Titans Shamefully Hiding Marcus Mariota

September 7th, 2015


Updated 3:29 p.m. Titans pull an abrupt about face and will now make Mariota available.

There’s an unwritten rule in NFL circles. Every Wednesday before a Sunday game, teams make their starting quarterbacks available for a conference call with media from their opponent’s city.

Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, will chat with Tennessee media on Wednesday. It was announced today that the Titans will hide Mariota. The rookie QB and No. 2 overall pick is not talking to anyone in Tampa. Media here was alerted this afternoon.

Sure, sometimes the opposing QB doesn’t talk. Sometimes a different player is requested, such as Tampa media might ask for a conference call with J.J. Watt before the Week 3 clash against the Texans.

But opening day, especially this year’s opening day, is quite different. The matchup is very much Mariota and Jameis. The Titan of interest is Mariota, and Tennessee management is breaking a code, clearly fearful either their new QB will say something stupid, reveal key strategy, or further showcase how painfully boring he is.

The Titans aren’t breaking any sort of NFL rule. Joe has learned Mariota only is required to have a conference-call, pre-game chat five times a season. Regardless, it stinks. And Mariota should be embarrassed that his organization made him look bad.

27 Responses to “Titans Shamefully Hiding Marcus Mariota”

  1. Warren Says:

    No idea if he’ll be a good or great quarterback (signs point to yes)…but the dude is as boring as a front-runner politician trying not to make a mistake.

  2. Pawel Says:

    Maybe the tampa media should lineup vs the titans in week 1? Kidding, but the Titans now look unprofessional, I mean it’s week 1 big matchup, that us where media, newspaper makes their money.

  3. Pete422 Says:

    Yeah Marcus doesn’t show much personality

  4. Newbucsfan Says:

    The Titans are are are gonna come out playing balls to the wall hard and might be the only game they play like that this season. The Bucs will have to score on their 1st drive and the defense get a 3 & out on their 1st drive. Plus the crowd will have to be loud as !@#$ to make it hard on Mariota #12thman

  5. Newbucsfan Says:

    Bucs fans must pack the house and keep it loud and rock’in all game#showemwatsup

  6. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    It would be great if the fans were loud for all three downs, rat than waiting for third down. We want communication for the Titans offense to be disprupted all game!

  7. JAB83 Says:

    Hmmmm, we don’t need no stinking interviews, we need a game!!! Besides the media ratings would drop listening to said player who prolly went to the coaches and said please no I can’t do it yet!!!


    So glad we got this guy who is like. Give me the mic, day or night, I will lift my whole team up and teach them to fight. Enough of MM he’s next worste thing since vinella ice cause his game is vinella compared to mine… Back away from the light son, its JW’s time to shine and forget about the comparison he’s gonna ball while you will fizzel out. This will be the story for all time.


  8. JAB83 Says:

    OK if I have to eat my words someday so be it… But I doubt it 🙂

  9. Carl's Toe Says:

    Can’t picture someone walking around Stanford who thinks “Everyone gets an MRI”. Dummy is on the right!

  10. Fire Goodell Says:

    Will Tom Brady be talking to the Pittsburgh media this week?

  11. Uranus Jonnson Says:

    The Titans game is Lovie Smith’s Super Bowl, it’s the only game that truly matters because of the Marcus vs Jamarcus matchup. They can go 3-12 the rest of the way and still feel good about themselves as long as Mariotta doesn’t show up the Tallahassee turnover machine.

  12. ATrain Says:

    Mariota painfully boring..

    Winston painfully excitingly throwing INT’s

  13. Tyler Says:

    Nice attempt to stir the pot. I’ve never visited your site before but with just one post, it is possible to see what type of reporter you are. This is a non-story and a pathetic attempt to shine negative light on Mariotta and the Titans. May I posit a theory: you’re upset that to this point Mariotta has shown way more promise than Winston.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Mariota needs to be planted into the turf by LVD this Sunday…that’s what he needs to do.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe are you upset like Tyler says?

  16. Warren Says:

    Tyler…not a non story. Tampa media is upset about this slight. Cummings is going off about it on Twitter.

  17. iamabuc Says:

    ………and here we go….like there wasn’t many debbie-downers on this here site, they just keep on coming…..(hi Tyler!)….again this site is for positive fans who understand that we have what we have, the season is here already and is too late for crying and moaning, time to get behind your team, and let God sort every bodies faith! Joe has a point, what’s wrong with that?

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    you’re upset that to this point Mariotta has shown way more promise than Winston.

    Really? Geez when I go to the record book I still see 0-0!

    You guys are freaking amazing. Listen I’m a Bucs fan and I confess I hope JW kicks butt. I could care less about Mariota. He’s NOT OUR QB. No matter what he does with the exception of this Sunday and any potential playoff games his play is irrelevant.

    As much as I like what JW has done so far…again I have never seen ANY Buc QB who could have threaded that needle to Tim Wright on 3rd and long…

    PS Tyler…they brought your guy along very slowly and carefully we threw it all at JW right away. Get back to us after the season before you start spouting this nonsense. Same for us guys. I’m thrilled with JW so far but he’s still 0-0.
    Nobody has done anything. We should give a rest for at least a season dontcha think?

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW I agree with Joe! Anybody with a functioning brain realizes the ENTIRE storyline of this game will be JW versus MM. It SHOULDN’T be but it is what it is.

    Tennessee PR director is probably humiiated right now.

  20. Buc1987 Says:

    Adding Tyler to the Clingers Club…

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    You know what they say about those quiet silent types. They have nothing to say that anyone is interested in hearing.

  22. LargoBuc Says:

    Mariota is very efficent when thing are going his way. Hiwever, we can win this gamame if we force Mariota to put the team on his shoulders and carry them. Lead them to victory. Thats where he struggles. He never really had to play the hero in college, but vs Ohio state, when things broke down so did Mariota. And that leadership intangible is why we went with Jameis and not mariota, despite Jameis’ interceptions.

  23. J Says:

    Lol attacking Tyler needlessly. Brilliant!

  24. Delson Says:

    Because tampa bay has a real good record against teams with scrambling qbs.. Especially on gamewinning drives

  25. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Lol attacking Tyler needlessly. Brilliant!

    Nobody “attacked” Tyler. We simply question his logic for observaing that MM is way ahead after 3 PS games.

    I was called “delusional” on another thread. LMAO I do not feel attacked.

  26. jimmy53 Says:


    Guess who the Tennessee media requested to speak to? Winston.

    Imagine if the Bucs had said no—it’d be a national frenzy. It was just unprofessional, and they obviously realized it because they flip-flopped pretty quickly.

  27. Horice Says:

    Why are the Bucs so NICE? As soon as I would’ve found out Marcus won’t be available, I would’ve sent their media an email saying Winston just became unavailable!