“He Can’t Really Read The Defense”

September 25th, 2015
Houston DR Jadeveon Clowney is coming after America's Quarterback.

Houston DE Jadeveon Clowney is coming after America’s Quarterback.

If folks thought otherwise, let there be no mistake now what Houston plans to do Sunday when they host the Bucs at high noon in the heart of Texas (1 p.m. Tampa time):

The Texans are gunning for America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston.

That is from the mouth of Jadeveon Clowney himself, via the fingers of John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. The No. 1 goal of Houston is to put Jameis on his back early and often. Given they have guys up front like J.J. Watt, Vince Wilfork, Brian Cushing and, oh, yeah, Clowney, the Texans have the firepower to pull that off.

Nevermind the Bucs have two rookies starting on the offensive line.

Clowney isn’t impressed with Jameis. Yet. He told McClain, in so many words, he believes Jameis to be extremely talented but still raw, and Clowney and his teammates feed on raw rookie quarterbacks.

“First year, you can tell he can’t really read the defense that good, but you know he’s still a good player,” Clowney said after practice Thursday. “He got picked first for a reason. They see something in him that’s pretty good. We just have to get after him.

“I think we have to disguise [the rush] and try to mix him up. Get him mixed up, and, hopefully, he holds the ball longer so the rush can get there, and we’ll be able to make plays.”

This is going to be a helluva test for young Jameis and maybe more so for a shaky offensive line. If this turns into a jailbreak like the Tennessee game — and Houston has more firepower on the defensive front than Tennessee — it’s going to be a long Lone Star afternoon.

53 Responses to ““He Can’t Really Read The Defense””

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    What is GMC status?? How confident will Jameis be in his backup TE’s???
    The Bucs O-line will be under “siege” all game!!!

    Houston 24 Bucs 16

    But the sheep will be able to say that lovie only lost by 1 score at the end of the year!!!!

    Hoping for a different outcome, Go Bucs!!!

  2. 911bucs Says:

    The Texans have an impressive complement of defensive linemen, hopefully our o-line can find a way.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Houston is favored for a reason. They almost beat Carolina who is a much better team than the Bucs. I don’t think the Bucs will score a single TD. Houston 24 Bucs 9. Easy win for Houston and their man beast JJ Wattt.

  4. Espo Says:

    I like how Clowney speaks of rookies like he’s so established.

  5. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Last week was a nice win…albeit against a team in quite a bit of disarray at the moment….but this week is a tall order. Stoping JJ Watt and co. is no small task. I’d love to see some consistency from the Bucs to give me hope that the dark days are ending, but I don’t really know what to expect on Sunday. Lovie is still on the hottest of “hot seats”, our offensive line is still mediocre to average at best, and Jameis is still a rookie who will struggle at times. My guess is….expect a lot of Doug Martin and hope the Bucs D can capitalize on a turnover or two against Ryan Mallett. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say…20-13 Texans in a tight defensive battle.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    Contrary to what Joe has been trying to tell us of what to think. The stench of the first game still lingers!!! If the Texans go up 7-10 points early, we will see it in the air deflate in the Bucs!!!

    That first Sunday Debacle will have lasting Ramifications!!!!

  7. #4 Says:

    The Texans only have four sacks in two games. Three of them by Watt. Have more confident in our team. Bucs win 24-10. If NO would have won, you all would be talking about how great Brees is, but when they lost its because they are in disarray. Come on man. Y’all are complainers not fan. Go complain about another team. You guys are the worst Bucs fans ever.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Agree Houston will win and the Bucs will not score many points. Maybe not even a single offensive TD until maybe late in the game during garbage time. Why so many Bucs fans got so excited about beating a horrible Saints team by a single score is beyond me…I guess it points to the hopeless situation Bucs fans have found themselves in for quite a few years now. But this Sunday will likely bring everyone back down to earth.

  9. Espo Says:

    I’m not going to pretend.. ok I’m pretending I know how to call an NFL game. I’d run the ball early and often right at Watt. It might sound conservative but to our lineman it’s a chance to engage instead of react to that howitzer coming at them. No misdirection or cut backs. Not by design anyways. Negate their speed by going straight at them.

