Who’s The 2015 Training Camp Darling?

June 15th, 2015

Adam Humphries?

Roughly this time last year, Lovie Smith was glowing about having the fastest man in football on his roster, former Gators star and Olympic sprinter Jeff Demps.

Demps, however, showcased lousy hands, especially in the passing game. He didn’t make the 53-man roster and is out of football.

Speedy receiver Chris Owusu was a training camp darling under Lovie and made the team. But he was cut a few weeks later and now sits at the bottom of the Jets roster.

The 2013 Bucs training camp standout? That award goes to Tommy Streeter, the gigantic wide receiver from the University of Miami. But Streeter was among final preseason cuts. Amazingly, he’s entering his fourth NFL season (Dolphins) without a career catch. That shows how much the guy shines in practice.

Every year, there’s a skill position player who looks special but fools and teases his new Bucs fans.

This year, that guy could be wide receiver Adam Humphries, who has important Bucs officials having visions of Wayne Chrebet.

Humphries is a 5-10, NFL walk-on, like Chrebet was with the Jets 20 years ago, a tryout player looking to stick with toughness and great hands. So far, Humphries looks the part. His route running is crisp in traffic, and his hands are sound. He’s got an edge to him. And at least he’s got decent experience after four full seasons at Clemson.

Joe is eyeing Humphries, but his chances appear grim, even more so after the Bucs signed versatile receiving threat Tim Wright last week.

The story goes that Chrebet, whose jersey is now retired, made the 1995 Jets roster because he never dropped a pass that entire summer. It might take that kind of effort from Humphries.

Good luck, Adam.

21 Responses to “Who’s The 2015 Training Camp Darling?”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    Hoping that
    Humphries > Wright or Myers or Stocker or Brate
    Humphries > Herron, so if it comes to that…

  2. mike Says:

    looks like we found the next chaz the goose

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Would be cool if someone could step up as a dependent slot WR. I can’t wait for the season to start already

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    I like that “never dropped a pass in practice” criterion. Must be rare; a real measure of consistency. If it translate to the pre-season games, we could have the next Chrebet on our hands. What a nice surprise. A pleasant thought. Why not?

  5. The Buc Realist Says:

    @ Lord Cornelius

    look for VJ to play way more “slot” than “outside”. Koetter will put a faster WR on the outside and the “slots” or inside receiver run routes according to what defense is showing. So Koetter will use the veteran he trust to run those inside routes as they have to determine defensive coverages!!!

  6. Buc Neckid Says:

    How is he on Special Teams?
    If he is good, he will beat out those Bubble WR’s & TE’s

  7. LakelandBuc Says:

    Humphries should make the team as a slot receiver/special team he played good at Clemson got a lot of playing time caught 127 passes in 4 years,played a lot of special teams,punt return and punting team. He played with some beastly receivers at Clemson, Hopkins, Watkins, Bryant but he still saw a lot of playing time. This may be VJAX last season, I don’t believe Louis Murphy or Russell Shepard will beat out Humphries, i’m going with Humphries, Dea, Bell, Clay as the 4 roookie receivers who make the final roster, maybe a stretch but those are the guys that I like in Koetter offense, and they all plays special team.

  8. MadMax Says:

    All of the Clemson guys Ive talked to LOVE Humphries! I have a feeling he’s going to make it….just needs to work on not fumbling while fighting for yards.

  9. pancake block Says:

    he’s no larry brackens

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for the heads up. It seems to me as you suggest the odds are incredibly long against this guy making it, but couldn’t he land on the practice squad as depth/potential?

  11. SteveK Says:

    Robert Herron is on notice!

    Smurf battles wages on!

  12. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    Can he punt?

  13. BuccanAy Says:

    The idea of putting VJ in slot is ridiculous. Slot WR’s require short-area quicks, the ability to change directions on a dime, and the ‘guts’ to take a shot. NONE of which VJ has ever demonstrated.

    With our horrid o-line, i’ve always thought we dont have the WR’s for a quick pass attack. A Chrebet/Welker type to run the underneath stuff. Tim Wright will help, but we dont have ANY WR’s that suit a quick pass attack. Both Evans and VJ are downfield WR’s who require time to get into their routes.

  14. LakelandBuc Says:

    BuccanAy, Adam Humphries is a hard worker, the blue collar type like Wayne Chrebet. He will play on special teams, kicking team,punting team it don’t matter . He will play in the slot, he was a good possession receiver at Clemson. If he don’t make the final 53 im sure he wil make the practice squad, he have 4.5 speed which is decent speed.

  15. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    I’m wit The Realist on this one look for VJ in the slot this season. He already mention Koetter moving him around quite a bit in this scheme. The only place to move on the ends would be out of bounds I will assume that movement he is referring to will be some where inside.

  16. LakelandBuc Says:

    Vjax have always play a lot in the slot since he been with the Bucs, especially when Mike Sullivan was OC.

  17. cmurda Says:

    So much for the Lightning. I guess I have to wait 3 months for the Bucs.

  18. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Cup is in the building!

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Another poster without any Clue
    Jackson played a ton of slot the last two years. He has incredible ability to change direction, and he is one of the toughest players in the league.
    He is our best and most versatile WR.

    I know he got ran down from behind once, by some 4.24 midget CB.
    Jackson is 6’5′, and very fast.
    For 4 years- until he got stuck with “check down Glennon”, he LEAD THE LEAGUE IN YARDS PER CATCH.

    Gawd! So tired of the clueless talking about Jackson as Slow- because on Travk star Midget-WHO HE HAD BEAT ON THE PLAY- was able to catch him on the 5 yard line.
    It was a 40 yard gain.
    I’d rather have a 4.6, 6’5′ tough as nails receiver, than a 5’8″, 4.24 pigmy.
    It’s Football- not the Speedy Dwarf Circus

  20. BuccanAy Says:

    Ok..Captain Idiot…we’ll see how VJ does in the slot. He has NEVER been a slot WR in his carreer and aint gonna start now….we will see. You are to stupid to realize the ignorance of your statement…’checkdown Glennon made VJ one of best DOWNFILD WR’s”….you’re a goddam joke

  21. nucifyouBUC Says:

    Ranell Hall #16, kids got hands for days…….