More Fuel Dropped On Glennon Fire

July 5th, 2015

Winston Glennon

When the Bucs canceled their final June minicamp practice at the last minute in favor of a team bowling outing, astute FOX Sports NFL writer Alex Marvez was at One Buc Palace and spent extensive time with offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

Marvez did plenty of other mingling, as well. One could say he was the last reporter to take the pulse of the Buccaneers before the team’s official vacation before training camp.

So it’s a little alarming that Marvez is unconvinced Jameis Winston is the Bucs’ opening day starter.

In a look at a key training-camp question for each NFL team, Marvez says the Bucs’ regime seems content to let Jameis and Glennon compete in preseason — at least.

Marvez says the Bucs believe Jameis is developing faster while learning and watching Glennon. “Mike has been through three offenses in three years. Jameis will tell you he watches Mike and learns from Mike,” Koetter said.

As Joe’s written previously, Joe wouldn’t want to be in Lovie Smith’s shoes if Lovie decides to advise Team Glazer that he’s rolling with Glennon for a while. It simply would be one of the most ridiculous moves imaginable.

76 Responses to “More Fuel Dropped On Glennon Fire”

  1. rayjay1122 Says:

    While I have never been an active member of the MGM and I am all in on Winston being our franchise QB, the wild card in all of this is Koeter’s offense and who initially is running it with more precision. First and foremost I want the Bucs to win as many games this season regardless of who is taking the snaps. It is possible that Glennon could start the first part of the season and then Winston could take over later if Glennon is struggling. Only time will tell. Actually looking forward to preseason games this year. It will be interesting.

  2. ruggyup Says:

    ” It simply would be one of the most ridiculous moves imaginable.” Thank you for highlighting a Lovie Smith special pattern.

  3. Hawk Says:

    Have to agree with rayjay1122. Whoever Koetter thinks will give the best chance to win games, that is the horse you ride til it drops. *If* Glennon is a better gamble than Winston on opening day, what is the down-side to having Winston watch and learn?

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    Joe – You don’t believe in competing for a position? If Glennon clearly has a better pre-season, you would bench him? What message does that give to other players competing at other positions? Just asking.

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    I don’t think it will happen – but if Glennon obviously beats out Winston for the right to start the season behind center – then its a win-win for the franchise.

    Jameis would be better off in the long run sitting for a half season or even a whole season. And Glennon would raise his trade value with solid play.

    Like I said – that is unlikely to happen though because Winston is one of the most talented QBs to come to the pros in many years – and Glennon (short of a MAJOR jump in abilities) has shown himself to be barely capable of being a starting QB in this league.

    Its good that they kept MG8 because its pretty common for a starting QB to miss at least a game or 2 at some point during the season due to injury and Glennon is probably one of the more capable backup QBs in the league.

    I am glad to see that Lovie is not just anointing Winston as the starter and will make him earn the right to start against the Titans.

  6. jimmy53 Says:


    I love America’s QB, and I think he’s going to have a storied career for the Bucs, but cooler heads (aka- not Joe’s) would say lets ease into the season to allow our O-line some time to gel and see where they are. It does the Bucs no favors to have our new toy out there running for his life. Let Mike take the lumps in the short term while we are figuring out the long term.

    I guess what surprises me the most is this DOOMSDAY scenario pushed by The Joe’s where the Bucs will be going down in flames if Jameis doesn’t start—especially since it is common practice to let rookies ride the pine for a few games.

  7. Curtis Gatorboy Says:

    I told you JOE! Glennon is the better QB! POINT BLANK PERIOD! Why the bucs even drafted this BUM jameis, I DONT KNOW!

  8. Buc-A-New Says:

    I remember at least one of the Joes being Outraged last yr when he was handed the Job instead of competing with MG. I also seem to remember an article about the need to have competition at Every position.
    If MG can beat out JW then we may have wasted a pick

  9. Dan Says:

    We didn’t buy season tickets to go see Glennon start while our first round draft pick sits. If Glennon was the answer we would have taken a defensive player. Newsflash Glennon was already on the roster when we spent our first overall pick on a qb

  10. Frijole Says:

    Curtis gatorvag. Go follow the iggles. Ur boy is awaiting to be cut yet again so catch hime while he lasts. 4-8

  11. Maze Says:

    F that shite. If Glennon starts I’m done till Lovie is fired. What a joke this franchise can be

  12. bucsbedabest Says:

    Curtis boy – Winston was a better QB than Glennon when he was a freshman in college. Calling America’s QB a bum is like saying that the Division I college football freshman record holder for yards, TD as well as the youngest player ever to win the Heisman Trophy and come from behind BCS National Championship MVP was a mirage. If Koetter thinks Glennon is outplaying Winston and should start in week one maybe he should review some film from last year to see Glennon’s timid play and INT at the worst possible times. Stop this talk about Jameis not starting in week one, we are going to the Super Bowl damnit.

