McCoy Gets A Day Off But Can’t Stop Working

August 9th, 2015

Fans will like this video

Gerald McCoy got a “veteran’s day” break at training camp practice today, but McCoy couldn’t stop working. (See video below.)

He wants a higher level of greatness and to set the right example.

If the Bucs’ first- or second-team defense was on the field, then McCoy was getting set at a pretend line of scrimmage and working on his get-off and timing. He was even re-aligning himself and gesturing to defenders that weren’t there.

Joe saw more than a few Buccaneers looking at McCoy wondering if they should be showing the same dedication. You could just see it in their faces.

McCoy talked to Joe about this today and No. 93 simply said his day off was only to rest his body, not his mind, and that the mental reps are critical to staying sharp and learning. Joe told McCoy about players watching him like they should be joining him, and McCoy gave his trademark smile.

Here’s video of McCoy below: Hats off to the captain.

5 Responses to “McCoy Gets A Day Off But Can’t Stop Working”

  1. Ray Rice Says:

    Everyone please keep walking, nothing to see here!

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ray rice- keep walking on a short pier.

    Mccoy is our best player- not even Close. Jameis will take that title soon. But not today
    McCoy is , in my opinion, the best DT in the Game. He is also an outstanding person, and a good man!
    We are truly lucky to have him.

    What has ben done to him so far, is criminal. We’ve never given him any help at DE. Only recently has he had another DT who wasnt garbage. We stuck him with a high school level piece of crap coach(Schiano), and so many Defensive co-ordibators and Line Coaches.

    For McCoys sake- i hope Lovie is successful in providing continuity and Success here- and Gets McCoy his much deserved Help on the line!
    He is one of the Best Bucs ever. He deserves a chance to show how great he really is.

  3. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Ray…..your moms calling you. She said shes going to take your computer if you dont clean your room and wash behind your ears tonight. Better get goin dont wanna make mommy upset.

  4. Sick of the Wait Says:

    I think there is plenty to see here. Ive been to a lot of practices and i pay a lot of attention to the second team guys and what they are doing when the first team is on the field. A lot of times they dont appear to be doing much of anything but waiting for their turn. But if they see a guy like McCoy cant afford to get distracted then maybe they should be putting in the extra effort too.
    By the way Capt Tim. Couldnt agree with you more about McCoy finally getting the help he deserves. This D line could be a force to be concered about instead of just game planning for McCoy.

  5. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    This will help me sleep a little better at night.