Bucs Bring Back Barth

August 26th, 2015
Bucs general manager Jason Licht has been very busy this summer

Bucs general manager Jason Licht has been very busy this summer

This afternoon, Lovie Smith said he was unhappy with his kicking game on Monday night.

The Bucs have a good kicker in Patrick Murray. And now they have another good kicker, and one with more experience.

Tonight, the Bucs signed Connor Barth, who was a heck of a kicker here until Lovie and Jason Licht dumped him last year in favor of rookie Murray. At the time, it felt like a money move, since Barth was scheduled to make big Bucs while Murray was hovering at the NFL minimum.

The Broncos picked up Barth but just cut him after a successful season.

This is what you call high-pressure competition.

39 Responses to “Bucs Bring Back Barth”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    Oh well, Barth was good, so is Murray. Lovie is unhappy with the kicking game because Murray missed the PAT and a field goal? Murray had a good year kicking some long FG’s last year. May the best kicker prevail.

  2. Willy D Buc Says:

    Welcome back, Barth Vader!!!!
    (Stay away from the b-ball court, please.)

  3. Aristotle Says:

    Connor Barth is Awesome!!!!

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Competition is a great thing on a football team. Not just with the kickers.

    The DL and LB’s now have some competion as well. Some competition for the DB’s although Johnson’s injury may diminish that some.

    I was hoping for more competition for the 3rd WR but I just haven’t seen it all in the first two preseason games. Nobody has played that much better than Murphy and Louis has proven over the years that he can do it when the lights come on.

  5. The original "Kevin" Says:


    Sorry to get so excited over a kicker but this is a big deal. I was pissed when he left and Im happy he is back!!!!!!!!!Welcome back broskie…..time to win some football games!!!!!

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    When I backed out the Morning Cup of Joe came up. I was thinking the Evening Cup of Joe debut. Different storylines from today. I’ll have to get my Megyn Kelly-Donald Trump battle take ready for tomorrow.

  7. 76Sombrero Says:

    Good move! I was disappointed he was cut last season.

  8. Jc tree Says:

    I approve!

  9. DavidBigBucFan Says:

    Buccfan37 if you looked at the depth of the kick offs that has to be another reason. Very short so Barth always had strong leg so Lovie`s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Why not? Now that there’s not such a big gap in salary consideration between the two kickers – it makes for a more interesting competition than last year when it felt like $ was a factor.

    Barth is one of the most accurate kickers in the league looking back over the last 7 years or so. Murray kicked well last year for a rookie – but I’d say Barth has the edge if they both look good because of his history and experience.

    I’m surprised Denver released him – wonder if he’s not been doing well in camp and pre-season for them so far? Anyone know or heard anything about that?

  11. Owlykat Says:

    Great move! Murray was great last year but his production has fallen off to a sophomoric slump in the absence of competition. So Lovie has fixed that problem.

  12. SuperSam Says:

    Off topic but this is a great article on young Jameis I had to share, http://espn.go.com/blog/cincinnati-bengals/post/_/id/18593/jameis-winston-bengals-buccaneers-dre-kirkpatrick-staring-down-wrs-habit-fixed

  13. Buccfan37 Says:

    DavidBigBucFan .. I didn’t notice the Bucs kickoffs were short. It was good that the Bengals won the coin flip and kicked off forcing the Bucs offense on the field first. That opening drive set the tone for the whole game.

  14. DayOnePaul Says:

    Any chance he learned how to RETURN kicks while he was away?

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Maybe Murray came in out of shape? Or maybe he has a sore foot or something.

  16. JameisBucsfan Says:

    Next year’s first round pick needs to be Roberto.

  17. DallasBuc Says:

    I didn’t like that they let him go and happy to see that they were willing bring him back in to compete. Hope Barth shows in competition that they never should have let him go.

  18. DB55 Says:

    Next week Lovie brings back zuttah and penn. Says he was just playin’

    But seriously with all the excitement this week no one has talked about how poor the ST unit is, punting is still atrocious and missed FGs just won’t work for LovieBall.

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    SuperSam..thanks for the link, but us FSU fans have no idea wth Kirkpatrick is talking about. Perhaps JW did stare down his receivers at times last season because like many of us Noles fans tried to tell fans in here last season, he only had one WR and one TE he trusted in 2014. 2013 was a whole different deal. He doesn’t HAVE a habit of staring down receivers. If anything he was over-confident in himself in 2014. He thought he could put the ball anywhere he wanted to regardless if the WR was covered tight or not.

  20. DB55 Says:


    It truly is evil twin day. Thanks for the article! It’s impressive when your opponents show you love.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    But he does process things on the field very quickly. Nevermind I’m just repeating the same stuff I said months ago.