  13. R.O. Says:

    I disagree. 1.) JW is only 21. He’s not a 5th year Sr who started for 4 years. 2.) No where is it a fact that rookies who start opening day are more likely to have successfull NFL careers, especially QBs I would have no problem if Glennon started the season. However, the press would have a field day and tear up A 21 yr old kid and the team because they have nothing better to do.

  14. P'cola Buc Says:

    Opening game will also feature the defensive guru….Dick Lebeau formally of the Pitsburgh Steelers. It may be interesting to note that Glennon’s only win last season was against Lebeau and the very same Steelers. Winston watching from the sidelines just as he did as a red-shirted Freshman at FSU may not be such a bad idea. Didn’t seem to do Winston any harm then. Winston is an investment…let’s include the big picture when we make such decisions.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Quarterback by committee, yeah that’ll work briefly, until the clear winner can establish himself. I’m fine either way as long as whoever it is leads effectively to wins. If Winston starts against Tennessee and shows trouble adapting, will Glennon replace him during the game? If MG struggles also, that’s a QB dilemma, back to musical chair QB’ing. I expect Winston to start, beyond that who knows?

  16. jimmy53 Says:

    Jesus, if Winston doesn’t win the starting job in his first game as a rookie it DOESNT mean he’s a bust or a wasted pick. Some of our greatest QB’s didn’t start right away (I’ll forgo the obvious Rodgers example and throw out Aikman instead).

    A) Curtis Gatorboi: your orange and blue is showing. Don’t ignore the future just because you can’t see past college allegiances.

    B) Jameis is going to be phenomenal, but if he doesn’t start against Tenn, it’s NOT the end of the world folks.

    Your expectations are waaaaaaay to high! Step off the ledge.

  17. P'cola Buc Says:

    Opening game will also feature Lebeau the legendary defensive HOFer. Glennon’s only win last year was against the Steelers and the very same Lebeau. Winston watching from the sidelines just as he did as a red-shirted freshman at FSU may not be such a bad idea. Didn’t seem to do Winston any harm then. Winston is an investment…let’s include the big picture when we make this decision.

  18. White Tiger Says:

    It depends on there perception of how well the o-line handles the final pre-season game. If they are as raw as I think – Glennon WILL get the nod – if only to keep the rookie…upright.

  19. what? Says:

    The point is, Glennon is good. To the dismay of many.

    He’ll challenge Jameis….more mentally than anything, but his mere presence will make Jameis better. Worst case, we’ve got the best backup QB in the league.

    Glennon will never get his respect, honestly much in the same way that Brad Johnson never got the love due to him after bringing us rings.

  20. P'cola Buc Says:

    Just an aside: Don’t try to use legendary Mr. Lebeau’s first name here. Maybe say “Richard”….but the name he goes by will get you comment kicked out from here.

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    Winston might need all the starts and action he can get, I get your concern that the first overall pick at QB should start and play through any learning curve he may face in order to get better. Aside from the statement made by Koetter that Winston says he is watching and learning from MG, I can’t recall any OC comments about MG’s play and ability, except playing in three different offenses you just quoted. Who really knows which way coaching is leaning at this early date? I think Lovie will have to go along with Koetter’s advice in the matter.

  22. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    If the o-line and running game sucks as bad as I think they might, I am all for Glennon getting the nod. I would rather career back up QB get pummeled than our potential franchise guy.

  23. WS99 Says:

    Silly season, right joe? Winston is better than Glennon n mccown combined which is to say he better than Glennon bc mclown ain’t chit.

    Some of you guys worry me, you might just lose your buc fan card if you keep spewing stupid chit.

  24. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I largely agree with Pickgrin and White Tiger. It should be a true competition although odds are great that Fameis wins it.

    In fact it won’t be a genuine competition, but if MG8 is CLEARLY the best chance to win then we HAVE to go with him…but if the competition is close then you go with the franchise QB and start picking up experience.

