“How I Kind Of Push My Leadership Upon Other Guys”

August 31st, 2015

Jameis Winston 2Publicly, Jameis Winston, “America’s Quarterback,” has played the role of one-day-at-a-time, “I-just-want-to-be-better-every-day” rookie since arriving at One Buc Palace.

But Jameis assured Joe today that he is still the big-talking guy who jawed about winning this season’s Super Bowl and entering the class of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

The world heard Jameis share that level of confidence and bravado via 1,000 or so media at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Yes, Jameis said back then that he expected to be winning the Super Bowl this year. The context surrounded Jameis not wanting to be in a discussion of him versus Marcus Mariota. Jameis’ had a different, much loftier narrative for himself,

Today, Joe asked Jameis if, six months later, he was the same confident guy, despite talking like a humble Buccaneers rookie lately.

“That’s the dreams. My dreams are to the ceiling. I believe my dreams have no ceiling,” Jameis said. “They’re just me as a person, and that’s how I kinda push my leadership upon other guys. So if you’re trying to get them to dream, dream big. You know, because we want a lot. But to get that lot, we gotta go get crumbs. You know what I’m saying. We gotta go little by little by little and hopefully get to that point. So yeah, I’m still thinking that. That’s just my personality. That’s just how I carry myself.”

Jameis sure has the right mentality to lead the Bucs out of the NFL dumpster.

Joe just hopes he can stay upright and healthy long enough to make it happen.

78 Responses to ““How I Kind Of Push My Leadership Upon Other Guys””

  1. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    He can do it!

  2. Dreambig Says:

    I think Jameis needs to lead quietly through example for a while. He has done most everything right with his teammates and I love his brash attitude and confidence but he needs to put together a string of quality games before talking to much about leading others. As GMC said, his job right now is to be a rookie and get his own game down pat.

  3. BFFL Says:

    I dream too when it comes to the Bucs but then the season starts and reality sets in for a few weeks and then I begin dreaming about the next season

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Gawd I’m beginning to love this guy. OK 87 you were right!!!

    So if you’re trying to get them to dream, dream big.

    YES! YES! YES! A 1000X YES!

    It took me until the age of 40 to discover this. Fameis is blessed to have gotten it such a young age. It IS the critical difference in life.

    How many examples do you need…the little train chugging up the hill? Tug McGraw facing a history of incredibly bad Met’s baseball and saying “Ya gotta believe”? Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking”? I could go on and on and on and quote people from Aristotle to Marcus Aurelius to Jesus Christ. Fameis is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    Alas the converse of positive thinking also works. If you argue for your limitations then indeed they are your limitations and there is nothing I or anybody else can say. When I run into people who say I suck at this and there’s no hope I simply agree.

  5. Ray Rice Says:

    THE MESSIAH!….Go get that $hit JDubb!

  6. J Says:

    Jameis can lead in the gimp walk dance til like Leftwich he flames out due to being lame.

  7. Fsuking Says:

    Unfortunately these comment boards breed negativity from partial Bucs fans and Jameis haters. Good to see some positivity from some people. My dreams are as big as Jaboos.

  8. OneLove Says:


    How could you NOT love this guy already?? It’s obvious that he’s intelligent, charismatic, charming, AND THAT HE HAS A HUGE WANG!!!

    Tell em Jameis!! Get that Sh!t PLAYBOY!!

    “So if you’re trying to get them to dream, dream big” – Jameis Winston aka “Americas Quarterback”

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Tampabaybucfan’s “Sixpack & a Dream”

    1. Believe it can be done.
    2. Believe you can do it.
    3. Have the desire.
    4. Have a plan
    5. Commit to the plan.
    6. Work hard, work smart.

    I believe Jameis has all of that…the key is the plan and it must be workable….I think he has one…lets hope the Bucs brass has one too.

  10. J Says:


  11. tdtb2015 Says:

    Jameis has us ROCKING!!!!

    Look at all these POSITIVE comments after a lost to Cleveland!

    You got to Love this Man!

    Go Bucs!

  12. Bucnut2 Says:

    you need to perform to lead. JW is the has worst performance of any first round qb pick of the last 15 years. Go to Bucs Nation. You can read all about it. I like him, I DONT hate him but the NFL is a performance based league. You can’t lead if you don’t perform.

  13. Tampa Tony Says:

    Jaboo show these losers the way

  14. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Two weeks, less than two weeks!!!

