Day 7 Training Camp Notes & Observations

August 8th, 2015

Yes, that’s Gerald McCoy writhing in pain after colliding with fullback Jorvorskie Lane

Rain delayed today’s training camp practice by 90 minutes, but the Bucs got their full work in and Joe’s got your need-to-know notes and observations.

* Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, goes over the middle to Austin Seferian-Jenkins for 20 yards. ASJ is a nightmare matchup for linebackers.

* Jameis finds Rannell Hall in a seam to the left in triple coverage, threads the needle and Hall takes it to the house much to the crowd’s approval.

* Oh, no, the dropsies begin for Bucs receivers. This happens daily. Jameis hits Vincent Jackson who puts the ball on the ground. And then Jameis finds ASJ over the middle but the ball bounces off ASJ’s hands forward about 10 yards and Sterling Moore dives for the pick. That was not on Jameis at all.

 * Robert Herron hauls in a pass from Jameis in traffic. That’s not the Hands Herron Joe is familiar with.

 * On a play-action fake, Jameis rares back for that 95 mph fastball and lasers it to Kaelin Clay along the right sideline for a short gain.

 * Jameis throws to the left sideline and Herron gets tangled up with a cornerback as the ball bounces on the ground. Referees throw a flag. Not sure if it was offensive or defensive interference.

 * Jameis rifles the ball over the middle to Russell Shepard in the back of the end zone but — oh, no — he doesn’t like the ball in his hands. Incomplete. Sharp Jameis showed up today. Not all passes caught but he’s slinging it.

 * Jameis floats the ball over the middle to Kenny Bell on a short pass and Bell brings it in for a touchdown.

 * Nice! Jameis throws down the right sideline and arcs the ball just enough to carry over the outstretched arms of a leaping linebacker and the ball drops in the hands of Tavarres King for a touchdown. King screws up the next pass by letting a short pass to the right bounce off his hands and it was nearly picked.

* Jameis is on point today, but his receivers are dropping way too many passes.

 * It was bound to happen: Jameis tries to force a pass into traffic and Luke Stocker, and it is broken up by Lavonte David who jumps up and down in disgust thinking he had a pick-six.

 * Under heavy pressure with the pocket collapsing, Jameis quickly turns right and dumps off a cotton-soft pass to fan favorite Stocker who makes a reaching one-handed grab. A little trickery misdirection-type play. Joe wishes he had video of that one.

* Fastball time: Jameis rifles a pass to Bell who was well-covered but Jameis put the ball where he needed to and Bell did the rest for a touchdown.

* Jameis tries to loft a pass to the right short corner of the end zone but there was nobody home.

 * Ugly but it counts: Jameis appears to change the play at the line scrimmage, passes over the middle and linebacker Bruce Carter leaps and tips it forward. The ball sails to the end zone where Mike Evans leaps and catches it for six points. (Joe’s got video on the home page.)

* Jameis leads Evans way too much on a crossing pattern from the right sideline. Incomplete.

* Fum-BULL! Jameis drops the snap.

* From a shotgun formation, Jameis lofts a pretty soft pass to the “Muscle Hamster” to the left side and Doug Martin does the rest for a long screen pass for touchdown. Joe’s video review shows Martin would have been tackled in real football for a short gain.

* Communication breakdown: Jameis throws the ball out of bounds near the 5 on the left side while Herron finishes his route in the end zone. On the same route on the next play, Mike Jenkins drops a pick but was called for defensive interference on the play.

*Bucs working now on offense from their own 1 yard line. FALSE START! Seferian-Jenkins.

*Jorvorskie Lane takes a handoff and runs up the gut over right guard. He’s met by Gerald McCoy who is quickly in agony and clutching his left forearm. McCoy would NOT come out even though he was clearly in pain. And the coaching staff let him go. Lovie Smith shrugged off the happening after practice. Scary moment, though.

*Lane takes another handoff right and moves the pile. Strong dude.

*Today’s starting offensive line from left to right: Kevin Pamphile, Kadeem Edwards, Evan Smith, Garrett Gilkey, Demar Dotson.

* With cloud cover and breeze, it is actually rather comfortable at Bucs practice.

* Logan Mankins said he had an “Old Man Day.” Lovie calls it a veteran’s day (think Kenny Stabler). In other words, he got to watch practice today and will resume practice tomorrow.

* Notice Jameis tossing footballs with a group of Special Olympians after practice. What a monster.

*Very nice coverage by Major Wright on Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

*Touchdown! Bucs doing a lot of red zone work today, and Jameis fires a sizzling strike to Robert Herron. More points in Herron’s growing bank account.

Bucs are back on the practice field in Sunday morning. It’s closed to the public, but stick with Joe for everything Bucs.

15 Responses to “Day 7 Training Camp Notes & Observations”

  1. Wausa Says:

    sounds like Jamie’s is killing it while our receivers need some time on the ball machine.

  2. BucinNC Says:

    Thanks joes you guys are the best. Flying across the country I’ve hit the refresh button about 200 times from touch down to take off.

    I raise this next airport beer to you, bucs fans.

    Editors note: airport beers are my second favorite beer Behind football(tailgate/game/postgame) beers. They’re all equally delicious

  3. Pawel Says:

    Sounds like Bucs will put 50+ points vs Tits

  4. pete Says:

    Very surprised and pleased by Herron’s performance so far!

  5. Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Hope they can get that QB-Center exchange down. Seems like there’s at least one of those every practice. Something so simple but can change the course of a game dramatically.

    It’s getting a little concerning about ASJ but if Herron can cure his dropsies I imagine the big guy can find a way to squeeze the rock too. I sure hope so, he would be such a dangerous weapon to have.

  6. Joe Says:


    Glad Joe could entertain you. 🙂

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Training Camp Observations
    by Buc1987

    Jameis slings the ball…the WR’s dropped it.
    Jameis then rolls out and slings it for a TD.
    Jameis almost gets picked off, ball batted on the ground.
    Jameis Winston is thee effin’ MAYUN!

  8. iamkingsu Says:

    Where is marpet and don smith?? They need the reps lovie got damm man! Stick them with the first team

  9. Owlykat Says:

    That was some outstanding production considering Edwards was playing LG for Mankins and Marpet wasn’t at RG and Pamphile was the LT. Herron has managed to hold on to passes. Herron needs to tell VJax and our starting TE the secret to his holding on to the ball and we will be set.

  10. MAYNE ONE Says:

    11 or mo wins .
    I love the way the defense looks so far.
    Winstons gonna Win tons for us.
    Can’t wait.

  11. San Francisco Joe Says:


    Let’s see if we can count how many negative spins you seem to put on Martin lately. But. . . you do you.

  12. richbucsfan Says:

    Some of you are going to be so disappointed when real football begins. This is practice.

  13. BrianBucs Says:

    Sounds like the O-line is still very unsettled. Run Jameis Run

  14. BrianBucs Says:

    Everybody always looks good in camp when excitement and optimism are high. At this same time last year even Josh McCoen looked All-Pro

  15. Nate S Says:

    If only we had a good oline..