage pile of sh it?

    Save us anymore embarrassment. It’s pathetic

  31. rayjay1122 Says:

    Lovie owns the D…..Dees nuts!

  32. Elle Says:


    You know, I’m starting to think that maybe they ought to do just that. All they care about seems to be making a profit anyway, so why not? Move the franchise to a larger market and keep making a killing. Win or lose, it won’t matter, as long as they’re racking in the cash. They’re just fooling loyal fans right now and it’d be best for such fans to not have a football team in Tampa at all, at this point. We’re not in the 70s/80s anymore, modern fans shouldn’t tolerate failures after failures, no matter how much they love their team.

    I love the Bucs, I really do. But I’m fed up now.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    The Bucs dont need to move and the Glazers dont need to sell. But they do need to hire someone who actually knows football and put him in charge of hiring the new coach (and GM if need be), even though I think Licht is doing a great job in the draft. Lovie, for whatever reason, just can’t get these guys to play hard and smart for him. LVD is half the player he was under Schiano. Can’t believe he dropped that INT today.

  34. DefenseRules Says:

    @”TheKevin” … “Moving the team would be the best thing for the whole state.”

    Bucs fans sang a different tune the year we won the SuperBowl. Win and everyone loves ya. Lose and you’re dogmeat.

  35. GO BUCS Says:

    BUCS fan since 1976, when is the transitioning ever going to stop? I blame ownership for the mess they’ve created since firing Chucky. I love the BUCS but man it’s tough to root for them. GO BUCS….

  36. "TheKevin" Says:


    I’m past fed up. I’ve rooted and spent hard earned money on this team and franchise to watch it fail over and over. The glazers have no clue what to do with this sh it. They only care about making money. Beyond that doesnt matter to them at all. It’s clear they don’t care. They only make reactive decisions and nothing pro active. It’s just about padding their portfolio.

  37. DallasBuc Says:

    Incompetent Lovie Smith

  38. mdc1969 Says:

    Speaking of “ownership” ours sucks! Enough said. GLAZER BOYZ=Losing

  39. "TheKevin" Says:

    @defense rules.

    Other than a few years this franchise has always been losers. Way more losing than winning. Everyone knows those few years of success was a complete fluke.

  40. Elle Says:

    @Couch Fan

    I would be completely satisfied with such a move. What this franchise needs is a vice president in charge of football operations. Hire somebody willing to step into that role and take the burden upon himself, then step aside and let him work. Surely, there must be a good candidate out there that would be glad to take a franchise in his hands and try to build a contender.

    This franchise needs to be dismantled and restructured. All too often I read here pointless debates, Winston vs Mariota, while most people fail to understand that we’ve been drafting poorly for years and years and it’s no wonder that the Bucs are going nowhere now. We need better scouting. We simply need better people who are able to do their job the right way, limit their mistake and put all the passion they have in their work. This is the only way the Bucs are going to drag themselves out of this situation.

  41. sho-nuff Says:

    Just got down watching this recorded smishmorshan…the ONLY way to watch it.
    Not only is it not worth your time…but you’re an absolute LOSER if you spend 1 dime on this team…Nothing is worse than an enabler…if you don’t have something better to do with your 1 of possibly 2 days off a week then you’re just effn sad….

  42. Bucco brice Says:

    40 years of bucs loyalty here…team should show the same…this is aweful… Hoping for bucs loss next week. First time ever. Lovie dismissal next Monday is only answer…”simple as that”…

  43. Pawel Says:

    I dont know about anyone but I thought bucs played well if you take out 4 turnovers and add missed field goals.

  44. sho-nuff Says:

    Lovie…looks, speaks and coaches like a loser…his defense is littered with weak sauce….fire him the even more stupid claymation looking GM and go find a MAN to run this team…
    wimpy owners=wimpy team

  45. T in Orlando Says:


    Let’s see what Koetter can do as HC, and Fraizer DC w/o Lovie looking over his shoulder. If that doesn’t work, give Licht a chance to bring in his guy at the end of the season.