  15. Bucnut2 Says:

    Marcus Mariota at 70% completion, JW 49%.All i care about is production. I’ll take the guy who isn’t as articulate but can play.

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Jaboon? J I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was a typo. Otherwise….otherwise that sound pretty effing racist.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucnut2…well you can’t have Mariota…

  18. Bucnut2 Says:

    take a look at this:
    Among top overall selections, Winston performed the worst.

    Quarterback comp Att pct Yds TD INT QB Rating
    Bradford 33 55 60 338 3 0 95.9
    Luck 41 66 62.1 522 3 2 89.3
    Palmer 37 54 68.5 451 4 4 87.8
    Newton 24 57 42.1 300 1 0 64.9
    Alex Smith 20 44 45.5 179 1 0 64.5
    David Carr 37 70 52.9 441 1 3 59.3
    Vick 15 28 53.6 158 0 1 55.4
    Eli Manning 24 49 49 327 0 2 53.7
    Stafford 30 55 54.5 389 1 4 52.8
    Winston 26 46 48.9 311 0 2

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    All i care about is production

    In the preseason? Really? Have you seen some of the stinking number Tom Brady put up in one of those PS games?

    Jeebus are we kneejerk here. Trust me. If we kill the Titans and Mariota sucks I’ll be the last person here to say Mariota’s a bust and we’re headed to the Super Bowl. It’s a long season and even a longer career before we know IF one of these guys is better than the other.

    BTW I am genuinely curious at this point. if we voted on JBF which GB QB was the best would it be Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Do you have a favorite.

    And Tom Edrington if you wish to enter Bart Starr’s name in that Pack competition I’m with you. We’re getting old eh? LOL

  20. Buc1987 Says:


  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Would I prefer Winston had 4tds & no ints………completed 75% and the Bucs winning all 3 games….yes…….would I trade that for a victory on 9/13…..hell no!!!

  22. Tom Edrington Says:

    Time to quit dreaming and start playing….

  23. unbelievable Says:

    26 out of 46 would be a 56.5% percentage, not 48.9, so either you or bucsnation can’t do math very well.

    And are you really comparing QB stats from preseason? PRESEASON?!?

    I mean damn, I wanna see my team go out and dominate every time like we did at Cincy, but these are preaseason games. Teams are more interested in evaluating their own line-ups than game planning to beat their opponent. Even in the almighty preseason #3 game, it is not real football.

  24. David Says:

    Bucnut…wow…so u thinking ur bitc#ing and moaning is going to get us where? We’re still gonna have Winston u idiot. Who cares about Mariota…he’s not for us, so whoever’s not for us is what? Against us dumb azz…lol…get behind your team no effin matter what or go to Tennessee and get behind theirs.

  25. David Says:

    And take Tom, supersam and this racist POS J. with you.

  26. OneLove Says:


    Please refrain from promoting other websites on this site or I will BAN YOU!

  27. DONUTS Says:

    Great leaders dont talk about leading.

    This team has a lot of work to do. Prepare for 5 wins….

    Just because we are not JW assgrabbers doesnt make us racist…you are truly uneducated if you think they are related.

    Im sorry but some of you on here saying he did at FSU…really have no clue cuz this is the NFL. FSU no longer counts.

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    Is Winston even playing in the Miami game? Might be good to hold him out. He has nothing to prove.

  29. Lakeland Buc Says:

    This tough preseason will only help Jameis Winston, there’s nothing better than experience. Peyton Manning went through it, remember Jim Mora Sr rant? ……playoff, playoff are you kidding me! Steve Young went through it, we were 4-28 during his 2 seasons as our QB. And Jameis hasn’t even took and official NFL snap and people have written him off. smh. It makes you wonder about some of the commenter on here. He’s 21 years young with his whole NFL career ahead of him, he has the talent, he has the ability. Now comes the coaching and the experience, and you won’t get it in 3 preseason games. I have watched a lot of negative fans, run some good young QBs out of Tampa in the past. Doug Williams, Vinny Testaverde, Steve Young,Chris Chandler, Trent Dilfer, and even Josh Freeman. 3 of them has went on to win Super Bowls with another team, Steve Young went on to the Hall of Fame. Vinny went on to a 21 year career in the NFL, Chris Chandler went on to lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl. The Bucs will never give up on Jameis Winston, there’s too much potential in him. So Buc fans, just get ready for 10-15 years of Jameis Winston, because he isn’t going anywhere. So you all can save the enery that it takes to create all of this negativity. My concern is not with Jameis, but with Dirk Koetter playcalling. I seen what Joe Gibbs did with Doug Williams, what Bill Walsh did with Steve Young, What Dan Reeves did with Chris Chandler, what Brian Billick did with Trent Dilfer, what Bill Belichick did for Vinny Testaverde.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We have been pounded with the overselling of Jameis Winston “America’s QB” for months….before and unecessarily after he was drafted……most of us realize that Jameis is a rookie with a boatload of talent….but will make rookie mistakes….we also know he joins one of the NFL’s worst offenses.

