Five Under-The-Radar Bucs To Watch

August 15th, 2015
The prideful Samoan, Bucs rookie Joey Iosefa, is ready to hit somebody.

The prideful Samoan, Bucs rookie Joey Iosefa, is ready to hit somebody.

It’s Week 1 of the preseason, which means the orgasm of real football is here but quickly fades after 15 minutes or so.

Then the backups start flowing in.

For those fans who stick out the entire game, Joe’s got a handful of names to watch.

1) Ryan Delaire, defensive end — There’s real juice to his game coming off the edge. The rookie out of Towson plays with anger and has been a regular standout in third-team work. It just feels like he might have enough to make it.

2) Joey Iosefa, fullback – The giant Samoan rookie, via the University of Hawaii, pass blocks quite well and he has speed. He told Joe that his Samoan tradition embraces hitting and punishment on the football field. Keep an eye on Iosefa on all special teams.

3) Adam Humphries, receiver – Very solid football player, a tryout rookie who is still around. He will need a miracle to make the roster. But Bucs fans will notice that he’s open and can squeeze the rock.

4) T.J. Fatinikun, defensive end – The regime loves “Fat” and thinks he’s a real NFL player. Ok, Fat, time to show it against soon-to-be bouncers, movers and beer truck drivers.

5) Garrett Gilkey, guard/center – Quarterback-center exchanges have been an issue through training camp for Gilkey. If he can’t get it right at center, and he’s the current backup center with Josh Allen injured, then Joe sure hopes the Bucs prepare to pick someone up with cuts come around the league.

17 Responses to “Five Under-The-Radar Bucs To Watch”

  1. Pawel Says:

    I’m going to watch it again at 4pm Sunday. Hopefully, it’s not so bad because I might not.

  2. BucfanBF Says:

    Looking forward to this game!! I will watch the whole game as I want to see our depth players play and see if anyone stands out.

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    He told Joe that his Samoan tradition embraces hitting and punishment on the football field.

    I like the way that sounds.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ll be watching Myron Lewis to see if he finally performs…..

  5. Brent Says:

    Man I hope plan to pick up a couple I line guys. Based on what I saw last year and have read this year we need help.

  6. Señor Mofo Says:

    I was surprised that Delaire went undrafted. You have to wonder a little about his commitment, but he has good football instincts, and if and when he decides that football is truly “his thing”, he could be very, very good.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ryan Delaire will definitely be on my radar.
    Can we hope that a talented DE may emerge from our pool of DE .

    Robert Herron is also someone i want to see. We know he can Run. We hope he can catch.

  8. Espo Says:

    Rannell Hall?

  9. Señor Mofo Says:


    I hate to disappoint you, but Herron is not making the final roster. As lovable as he is and as much as we want to cheer for him, he simply can’t be relied upon to handle the football.

  10. Warren Says:

    Señor mofo..from all indications this camp Herron has been a standout. Maybe there is hope for him yet

  11. Señor Mofo Says:

    Look, I’m not knocking Herron. I know he had a tough life. His dad was in prison and his mother . . . well, I’m not going to say anything bad about another dude’s mom, but let’s just say she wasn’t around for him.

    Despite all that, he goes on to be a track star and a decent college football player.

    But I don’t know if he’s been a “standout” in camp, or if it’s just the fact that he is much improved over last year in term’s of his pass-catching ability. He’s shown flashes in this camp, but he’s also shown his old bad tendencies toward dropping the football.

    Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson are roster locks. Kenny Bell and Kaelin Clay are roster locks, in my opinion. That leaves a bunch of guys battling for the last two receiver spots.

    We’ve never used Russell Shepard much on offense, but he’s a drop-dead great special teams ace, and if you want to be competitive in “all three phases of the game”, it’s hard to cut a guy like Shepard.

    And one of these kids from the trio of Hall/Humphries/Dye is going to show out and make the roster.

    That leaves Herron and Louis Murphy as the odd men out. I just don’t see Herron making the final roster.

  12. Lakeland Buc Says:

    I wanna see what Kaelin Clay does on special team,I wanna see Kwon Alexander at Middle Linebacker. Brandon Dixon at cornerback, he ‘s our fastest corner. I wanna see his game speed, he may be our corner of the future. I wanna see what Edawn Coughman does at tackle, left or right tackle. I will be glued to Jamal Young, he has a ton of potential at DE. But it’s a position that he is learning, I wanna see how far along he is.

  13. Yar Says:

    I wanna see the 1st team O score 2 TD’s and 1st team D get 2 sacks, that’s all I wanna see.

  14. Danati74 Says:

    Also would like to see the RBs, Safetys, and Megakwon at MLB.

  15. MadMax Says:

    If Humphries doesnt make it here, he will elsewhere. Im telling you, we’ll regret cutting him.

  16. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I’m a Humphries guy. I’d keep him and cut Herron.

  17. Buc Neckid Says:

    Looking to see if Joey Iosefa AND Javorskie Lane both make the team
    It would mead no Mike James though