    I don’t want to hear about the Glazers have tied up in Guaranteed money for Lovie, this thing needs to be turned around, and we don’t need 2.5 more years to figure that out.


  46. ATrain Says:

    3-13. Who are we going to beat?

    The Jags are in their games and playing decent football.
    New Orleans will have Brees health and he won’t lose to us twice.

    We may surprise someone so 2- 14…
    1st draft pick..

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    You cannot sit back and rush four players on every play in this day and age. That worked back when defensive backs could get away with some physical play on the outsid and punish guys across the middle. In todays game teams will complete a high percentage of passes if you cant get the QB off his mark.
    Lovie does not know how to coach an agressive scheme and we will forever be limited by that so long as he’s the coach.
    Offensively our o-line isnt good enough yet and we dont have enough speed.

  48. Eric Says:

    I still believe in Lovie and Jameis.

    Win next week go to break 2-3.

    All is not lost. These are growing pains.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Over the summer my brother an FSU alum and I met up for the 4th of July. I said to him I got 3 words for you. He said what. I said “We…got…Jameis”.

    His reply : “Oh yeah..who are you guys picking first in the draft next year?”


  50. Greg Says:

    So, since the Bucs scored 23 points today and only gave up 37, does that count as a blowout??? Saw Lovie after the game hugging his kids, he looked extremely frustrated. I think this group of players are a bunch of losers that feed off each other and have quit on Lovie just like they have quit on Raheem and Schiano, and just like they’ll quit on the next coach coming in here.

  51. DefenseRules Says:

    @TheKevin … “Everyone knows those few years of success was a complete fluke.”

    Not hardly. Tony Dungy brought with him an excellent coaching staff and methodically built the team … defensively. On the offensive side of the ball … continual problems. Chucky inherited a great defense run by Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli primarily, and didn’t mess with it. Chucky focused on the offense and made it serviceable (Remember Chucky was not only HC but also OC).

    Most of that team, defensively, was home-grown. So was a lot of the offense actually. It can be done. Problem right now is that Lovie isn’t Tony Dungy, nor does he have a Monte Kiffin or Rod Marinelli kickin’ butt. Nor does he seem to have those players like Sapp and Brooks and Lynch who despise losing.

    We’ve got a long way to go as a team to ‘right the ship’ obviously, but it has been done in the past. It’s just finding the right combination of coaches AND players to make it happen.

  52. bucrightoff Says:

    Growing pains eh? Hmmm

    2014 through 4 games

    Outscored 119-72
    Played two backups (lost both)

    2015 through 4 games

    Outscored 117-72
    Played a backup and a rookie in his first game (lost both)

    That’s actually frightening to look at. We basically haven’t gotten better at all. 2 points better I guess to be accurate. This team is going nowhere. There isn’t any growth at all.

  53. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Fire Lovie….replace with Koetter. Fire Frazier….replace with Nickerson(or an up and coming young defensive assistant from a top team) Trade GMC, V-Jax and MG8….stockpile draft picks. Trade down in Draft and pick up more picks…completely rebuild offensive/defensive lines. Return to competitiveness in 2016….playoffs in 2017.

  54. Jason Says:

    Atleast the soccer team is good

  55. tmaxcon Says:

    Just another week of Lovie teaching his players how to lose and Mccoy teaching the players how to accept losing. It starts at the top. Coach can not and refuses to make in game adjustments and the face of tge franchise still has not made a game changing play. Good player but far from elite. Winston will be fine with nfl coaching and a nfl caliber oline he has neither right now. Those calling for koetter to take over need to realize the ENTIRE coaching staff is made up of Lovie guys. Control freak incompetent Lovie Smith did not allow koetter to build his own staff. Lovie must go but not sure koetter can run team and offense without some of his own guys around him.

