David To Be Used More

August 10th, 2015
Seems Lovie Smith plans to use LB Lavonte David in more ways this fall.

Seems Lovie Smith plans to use LB Lavonte David in more ways this fall.

Refreshing and heartwarming words from Bucs coach Lovie Smith today when the Bucs held a press conference to formally announce Bucs stud linebacker Lavonte David has been inked to a new pact.

Last year was a disaster for the Bucs, but if that is what it took to land “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, so be it. It was hard — and still is hard — for Joe to figure out how a defense could have two of the NFL’s best (Gerald McCoy and David) yet be so rotten to the core.

That tells Joe there was bad coaching. Joe doesn’t think Lovie would argue too much about that. You can’t tell Joe there was good coaching when the defense got macheted like it was by the Crows and Dixie Chicks, and the team finishes 2-14.

Simply put, the Bucs did not utilize McCoy and David properly. Hell, Greg Schiano got more out of David. Good coaches get the most out of their players, not try to fit a round peg in a square hole.

It seems Lovie may be having an epiphany. While raving about David, Lovie added the following:

“[David] is as smart of a football player as you will be around. [Bucs will use David] more than we have done at that position than in the past,” Lovie said.

There you go! Craft schemes to get the most out of your talent. That’s coaching.

Imagine if David is sent on more blitzes, the havoc he could create? Shoot, the team is bawling for pressure from the edge. If you don’t have that, why not use David from time to time to get heat on the quarterback? It’s just common sense.

Thankfully, those in charge at One Buc Palace are seeing the light.

18 Responses to “David To Be Used More”

  1. NoBucsGiven Says:

    Hopefully that’s Licht in Lovies ear telling him to wake up leverage the talent.

  2. Supersam Says:

    Schiano might have been a nazi, but Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Bobby Rainey, heck even Demar Dotson all played better under Schiano.

  3. I know why Says:

    We use to have more talent. Now we are hoping on a young QB. Schiano did some good things but even he got rid of Bennett and Blount. You can say Dominik did but then again why would Dominik bring those guys in, in the first place. David is a stud!!! Happy he is ours!

  4. Harry Says:

    Lovie usually says the right thing. Now, let’s see if he actually does it.

  5. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Now be honest Dallas,that quote has to make you smile. If only a little,but smile none-the-less.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    NoBucsGiven Says
    “Hopefully that’s Licht in Lovies ear telling him to wake up leverage the talent.”

    Because Licht (who cannot even work a trade for a second round pick to the Bucs) is such an expert at defense? Come on now.

    It is more likely Lovie wanted David to learn HIS defense. Ad to the top of that all the distractions and there you go.

    It’s not like the other LBs held their own. David had to cover for a lot last year.

  7. Ray Rice Says:


  8. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I mean Harry maybe he is turning over a new leaf,all offense two drafts(again I know Alexander),talking a lil up-tempo,music at training camp now stating he about to unleash King David. I say give Lovie a chance or atleast one more season.

  9. Harry Says:

    We have no choice BUT to give Lovie a chance to show that he has changed – that he can adjust his system to better utilize his players talent (as I type this I have to say I am HIGHLY skeptical). I was one of those that was hugely excited when the Glaziers hired Lovie (as HC, but I didn’t ever like that he was given control over personnel). So now let’s see what he can do in his 2nd year!

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Maybe it is just now sinking in Lovie’s mind that blitzing David produces sacks. Yeah that’s it. Any other excuse is pure hokum.

  11. ptwalk Says:

    You guys kill me when you mention Shiano, like he did some good coaching. The blitzing he did only wrked in the beginning of the season, once teams figured out how to combat that he didn’t have an answer.

  12. ptwalk Says:

    David admitted himself he and the defense was learning last season and couldn’t do anything more than their assignment. But this yr they’re more comfortable and can do more and play faster. That equals better defense.

  13. NoBucsGiven Says:

    Bonzai not sure how your point of view makes any more sense than mine. Lovie is clearly a coach who can be set in his ways. This isn’t about what the other LBs did or didn’t do, they will still need time to gel this year. Last year lovie underutilized much of team, all while yes being a mess. Why did he keep Glennon on the bench? Underutilized. Why did he start Jenkins over banks? Not sure what the second round pick thing meant as well. Everyone is aloud their opinion however….

  14. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Lavonte David, our next 10 sack guy!!!!lol

  15. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Lovie can switch to a Tampa2,3-4 defense and David can be a 20 sack guy!!!


    @ptwalk, THANK YOU for adding a little common sense to the comments !!!!!! The Whole defense has to have the scheme down before you can start tweeking it ! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  17. LargoBuc Says:

    As a whole, Schiano didnt get more from David. He got his sack numbers up, sure. But as a team, we finished with one less sack (35) than we did the following year when David didnt blitz (36). Yet, Lovie an idiot for not blitzing David? Im not opposed to blitzing David, but when certain posters criticize Lovie for not blitzing, their argument holds little weight when you look at the big picture.
    Besides, Lovie made plenty of stupid personel decisions, so there’s no need to waste energy on a non issue when there’s plenty of valid issues to criticize.
    And screw Schiano. His players HATED him! He has accomplished NOTHING at the NFL level! He had the best corner in the game, and his defense was still average because, oh yeah, he didnt use him right 😉

  18. LakelandBuc Says:

    Lovie will use him more this season because this is his second season in the defense, and he have better linebackers around him. I see a bright future for Lavonte David with the Bucs. Last season we didn’t have any depth at linebacker, but this season we are loaded at the position. Lavonte will be able to roam and make plays this season because of our new additions at LB. We gotta get Kwon Alexander on the field also,I can’t wait for the Vikings.