    We have waited for almost 40 years for a true “Franchise” Quarterback…..I, for one am willing to let this play out a year or two and don’t choose to jump to any conclusions based on a couple of preseason games.

  31. OneLove Says:

    @Lakeland Buc

    Did you see what Dirk Koetter did with Matt Ryan?? He did a pretty good job if you ask me!

  32. OneLove Says:


    “Just because we are not JW assgrabbers doesnt make us racist…you are truly uneducated if you think they are related.”

    So your claiming your not a racist when no one has accused you of being aracist?? IDK, that sounds pretty racist…. Talk about being UNEDUCATED!!

    I mean where do you get these guys Joseph!?!?!?!

  33. SteveK Says:

    Our offensive and defensive lines are soft, under developed, and vastly overmatched on a game to game basis. Cleveland took control up front and made us their b!tch on Saturday.

    Where is our toughness?

  34. OneLove Says:


    Yup, because we were getting beat up SO BAD last week against the Bengals. Clearly, we are VASTLY OVERMATCHED on a GAME TO GAME BASIS!!

    I mean really Joseph!?!?!?!

  35. Lakeland Buc Says:

    @OneLove, Mike Mularkley did a GREAT job with Matt Ryan, Dirk Koetter came in and turned him into a Gunslinger. Mike Mularkley taught him the fundamentals of an NFL QB. And the went from 4-12 to 11-5, when Matt Ryan was a rookie. The Atlanta Falcons went to the playoffs 4 straight seasons under Mularkley. When Mularkley left for the Jags, they brought in Koetter. And the first season he follow Mularkley offense, mostly. But then he wanted to make the Falcons one dimension and turn Matt Ryan into a gunslinger. And the Falcons went 4-12, and 6-10 last season. Matt Ryan pass for over 4400 yards three seasons under Koetter and they went 23-25, in Mularkley 4 seasons the Falcons went 43-21. Football is a team sport, it’s not about an individual stats. This is the one thing that Marcus Mariota has going for him is coaching. He has an HUGE advantage over Jameis Winston, when it comes to coaching. Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Mularkley will have him prepared, trust me. And he has John McNulty as his QB coach, Bob Bostad as his O-Line coach. Both of them were with us under Greg Schiano. Trust me Marcus Mariota is well coached, I don’t see it with us. Before the season end, Mariota will be miles ahead of Jameis, due to excellent coaching.

  36. Destinjohnny Says:

    I think the highly talented under archiving Gerald McCoy is toning him down. I say be the rock star winston you are

  37. SteveK Says:

    OneLove Says:
    August 31st, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    Yup, because we were getting beat up SO BAD last week against the Bengals. Clearly, we are VASTLY OVERMATCHED on a GAME TO GAME BASIS!!



    It has come to my understanding that the Bucs “game planned” against the Bengals, and the Bengals just went to a vanilla scheme, which is usual for week 2 of the preseason.

    Secondly, the usual week in which teams “game plan” for one another was this past week, and it’s no coincidence that our trenches could not show up not deliver.

  38. SteveK Says:

    Out trenches could not show up nor deliver*******

  39. Rob Says:

    Need to sit the OF Lineman down and play the vets the rookies are not ready for the line yet. a anyone can see that Jamie’s will get hurt by playing those two rookies at this point they need more tech to play.Let them get a couple of snaps every now and then until they get better.

  40. NoleBuc907 Says:

    Funny how that dork posting stats failed to mention how Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers looked in preseason as rookies. I’ll wait.

  41. SteveK Says:

    Earlier today, former GM Mark Dominick spoke about the Redskins an situation, and he made it sound like leaks were smearing ownership.