  56. destro44 Says:

    So this won’t be popular, but today was the best game this team has played this year. Yes the kicker couldn’t hit water if he was in Charlston, yes there were the 4 picks. Take those and that ridiculous fumble TD away and this was our best game running the ball, Rainey looked good on returns, the D line was disruptive if unable to contain Newton, but better teams than us have had that problem. Olson didn’t singlehandedly destroy us. We didn’t let a RB look like a hall of famer. And Winston made some good throws. If we played this way every week we might be 3-1. Don’t forget the 3 teams we played before Carolina have a combined 2 wins. Both against us. I’m watching and hoping for progress and I saw it today even if the score feels like a kick in the nuts.

  57. Santos Says:

    The glazers can take their asses to London, give em a team, but the bucs will stay in Tampa, glazers can have an expansion team and give EL Chapo the other expansion team.

  58. "TheKevin" Says:

    This team will not even sniff the playoffs for atleast 5 years. You all need to face reality. This is pathetic.

    No one coach or player is gonna fix this shi t. You can hope and wish for whatever coach you want but it will not make one bit of difference. Old bucs fans have seen this before. In fact it’s always been like this except for a few years. So buckle up newbies this is what the bus are and have always been. Better get used to it real fast because I’m completely used to seeing this sh it storm. They will fail week in week out year in year out. Stop spending your time hoping something is gonna magically happen cause it won’t.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    tmax…there was a guy on here earlier, damnI forgot his screen name, but he made a GREAT point.

    Lovie can’t teach these guys this defense. That’s why he keeps bringing players that already know how to run the defense that Marinelli taught them. He simply can’t teach the likes of Verner, Banks etc etc. He doesn’t now how.

    It was a lot more detailed point than I just made, but it made damn good sense when I read it.

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    “TheKevin” …you hit the nail on the head my man. In fact I made a similar statement during last season in here when everyone was griping about this and that. I said this is who the Bucs are and you better get used to it. We had one good run, but other than that, this is who we are. So get used to it.

    I don’t expect wins anymore. Really are you kidding me at this point? I’ve been a fan for over 25 years now. I can deal with this crap today.

    Now’s where I get attacked by someone saying don’t except this team, stop buying tickets and merchandise and all that jazz. I’m sorry I just can’t do it. I’ll be at the game next week.

  61. tmaxcon Says:


    I caught his comment and I agree with it too. Btw, you explained his comment well. much better than Lovie explained cover 2 to Verner lol…

    I just dont understand the inability to change and make adjustments. I thought Lovie was this great players coach that is an outstanding communicator yet he could not coach a very intelligent Verner nor communicate to Verner why he was benched. Seems to me Lovie is a players coach only in the sense everyone likes him and his practices are easy.

  62. Doc Says:

    This team has no leader,only payroll riders, the player”s need to responsible for bad play, This team has to many nice guys. Need some big nasty football players,that do not spent all their time talking i am a pro bowler with one tackle.

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    Dude everyone needs to read that guys post. Especially Lovie’s Lovers.

    That’s my new nickname for Lovie supporters. Lovie’s Lovers.

    I’ll find that guys post and re-post in here from time to time is was so spot on.

  64. bucrightoff Says:

    We’re a lot like the 49ers before they got Harbaugh, just wandering in the wilderness, somewhere between bad and awful. We just gotta hope one day we’ll find our Harbaugh, and hopefully not treat him like crap like the 49ers did. Next hire will obviously be vital to the franchise

  65. Buc1987 Says:

    Here’s the dudes post even though he’s wrong about Marinelli as the next HC in Tampa. The Cowboys just got through locking up Marinelli for the next what 3 years or so.

    The Rockstar Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Licht/Lovie are bringing in players who have experience in Lovie Smith’s Tampa two defensive system.

    Conte, Melton, Carter all learned the tampa two from Rod Marinelli

    Smith sat Verner and played Mike Jenkins Then they raved about the Tim Jennings acquisition.

    The actions of this team illustrate they are not confident nor believe themselves to be competent teachers.

    I dont think they are competent as teachers either.

    BTW, Rod Marinelli looks to be the front runner for the next Head Coach in Tampa. But its very early.

  66. Supersam Says:

    Josh McCown had a great day today. Great day.