  10. StopyankingWattsnuts Says:

    All these Bucs hater on a Bucs blog. You guys act like Houston is a unstoppable force what have they won and why are they not undefeated. Another overrated team just ask the Colts.

  11. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    It’s not difficult to read NFL defenses. There’s nothing new under the sun. As long as our offensive line blocks well, Jameis will read the defense, and make the best decision.

  12. Jerry_G Says:

    Okay Mr Clowney, keep thinking that “Famous” doesn’t know how read defense’s. Apparently you didn’t hear about his early success in the preseason training camp where “Famous” was making adjustments under center after reading what the defense was trying to bring. You keep thinking that and we’ll see how Mr Mike Evan’s and Mr Vincent Jackson tear up your secondary. And if you need more the Muscle Hamster will “teach you how too douggie!”

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  14. DefenseRules Says:

    There are so many intangibles when it comes to winning and losing at the NFL level it’s ridiculous. A turnover here or there, a couple of drive-ending sacks, a bad call by the refs … the list goes on and on.

    Despite all of them, if the Bucs ‘show up’ like they did against the Saints (but didn’t do against the Titans), they’ll be in the game and have a decent chance to win. Over many years of rooting for the Bucs I’ve learned one thing: they’re the ultimate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

    If the ‘good Bucs’ show up, they’ll win, but it’ll be a defensive struggle. Especially important (as Espo says) that we successfully ‘run the ball early and often’ like we did in the first half of the Saints game.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    I don’t think anyone who thinks the Bucs winning is a tall order are Buc haters, more likely concerned realists. The doubters will be just as happy if not happier than any Bucs fan if the Bucs win.

  16. JAB83 Says:

    Bottom line….. If the preseason team that played Cincy shows up…. 31-7 Bucs ALL FREAKING DAY…. Game one Bucs show up… Flip the score…

  17. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Lololololololol clowney is trying to talk football? Dude is the biggest bust in the NFL today. Cant wait for smith to pancake his ash.

  18. Dave Says:

    What exactly has Clowney done so far in the league?
    Seriously, idk. From what I have seen he has 13 career tackles in about 5 games. No sacks. He was hurt and will probably be damn good when healthy and playing along JJ but we are giving that DLine too much credit.
    JJ is awesome. Woolfork is old and just a run stuffer.
    Don’t get me wrong, they are a good unit, I just think they aren’t quite as good as what has been said on this site.

  19. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Not sure why people are saying texans will score 20-30 points on us….. Who is going to score those points? Their best wr and best rb are hurt. They have no depth at either position. And their qb is below average at best. Is jj watt going to get 3 defensive TDs? That’s really their only threat of scoring.

  20. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    realist!!! we’ll win Sunday and you’ll swallow that vomit in back of your throat as result of it. How some of you confuse this dude for a Buccs fan is beyond me. But haters like him and his sheep that look up to him and follow his lead will soon be silenced. Can’t hate wins dude.

  21. celly Says:

    So, based on everyone’s (at least on this particular thread), if the Bucs lose, its because we expect them to…

    …but if we win, it’s because Houston is a bad team.

    got it.

  22. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    It’s “N” words like this that really irk my nerves. They see another black man in the spotlight and they’re first response is to throw shade because the light is no longer on them. And this coming from a black man.

  23. The Buc Realist Says:


    Omg, you are black????? I thought you were Jamacian!!!!

    And who is “throwing shade”????

  24. Tampa Tony Says:

    O’Brien and Crennel are superior coaches to Loser Lovie so my money is on the Texans over coming the injuries and winning a close one. This will be one of those games where coaching conservative will lose it for Lovie

  25. Fsuking Says:

    We will dominate Houston 27-10. It’s teams that are actually good that I’m worried about

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “What is GMC status?”

    What’s it matter? According to you he is useless.

  27. Another J Says:

    What has Clowney done in this league?!
    He’s got no room to talk…

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The Buc Racist Says
    Omg, you are black????? I thought you were Jamacian!!!!”