    Puuuuhlease, Mark, just like you handled the Josh Freeman situation in 2013? Any other GM, worth their paycheck, would’ve pulled the plug on a mistake at QB and looked find a new one. We didn’t, and sucked for it.

    Additionally, I bring up the rock star only to point out his jackasserey at priding himself on not drafting O-line.

    Will it be 10 years without a Buccaneer getting 10 sacks, I’m sad as hell to say it sure looks that way.

    It’s only preseason, but I am skeptical for Lovie to turn this around.

    And to anyone hating on Schiano, he’s for darn sure BETTER THAN 2-14!!!!!

  42. Fsuking Says:

    STFU I thought I dealt with you and your dumb BS. Go tug one to Mariota while smart people talk football.

  43. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Wise words, StPeteBucsFan. Kudos to you for being awesome.

    3 books I would recommend everyone read are ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill, and ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles

  44. Bucnut2 Says:

    FSUking- I am really sorry that facts bother you and several other on this site. I’m simply saying that we should ALL be concerned. JW has started worse than any other first round QB in the last 15 years. thats not my opinion, its fact. I love this team but am very worried lovie and licht drafted the wrong guy. I refused to be a lap dog for Joe and the rest of media feeding us pablum.

  45. Buccfan37 Says:

    In a sense Winston has achieved a Super Bowl win of sorts already, being the first overall pick. That’s some elite company right there. Add in the large pile of money, more than the vast majority of people will earn in a lifetime, and he hit the jackpot big time.

  46. Bucnut2 Says:

    All- I would like to believe that we can disagree without name calling. I can tell you ALL that I WANT JW to succeed. In fact if he doesn’t it’s sets the franchise back 5 years at least. I am rooting for him. At the same time, I am concerned. Ignoring his performance is not realistic and frankly not helpful. If some of you wan to be optimistic fine, but let’s deal with what he is not what we wish he is.

  47. Bucnut2 Says:

    37- you are correct. He is already a big winner. Good for him. It could not have happened to a nicer guy.

  48. Lakeland Buc Says:

    A lot of people are trying to compare Jameis to Mariota , but you can’t do it. There’s a lot a things that goes with the success of a QB, especially the coaching staff. Some commenters are trying to compare their completition percentage, which is crazy. Mariota are being coached to throw checkdowns and high percentage passes. While Jameis has been coached to throw the ball upfield, rarely throwing checkdowns. Will this change during the season? I don’t know. But it’s a know fact that Gunslingers don’t win many Championships. As James Harrison said after the Steelers lost to the Packers in the Super Bowl. Talking about Big Ben ” you ain’t no Peyton Manning” that’s not Steelers football. And from what I seen this season with Jameis “this isn’t Buc Ball”, and it all fall on the playcalling. I just hope that we don’t go into the regular season with this playcalling. Saturday night, it was a disgrace. One call in particular, it’s 3rd and 1 at the 2 minute warning. We have 3 timeouts left, we throw a short pass to Vincent Jackson who is double teamed. But overall I was pleased with our effort Saturday night.

  49. Lakeland Buc Says:

    I meant completion

  50. JAB83 Says:

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!! Dreams just mean you have to wake up at some point!!! HAY AQJW; TRY TELLING YOUR O-LINE TO WAKE THE FREAK UP AND STOP DREAMING ABOUT BEING A PROBOWL LINEMAN AND DO SOMETHING…. Then look them in the eye and simply say. Thank You now let’s go win some ball games and see how good this team can be… Then all that moxy you have will mean something to everyone and instead of dreaming about it you will be living it!!! Jesus Love You

  51. Bucnut2 Says:

    Lakeland- I agree with that 3rd and 1 call. I don’t understand why they called it.

  52. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks. I’ve read two of your three already and agree completely! I’ll pick up the Wattles book. Thanks for the tip.

    Speaking of tips for guys who are really time challenged.

    A guy named Brian Johnson has created something called “Philosopher’s Notes”.
    It’s basically a form of Cliff’s Notes that this guy has spent his life creating.
    Two of the books Erik mentioned are included and they come in either audio..about 20 minutes of listening…or PDF’s you can read. Some are about success like Napolean Hill’s classic others are more philosophical about life in general..as in DREAM BIG!

    Sorry to stray but perhaps Fameis has also read some of his material. Whatever he was simply blessed with this stuff.

