Creator Of “Muscle Hamster” Unearthed

October 29th, 2015
The man who gave Doug Martin his famous handle speaks out.

The man who gave Doug Martin his famous handle speaks out.

The man who coined perhaps the greatest sports nickname of the 21st Century has been found.

And the man who has that nickname, “Muscle Hamster,” Bucs running back Doug Martin, probably won’t like what the gentleman had to say.

Intrepid reporter Andrew Astleford of tracked down Martin’s former teammate who tagged Martin with “Muscle Hamster,” a nickname that for some reason irks Martin.

But the former Boise State defensive end, Jarrett Root, noted that love it or hate it, Martin will forever be known as “Muscle Hamster.”

The funny part of this whole thing is, the moniker was originally meant for Martin’s girlfriend.

“He hated it. He was like, ‘OK, man, why can’t I be like a pit bull or anything cool like that?’ And I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re short. Hamsters are cool. There’s nothing wrong with hamsters. Why do you hate hamsters?’ You don’t choose a nickname. If your buddies give you a nickname and it sucks and you don’t like it, it just sticks with you. He really disliked it. But we just kept it rolling. We didn’t understand how big it was until there was a giant hamster wearing a [No.] 22 [jersey] at our games. No joke.

“I don’t think you can ever take back something like that,” Root said. “Imagine if ‘The Fridge’ didn’t like being called ‘The Fridge.’ It doesn’t matter. He’s still going to be called ‘The Fridge,’ because no matter how you try to do it, if you have an interesting, interesting name, it’s too rare. The damage is already done.”

And that is exactly why Joe thinks Martin is missing the boat. Dude could cash in big time with that nickname. It’s not going away, and if he hates it so much, then make it less painful by making money from it.

Who doesn’t like Martin? He’s a great guy. Imagine the dough he could pull in doing spots for, say, Petco, on the joys of owning a pet?

19 Responses to “Creator Of “Muscle Hamster” Unearthed”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    The man doesn’t want the nickname. Besides I’ve always preferred Dougernaut myself.

  2. University of Seffner Says:

    Doug Martin’s nickname should’ve been Cannonball.

  3. Dave Says:


    You are definitely missing the boat. It is a GREAT nickname!

    Embrace it !!!

  4. Couch Fan Says:

    I like Dougernaut to but you dont get to choose your own nickname. I hate my nickname but its stuck with me my whole life. Get use to it Dougie.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I saw a nature show on PBS about just how smart hamster’s really are. They are totally cool although I’m not fond of big furry rats. The amout of food or bedding material they can pack into their cheeks is substantial, all the while keeping it completely dry. That nickname is stuck to Martin with never coming off glue.

  6. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    It is an awesome nickname. His agent should have a talk with him. Can you imagine the t-shirts and kids toys? Good grief.

  7. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I always felt a little shortchanged by my nickname (12 Inches) but I just live with it and move on

  8. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Dougie is what I call him. One of the only good players on this sh!t team.

  9. Joe Says:

    Can you imagine the t-shirts and kids toys? Good grief.


  10. OAR Says:

    Cream (12 inches)
    Are you a DJ or you do just love LP vinyl records?

  11. OAR Says:

    “….but you dont get to choose your own nickname.”
    Try telling that to rappers!

  12. DallasBuc Says:

    He should be more worried about being called pro bowler and world champion. I dig the muscle hamster.

  13. Bucs_fan13 Says:

    I call him Dougie Fresh

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    Martin has been quite vocal about his dislike of the muscle hamster handle.
    He’s one of the few Buc acheivers who should be given the opportunity to name his nickname. he”s earned that right thus far this season fd’ up if he continue’s to play well and opts out after his contract is done. Don’t laugh stranger stuff has happenned.

  15. BucTrooper Says:

    I say call him Muscle Gerbil because when his O Line isn’t blocking he ends up running up their………

  16. BucTrooper Says:

    Muscle Hamster the Board Game!
    Muscle Hamster the breakfast cereal!
    Muscle Hamster the flame thrower!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    … The kids love this one.

  17. JAB83 Says:

    Hey Joe, what you doing with that Musel Hamster in your hand!!! Its so cool my smart phone types it for me!!!

    Seriously though Joe… A little credit for championing this would be nice… Do you want me to mail you the pick of me whereing my “Flag” get up back when we first adopted the new digs… I was the original “raise the flags” when we made it to the red zone and I most certainly was the first to siege the day by getting all painted up during our last playoff run with the saying “The Red Siege” cut and painted into my hairy chest… I can send you those pics too… I know money when I create it or see it….

    I am a champion for The Musel Hamster… He will embrace it sooner or later FACT… If he keeps trying to kill it he will end up in the could a would a should paradox… Doug is to smart for that… He can even play on the fact that. At first he hated or freaked out over super hero alter ego but eventualy CE to embrace it to do go and destroy the vilians!!! This name has the staying power of any of the greats and honestly is as fitting as the fridge… Its not a knock on being short… Its a fact of being short and a bad as s that kids love and embrace… He could become Prime Time 2.0… Although Prime Time is super strong for obvious reasons…

  18. idiaznet Says:

    He would be perfect for the KIA Soul Commercials with the Hamsters. There is your national cash cow right there.

  19. LargoBuc Says:

    To call a grown man a hamster is really insulting. There are plenty of other animal names he could have been given that he could have just as easily made money off of. Come on. Muscle hamster? Thats just stupid. And insulting. His team mate must have some sort of inferiority complex or jealousy issue to coin up such a condescending nick name. Maybe he should just go with it. Then it would loose its luster and no one would want to call him that anymore.