Alfred Blue, Really?

September 27th, 2015
Immortal Houston running back Alfred Blue scores his second career NFL touchdown against the Bucs this afternoon.

Immortal Houston running back Alfred Blue scores his third career NFL touchdown against the Bucs this afternoon.

You want to know how badly the Bucs puked on themselves today? Two words: Alfred Blue.

Outside of his immediate family, ex-girlfriends and his high school coach, who the hell ever heard of this guy?

(No, Joe chooses not to be gouged for HBO; therefore, Joe did not watch “Hard Knocks” this summer.)

Today, the Bucs decided to make a backup nobody look like Eric Dickerson. Blue ran for 139 yards on 31 rushes for an average of 4.5 yards a carry.

Folks, if you are ripping off nearly five yards a carry, you usually lead your team to a win. The NFL sophomore from LSU had only one other 100-yard game since being drafted in the sixth round last year, and that was against the bungling Browns in 2014.

Nice company there, huh Bucs?

This goes to show you how far the Bucs have to go to be just a .500 team. This also goes to show you that any running back off the street can run, if you can block for him.

29 Responses to “Alfred Blue, Really?”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Very poor tackling….no pressure….

  2. Getaclue Says:

    He’s not that bad I picked him up on draft kings last year when fosters was hurt he had some good games last year

  3. Danr Says:

    joe just because you dont know of him doesnt mean hes not good. hes a pretty capable back.

  4. Simeon Says:

    Everyone who plays fantasy knows who he is

  5. 911bucs Says:

    Arian Foster would have most likely made it look even more lopsided

  6. MikeFromLA Says:

    At least I had Blue starting on my fantasy team this week. 19 pts. But I’d rather a Bucs win and -19 fantasy pts. for Blue. Team is the same year after year, regardless of coaching staff, can’t run to save our lives, and can never..everrrrr..everrrrrrrr get after the quarter back. Recipe for disataster. Hashtag bucslife

  7. T in Orlando Says:


    I took last week off, due to the win, i let him have his moment. But this week’s loss is mostly on him and HIS defense (and HIS kicker).

    First of all, the offense didn’t look good, couldn’t get the run game going (albeit against a good front 7), several dropped passes, and a handful of errant throws by a rookie qb. Most of this is not coaching, rather players not making plays when they are there to be made.

    The defense, while playing ok most of the game, let’s not forget this was against a 2nd string rb, a 2nd string qb (Mallet did not win the job, Hoyer played his way out) and an oline that had a handful of injuries so far this year, and was starting it’s 3rd different lineup in 3 games. The multiple penalties in 3rd downs to keep drives alive and 3 clearly obvious situations with 12 men on the field that resulted in using 2 time outs and a penalty, this is all a reflection of coaching, and since Frazier has essentially been neutered, that coaching blame falls squarely on Lovie’s shoulders.

    We can’t really change players at this point (although I’m sure there a kickers out there in the street that wouldn’t have left the 7 points on the field that Brindza did), we can change coaching.

    Promote Koetter and make Frazier DC (he did ok when that’s all he was doing in Minnesota and he was the last word on the defense (the HC at the time was an offensive guy)), kick Lovie to the curb, and give Licht a chance to run the personnel show (looks like we’ll need some cb depth and a kicker in the coming weeks).

    Lovie’s time as a head coach in this league has come and gone.

  8. Destinjohnny Says:

    How did lsu ever loose?

  9. Tampa Tony Says:

    It’s Lovie his d made Derek Anderson look amazing. If u thought he was gonna confuse and defeat Mallett you aren’t paying attention

  10. Joe Says:

    joe just because you dont know of him doesnt mean hes not good. hes a pretty capable back.

    Never saw one comment this week on this site where anyone wrote, “You know, this Alfred Blue is the next Thurman Thomas. He is going to kill the Bucs if Lovie isn’t careful.”

    All Joe read was that folks hoped Arian Foster wouldn’t play. So please spare Joe the dime store Bill Walsh schtick that this guy is such a good running back.

    Hell, Doug Martin ran the ball better than Blue the past two years.

  11. CC Says:

    PROFESSIONAL football in the state of FL is atrocious.

  12. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Shameful defense

  13. Ray Rice Says:


    IT WAS ALFRED MUTHAFUKIN BLUE!!!!!!…… He was only capable because he played against the YUCS today….. Good thing Foster didn’t play today. Imagine.