    I think White Tiger is on to something. If the OL comes together and can achieve competency if not top quality, and the rest of the offensive pieces work as well as expected and Koetter has his act together then Fameis plays.

    If this team can cobble together a “decent” no need for all pro..OL and all the receivers and RB’s live up to their reps then Fameis won’t need an all pro year for us to win ten and make it to the playoffs.

    Fameis inexperience combined with his gunslinger and mentality are going to cause us to lose a game due to poor choices on the field and yet we’ll also probably win won due to a gamble on the field that pays off. Again though Fameis can be a caretaker this year. We shouldn’t need him to win games by himself. There will come the day however in a year or two in the playoffs where we WILL need a franchise QB to simply WIN a game for us. That’s Famies by 2016.

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    I’d have *zero* problem with the BEST QB starting, and the BEST QB playing in each game…if he’s winning.

    I’d have *zero* problems if that is Glennon. Or Winston.

    I could care less about potential, politics, man-crushes, draft position or any other non on-the-field issue.

    Just win, Baby…

  26. WS99 Says:

    Hog wash! All of it!!! Hog wash I say, hog wash!!!!

  27. Ocalbuc Says:

    You don’t shell out 25 mill guranteed for a developmental prospect. Well maybe the Bucs do. If Glennon is/was the answer why draft Jameis.

  28. pete Says:

    I think both Bucs quarterbacks will prove to be good NFL QBs, But, this years drafted Olinemen and last years drafted Olinemen will have to step up and a new center found in order for any quarterback to have a chance to prove himself!

  29. Destinjohnny Says:

    So I wonder how Mariota does against glennon in week one. The players are saying in Tennessee that he is far better then they thought he would be.
    It will be interesting seeing our d go against a dual threat like that.
    I wonder how are Fan base takes it if mariota smokes us in that game. I think winston will be good but early reports are mariota is the real deal.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    @Destin Johnny

    Actually this battle against Mariota is even larger than just Mariota-Winston or Bucs-Titans.

    The league is changing and there are those who hate it. They want pocket passers and games controlled by defense. See New England. Others are more wide open and feature QB’s who move freely out of the pocket like the Seahawks and Packers and Niners.

    There is a great battle over “style” right now in the NFL. It’s interesting to watch. I’ve always felt there is more than one way to win although I can’t imagine an NFL team lining up in the single wing and running options all day.

    But hybrids of pocket/running QB’s are going to be more common in the future.
    I think the Peyton Mannings and Brady’s of the world are history and the Rodgers and Wilsons of the world are the future.

    Fameis is not as fast or athletic as Mariota, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be an effective runner and exhibit pocket elusiveness. I think he has a good feel for this

  31. Supersam Says:

    I’ll take dirks’s opinion on who should be the starter over any other coach on the roster. And something tells me he’s leaning towards Glennon.

  32. WS99 Says:

    Mariota hasn’t signed a contract and chances are he’ll be in an Eagles uniform before week 1.

    Qb is not the question mark. The real ? is with Carter, Verner, conte, wright, George Johnson, eds, ASJ, Frazier and lovely smith.

    Who’s going to drop a critical first down, who’s going to give up a long TD, who’s going to give up contain on 3&4. Who’s going to allow 12 men on the field with 30 seconds left in thee game while lining up for a game winning fg.

    Trust me jaboo will succeed dispite lovely smith.

  33. Jody Says:

    Winston is garbage.nuff said.

  34. WS99 Says:


    Let me guess. Product of the fl public education system you are? Lol.

  35. Mo_Downs Says:

    Everyone loves the marquee match-up of Mariota and Winston. I’m in favor of whichever QB won the camp competition starting against the Titans.

    While Bucs fans would howl, Glennon has already beaten that defense. It just might be better to see how well the line is playing with a more experienced QB, Glennon, at the helm rather than throwing Jameis to the wolves.

    With regard to Lovie, I doubt that he brought in Koetter to hold a clipboard.
    Koetter will know which QB will be ready to face the Titans or whomever else we play for the rest of the season. If Glennon starts the first game, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to start.

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jimmy53- you sir, have displayed the rarest commodity on this site- common sense!! That post was spot on, and intelligent!!
    Restores my faith!

    If our line is struggling- you feed “non-winning Glennon” to the Sharks.
    He would be a small lose. Can’t risk “Franchise future” Jameis.

