Day 13 — Training Camp Notes & Observations

August 19th, 2015
Shotgun snaps continue to haunt Bucs G/C Garrett Gilkey in practice today.

Shotgun snaps continued to haunt Bucs G/C Garrett Gilkey in practice today.

Yes, Joe was at practice this morning. It was rather toasty, too. Few fans showed up. Maybe it was the short-notice time change? Maybe it is because school is in session? Maybe it is because folks can’t skip work in the mornings?

There were maybe 400 fans. If that. Likely closer to 300. Far short of the 3,500 that packed the place for the first training camp practice. Crowd was so sparse, it was like a high school volleyball match. When the Bucs switched sides of the field to work on, people just got up and moved with them, and had ample elbow room if not room on the bleachers to stretch out and take a nap.

* Wheels Glennon: Bucs call a play for Mike Glennon to roll out to his right and his pass is tipped by rookie linebacker Josh Keyes.

* Bobby Rainey tries to run off right tackle and is swallowed up by a herd of linebackers.

* OH! You are not supposed to hit that hard! Joe couldn’t see the combatants, but there was a load clap of a tackle on the far side of the field that you could hear from one of the clothing-optional establishments on Dale Mabry Highway.

* Your first team offensive linemen on the right side today are Ali Marpet and Reid Fragel.

“America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, throws a perfect strike to Robert Herron along the right sideline for about 15 yards. Until late in practice, the Sharp Jameis showed up this morning.

* Muscle Hamster tries to run right but there is a wall of red meeting him.

* Linebacker Jason Williams stops Charles Sims for a two-yard loss. Lot of running plays the past couple of days; more than most earlier practices.

* Jameis rolls right after a fake handoff and had so much time he could have filed his 2015 taxes. After checking his e-mail, he decides to throw left and threads the needle between three defenders, hitting Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the hands for a big gain.

* Jameis again throws left, this time low along the sideline and Vincent Jackson digs up the ball for a catch and about a 20-yard gain.

* Glennon throws to Brandon Myers in the right flat and had there been real hitting allowed, Myers would have been clobbered for a loss.

* Glennon hits Herron in stride along the right sideline.

* Not sure where/who Glennon was throwing to but D.J. Swearinger dives in for the pick.

* Shades of the past: Jameis throws seemingly through the arms of a cornerback to Vincent Jackson for a big gain.

* Yikes. Jameis hits Louis Murphy in the hands and he doesn’t like the ball in his hands. The ball drops to the dirt — would have been a 30-yard gain.

* HES’S WEARING AN ORANGE JERSEY: Defensive end Will Gholston races in from the right side and chases Jameis, who tries to avoid Gholston and as Jameis throws the ball Jameis awkwardly stumbles and Gholston shoves Jameis to the ground with one hand.

* UG-UGH-LEE pick: Jameis throws a bad pick deep in a crowd that Swearinger picks and houses it, doing a Deion tap dance the past five yards or so. Shortly after, there was a baseball scrum in the end zone with Garrett Gilkey, Da’Quan Bowers and Lawrence Sidbury involved.

* In line drills, Marpet takes Gerald McCoy out of the play. GMC got pressure but Marpet took him out of the play so far to the left he eventually pancaked him.

* In these same drills, which were one-on-one drills, Gilkey was the center but had no defender over him. At one point, Gilkey, in a shotgun snap, rolls the ball back to an assistant coach. When Gilkey asked for the ball back, the coach rolled the ball back to Gilkey.

16 Responses to “Day 13 — Training Camp Notes & Observations”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    Love that the coach rolled it back to Gilkey
    Should roll him right out of the Center position too
    That experiment is OVER!
    maybe keep him as guard backup
    but he ever comes in at Center,
    I’m leaving or turning the channel – GAME OVER

  2. BucinNC Says:

    I was feeling pretty good until you mentioned gilkey snapping the football. I don’t feel too hot now. The rooms starting to spin. I feel like I’m going to barf.

    Please joe, don’t ever say those words again. If it happens in practice. At least wait til a reasonable hour to tell us. Just leave it out of the practice notes and then break it to us around 830 or soafter the kids go down. This way I can at least go chuck things around my basement.

  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    The coach rolls the ball back to Gilkey. Did he fumble that too?

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Sounds like the interior of this line should be solid between Logan’s improved play and Marpet being the little beast he is.

    If ASJ works out then the last 2 drafts are the best we’ve had in awhile. Stud WR/ Stud TE / Franchise QB / 2 starting capable O-lineman / starting capable MLB with upside for more

    And that’s not even counting potential contributions by Sims/Bell/if Pamphile can help out/if Clay can develop into a returner

    For those that bash Light so much I feel pretty happy with the drafts so far outside of not taking O-lineman over Sims. Still need to wait a few years to really judge regardless but early returns are promising

  5. Santos Says:

    Are our coaches really this stupid? Are there not any other lineman out there who HAVE played center? What’s this love affair with teaching a guy who never played center??? The definition of insanity…

  6. ander Says:

    why the hell is gilkey even on this team?? does he have some dirt on licht or something because he sucks at center

  7. DB55 Says:

    Why was joe wearing at sweater at practice with a collared button-up shirt underneither? You on a date or trying to lose weight?

    Ali Marpet, WoW!!! Being that he’s born and raised in NY I knew he’d show up with heart & toughness but never would I have imagined he perform this well this quickly. I saw the camp highlights on bucs com and the block where he pulled and blew up the safety on the goalline was beautiful. Is Marpet our best lineman right now? Smh, silly talk.

  8. celly Says:

    You guys must be great to work for:

    “hey, i know you want to get better at a new task for your job, but go ahead and give up after your first couple tries”

  9. mac Says:

    Reid Fragel? Who? I hope he makes the team then we can call him Fragel Rock!!!

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    Starting caliber OL/C aren’t just walking around on the street. At least the guy is trying.
    Maybe the Bucs get lucky with camp cuts, but don’t hold your breath. Incidentally, I like the OT Cherilus acquisition. Depth, depth, and more depth.

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    Sounds like America’s Quarterback had a good day. It’s gonna be fun to watch this kid progress. He will get better and better as he gets more experience and tape of himself in live games to study. If the line can figure out how to give time – I think Jameis is going to have a very promising rookie year.

  12. Nate S Says:

    Hopefully the waiver wire will find a true center.. our center position is a mess.. and why lovie wasted a pick on charles sims is anybodys guess. We could of gotten quality olinemen…

  13. Wausa Says:

    It is hard to fathom why the coaches continue this experiment of Gilkey at Center.
    He caused Jameis to loose about 25 yards passing because of the sacks he caused with bad snaps.

  14. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Gilkey at center wow why can’t they just go get a center this is pathetic. We have Evan Smith and there’s more than one center on this roster. I can now clearly see why them bucs signed anything Collins and cousins last year and still haven’t learned their lesson. So if our starting center gets hurt this staff is trying to tell us to prepare for freakin garrett gilkey?

  15. hamilton Says:

    you had a good center who played the whole second half,number 60.

  16. JameisBucsfan Says:

    Wow, just wow. Someone on the Bucs staff must have a hard head for gg if he is still playing center.