DIrk Koetter Not A Babysitter

October 22nd, 2015
No time for egos.

No time for egos.

Look, the Bucs have all sorts of weapons. Yes, even weapons that have proven themselves in years past, like Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, Doug Martin and a rookie quarterback chomping at the bit to prove himself in NFL circles.

So it is understandable that Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is pulled every which way with players wanting the rock.

Yesterday, Koetter admitted as much, but also said, in the immortal words of Frank Burns, tough toenails.

“Everybody wants more touches,” Koetter said. “Doug [Martin] wants more touches. Charles wants more touches. Mike [Evans] wants more touches. Vincent [Jackson] wants more touches. Every guy out there wants more touches, so no, that’s the coaches’ job. We get a game plan, we’ve got to stick to our game plan. If we’re smart, we’ll keep trying to work it where we give guys touches in the right situations, but there are 64 plays in the average NFL game, there’s only so many. I tell the coaches all the time, ‘Start dividing them up, okay? How do you want to divide them up.’

“The easiest thing is to turn around and hand it off to a running back. We have plays tagged for Charles every week, we have since Week One. We continue to have plays tagged for him. We have plays tagged for everybody. Just because we have a play tagged for someone still doesn’t mean they’re going to get the ball, because there are checks involved, there’s different coverages involved, different defenses.”

It tells Joe something that Koetter can massage the egos of so many players. Usually when a team is winning, the kvetching is at a minimum. But when a team is losing like the Bucs, the griping simmers and sometimes bubbles over.

To the best of Joe’s knowledge, there has been none of that.

8 Responses to “DIrk Koetter Not A Babysitter”

  1. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    there is no reason to have ego issues at the moement :

    Doug Martin is producing more than Charles Sims, Vincent Jackson is producing MUCH more than Mike Evans or any other receiver, so the situation is clear !

    And as I learn in the excellent documentary about the Patriots “DO YOUR JOB!”

    I perfectly understand how frustating it is to know you can do more !

    But if this team wants to be successfull this year and in the futur everybody has to do his job even if it means to have three play during a game.

  2. DefenseRules Says:

    No question that the Bucs have some outstanding weapons (RBs, WRs & TEs) to do some real damage on the offensive side of the ball. It’s quite obvious that our limitations in recent years though have been our QBs, OLine & OCs.

    To me, Dirk Koetter is the real key to the puzzle that is the Bucs. He’s doing a great job of bringing out the best in our players, and keeping them all involved by giving “guys touches in the right situations” as he says in this article. He’s also doing a great job of putting Jameis in situations that play up to his strengths at this particular point in his career. Things are looking up in Bucsville.

  3. DallasBuc Says:

    Does it still count as “touches” for Mike Clayton Evans when he is swatting footballs down?

  4. Waterboy Says:

    I’d like to see what Sims can do with more touches that guy looks pretty explosive when he gets his hands on the ball. I like what I’m seeing from Doug too but Sims looks like he has that extra gear to take it to the house from anywhere on the field.

  5. pete Says:

    Martin – 24
    Sims – 16
    Jackson- 12
    Evans – 6
    TEs – 6

  6. McBuc Says:

    Pete, I’m good with that.

  7. sick of losing Says:


    SIms had nothing between him and the endzone but green grass against Jville but got run down by a linebacker.

    I would agree that he is explosive and quick with the moves, but Im not sure hes that fast. Plus, you dont see him breaking a lot of tackles like Martin does. The combination of the two is working well, no need to change it.

  8. kraymuthaphukinglocz Says:

    just win