Martin Key To Jameis Success?

June 29th, 2015
Key to development of "America's Quarterback?"

Key to development of “America’s Quarterback?”

Yes, right-thinking Bucs fans are all giddy about the pro debut of “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston. The only people not excited are out and out haters, or those living such miserable lives, they spend summer Sunday afternoons plotting ways to poison pet rabbits.

Of course, Bucs types want to make sure fans know Jameis has superior weapons, namely receivers Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. There’s tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, too (did you happen to hear all are 6-5?).

Any reasonable person believes having solid weapons helps any quarterback, not just a rookie like Jameis. However, former NFL player Bucky Brooks implies what could help Jameis in the passing game may be overlooked.

Brooks believes it is imperative running back Doug Martin has a productive season. And if he does, so too may Jameis. That’s the word Brooks gave Jenna Laine recently on WHBO-AM 1040.

“If they are able to develop a running game, that will really allow [Jameis’] game to go to the next level,” Brooks said. “Because now, you have the opportunity to go against one-on-one coverage on the outside, if Doug Martin or Charles Sims are able to command that eight-man box, and that allows a young quarterback to really be successful because now, you don’t have to worry about the exotic coverage that some quarterbacks will see if they don’t have that balanced running attack behind them.”

Well, this is sort of the chicken-and-the-egg theory. Of course, in a perfect world, offenses don’t want defenses to key on a specific tendencies. Let’s be honest, the quarterback’s main talent isn’t handing the ball off — any drunk getting roasted on the east side of the Den of Depression can do that. But throwing the ball without decent weapons, that becomes a difficult task.

Want to know one reason Sam Bradford never developed into a franchise quarterback? It’s not just because he’s more brittle than a bag of Fritos. It was the criminal neglect from the Lambs not getting the guy any decent weapons to throw to. You make that massive invenstment in a quarterback and the best you can do to help the guy out is pull Kenny Britt out of jail off the scrap heap?

Yeah, having Martin return to his rookie form should help Jameis. But Joe isn’t of the mind that will make or break the young man.

7 Responses to “Martin Key To Jameis Success?”

  1. Dick2111 Says:

    Jameis’ success will depend far more on whether or not the OLine can protect him than on any factor other than on Jameis himself.

    I really hope Martin has a great year, but I seriously doubt that he’ll be a featured RB like Adrian Peterson is to the Vikings. And I’m still thinking that Dominique Brown is going to surprise some folks.

  2. Mark Biggens Bachman Says:

    Pet rabbits are stupid and need to be put down.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is a no-brainer…..a good running game always helps the QB…..I think Jameis can do well even with an average running game.
    To me, the key is Koetter and his ability to involve TEs, 3rd WRs & Sims.

  4. CWBucfan Says:

    i think Brooks has it backwards. The key to the Bucs having a viable running attack will be JW completing passes, and let’s not forget the impact having an OC that actually knows how to call plays.

  5. RayRay1 Says:

    And what’s the key to Martin or any RB being successful ?? The O line, makes me nervous.

  6. Wombat Says:

    8 man fronts??? We are used to 9 man fronts here in Tampa. We have never had a QB in the last decade demand respect from the corners!!! I hope we see 8 in the box, then we can see whats under the hood of Jameis!

  7. unbelievable Says:

    C’mon you guys know better than that.

    If a defense won’t respect the run, it doesn’t matter who you are throwing to, or who is throwing to them. Using the pass to set up the run can help situationally, but it is NOT a strategy for an entire season.