Proving “He’s Not A No. 1 Draft Pick Bust”

May 28th, 2015
Jameis Winston's teammates are talking. (Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Jameis Winston’s teammates are talking. (Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Hey, George Johnson, you played with Matthew Stafford last season, a real franchise quarterback.

So what’s the QB vibe from Jameis Winston, and how is it affecting the Buccaneers?

“You can definitely tell that he wants to be great,” Johnson told Joe. “You could tell from his college film and you could tell from right now. He just wants to be the best player, you know, he wants to prove to people that he is a good quarterback and he’s not a No. 1 draft pick bust. I can see that in him. He’s working for it.”

Joe talked to other players about Jameis today, and there’s a real buzz and respect flowing.

Joe will share more tomorrow, including one prominent Buccaneer who says Jameis’ excused absence at practice today was clearly felt.

36 Responses to “Proving “He’s Not A No. 1 Draft Pick Bust””

  1. rayjay1122 Says:

    I realize there are many people that our going to have to be won over and Winston will have to prove he is a franchise QB on the field. He is showing he has the it factor with coaches and team mates. I can’t believe my Bucs have most likely finally found their franchise QB… I dreaming? Is this real life?

  2. JFF Says:

    Gotta wait until the actual games start to prove he’s not a bust. Football is not played in shorts in a controlled environment.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I know you’re a long time Buc fan like me….and we’ve been through some QBs…..I always wondered why some would develop with other teams….Like Doug Williams, Steve Young…and yes even Trent Dilfer…..Vinny was good….but not great….I think he always felt his arm would be good enough to squeeze one in…but many times…it ended in an interception.
    I, too am very hopeful…..not ready to coronate Winston as “America’s QB” yet…but still am very hopeful he earns the title.

  4. Tampa Tony Says:

    Save us Jameis from Lovie’s ineptitude!!!!

  5. Tiny Tim Says:

    Winston is the man point blank.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    rayjay…I still can’t believe that it’s possibly true. I know one thing he’s on my mind more than once throughout an average day. No I’m not gay. I just REALLY want him to finally be the one.

    I really think it’s going to finally happen though. This kid is driven.

    We’re going to finally have our QB. It may be rough at first but there will be signs and flashes of the great things to come. It will be evident to all. Bucs fans and non fans.

    YES…I think the Bucs may finally have a WINNAH!

  7. Jerseybuc Says:

    A year ago Anthony Collins was talking about how he had Josh McCown’s back and everyone was raving about how steady an influence McCown was. Everyone says the right things in May. All good, but time will tell. I may be more excited about Koetter than Winston, because the one thing this team has sorely lacked is professional coaching.

  8. rayjay1122 Says:


    You are correct that we have had some good QB’s in the past, if not while in Tampa, they were good elsewhere. I think Steve DeBerg, Brad Johnson and Jeff Garcia could be added to the examples that you mentioned. I think Winston could be the cream of the crop though. I am not ready to anoint him as being anything until he earns it but I am really excited about his potential and the thought of having a real superstar under center!!! Go Bucs!!! Go Bolts too!!! Lets git er done Friday in NYC!!!

  9. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh and bring on the haters.

    Jameis feeds off haters like cereal in the morning for breakfast.

    He thrives off the hate.

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    DeBerg, Johnson, and Garcia, all gun for hires.

    DeBerg was handy though. Damn did that man have some wrinkles though.

  11. rayjay1122 Says:


    I have to give you credit. You were all in on Winston back from the beginning. I was back and forth as you probably remember, but I am sooooo glad we got your guy. The more I learn about him, the happier I am that he is ours!!! I love his drive to learn, win and mesh with his team. I really think we have a rare talent and the future will show it to be true.

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Been a Buc fan since year one, when I was a lil kid!
    Went thru horrible years with this team.
    I too can hardly believe that we FINALLY have the QB to make us competitive in every game.

    It doesn’t seem real.

    Can’t wait for the season to Start- and Jameis to begin the journey.
    If I could just stop worrying about that O-line . . .

  13. Luther Says:

    I was a Mariota supporter early on and I have to give my cousin props for making me take a second look. He’s a huge FSU fan but he was right on the money. I know he reads these pages so I have to say…You were right CUZ!

  14. bucs4lyfe Says:

    That man said you can tell from his college film!!! Who’s talked about Glennon college tape other than draft day? I doubt Glennon teammates knew who Glennon was coming out of college

  15. Harry Says:

    @rayjay, @TBBF, @’87,
    We all feel the same way. I have only been a Bucs fan since ’89 when I moved to FL. Previously, I was an Oilers fan until that fat azz Bud Adams took them to TN. The Oilers previously had Pastorini, (traded for an old) Stabler and Moon. Moon was so fun to watch in the “run & gun” (but Earl the Pearl Campbell was my all time fav! Sorry, I degress, lol).

