Offensive-Minded Lovie Smith

June 1st, 2015


What appeared to be a typical scene at a Bucs OTA practice on Thursday felt like something more.

Joe snapped the photo above on Thursday at One Buc Palace. Evan (Dietrich) Smith was about to snap the ball in 7-on-7 work. And right in front of the guy feeding balls to the starting center was Lovie Smith, intently studying the Tampa Bay offense.

This went on for a while.

Based on Joe’s observations that day — the only OTA practice open to media to date — Lovie seemed a lot more dialed into the offense than usual. Remember, Lovie is the same guy who didn’t step in last year to guide the team through the loss of Jeff Tedford, and Lovie was hands off Bears offense in Chicago, so Matt Forte told Joe.

Joe doesn’t know what this all means, but it could be that Lovie wants extra-intimate knowledge of the offense to help best counsel and develop his rookie quarterback.

Lovie also is in Year 2 of his Bucs defense, with four free agents added who are very familiar with the system. So his time should be less needed on that side of the ball.

Trust that Joe will keep an eye on Lovie’s movements throughout the spring.

20 Responses to “Offensive-Minded Lovie Smith”

  1. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Licht should go out there and tell Lovie “move along please, there is nothing to see here! The defense is practicing over there!” No offense to Lovie but I would prefer he stay as far away from the offense as possible.

  2. Espo Says:

    Let the coach coach.

  3. tmaxcon Says:


    well said sir!

    i actually would go a step further and equip lovie with an ankle monitor that shocks him when he speaks to or gets near any offensive player or situation.

  4. Tampa Tony Says:

    Lovie is gonna screw up Jameis!!! Stay away loser!!! Go 3-13 so a real coach can come in and save us

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I look at it this way……Lovie was “hands off” last year and we finished last…..what could be the harm of him paying some attention….

    Lovie Smith “America’s Defensive & Sometimes Offensive Minded Coach”

  6. Hawk Says:

    I am with TouchDownTampaBay and tmaxcon. This story/picture gives me NO comfort whatsoever.

  7. Buc-A-New Says:

    IMO Lovie should be restricted from even Saying the word “Offense”

  8. The Buc Realist Says:

    I think this is a “George Costanza” ploy. If you look busy and stressed, people will think that you are working hard!

  9. drdneast Says:

    “Tmaxcon, Tampa Tony.” Tampa’s trolls.

  10. Tiny Tim Says:

    He is the head coach. He is supposed to have intimate knowledge of all three phases of the team…..offense, defense and special teams.

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    Who takes haclks like King seriously? It’s like the go to a Hack Convention, smoke cigars, and agree what they will pontificate in thelr “wise” hackery.

    These pontifications are based on last season with draft picks invoilved. One thing is for sure: every year a team that was *supposed* to be good according to the hacks fail, and teams that were *supposed* to suck don’t suck.

    Not even a year ago Peter King was optimistic about the Bucs and Josh McCown, saying they could make a run into December (he wasn’t alone; I expected much, much more). He was badly wrong then and may be badly wrong now.

    The WORST part of the football year is between the draft & opening of TC. That’s when hacks & pro bloggers start just making stuff up to fill space.

  12. Jimbo Says:

    I agree with Tampabaybucfan and Tiny Tim

    Lovie being hands off got us 2 wins last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Glazers made it clear to him that last year’s offense can’t happen again.

  13. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Thank you drdneast and Tiny Tim…

  14. Hawk Says:

    Lovie being ‘hands off’ is why they WON two games last year. Not having an OC is (ONE of the reasons) why the Bucs lost 14 games.
    Lovie is a defensive-minded coach. Being ‘hands-on’ with the offense, would not have helped. In Kiffen’s last year as DC (in Tampa), when the defense just ‘quit’, can you really say that if Gruden had taken over the defense, it would have lead to more wins?
    Always play to a person’s strengths… even (or especially)coaches.

  15. Digga101 Says:

    He wants to help his young quaterback. He’s not going to let it be this time

  16. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    Lovie should be standing right next to Winston….. as his offensive coordinator instructs both of them about the offense.

  17. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol yea well said!!! tell the the head coach of the team, the guy who recommended you for hire to step away from his offense lol. last year folks talked as if they wanted lovie to step in and do something but now with his job on the line you want him to turn a blind eye….brilliant

  18. Hawk Says:

    bucs4lyfe Said:

    “last year folks talked as if they wanted lovie to step in and do something but now with his job on the line you want him to turn a blind eye….brilliant”

    I seriously doubt if it is the same people who are saying both things, but if you have evidence, I can be convinced.
    Also, *I* do not believe, given the exact same circumstances, that ANY decent HC would have done any different than what Lovie did last year. And if they had, I doubt that the results would have been much/any better.
    Being a defensive-minded HC, I do not ‘expect’ Lovie to be any more involved with the offense than hiring an OC and saying, “The job is yours until I find someone better”.

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m fine with Lovie’s association with both sides of the ball. That is what a head coach does. As far as the pundits who pooh bah the Bucs upcoming season, who the hell cares about their non expert opinion. They pontificate on all the teams, whereas we are right here as Buc fans and know better.

  20. Lamdog Says:

    Until you are named Coach of the Year.

    Win 3 Division championship.

    Win a Conference championship.

    Take a team to the Super Bowl.

    Maybe you can offer insight as to wether Lovie should be with the offense.

    Count yourself lucky Chicago fired a coach that went 10 and 6.

    Remember the Titans: Only Head Coaches and Qb’s get win/loss record.