  37. tickrdr Says:

    The “clock” starts on Lovie and Licht’s tenure the minute Winston starts, and if he does well they’re golden. But if Jameis struggles or is an out and out bust, then their time will be short. IMO, there is no downside to starting Glennon, beacuse if he does well, and the team is winning; then the fans and Glazers will be happy. Even the Jameis worshippers would have to stifle their displeasure with JW3 on the bench, IF the team is winning. And if Glennon does poorly, then the fans will be screaming for the “messiah” anyway. In fact, all of the pressure would be on Glennon, and not L & L, as even one incompletion will have the faithful screaming for a change.


  38. Brent Says:

    Why ridiculous? Heard polian endorsing that very move earlier this year. I personally don’t care who starts Winston will end up starting. Joe with some of your qb analysis I’ve the years I don’t think your one to call any qb evaluation ridiculous? Lmao! I’d go with koetter over you. Anyway it doesn’t ultimately matter who cares.

  39. Joe Says:


    The value/concept of “likes” on comments is simply lost on Joe. What’s the point? What’s the benefit?

    This format for comments works just fine.

  40. Dick2111 Says:

    Late post but … this ‘dilemma’ has all been created by Joe it appears.

    Dirk Koetter doesn’t just want to hand the QB job to Jameis, he wants him to know that he’s earned it. From what I’ve read previously, Jameis wants the same thing. Put another way, competition is constructive and healthy. In the end, Jameis will end up being a better QB for it.

    Jameis has a long career ahead of him; let’s train him up right and not rush him into starting if he shows that he’s not ready. And that’s the coaches’ responsibility to determine. Not fans, not sports writers. Our ‘job’ is to critique the outcome. Obviously some relish that ‘job’ more than others.

    If Lovie and Koetter are convinced that Glennon is the better QB after preseason ends, then he should start against the Titans. Whoever gives the Bucs the best chance of winning. I’m tired of buying season tickets every year to watch them lose.

  41. Joe Says:

    Why ridiculous? Heard polian endorsing that very move earlier this year. I personally don’t care who starts Winston will end up starting. Joe with some of your qb analysis I’ve the years I don’t think your one to call any qb evaluation ridiculous? Lmao! I’d go with koetter over you. Anyway it doesn’t ultimately matter who cares.

    So Joe was wrong about Freeman?

    Joe is going to guess you are implying about Johnny Football? Don’t forget Bill Polian was also pounding the drum for him, and Polian knows him better than 99 percent of NFL people. You cited Polian in your comment. Uh, oh.

    Also, only an abject moron would give up on a player after only six quarters.

    Gil Brandt told Joe to his face last year that Johnny Football might be better than Roger Staubach. Nah, that Brandt, he has no clue about football. smh

  42. WS99 Says:

    If Lovie starts Glennon he’ll be laughed out of the NFL. Last year he start mccown over Glennon. Those two almost had identical career numbers, think about that. Then this year he starts Glennon over Winston. Madness absolute madness. You “tanked” the season so you can let your prized pick sit the bench to “learn”. I bet no one was saying this chit about Andrew luck. All of a sudden Glennon is good enough when all last year some where saying he wasn’t even as good as garbage mclown. Hold on I need to go get my heart meds and anxiety pills. You guys are something else.

    Me: hey Marshall Faulk who would you start Glennon or Winston?
    Faulk: are you stupid bc you can’t possibly be serious. Get otta here kid you’re bothering me.

  43. Buccfan37 Says:

    Buc-A-New… or you can just reply and like a comment in the present format. I have a sense that your desired change would mess up everything.

  44. Brent Says:

    I gave up on Manziel before he was drafted to small and immature. He’s in his 2nd year and can’t beat out mcclown? Anyways love your blog but can’t figure out why it matters if mg started a few if hes better right now? We can’t make decisions based on fans. Winston will end up starter. I’m more interested in not having another losing season..

  45. WS99 Says:

    Ok, yes I did. Didn’t realize it was that big. Awesome.

  46. Buc-A-New Says:

    I will say that that site is NOTHING like this site because Joe puts out about 6 articles a day whereas we leave an article up all day and Im the Only one that writes anything Bucs. I wish it were an NFCS site mostly but lets face it. There aren’t enough true fans of NFCS teams. Not like any other div that is. I also hang out at a NFCW site because there are So many people there and over the years I have developed some good friendships with some Westies.

  47. Buc-A-New Says:

    How was your Fourth?

