Spence Won’t Offer Return Date

August 11th, 2015
Bucs DT Akeem Spence seemed to backtrack from his previous proclamation that he would be out two months.

Bucs DT Akeem Spence seemed to backtrack from his previous proclamation that he would be out two months.

Just when training camp started, Bucs defensive tackle Akeem Spence said he would be out a “couple of more months” after having back surgery in the offseason.

Just hours after the Bucs signed former Seahawks tackle Tony McDaniel yesterday, Joe got a chance to talk to good guy Spence, and he refused to offer any target date for his return.

“I am just sticking to the rehab and sticking to the plan,” Spence said. “Just getting better day to day. Try to get my back stronger and get back to working out and get ready for the season.

“No real target date. Playing it by ear and seeing how I feel day=to-day.”

Spence added that one reason the Bucs signed Tony McDaniel was that “I may be out.” But Spence thought the addition of McDaniel was a home run by Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

“He’s a great body,” Spence said. “He’s a great asset to this defense. He came in and picked up [the Bucs defense] Day One. He went out there and played great and I think he will be great for us down the stretch.

“And he has a ring!”

8 Responses to “Spence Won’t Offer Return Date”

  1. The Real Malloy Says:

    We have been lacking a giant in the middle….this cat is big. Might swallow up some of those double and triple teams on Gerald…..this could be good stuff

  2. Louis Friend Says:

    It’s too bad about Spence, he’s a solid backup and one of the few mid-round picks that haven’t washed out. I hope he comes back soon.

  3. buc4life1979 Says:

    Right ON Real Malloy.
    Makes u wonder whether we’ll be seeing much of Mcdonald next to GMC this year on first and second downs. With Mcdaniel being able to command a double-team, GMC will be all Oh Snap, how bout that Mr. Quarterback…And if Lovie happens to be wise enuff to have our own type of nascar package with our 4 best rushers on the field regardless of their position, Not to mention having the luxury of an elite level linebacker who can also rush #54….Yeah.

  4. Fsuking Says:

    Spence grades out poorly but is a disruptive force that does a lot of work outside the stat categories. It will be nice to have him back for 5-10 plays a game.

  5. drdneast Says:

    Agred LouisFreind. Spence improved his sack total over his first year and he was a backup. I actually think he is better than McDaniel. Looks like Bowers days may be numbered…again.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Bowers was not even working with the 2s much today – his days are numbered IMO. Sounds like Spence may end up being placed on the 6 week PUP dealy.

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie seems to be building reasonable depth that might pay dividends. Any one of these players may exceed expectations.

  8. LakelandBuc Says:

    We have to be realistic here, no one comes back 100% healthy from back surgery. This is not knee surgery, your back may never completely heal from surgery.I’m not saying that Akeem Spence career is over, i’m saying that he will never be the same player. But i’m glad that Jason Licht is building depth on this team, like I said before, I believe that Jason Licht will go down as the Bucs best GM. Even better than Ron Wolf and Rich McKay who were two of the best ever. I’m pulling for Spence to come back strong, but this is a serious injury. And we don’t know the full extent of Spence surgery, but he said that he hurt it while lifting weights. That alone don’t sound good,it sounds like a Herniated Disk.