“The Best Thing About Our Defensive Line”

August 26th, 2015


So what’s special about this Buccaneers defensive line?

Defensive tackle Clinton McDonald volunteered his take to Joe yesterday.

“Any guy we got can play any position. That’s the best thing about our defensive line,” McDonald said. “We’re very versatile. It provides a lot of matchups when we get on the field.”

Returning after a five-sack season, McDonald might be the least versatile of the group. Lovie Smith already referenced that newcomer Tony McDaniel, a starter in Seattle last year, can play outside. And Henry Melton, the guy Lovie claimed up and down was just a defensive tackle this year, was the starter at left defensive end on Monday night against the Bengals. Gerald McCoy was even seen lining up in spots unusual for him Monday.

Perhaps the Bucs believe they finally have the personnel to do more of the rotating and matchups the Seahawks to with their D-line? When Lovie Smith took the job with the Bucs, he said he admired the formula of Seattle.

McDaniel also talked to Joe about the very physical nature of this year’s training camp. McDonald agreed that it was more intense than last year at times. He said that was, in part, due to coaches’ demands.

As for his recent anger on the practice field, seemingly directed at Evan Smith and or Ali Marpet, McDonald said, “Like brothers, it gets to the point you’re tired of seeing each other sometimes. That physicality does nothing but help the team. Because it shows we’re tough enough to go out there and practice hard. Not every team practices that way.”

Joe asked whether the rookie Marpet, by being so strong and consistently finishing blocks in practice, fueled the heated trench warfare of this summer. McDonald said there is some impact from the rookie.

“As a young guy, and a physical guy, he’s going to do that,” McDonald said. “Logan Mankins and Evan Smith, they have enough resumé feel to teach him the fine points of his position, and they are. So he’s set up to have success between his nature and ability, and the brothers around him.”

15 Responses to ““The Best Thing About Our Defensive Line””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Versatility & Depth……something we have been striving for….but, we need at least one terror at DE…..maybe in next year’s draft.

  2. buccin.cane Says:

    Joe or you referring to McDaniel or McDonald??the story keep referencing McDaniel but is Clinton McDonald in the pic and seems to be coming from his viewpoint

  3. bucs fan007 Says:

    This group has some characters ……

  4. Dick2111 Says:

    “Logan Mankins and Evan Smith, they have enough resumé feel to teach him (Marpet) the fine points of his position, and they are.”

    Interesting take by McDonald on the value of having experienced linemen, not just coaches, teaching our rookie linemen.

    Sounds like both Mankins and Smith are doing a good job in that regard. Judging from the Bengals game, it seems to be paying dividends now.

  5. rayjay1122 Says:

    Not mixing up McDonald and McDaniels is McDifficult.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    Whatever works, make it happen. Lovie and his defense’s reemergence as a force to be recognized, causing Buc fans to whoop and holler.

  7. Dreambig Says:

    Dare we get our hopes up? Bridgewater in the Vike’s game could have had those blown out eggs people make for Easter velcro’d all over his uniform and our starting D would not have broken a single one. This week 3 sacks in the first quarter! Here’s to hoping the Bengals game was the real deal!

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    What’s special is there is no Michael Johnson

  9. DB55 Says:

    Seemed like everyone contributed on the dline vs bengals. The only one I didn’t see make a play was McDaniel.

  10. Damion Says:

    Definitely an improved performance from the vikings game but keep in mind that they still allowed on 2 3rd down conversion by the first team.

  11. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Maybe thats why mccoy lost some weight and leaned up. I would LOVE to see Mccoy playing some end this year. Having a constant rotation will throw a major wrench in the other teams game planning. Im excited after Monday. It was just a preseason game but the guys had a spark they havent shown in a Loooooong time.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Considering the “versatility” of the Dlinemen – it makes sense to do a lot of rotating and moving guys around in-game. This keeps the opposing Oline players from getting in a groove against a particular defensive player.

    Have McCoy and McDaniel/McDonald/Melton swap tackle positions every 3rd or 4th play. Line Melton or McDonald or even McCoy up at DE a few times a game. Have Johnson and Jack Smith swap DE spots once every few plays.

    Keep em guessing. This will contribute to the offense’s confusion and strengthen the pass rush.

    And for God’s sake Lovie – stop bringing 2 LBers to the line acting like they are going to blitz so often. I am really getting tired of seeing this look – because 99.9% of the time you are just bluffing and both LBers back off into coverage at the snap (sometimes too late because now they are out of position to just read and react because they are primarily concerned with getting back to their “spot”). This tactic is fine if you actually blitz 1 or both LBers every 3rd or 4th time you show that look – but to show it frequently yet almost never actually blitz from it is just showing your hand and giving the offense an advantage. If I was a QB – I would audible to a draw or a 2 step & curl quick pass to the TE when I see 2 Bucs LBers up at the line threatening blitz – because I already know they will be backpeddling at the snap.
    Just sayin’….

  13. buc4life1979 Says:

    And again the gr8 Pickgrin shares his ingenius football observation skills….I seem to remember a certain Bucs game back in the day in Atl. Human pice of filth Vick was Atl’s QB, while the gr8 DB#55 and SQ#53 lined up just as the ingenius “Pickgrin” descibed at or right behind the D line. Human pice of filth Vick noted after Atl. lost that game, that Brooks and Quarles had been lining up in a blitz “look” all game, but it wasn’t until that final play of Atl’s offense that they both came after him at the snap of the ball, thus resulting in both human pice of filth Vick and his blocker in the backfield Warrick Dunn not being prepared for the blitz when it finally came at them…WHO GIVES a CRAP about ur 2 cent take on defense Pickgrin, u don’t like the fake blitz look?? WHO CARES??

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    At least I know how to spell “piece” buc4life. Get a life. Who crawled up your backside and died? u don’t like my comments? WHO CARES?

  15. Jason McLaurin Says:

    I think McDonald is versatile ss well if hes pushed and used and around. I knew it was coming for McCoy with the weight loss and Melton is that missing piece that fills that final void with the Line. I think that’s how its gonna go too Mccoy, McDonald, Melton rotating throughout the line in the second half of most games with Bowers( who I think makes the roster on the surprise tip because hes having a strong preseason so far forcing turnovers) and maybe English as well or Gholston only one of them out the two will remain and my money is on Gholston because hes been performi ng as well in preseason games stopping the run. But Bowers and Gholston are my favorites for first half reserve rotation time. I’ve seen no McDaniel though and he did not look good in that Bengals game either