Video: Hope Emerges In The Running Game

August 5th, 2015

lovie smith 0511Good things are happening on the Bucs’ offensive line — in the running game.

Joe not only gets a close-up view at practice, but Joe has the benefit of reviewing practice video.

Most of that video doesn’t make the cut for for various reasons, but it doesn’t mean Joe didn’t get to study it three or four times. And while Joe is tense and nervous about the Bucs’ pass blocking so far — not Oneill Cousins-Jamon Meredith tense — there is optimism for the running game.

Not only do Charles Sims, Doug Martin and Bobby Rainey look electric, the blocking has had plenty of shining moments.

Enjoy this video below. Logan Mankins is pulling. Evan Smith is moving and engaging like he cares. And rookie Donovan Smith is using his manbeast frame.

It’s a healthy dose of hope on this sunny day.

10 Responses to “Video: Hope Emerges In The Running Game”

  1. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    The Warthogs will be fine. Lets go Amigos.

  2. Danr Says:

    Why do you keep calling him evans? This is the second or third article ive seen that…is it a consistent typo or are you purposefully not saying his name until he says jameis. Just curious.

  3. BuckOff Says:

    Great video Joe.
    Diff Note: Amazing how every article is focusing on Americas QBs interceptions the other day and then the same rag posted that “The Duck” in TN hasnt thrown a single one. Hmmmm…

  4. NaplesBucFan Says:

    Joe – Who is the RG in that video? Kadeem Edwards? He gets some great push on that play.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    BuckOff..I won’t even respond to you people anymore…or atleast try not to.

    Your football intelligence is so the others talking about “The Duck”, why bother anymore?

  6. LakelandBuc Says:

    Actually our offensive linemen are more of run blockers than pass blockers, Donovan Smith was great at Penn State as a run blocker, Logan Mankins is one of the best pulling guards in the NFL,EDS is a good run blocking center,Demar Dotson is a mauler as a run blocker,Kadeem Edwards, Garrett Gilkey,Ali Marpet all are good run blockers. My sleeper is Edawn Coughman I remember him when he was in the Cowboys camp as a tryout player, this is what one writer had to say about him after he impressed the Cowboys and was invited to camp. In his final minicamp write-up, Brian Broaddus (who was the first guy to spot Coughman, which is an example of why he gets quoted so freely around here), made a good case for Coughman having a real shot. On Friday in my practice notes, I offered some thoughts on offensive tackle Edawn Coughman who was in town as a workout player for camp. On Monday, the front office added Coughman to the roster going forward with the opportunity to make the club this Summer. What caught my eye about Coughman was how light he was on his feet for such a large man. At 316 pounds, he has the movement skills of a man in the 280’s. There were several reps where he was either on the front or back side and he was in perfect blocking position. It was quite impressive to hustle to get to the second level and cut off the linebacker. In his pass set, he worked away from the line well, keeping a nice base while not get overextended or reaching for his man. He will need to develop some strength and power but there is plenty to work with just because of the athletic traits.

  7. JoeNUTS Says:

    Lets see what happens on Sundays……

    If this team can rush for a 120+ as a unit, then this will pay real dividends for young JW as he learns the passing game.

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:


    So far reports sound much more positive about this training camp than last. The only positive things I remember from last year was Mike Evans / ASJ looking good basically.

    But this year it sounds like the defense looks visibly sharp. The DTs are dominating. The LBs are looking good. The secondary looks better than ever.

    And to hear that the O-line is actually opening some holes is so refreshing lol. I don’t care about Winston’s stats. All I care about is winning and having a closer QB in the 4th which is what he is

  9. drdneast Says:

    DanR, Joe is being childish because Smith won’t treat Winston like the second coming of Jesus Christmas or a veteran.
    , neither of which he is.
    It is just so childish.
    Let Winston fight his own battles like a grown man, Joe.
    Of course I doubt if Smith even knows about this site and possibly what Joe does for a living.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Its amazing to see our team being built the right way.
    How many years have I waited for this