  67. tmaxcon Says:

    Marinelli is not head coach material and his defense is not playing much better than lovies. Bucs need a fresh aggressive coach next not a retread or living in the past hopeful hire. Jimbo Fischer anyone

  68. The Buc Realist Says:

    bucrightoff Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 9:23 pm
    We’re a lot like the 49ers before they got Harbaugh

    Does that mean Lovie is pulling down his pants and bending over and telling his team that this is what they play like!!!!!

  69. tmaxcon Says:

    Bad visual realist lol

  70. mdc1969 Says:

    Glazer Boys two years ago,”I know, let’s hire Mrs. Howell”
    Me,” from Gilligan’s Island?”
    Glazer Boys, “yeah, you know, Lovie”

  71. mdc1969 Says:

    Bucs Coach= Thurston Howell III wife

  72. "TheKevin" Says:

    Any fan that shows up at that stadium next week is a pure idiot. When they start winning and acting like they give a sh it then I’ll go. Until then I won’t spend one dollar or one gallon of gas for this team. I’ll just do what I did today which is not watch the game because I don’t want to add to the TV ratings. I’ll just look at the box score at the end and laugh. No more watching. It’s unbearable. I’m glad I didn’t have to see this sh it that you all watched.

  73. Buccfan37 Says:

    “The Kevin”… you started out saying you were finished with this team after one of the first articles went up. You posted on nearly every article and multiple times on this one. You are not done with the Bucs and you know it. I understand the disgust you talk about, but you’ll be back. That’s what real Bucs fans do.

  74. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Should have kept schiano through last year, fired him and hired Dan Quinn. Look at what he has done in Atlanta. I dread our 2 games with them more than any on the schedule right now

  75. "TheKevin" Says:

    @buc fan37

    Lol yeah yeah.

    But disgust is an understatement.

    Atlanta has Matt Ryan and Julio jones. And we don’t. That’s the difference.

  76. Buc1987 Says:

    “TheKevin” …it’s too late for me. I already bought the tickets for next weeks game. I HAVE to go.

  77. WINdycitybuc Says:

    It’s pretty damned hard to be even an average defense when your offense constantly puts you in compromising positions. Not to mention special teams (Rainey was great, Brindza was garbage). EVERYTHING on this team is makeshift until a foundation can be formed. Until then…temper expectations and let the chips fall. I HATE the ridiculous penalties, but I LOVE their resolve. Go Bucs!!

  78. Capt.Tim Says:

    . . It just aint gettin any better . .

  79. drdneast Says:

    Joes trying to blame everyone but his boy for this loss
    5 unforced TOs all on Jameis Winston, “America’s Bust.” Your guy lost this game, Joe.
    Admit it. Right now he is the worst QB in the league. Thanks Joe.

  80. JBF Addict Says:

    Why in the world can’t we find players who want to own what happens on that field every week?! Where is the rise up and fight? Where is the fire? Where is the accountability between players? There is no leadership. None at all. Lovie got lucky in Chicago. He had a couple linebackers who were great leaders. Jameis might be like that some day, but right now the leadership of the vets is a putrid joke.

    No joke: let’s bring in Ray Lewis as a consultant. Can you imagine the kind of fire he’d light under all those soft asses?

  81. Buc1987 Says:

    @ Capt Tim…C’mon now Tim you were the one yelling at us the other day. Telling us to be patient and all. What happened to that?

  82. SCBucsFan Says:

    Why does Lovie always look so stoic? He looks like a robot and I think he might be given his reluctance to go against his programming.

  83. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Fire Lovie and Frazier. Make Koetter HC and bring back Monte Kiffin as DC.

  84. GhostofSchiano Says:

    @the kevin.

    Yeah atl has ryan and jones they also had a poor defense and o-line problems heading into this season. So what has dan quinn done that lovie has not? Coaching? How about innovation as opposed to sittin in a basement for 2 years and wanting back into the spotlight again. Reminds me of over the hill players who need that huge dose of reality to bite them in the ass so the realization of retirement finally registers with them

  85. Russianbuc Says:

    This game was not as horrible as most suggest. Yes, Winston played a bad game and Brindza is just bad, period, but if Chris Conte helmet caused fumble ends up in bucs hands the game would be very close even with all the turnovers.