    Anyway, like ’87 said, all we can do is hope to see this year are those special flashes of greatness. Winston is a rook and will be prone to rookie mistakes. BUT, if he is the Franchise, then every game, of every year, Winston can give us belief that we can win. If we are up or down, that Franchise QB can give us hope the Bucs can win. THAT would be very special and new for us Bucs fans!

  16. what? Says:

    Plenty of people think a rookie QB has to struggle, because, of course, he’s a rookie.

    Those same people surely will tell you a freshman QB in college has to struggle because….he’s a rookie.

    Young QBs who’ve led playoff teams lately? Wilson, Luck, RG3, Kaepernick.

    How’d they fare with their first major jump in competition, as college Freshmen?

    Luck – 13 TD 4 INT, 56% comp, 143 rating
    Kaepernick – 19 TD 3 INT, 53% comp, 151 rating
    Wilson – 17 TD 1 INT, 55% comp, 134 rating
    RG3 – 15 TD 3 INT, 60% comp, 142 rating

    Jameis – 40 TD 10 INT, 67% comp, 185 rating

    ALL of these QBs went on to have college seasons as JR-SR they threw significantly more INTs than they did as freshmen, ok? Same with Peyton Manning.

    The writing’s on the wall, can you see it?

  17. Dave Pear Says:

    I loved Bum Phillips.
    I remember a reporter asking him if Earl Campbell was in a class by himself.
    Bum said… ” Well, I don’t know if he’s in a class by himself, but it sure as HELL don’t take long to call roll.”
    Loved Bum Phillips.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m ok with Winston also, a Buc franchise QB will be fantastic. The Bucs immediate and longer term future depends on him playing well and living up to the expectations that Winston enthusiasts dominant here presently trumpet. However, I have to see results at this level before I become as sure as many of you who think he is a can’t miss prospect. I have plenty of patience, I’ll wait and see. Patience is a Buc fans specialty.

  19. TheShaz Says:

    @TBBF. And here I thought Vinny’s INT’s were because he was colorblind.

    My bad!


  20. OneBuc55 Says:

    Winston’s work ethic, leadership, and charisma was legendary before he even stepped on FSU’s campus…”No one will out work this kid” (by Lovie Smith)…

    I expect Dirk Koetter and his offensive staff to have Jameis and this offense ready to hit the ground running come week 1……I’m predicting it right now…Winston will be ROTY…

  21. Buc-A-New Says:

    Also a fan since 76. If Jameis has grown up then we finally have our Franchise QB. Exciting times.

  22. what? Says:

    Colts went 11-5 with rookie Luck coming off 2-14.

    Their starting RB was Vick Ballard, with 800 yards. Their 3 top RBs combined for six TDs. Their 26th ranked defense gave up more than 5 yards per carry.

    The floor for this Buc team is eight wins. Their are no ceilings.

  23. what? Says:

    Luck had 23 TD and 18 INT (3rd worst in the league) that year, by the way.

  24. Destinjohnny Says:

    Man I so hope I’m wrong but i think marcus will be better.

  25. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Woow. Not one ridiculous comment. Im surprised.

  26. Buc-A-New Says:

    @Destinjohnny. I didn’t want either QB at first. As it stands I am loving having Jameis. I am also firmly in the crowd that both QBs will only be as successful as the surrounding parts the OC and HC give them and how dedicated they are to developing them

  27. mike m Says:

    I just hope that all of you Real Fans understand and remember he is a Rookie so when he has a rough spell , interceptions, sack and fumble, etc dont turn and start saying oh he sucks, waste of pick blah blah blah.because, he will have good games and bad ones.

  28. lurker Says:

    you can tell that only one of the joes uses that silly moniker for the savior.

  29. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    What? !!!You dropping bombs on’em I don’t know if they paying attention to your words but I am homie. You on the money dawg.

  30. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    And Buc1987 don’t feel bad,I have a hard time going more than an hour without thinking Jamies as well bro. And I’ma leave my female interactions out of this.

  31. Buc-A-New Says:

    LOL Nole. That was a good chuckle and was a relief to the pain I am feeling right now from having my back cut on. Thanks man.

  32. Harry Says:

    @Dave Pear,
    Yea, Bum Phillips was very cool. A perfect coach for that team, in that great city. It’s a real shame they could not get past those f-ing Steelers. I still hate f-ing Pittsburg. Lol

  33. Jim Says:

    If at this time next year we are not 100% sold on Winston then he has failed. Nothing less than success will satisfy him.

  34. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    You’re in my prayers Buc… Get well soon my dude.

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Get well soon, sir

  36. Bucfansinz1986 Says:

    The abbreviated Facebook feed said “Proving He’s Not A No. 1 Draft Pick…..” lol