  48. WS99 Says:

    I found this little beauty on based on our own JBF article. Here’s the final paragraph which is complete accurate IMO.

    Winston’s confidence and “gunslinger mentality,” as Barber called it, can be an asset if Lovie Smith gets out of the way and doesn’t insist on handicapping the offense to coddle a young quarterback, especially when those interceptions begin to mount.

    In the words of a wise man: move b itch Get out the way get out the way b itch get out the way. – ludacris

    Get out the way mr smith and friends.

  49. WS99 Says:


    I don’t remember. All I know is if you’re going to drink a pint of crown royal and chase it down with a 12 pack of Stella you may want to eat something in the process. Yesterday morning I felt like mclown after he met Suh in Detroit. I didn’t cry though, should have but didn’t. Lmao. True story.

  50. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    I’d like to go back to a JBF article from a week or two ago where Joe was praising Koetter for wanting honest competition at the (RB?) different vpositions regardless of where a player was drafted. Seems that concept SHOULD apply to QB as well. There is no downside to playing Glennon for awhile IF he gives the team the best chance to win in the opinion of the coaches. Jamies was the first selection in the draft, at some point he will start even if he never plays better than Glennon…too many peoples asses are on the line for the pick to pan out. The only reason I can imagine people here are so fearful of Glennon possibly getting the start early on is fear of having to retract some of their anti-Glennon spew if Glennon actually plays well?

  51. Buc-A-New Says:

    ROTFLMMFAO Bro…………. Sounds like you had fun whether you remember it or not! Dude. just wade through all the BS speculation that is the next couple months. I fully believe that if the OL is serviceable we will Shock the world.

  52. tickrdr Says:

    @Toes on the Line:



  53. Buc-A-New Says:

    I concur with Tickr and Toes.
    Let Jameis “Earn” the job. Even my son has to earn his Legos.

  54. WS99 Says:

    Lol. Now I’m just arguing for the sake of arguing but here’s this. If Jameis doesn’t start he’d be the first overall pick to not start week 1 in at least a decade or more. Just saying. Lottery picks don’t sit the bench in any sport fellas. Not one.

  55. BucFan20 Says:

    Please do not get Joe started with the “clock” again. He is the only one that thinks if Lovie starts Winston it is unplugged, batteries thrown away and so on. But if he starts Glennon it runs twice as fast.

  56. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yeah Toes, just imagine MG playing well off the bat given the chance. There will be a lot of ducking and covering by the anti MG laughers.

  57. WS99 Says:

    For the record I love MGM but nope.

  58. Buc-A-New Says:

    I wouldn’t think that MG would play that well off the bat unless the OL is “average”. What a refreshing thing that would be to have an average OL right about now. MG is in his third offensive system in his three yrs as a pro. JW is entering his second system in four years. Change can be ……… um…..many things.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    Buccfan37 Says:
    July 5th, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    “Yeah Toes, just imagine MG playing well off the bat given the chance. There will be a lot of ducking and covering by the anti MG laughers.”

    I think it would be a GREAT thing if Glennon blows up. Then we will have that Brees-Rivers scenario that San Diego had. We could get more than just 1 pick for Glennon but……nah, not going to happen. The only way Glennon sees the field this year is if Famous Jameis gets injured. Not even poor play by Winston will allow him to take the field imo.

  60. Fsuking Says:

    Adding to one of the more popular posts of the off-season. Both Jameis and Glennon could beat the Titans. Heck they can both beat the Saints. But only Jameis can beat the Texans. Only Jameis can beat the Cowboys, Eagles ,Colts, Redskins ( ha-ha jk I could beat the Redskins). But the point is we need Jameis to have a winning season and any talk of Glennon is cray-cray. He’s a quality backup! I love the guy but he simply isn’t good enough to make the playoffs with the team we have right now… But Jameis is!

  61. LargoBuc Says:

    Who ever gives us the best chance to win will start. Glennon has more knowledge, studying now his third pro offense at the NFL level. While Jameis has the poise. The leadership. More athleticism. Stronger intangibles.
    Im not worried. Just sit back and enjoy one of many battles this August. The pro’s coaches will do the hard stuff.

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m still a pretty big fan of Glennon though….but Marpet’s my new homeboy.