  53. BucsFan85 Says:

    Not to change subject, but whats everyones thoughts on Lemuel Jeanpierre? Was released by the Hawks today. Center or Guard Was slated to start at center this year, but got beat by a DT that changed over to center, so can’t be that good. I’m just worried about our injured line. At this point, a player that can play decent at 2 positions sounds like an asset. Although 2nd round of waiver wire cuts generally offers more talent.

  54. Bucnut2 Says:

    Just reading the post again. Other than FSU fans and the media, who is REALLY supporting JW?

  55. JAB83 Says:

    *”AQBJW”* AMERICA’S, (or simply ‘A’ if you prefer) Quarterback Jamies Winston. A QB JW… Dreams last for so long……..Even after your gone…. But I ain’t got time for that son…. I been dreaming a lot longer and you see it got me only so far…. Do something son… Slap EDS in the nuts every once in a while to get him going… Heck slap all your o line in the nuts before the game… They are your horses and when you start a horse race you slap them in the nuts… Start with EDS.. He won’t be expecting it. So next practice be like… DOWN…. SET….. NUT SACK…. I’m sure he will get the point and if he says anything take coaches advice and say…. SHUT UP!!!! Repeat day to day until the horses start doing what they are suppose to do!!!!. DO IT…. DO IT…

  56. Bucnut2 Says:

    JAB83- thats priceless

  57. Lakeland Buc Says:

    @Bucnut2, I’m supporting Jameis Winston and the Bucs,But I don’t like Dirk Koetter playcalling. I even like Greg Olson and Mike Shula playcalling better. Hopefully we will see a change during the regular season, at least get the backs involve in the passing game. This is a learning experience for Jameis, but it’s a painful learning experience.

  58. JAB83 Says:

    Sorry I’m taking issue with these “dreams” comments… Dude, your cool in fact I believe you are more then cool. Your like really cool… But your dreams are over… You made it… Now the only thing your dreams are good for is a news article… Best advice you will ever get right here… Buy your food don’t steal it if you can… Um wait, no that’s for someone else… Seriously… At this point the only way you achieve your dreams is slapping some nuts and telling these other men to match your motivation and drive… If this team does that you won’t have to be the greatest QB ever… You can just be you…. A FREAKING WINNER AND OVERCOMER…. Invite me to a meeting I will just this guys asses for you and the coaches… The CANT WAIT!!!

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    Slapping guys nuts…now THAT is the ANSWER!!!

    LMAO! 🙂

  60. JAB83 Says:

    Yeah last post sucked… Auto spell got me… Gerrr…

    Thanks Bucnut, figured we needed some comic releaf in this thread…. Although I’m half serious!!! 😉

  61. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Other than FSU fans and the media, who is REALLY supporting JW?

    Well I’m no Nole as 87 can attest. I am the blog’s cockeyed optimist and so I support him.

    But I saw a lot of #3 jerseys…are they ALL FSU fans. Are you suggesting that I am the ONLY non FSU fan who supports Fameis? Really?

    At this point I’m not sure why the Bucs should bother to kick it off in 13 days?

    A significant % of this board believes we’ve already lost. Why waste the time?

  62. BucsFan85 Says:

    Tim Jennings anyone? No seriously, he may be old but i’m just trying to get a response here. Beginning to think i’m invisible here on JBF.

  63. Lakeland Buc Says:

    Tim Jennings.. hell to the no.

  64. BucsFan85 Says:

    FSU fan here, also JW supporter. I have plenty of gator fan “associates” who are bucs fans, who support JW.

  65. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I think JW is the real deal but lovie ans licht have given him any protection up front and hope he survives… jameis doesnt need a d3er and a rookie nittany lion protecting him to show what he has he needs solid NFL vets…but licht n lovie cant see that…hope jameis lasts 16 games… which will be 16 more than lovie deserves

  66. Lakeland Buc Says:

    StPeteBucFan, I believe we will beat the Titans, we have more talent than them. Matter of fact, I believe we can beat every team in the NFL on any giving Sunday. It comes down to game preparations, playcalling, schemes. We have the players, we just have to put them in position to win. I believe we get it done, we will win the NFC South. Lovie will not let Dirk Koetter turn Jameis into a gunslinger, we will pound the rock. And play good defense, and good special team.

  67. BucsFan85 Says:

    Lol LakelandBuc, knew I would get a rise out of someone.