  14. iamabuc Says:

    I say let’s start this right now, Joe. #firelovie. And I am dead serious. After all, do we really need to see more of this, not to come to that conclusion? Helloo Tampa…..anybody there?

  15. BrianBucs Says:

    Hey Lovie, even though the NFL is now a QB driven passing league, if you can’t stop the run you will get beat

  16. LargoBuc Says:

    Well we held Texans to 19 points. Our offense, more specificly our Quarterback and skill pos. players cost us this game. And oh yeah, so did the kicker. But I cant fault tbe defense. I dont care how many yards this guy gained. 19 points. Same amount we gave up last week but the Texans have a far superior defense that the Saints. 19 points.

  17. iamabuc Says:

    Btw, just like i said about Marriota, another player (Blue) that’s not going to look that good, when playing another team. So stop with the praise for him, he just played Lovie’s Bucs, for Christ sake! I said the same thing about Marriota; and how is your wonder boy doing? (Couldn’t resist to rub that in the face of all of his “jock-strap” sniffers on this here site.) Marriota…..hahahahahahahJahahahahahahahahHahahaha. (in case you guys thought we forgot about you and all your ass-kissing to him) Again……..Hahahahahahahahahahahhah

  18. BrianBucs Says:


    Just in case you missed it, Mariota had a very good day today, much better than Winston did

  19. Delson Says:

    If only our offense could stay on the field Alfred Blue wouldnt have had 31 touches. Winston was locked on evans all game. Lets talk about that. His passes werent all in catchable distance to his wrs either. Its frustrating to see these easy catch and go passes dropped or thrown off target. Martin couldnt do anything against this front 7 but its hard to expect him to when that front 7 is so star studded. 3 and outs were too common. How many carries did doug martin and charles sims have? Surely wasnt 31. 19 points is an amount that can be overcame with 2 4th quarter drives from the 9 that we had.

  20. iamabuc Says:

    Did you mean …he’s team played fairly good today, Marriota ….had an average qb day. Ok. My friennd, all I’m saying he is not the “perfect” qb that we missed to take in draft, like some people say. Jameis wiil be fine, it was the right choise. Now if only we can get a real HC in here, he’ll be a lot better.

  21. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Alfred Blue. He needed the money.

  22. Espo Says:

    This is why running backs are devalued now. Wasn’t Foster undtafted? Once at the NFL level, most running backs can perform if the line blocks. Foster, Blue, Red, Purple, it doesn’t matter as long as everyone executes.

  23. bucsbedabest Says:

    Alfred Blue – When the check gets thin you learn how to win. The run defense sucks because both Jacquis Smith and George Johnson SUCK against the run. GMC was hurt as well. CB and Safeties are all average at best. Is Lansanah hurt? He has all but disappeared this season. When LVD can’t tackle it is like a bad dream. Wake me up, wake me up. Surrender Dorathy?

  24. Joe Says:

    Alfred Blue. He needed the money.

    Well played! 🙂

  25. Anthony Says:

    Joe said the same thing about nick foles years ago when he lit up the bucs… Now he’s a well paid starting quarterback.

  26. adam from ny Says:

    truth be told, lovie isn’t really a good coach…he was hired by the glazers to be a dungy like figure…i love dungy, but he as well is an overhyped coach…he was a good defensive coach…lovie is much worse…when tony speaks on sunday night football, rodney harrison literally has no respect for his opinion…as if rodney knows any better…haha…but you would think he would respect some of his so called coaching expertise during their game discussions…if he isn’t getting respect, lovie is a joke…lovie just ain’t much of a coach – he just has a cool first name and came up under dungy so the glazers brought him in to sort of fool the fans or something…the quicker he goes the better…nothing better is going on here than schiano could have done…oh well…adam from ny

  27. adam from ny Says:

    haha – kirk doetter for head coach – how’s that…adam from ny

  28. FortMyersDave Says:

    So Joe I guess anyone can make a good case for starting Jonathon Stewart next week right along with Cam and Greg Olsen… Mike Tolbert might even be worth a start as he might vulture a TD as well…. Tough being a Bucs fans with Lovie at the controls. 419 yards and over 35 minutes of clock ran by the Houston offense. It don’t take Scotland Yard to tell us that the D is very much below average.

  29. Johnny Dejay Says:

    The Bucs as a .500 team? I sincerely hope you’re kidding. This is a bad football team with poor coaching, questionable management, and clueless ownership.