  63. Thomas Pollard Says:

    I dont care who we start as I believe in both QB but I do believe it will be better to start JW. The schedule is set up this year for us to get a win in week instead of going 0- and whatever

  64. LakelandBuc Says:

    The problem is that Glennon looks good in shorts during OTA’S and he look good in practice, but when preseason starts, he look horrible in preseason games. He don’t go through his reads, he’s afraid of the pressure and he takes too many sacks, he overthrow receivers, he can’t find the open receiver.There’s a ton of difference between practice and an actually game.

  65. bucsbedabest Says:

    You heard it here. I guarantee Jameis Winston will start week one. Why? He is Amerca;s QB and Lovie will lose his job if MG8 starts and the Bucs lose the home opener because of Napolean Dynomite.

  66. Curtis gatorboy Says:

    Maybe the glazers told Locke to not start a THUG at QB!!!!!

  67. Nick2 Says:

    Our new OC’s offense is predicated on the long pass alot. Think Julio Jones and Roddy White. Those two caught alot of long balls. Well Mike Glennon either doesnt throw a good long ball or more often than not is afraid to throw it and when he does alot of picks happen. Jameis will shine in this offense. Jameis has a great touch on the long ball and will make plays Glennon never could or “would”. So bring on the preseason and I think it will be obvious that Winston is better suited to run our current offense.

  68. ThunderBuc81 Says:

    These articles and opinions are senseless we still have a way too much preseason left to even begin to ponder it. Until about the third preseason game… who cares?

  69. bucs4lyfe Says:

    you can speculate offseason workouts all day long but the simple truth is lovie doesn’t have to start Winston if he’s the guy for the next decade doesn’t mean he starts day one. the guy who starts this season will be the guy who shows up in preseason games and has the ability to run the offense and lead his team for however many drives he plays, you don’t decide the starting quarterback based on how he plays in shorts with no pass rush

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    Curtis gatorboy Says:
    July 6th, 2015 at 7:22 am

    “Maybe the glazers told Locke to not start a THUG at QB!!!!!”

    Maybe someday you’ll grow up.

  71. T-BAY FAN 4 LIFE Says:

    Joe your an IDIOT. As a Bucs fan I want the Coaches to play the best player available. Not just hand someone a starting role just because they were a high draft pick.

  72. Kevin Says:

    Everyone on here bitching about how bad an idea it would be for Glennon to start have dead inactive brains. Whoever is running the offense and the team better should start. Whether its glennon or winston who gives a flying crap????

    Would you really be upset if Glennon started and we won a bunch of games, I don’t think so. Either way everyone knows winston is our future QB whether it be right out of the gate or later this season/next season. I don’t care which one of them start as long as it’s the best option, period…

  73. Capt.Tim Says:

    Curtis Gaytorboy
    Actually, the Glazers wanted to start a high moral QB- like Florida’s own failed QB- Tim Tebow!!!
    But they knew he couldn’t have any mobility, with you lip locked tight to his Junk.

    Also- they remembered the rule
    Some Gators shine in College, but all Gators stink in the NFL
    Silly Gator, pro football is for Seminoles!!

  74. Capt.Tim Says:

    Kevin. Sounds great
    But Glennon has proven he can’t win a bunch of games
    Stats before Wins!! The Glennon motto

    But let him start, to give the O-line time to Jell!
    No need to let Jameis take a beating, while the line gets their act together.
    Glennon will have years on the bench, to recuperate!

  75. Joe Says:

    Would you really be upset if Glennon started and we won a bunch of games, I don’t think so.

    If that’s the case, then it sure as hell smells that they royally screwed up the draft.

    Imagine how people would want Lovie’s head on a platter if, say, Louis Murphy was shaming Mike Evans. Then why did you draft Evans?

  76. Hawk Says:

    Joe Said:

    “If that’s the case, then it sure as hell smells that they royally screwed up the draft.”

    Why? Just because Winston isn’t ahead of a third year player on day one? At THE most difficult position on the field. THAT is silly logic.

    “Imagine how people would want Lovie’s head on a platter if, say, Louis Murphy was shaming Mike Evans. Then why did you draft Evans?”

    First of all, Murphy had his chance to outshine Evans in an NFL game (16 of them).
    Second, IF it happens, then either Evans will be going through a ‘sophomore slump’, or Murphy is having a career year. But if Murphy were to suddenly become the second coming of Jerry Rice, it would just mean that the Bucs then have their ‘third’ receiver that you have been harping on.
    It does not seem to matter whether it is Winston or Glennon… haters gonna hate. And I bet that wins, by either one, will not stop it.