    Wow…you really ARE stupid.

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On topic, I think the biggest question isn’t Winston, but the offensive line. Normally with a rookie QB you would want a line to buy him a little time. Our oline is in the early stages of development, and it may well be too soon to expect much success.

    I think we have to run the ball. A lot.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    This is the kind of game we’ve normally lose. Anytime we feel like maybe we have turned the corner, we lay an egg. It’s been going on for years now. I really hope Sunday is the day we buck that trend. To be 2-1 after 3 games is equal to or better than 99% of people would have expected, and it shows that maybe we are on the right path. Houston is no gimme, but they also aren’t world beaters. It’s going to take a great game plan and great execution. They won’t give us the game. Here’s to hoping we show up!

  31. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    😄What Bonzai just said,

  32. Wes Says:

    This seems a little ignorant of Clowney seeing as he has just about the same amount of NFL experience as Winston. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed it’s that Winston has done a good job reading defenses so far. I just hope they have a quick game plan because I’m afraid of what that line can do

  33. 813bucboi Says:

    wow so called bucs fans have zero faith in our team…most people on here said they wanted to see improvement and progress from week to week…the bucs did that last week showing that they are capable of executing a game plan and winning on the road…it was clear to see that win gave the team and myself much needed confidence for the season…less than 2hours after the game many so called bucs fans were saying,” oh, well n.o. is a bad team”…jus give the bucs credit when credit is due..lots of people had us losing that game…I predict a 13-10 or 17-10 win for the bucs but its seems like the bucs cant win for losing…not only do they have to battle a nfl team and nfl refs but they also have to put up with these bs fans…a winning team isn’t built over night…if the bucs win people will say the Texans had no offense, star players missing, blah blah blah..if they lose people will say see told you so..lovie cant coach, oline cant block,defence sucks…people just need to support the team win lose or draw..thats what real fans do…I predict and except nothing less than a win sunday…theres more people who doubt the bucs than support them…then some of you have the nerve to say i’ll support them once they start winning…that by definition is called a bandwagoner…get off the ship if you aint 100% behind the bucs….GO BUCS!!!

  34. JMN Says:

    Is this not the game plan for every NFL defense? I mean this should be expected, especially with a rookie QB. There are only a few QBs in the league that get/earn the respect to avoid the all outs at them. Nothing shocking here.

  35. JAB83 Says:

    if we get the game two Bucs, 24-17 good guys 🙂

  36. JAB83 Says:

    REAL PEOPLE…. for the love of yourself and others…. STOP RESPONDING TO really fake people….

    Signed Jesus

  37. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    hopefully, he holds the ball longer

    This is the final area of improvement I want to see from Fameis. At N.O. his footwork looked so much better, he did not force the game and let it come to him, he made excellent decisions. He does at times still hang on to the ball.

    I want to see #3 toss a couple into the cheap seats when there is no play. If we can run the ball, defense plays solid, and #3 manages the game well, we can win this one.

    I love this absurd comparitive analysis. When Houston plays Carolina they face a good team, but we faced crap in N.O.

    It’s the freaking NFL..on any given Sunday…The Saints were not crappy until we beat them. When they played a Super Bowl contender on the road at AZ and played them tough nobody talked about how crappy the Saints were!!!

    Does anybody here think Carolina is better than AZ. Like most games I think that would be an even match.

    I think Sunday’s game will also be an even match turning on a couple of plays and bounces and sadly yellow flags. Let’s hope fortune is on our side.

  38. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Get ready for a lot of offensive holding penalties!!!

  39. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    seanymac I agree,that Texan O line got its hands full. Have you not seen the work Jac been putting in? DVR homie.

  40. Clowneys stat geek Says:

    Clowney has 13 career tackles and zero career sacks. Looks like he’s having trouble reading offenses. He should probably hold back his words. He should be working on getting his 1st sack. At least Jameis has a win and 4 touchdowns.