  86. ElioT Says:

    Did anyone else notice Mankins and some other o-lineman smiling and laughing on the sidelines in the 4th quarter? I’m sure there were others as well, having a grand old time getting their heads caved in.

    I gotta give it up to any fans who would actually continue to go to RayJay for this filth. It’s like this franchise is defrauding the fan base systematically.

    We’ve all been through so much garbage and this is some of the worst.

    Go Sucs!

  87. meat Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, Belicheat had a couple 10 win seasons in Cleveland and they fired him- much different than earning the top pick in the draft. Stat on how many teams in the last 20 years have retained their HC after earning the top pick? Not many…..

  88. Mike Johnson Says:

    Rumor has it Greg Schiano was spotted at one of the Clearwater bait tackle shops purchasing a..custom reel and rod with the inscription..Lovie on it. Pretty soon he will have a fishing partner off of the Tampa Bay bridge.

  89. Buc1987 Says:

    meat…Belicheat had 1 winning season while with the Browns. They held onto him for 5 years.

  90. passthebuc Says:

    I still say the problem is that we have too many of our starters that would not be on the practice squads of the top 12 teams in the league.

  91. Oahubuc Says:

    These owners can’t make rational, football-based decisions. No appeal to them is going to get you anything workable. We are basically the ’86 Bucs. Failure ahead, failure behind, horrible ownership, decaying stadium, hideous uniforms, fan base and community held hostage. You might actually get a better response from Hugh Culverhouse. I say ‘you’ and not ‘me’, because I’m not giving these fools a dime of my money and haven’t for a few years.

  92. DB55 Says:

    Lol, lots of emotion out here tonight.

  93. cmurda Says:

    Lovie has to win this game against Jax. It’s easy to let the ship ride at 1-3 but at 1-4 and the bye coming up, that’s the perfect time to fire a coach. Philbin may be getting canned tomorrow right before the Fins bye. L & L get a pass on JW considering he’s a rookie and he has an opportunity to be very good but has to grow through growing pains. There’s no such excuse for this defense. When the defense needs to step up, it fails and that’s definitely on Lovie.

  94. Buc Rogers Says:

    This team is like a monkey F’en a football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. tmaxcon Says:

    The owners simply could careless about product on the field. Bucs are just a cash cow for their other intersts. There is no other explanation why they would give total control of a roster and staff to such an unqualified incompetent fool like Lovie. Owners just don’t care simple as that.

  96. Sick of Lovie Says:

    I see no on field leadership/ownership on either side of the ball. Winston gets a pass being a rookie, but David/McCoy must be held accountable. They both got PAID, and they are both invisible.

    Lovie is a terrible game planner, game manager, talent evaluator, and cant make adjustments. The simple fact that the team continues to stumble on simple things is all the proof you need, simple as that.

    Winston…. so far, not so good. All we heard about him was his football i.q. was off the charts. But, he seems to keep making the same mistakes, he tries to fit the ball where it shouldnt go, he hasnt made this HIS team yet, and his accuracy is suspect.
    But, we are two players away from a good offensive line and that will make a huge difference for Jameis.
    He will learn to not stare down targets and his accuracy should improve once he truly starts to jell with our WRs.

    Kicker… its hard not to hate this dude right now. An average kicker would have kept us in last weeks game and we could have been 2 – 2 right now.

    All is not lost. I see improvements every week. By the end of the season, we will be on our way. Everyone knew it wouldnt be an overnight success story, but we just didnt know it would be this painful and this ugly.

    Im in it til the end. Go Bucs.

  97. Sick of Lovie Says:

    This team will have to put themselves in check and put a good, productive, and fun team on the field in spite of Lovie. And, of course, when they do, he will take the credit.

  98. Elle Says:

    Goodness no, hiring Marinelli after Lovie would be like changing a flat tire with another flat tire. Let Licht pick the next HC, somebody who has a clue this time. A coaching staff that can actually develop talent would restore a portion of my faith in this franchise.

