Jameis Shined

August 6th, 2015
Jameis clearly had his best practice as Bucs QB today.

Jameis clearly had his best practice as Bucs QB today.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith said recently that there will be ups and downs with “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston. Part of that roller coaster is because Jameis is a rookie.

Yes, Jameis has had downs. Today, it wasn’t an arrow pointing up, it was the space shuttle rocketing off the launch pad.

Jameis was as strong and accurate as you would hope a 10-year veteran to be. Long passes, short passes, it didn’t matter. Jameis wasn’t just on target, he was sharp.

His best passes seem to be short passes, especially in the flat. He throws a beautiful, lofting, catchable ball to guys almost always on target. Today, his long passes were equally pinpoint.

One of the best passes of the day was what turned into a would-be 60-yard touchdown. Jameis stepped back and found Charles Sims open between coverage down the left sideline. Jameis hit Sims perfectly in stride and Sims did the rest, racing past defenders for a touchdown.

(It was called back for offensive interference on Austin Seferian-Jenkins.)

Jameis Fever has enveloped Tampa Bay. A couple of days ago, Joe noticed about 50 fans waiting for nearly an hour after practice chanting “Jay-MUS… Jay-MUS… Jay-MUS.. ” and would not stop until Jameis ran over to sign more autographs or at least acknowledge the fans.

Joe had never seen that before for any Bucs player. But again today, it happened.

Tampa Bay loves Jameis. And if Jameis plays in games anything like he practiced today, the guy won’t have to drop a dime in town for a meal again.

That’s what happens when you draft “America’s Quarterback.”

16 Responses to “Jameis Shined”

  1. INDYbucsfan Says:

    But joe I thought we already decided that Jameis was the wrong pick, I mean didn’t he throw 5 interceptions in 2 days of practice?! Today must have been a fluke

  2. Ray Rice Says:

    Typical ASJ

  3. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    Yeah, you can’t trust camp stats, even when they’re good!

  4. jimmy53 Says:

    But but but commenters on here said Winston is terrible and Mariota was the better pick. And if we don’t win that first game of his career then Winston has to hang up his cleats forever.

    I appreciate Joequalifying his “must win” comments by saying that it is a “must win” because of fan perspective and psyche if they lose—and judging from the commenters on these boards, he’s dead on. The fans freaking out here practice to practice is asinine.

    Yall need to put your big boy pants on because this season may suck and Jameis may struggle, and you know what–it still doesn’t mean the future is written and done.

    So take your meds and settle down….

  5. MGL Says:

    Keep slinging it, and it’s free crab legs for life, Jameis!

    (Remain calm. I’m a fan! Just enjoying the moment.)

  6. BucTrooper Says:

    I am not on the ASJ bandwagon and the Bucs made a mistake not grabbing Nick O’Leary

  7. jb Says:

    I’ve always thought it rather amusing when fans got overly up or down about a preseason game. But Training Camp? SMH….SMH
    C’mon Joe, we realize your trying to make as much as you can off the guy, with the whole America’s quarterback thing and all, but my 12 year old grandson shows more restraint when he gets excited about our team.

  8. jb Says:

    From a JBF article from earlier today stating how JW’s interceptions a few days ago meant nothing….
    “Two days ago, Joe brought word from former NFL general manager Charley Casserly, now of NFL Network, that stats in training camp are pretty much useless.”

    Which is it Joe?

  9. Buccfan37 Says:

    You can’t please everyone, you have to please yourself.

  10. Jody Says:

    @ Jimmy
    Man you are a sucker. What makes you think Winston will do good in the NFL? Light himself said before the draft that high int’s in college translates to NFL. He specifically said that usually doesn’t change. The BUCS need to sell tickets to the fans ( noles fans ) so they could have something hey it’s better than what they had right. He will suck worse than freeman. Who wants to put their money where their mouth is? Hole on Sat dknk on Sun? Anyone that brave to get Winston sucks and Mariota beats him down again?

  11. Jody Says:


  12. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:


    I didn’t see one stat posted by Joe on this article. I did see him say Jameis looked great…the same thing the coaches have been saying all along, even during the practices with the INT’s.

  13. Gus Says:


    Which is it? It’s both. The stats are meaningless but the kid had a great camp. I for one love the updates and like to be kept abreast on what how the team is doing. If you don’t want to know, then why the hell are you coming on this site in the middle of f***ing training camp. What else is he suppose to report on…………….

  14. Bobby Says:

    @Jody….I would address your remarks but I’ve been on this message board long enough to know you can’t fix stupid. I’ll take a one loss college career. I don’t care how many picks he threw. The only thing that matters is the W’s braniac.

  15. SMH Says:

    What you do in practice is what will show up on Sunday…have any of you ever been around an NFL team in the locker/team? I spent a lot of time around Marino in his prime and this is where he became a great QB. Practice is taken seriously at this time of the year for 2 reasons….this is the time when the fringe players make the team and second when the great players elevate their games to a standard to make those around them better. Preseason/practice is where greatness is developed and harnessed into players. Good to see JW starting to show why he was picked 1. Yes, you still have to have talent and internal drive too but those things are developed in…practice. For those of u chiming practice means nothing, I have to question whether you played organized sports at any level…probably not. I can tell you even my HS and college coaches took practice serious like prep for war. I can hear Coach Smith (STA- greatest HS school coach in FL HS football) screaming in my ear still to run my routes crisper and that was 20 years ago. He has developed more NFL players than I can count…probably his greatest was Michael Irvin. If you see Mike, ask him where he got his greatness from >> Coach Smith’s practices… If you practiced like crap, you didn’t see the field….ever.

  16. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Thursday was a review of the plays that the Bucs had done previously. So apparently Jameis is able to learn from his mistakes, since he nailed it.
    I would have been reaching for the Zantac if he had sucked in Thursday’s camp.