  68. Lakeland Buc Says:

    BucsFan85, A secondary that consist of Major Wright, Chris Conte and Tim Jennings? The thought of that, will make a person soil their pants. I’m hoping we get rid of Major Wright and Chris Conte next week.Next week there will be a boat load of young talent to pick and choose from. There should be 704 players on the waiver wire next week, and we will get the first chance at most of them. This will be major for us, our scouts should be watching game tapes 24-7

  69. BucsFan85 Says:

    Wow this post is so alive…. Will continue to follow Joe, but wow hope this site “livens up” a little bit when the regular season starts.

  70. BucsFan85 Says:

    I agree Bears cast-offs. 2nd round of waiver picks will offer more.

  71. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    hope this site “livens up” a little bit when the regular season starts.

    Yeah it’s going to be interesting. If we start poorly we’ll have many come back to claim their “football expertise” and how they told us all along we’d suck. Some will be very happy about this because their “self worth” is punched up if they can claim football expertise.

    If we start well there will be a contingent who claims just how lucky Lovie was and give us every reason they can dream up of how we succeeded in spite of Lovie.

    I claim no expertise. I’m simply a fan with a very positive attitude and a genuine belief that BucFan37 is the closest to the truth.

    He posted that NOBODY knows who is going to show up to win that first game with the Titans. Now that makes sense to me. Two 2-14 teams with rookie QB’s. I just like our chances.

    One of the things that does concern…besides special teams and the inability to find the other teams TE by our defense…is our 12th man.

    We have NO home field advantage and I would maintain we currently have a home field disadvantage. Yes they are professionals but it’s only human nature to run out on the field in a half empty stadium and not feel dissed. I’m not trying to sell tickets for the Glazers. I also understand 87’s very valid point that it took those great teams to pack the stands which were empty before the great SB team.

    I’m simply observing that in the NFL competition is razor thin. Any advantage is major and we have totally lost any semblance of a home field advantage…ships and cannons or not.

  72. Stanglassman Says:

    What bothers me is to see all the unused club seats during every preseason and non-winning regular season games. Those are sold seats that were mostly bought by fairly to really large companies and written off on their taxes as a entertainment expense. It seems like they could at least give them away to their workers if they weren’t going to use them. Maybe they think they are too dirty?

  73. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Its about Suiting Up the Best 53

    Tim Jennings is still working his way back from a knee scope. He had earlier this year. An sure 2014 wasn’t Jennings best year as a pro. Based on the fact PFF ranked Jennings as the 28th best corner in the league. But lets not forget this dude was Pro Bowl Corner in 2012 & 2013. Plus Jennings has played his entire career in this defense.

    So course Jennings would make a good addition to our roster

    (Potential Rotation at Corner)
    • (LCB) Alterraun Verner | Tim Jennings
    • (RCB) Johnthan Banks | Mike Jenkins
    • (SCB) Sterling Moore | Isaiah Frey

    And if Cincinnati is crazy enough to waive Shawn Williams. I would snatch him up in a minute. Because at this point Chris Conte can’t be trusted, to finish the season.

    (Potential Rotation at Safety)
    • (SS) D.J. Swearinger | Major Wright
    • (FS) Bradley McDougald | Shawn Williams

  74. Simpleasthat Says:

    What a bunch of bull spit. JW needs to worry about surviving the next game.

  75. J Says:

    Jaboob was the intended on St Pete

  76. J Says:

    @St Pete it was intended to be Jaboob not Jaboon. I don’t like his performance but I don’t care what he looks like.

  77. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for that clarification. That’s why I gave you the benefit of the doubt but I’m glad it was true. It’s fine to dislike Fameis and he did play like a boob the other night, as did most of the rest of the team.

    The Tampa Bay Boobs may have a nice ring to it if we go 2-14 again!

  78. BIGFELLA909 Says:

    I am not from Florida and I am not a FSU fan. My wife and I true blue 22 years and counting Bucc fans from Southern California. I love the Buccs, yeah you heard right I truly love the Super Bowl champion Buccs and the 2 and 14 Buccs and everything in between. The wife and have 9/13 game tickets. plane tickets and a suitcase full of Bucc gear for the trip ready and waiting. So haters hate and i am okay with because as a true fan of my team you cant steal my joy. Opening Sunday, the smell of the grass, the energy from the growd and my team and coaches going to battle playing the game that I love and played until these old knees wouldnt bend any longer means the world to me. So LETS GO BUCCS, LETS GO WINSTON , ITS FOOTBALL BABY.