  41. BangkokBuc Says:

    Everyone is so worried about how our offence will handle the Texans D. Well the same goes for their offence. Mallet is hot garbage and his only quality receiver, Hopkins, hasn’t passed concussion protocols as of yet. Hopefully he’s ruled out for Sunday.
    Hopefully we can keep the game close and sneak another wine out on the road.
    Have faith Bucs fans – it’s more fun than just bitching and moaning every week.

  42. Cat Says:

    Clowney is basically a rookie himself. What’s he done in the league?

  43. CocoaBchBuc Says:

    We have to cut way back on penalties. Hard to win consistently in the NFL taking as many yellow hankies as we have.

  44. Espo Says:

    I think we should sign Trueblood for one game to punch Clowney in the mouth.

  45. bucsbedabest Says:

    “The Bucs O-line will be under “siege” all game!!!” The vaunted (boast about or praise (something), especially excessively) Texan DL will have just 2.53 seconds to get to Jameis before he throws. Against the Saints I saw one of our OL whiff on a DE and Winston still got the ball out to complete the pass. That is the difference between this year and last year. The Bucs are going to win because there coach’s can coach and their players have talent.

  46. Paul Garcia Says:


  47. Paul Garcia Says:

    Go Bucs!!

    Bucs 17
    Texans 14

  48. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    The Bucs D will scores few TD’s. Tampa 14 Houston 6

  49. White Tiger Says:

    Clowney’s right, as talented as kid fameis is, he isn’t really reading defenses right now, especially 3-4 defenses – because he’s seen so few of them.

    You can coach him to attack – and he did against NOLA – but that’s a lot different from reading and understanding the defense, and knowing what to do to defeat it.

    Additionally, each of the 3-4 defenses kid fameis has seen – all play different styles of the 3-4…so, I’m expecting another ugly game. The game will turn on whether the Texan’s offense is able to score points…our offense is only going to be as effective as kid fameis is able to quickly deliver – or get rid of – the ball.

  50. Aaron Says:

    I think the bucs completly dominant the Texans, but give the game away

  51. BuccsFanatical Says:

    God I Hate Our So Called Fans, I Mean Are u Flipping Kidding me, Most of u are just Haters who probably Ain’t even from Here. Anyone Can see we have a Very Talented Ball Club this year, yes we Had a Rough Game in week 1 We were Not Near as Ready as We thought we were and Got Punched in the Mouth for it, but We Were Ready for it against N.O. yes they are Hampered with injuries but u guys should know that crap Never Matters in that Game cause they always play us tough and we play them tough, (that’s called a Rivalry).
    And all u guys want to talk about is How bad it is gonna be Facing that D but what about them Facing Our D. that Offence is Pathetic with 0 playmakers, we have a ton of play Makers at every position, and Last but Most important I am Glad That Clown is Talking this Smack cause u guys are Forgetting the most important aspect of His Trash Talk… All He is Doing is throwing Fuel on a Raging Fire Giving Jameis even More of a Reason to come out and show em all up, but with Fan like we have, we don’t Deserve to Win to Be Honest cause it all starts with the Fans, they call Fans the 12th man for a Reason cause they can have a Huge impact on a Game. Now don’t get it Twisted we have some Very Loyal Fans but Most of you Are Bogus…..
    We Who Are Loyal Bleed Pewter…it’s a Bucs Life…

  52. bucsbedabest Says:

    Negative Ned would like to say –

    1) The reason we won the Saints game was because of familiarity.
    2) TE ASJ was a huge part of this offense. Every time Stocker comes in the Texans will know we will run, every time Myers comes in we pass. Every time Brate comes in Winston gets sacked.
    3) C Evan Smith is better than people think. Did anyone seen Joe Hawley get manhandled last week? I like his hustle but against Wilfork? Are you kidding me?
    4) LT Donovan Smith Saints game stats – 38 quality blocks, 4 pancakes, 8 got beat, 4 bump and release, 4 falls down, 2 trips, 1 sack, 2 hurries and 1 got beat, stood around, Saints player shoved him to the ground, Winston sacked.

  53. Alphonso Says:

    I can’t believe I just read Evan smith is better than what people thinks he. He didn’t get the name Evan “ass” Smith for a reason