Watch Jameis Fire Up Bucs

August 25th, 2015
Jameis caught by cameras off the field pumping up his fellow Bucs.

Jameis caught by cameras off the field pumping up his fellow Bucs.

Last night, as with all home games, Joe was in the press box. There, Joe has to get out of his seat and crane his neck to see a TV replay of the Bucs play during a telecast, and there is no audio (for obvious reasons as folks are working). So often, fans will see (and hear) more on TV from home than Joe ever will.

Apparently, BSPN, which televised last night’s game, was able to catch a cool sideline shot that Joe never saw. It was “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, firing up his teammates.

Check out how it seems dozens of Bucs players are circled around JameisĀ — including seasoned veteran Clinton McDonald — as Jameis gives a vocal pep talk. The kid is a natural leader.

15 Responses to “Watch Jameis Fire Up Bucs”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    He is not a Rah Rah Guy now is he???

  2. bucfanforlife Says:

    That’s what leaders do! His enthusiasm is infectious and his team responds to it. I thought he was pretty darn good last night. However, the number of offensive penalties was absurd. Jameis will make the Bucs a great team, maybe not this year, but soon.

  3. Buc Neckid Says:

    Jameis better do something to fire up is receivers.
    They absolutely SUCKED last night.
    VJAX gets the second drive stalled with Offensive interference
    and Mike Evans lets one hit off his hands for a sure clutch throw first down.
    Jameis’ stats should have been MUCH BETTER
    He looked great
    But those receivers and TE’s grade out at an “F” for not Catching the Friggin Ball, Jiminy Chistmas Guys

  4. tdtb2015 Says:

    The Tampa 2 is alive again!!!!!

    Lovie resurrected the 2 Baby!!!

  5. Stanglassman Says:

    I forget that not everyone followed Jameis at FSU and this example of leadership may come as a surprise after the hit job BSPN did on the guy. I haven’t watched that station for years til last night, man are they bad. I guy doing the highlights after the guy messed up every name during the highlights. He called Doug Martin Russel Sheppard.
    How bad is Patrick Murrey? The Bucs had a top 3 kicker in Conner Barth and cut him to save a few bucks. FSU when I was there hired a kicking consultant to evaluate kickers because they finally realized they didn’t know enough about the position and finally got it’s importance. I think the Bucs need to do the same so they don’t make this mistake again.

  6. JMN Says:

    @ Stanglassman I agree with you man. When Glennon went in the game the sideline reporter chick called him Chris Glennon and as always, Gruden said some things that were completely wrong. Do these ESPN employees do their homework before the game even?

    One observation about Winston. I saw him in the 4th quarter of a pre-season game on the sidelines with his clip board taking notes. That is huge! I don’t recall Freeman doing anything like that ever. I do remember Freeman joking around and sitting on his butt on the bench a lot not really paying attention.

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    The kid is just showing some leadership just like Luck did as a rookie in Indy and the Mannings did when they first got their starting gigs. Stanglassman is right in that the national press has maligned the guy so much that it catches them off guard when he acts professional when they were expecting another Johnny Football or Crying Leif….

  8. Nick Says:

    Jameis’ team.

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    Winston played good, Glennon played good, they both played good. Anyone that says otherwise must have been watching something different than I was. Matter of fact both 1st and 2nd QB’s played about as well as you’ll see them play all year. Murray is a very good placekicker also, despite missing the PAT and one FG, last year he was kicking some long balls.

  10. Buc Boy Says:

    Wow…the excitement is infectious!! Unfortunately, beating the Bungles while probably a good thing for morale, was not a huge achievement! The running game is not functional in any shape of the word and the footwork of QB1 was something that causes concern!

    The City of Tampa deserves to have a winner….but not sure Lovie is the guy to provide that. Somehow, it still feels like the team needs to improve greatly prior to week #1 of the upcoming regular season.

  11. Nick Says:

    @Buc Boy

    The Bengals have averaged 10 wins a season for the past 4 years. Our 1s completely outplayed their 1s. We rushed for 145 yards last night. Jameis’ footwork is fine. Routinely steps into throws and keeps his eyes downfield, even under pressure.

    Great post, otherwise.

  12. drdneast Says:

    Buc Boy must be the only troll or lurker out here today.
    Typical lurker speak. Say the excitement is infectuous then tries to throw a bucket of water on it.
    Haven’t seen of the other regular trolls like Buc Realist, Dallas Buc orTmaxcon.
    Big surprise.

  13. Buc4Lyfe Says:

    Buc Boy’s post contains no fact was so ever. The running game was very good and Jameis stepped up in the pocket very well. I love the internet….

  14. Buc1987 Says: true. It’s funny when I read some fans response about how they are surprised by this and surprised by that when it comes to Jameis. It’s usually no surprise to us Noles, then we read their comments and kind of chuckle.

    I always forget that many Buc fans never followed the Noles or Jameis. They just followed the ESPN narrative.

    Fans that HATED him are going to love this kid…and in a big way!

  15. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    Guys I’m firmly on the Fameis bandwagon but get over yourselves Noles.

    The national media did not trash Fameis for his ON FIELD activities. In fact he was clearly the top choice of the media for the number one pick.

    The ONLY question the media ever brought up were about his off field activities.

    You all suggested that it was simple immaturity and not the real Fameis. And it’s ok if that turns out to totally be the case. But there was at least smoke coming out of Tallahassee and the media would have been derelict to NOT report.

    Gawd you guys are certainly the farthest thing from gracious winners. You get want you want and still keep up the whining about the persecution of poor Fameis. Give it a freaking rest will you.

    It’s all good and by you morons talking about how the press persecuted just reopens a lot of legitimate wounds. Show a little freaking class! Several of you do not reflect well on FSU!