    If Jameis does turn out to be the QB the Bucs dreamed of, I’ll never gloat about it in here. What I will do however is remind everyone that it wasn’t just me being an FSU homer. That shyte bothered me. I kept repeating for months that I was a bigger Bucs fan than Noles fan. I know what I saw in 2013 and I wasn’t relenting from it.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    What I will do however is remind everyone that it wasn’t just me being an FSU homer.

    Not gonna fly bro. You are most clearly an FSU homer. But I’ll already concede you were correct. Fameis is the real deal. Of course my questions were more off field related. And so far I’ll give you props on that as well. You wrote it off to immaturity and that’s how it appears. He’s been the model Buc up till now.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m biased because I know Barth & he is from my home town…..setting that aside, I think he’s a better kicker than Murray….but not by a longshot….Murray is good.
    This is a great thing to have happen…some real competition….we need it at punter..

    The kicker that has the strongest leg on kickoffs should be the winner of the competition because I think they want to dump Koenen if they can.

  24. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Glad to have him back. Competition makes everyone better. And kickers only have to miss a couple to lose their confidence. I’m glad we have a plan b now.

  25. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Yes Joe Jason has been busy.. And me my favorite GM happen to share the same birthday. Different years of course.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh yah btw..I’m happy Barth’s back too, just like everyone else.

  27. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Put Murray in at punter. Koenen sucks

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    StPeteBucsFan…lol re-read it again. I didn’t say I’m not an FSU homer. I said wanting Winston had nothing to do with it.

  29. Max Says:

    We get Barth Vader back at a discounted price, all is well.

  30. Pickgrin Says:

    An article out of Denver said that Barth was most likely released because his kickoffs were not deep enough. The other guy they have who was released last year for inconsistent field goals and then they brought Barth in (who rewarded the Broncos by hitting 17 out of 18 field goals) – is now hitting every field goal AND getting touchbacks on every kickoff practically – so in their mind Barth was expendable.

    If Barth sticks – it will likely be because Koenen is retained also – as Koenen is usually deep with his kickoffs and will handle those duties.

  31. Buc89 Says:

    So we bring back Barth, which I approve, but we leave the much more glaring hole at punter untouched. FIRE KOENAN

  32. Stanglassman Says:


    You are correct Barth’s only weakness is his kickoff. He is clearly a better Fg K when you take away the salary differences and kick off distance. That’s why they signed P Schum (On Bucs PC last season) who not only punts but does kick-offs and onside kicks well. Look for Barth and Schum to both make this team if they perform well over the next two weeks.

  33. MadMax Says:

    I was hoping we would pick him up after his release….good job.

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Um…he wasn’t sent packing just for salary. He’s a kicker who tore his Achilles in an offseason charity basketball game. The Bucs needed to bring in a replacement because he was out.

    After that…why take the risk that the injury might not heal properly?

    They handled letting him go perfectly. Dump the salary, let some other team test him, and now we get him back.

    I’m actually surprised he was willing to come back though. As I recall there were some bad feelings after he was sent packing.

  35. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc89 Says
    “So we bring back Barth, which I approve, but we leave the much more glaring hole at punter untouched. FIRE KOENAN”

    They also have Spencer Lanning and Karl Schmitz on the roster, in case you didn’t notice.

    Schmitz seems to be okay, though he had a bad game this week. That’s okay though…adversity leads to growth in many cases. Maybe he’ll get better because of it. His first game was pretty good.

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Pickgrin Says
    “… AND getting touchbacks on every kickoff practically…”

    See, now to me that isn’t a good thing.

    I would rather pin them on the 5 yard line than the 20.

  37. Joe Says:

    Pickgrin Says
    “… AND getting touchbacks on every kickoff practically…”

    See, now to me that isn’t a good thing.

    I would rather pin them on the 5 yard line than the 20.

    At least with a touchback, you know your opponent can’t run it back.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I get that…but giving them 20 yards for free isn’t good either…not in my opinion anyway. If you have a good enough special teams unit…run backs won’t happen.

  39. Pickgrin Says:

    According to the article I read – the Broncos got burned on a couple long kickoff returns off Barth’s leg as his kickoffs were not even making it to the goal line.

    I think you would be in the minority of not preferring a touchback Bonzai. And the only way that a kickoff returner gets pinned deep (barring a muffed catch) is if he runs out a kickoff that was 8 or 9 yards deep in the end zone. A kick that doesn’t even make it to the end zone or just barely does will not usually result in in a tackle inside the 15 yard line.