  99. Connor Says:

    Move the Buccaneers to San Antonio. The Spurs owner could buy the team and turn them into a winning organization!!

  100. RealBucFan Says:


  101. Capt.Tim Says:

    How many years can they be this bad

  102. youngjohn9 Says:

    Can we get Greg Williams for a coach

  103. Marvelous Mayhem Says:

    I already lost interest in the season and even the Bucs. I am fed up. I watch because i can’t seem to look away at the horrors that is happening on the field. Jameis is leaving pocket way to early. All sucks. Need a new coach now.

  104. THETRUTH Says:

    Everyone wAs in love with lovie when hired , I thought schiano should have gotten another yr but he didn’t , so lovie is proving to be worse why isn’t there a movement by radio heads to get home out. Hmmm

    Tired of seeing Jenkins in the game dude SUCKS!!
    The Tampa two has been figures out. Seam passes and corner routes all day long. Play action rollout is open at anytime and since we are 3 and out so much DLINE wears down and can’t stop run in second half.

    That being said McCoy is a beaSt even injured , if anyone says trade him please go read “football for dummies ” or get off the site. You don’t get rid of a young top top player of the game.

  105. destro44 Says:


    The only reason to try to trade GMC is of the team is changing to a 3-4next year. A 3 tech DT is not valuable in that system. So if a new coach wanted to run a 3-4 then I would make Jerry Jones over pay for GMC and use some picks to build a foundation for this team. Couple big IFs in there.

  106. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    It’s okay! It’s okay! It’s just growing pains! LOL….Funny how it wasn’t considered “growing pains” with Schiano…….Those weren’t growing pains were they? Look at the growing pains with the Falcons and their first year coach.

  107. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that I was onboard with Lovie coming in. Thought he was going to be the catalyst for change that we needed. Admittedly, I was wrong on that. We’ve got a bunch of nice guys on defense being led by a nice guy coach. I’m not someone that says that that is automatically a recipe for failure, but this experiment has shown that it just doesn’t work. Every week there’s no passion. We come out of the gate flat and we stay that way until it’s over.

    I’m ready to go against conventional bucs wisdom and say it’s time to bring in an offensive head coach. That’s where our drafts have been geared toward the last two years. Our defensive players have wilted when we put the team on their shoulders. I am all in on getting someone who can turn our offense around and make the game fun to watch. My vote is for Kyle Shanahan. He was responsible for RGIII’s rookie year and would’ve been responsible for more good years there if griffin hadn’t insisted on playing a style of offense that he isn’t capable of playing. His absence is definitely being felt in Cleveland. They might not have lit the world on fire there but they looked much better put together last year than they do this year. I’ll let his work on the Falcons offense this year speak for itself.

  108. Pick6 Says:

    it’s a catch 22. yes, a new coach every couple of years is bad for continuity. BUT, raheem, schiano, and lovie all proved across many sundays that they were the wrong guys. the “compete” level varied, but this team was being outcoached by wide margins under each guy and the team regressed significantly from its peak under the first 2. it has yet to do anything resembling competing or peaking under the current one. sticking with the wrong guy is a worse crime than cycling through coaches to find the right one. if we lose to jacksonville i’m not sure what the next winnable game is. ownership should be evaluating koetter and frazier to decide which makes more sense as an interim HC. My vote is for Koetter other than the fact that it may affect Winston’s development…then again when Bruce Arians had to stand in for Pagano in Luck’s rookie year, the team found a new gear.

  109. Pick6 Says:

    let’s not use lovie’s ongoing failure as vindication for schiano. schiano ran off good players and at the end of every game – win or lose – i had a strong feeling that the coaches on the other sideline were the ones that did a better job. his defensive schemes were often head-scratching and his management of games late was consistently awful. the last 3 guys were all bad choices and i can probably count on 2 hands the coaches hired since we fired gruden who have done a poorer coaching job than the guys we brought here. the vast majority of them have been more successful and more effective than the 3 dumpster fires who have occupied One Buc Place