Josh McCown Got Beat To Hell

May 8th, 2015

A new stat from the data junkies

Joe is harsh on former Bucs quarterback Josh McCown. His play deserved it.

Joe thanked McCown for leading the Bucs to victory in the Chase for Jameis. That angers some folks, but you know what, if you play truly horrible at QB, where you would have been benched if you were a high school kid, and led your team to the worst record in football, a kick in the arse is what is needed.

And that’s just what McCown got: a boot out of town.

Still, despite his Labrador-puppy style of play, no quarterback in the NFL got beat up when passing more than McCown. It wasn’t even close last year.

Per Scott Kacsmar of, McCown was hit while throwing the ball 12 times, leading the NFL in such a stat. The closest to McCown was Drew Brees, who got drilled eight times while throwing.

On face value, that suggests the Bucs offensive line was brutal. In reality, that same offensive line was brutal beyond words. Just a complete and total trainwreck.

Think about it: The “best” offensive lineman the Bucs had last year was Demar Dotson, who led the NFL in penalties at right tackle.

Of course, other factors could have led McCown to such a grisly number. Perhaps receivers were not open on short routes? Perhaps McCown depended too much on throwing long? Perhaps primary receivers were covered?

It could be all of the above, just reinforcing what all Bucs fans knew: This team, specifically the offense, stunk last year.

22 Responses to “Josh McCown Got Beat To Hell”

  1. Destinjohnny Says:

    Blaming josh would be like blaming a coach in ge culverhouse era. No qb would have done well with that line. The guy is no joe Namath but like most qb’s give him some weapons and a clean pocket and they will do okY

  2. Patrick in VA Says:

    Or, perhaps, dude held on to the ball way too long.

  3. INDYbucsfan Says:

    It’s crazy that we had 2 1k yard receivers last year!

  4. pick6 Says:

    josh earned his money last year. not through his play by any means, but by the sheer amount of punishment he absorbed.

  5. HawaiianBuc Says:

    Perhaps we could have used less 7 step drops, or maybe had just a teeny tiny bit of creativity in play calling. Marcus Arroyo = the worst OC (who wasn’t really an OC) in the history of football.

  6. JFat Says:

    A lot of blame goes to the line for sure. But I think Patrick is right about holding the ball too long. I can’t remember how many times I shouted “Just throw the f!cking ball!!!” last year.

    If Evans and Jackson were covered the play was pretty much over.

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yeah he got beat up, but he got up. Lovie bringing him aboard was a scratch my head until it was bloody reality. Lovie may be chief of all personnel acquisitions, but when it came to Winston he was that nodding bobblehead in the back window.

  8. JFat Says:

    Right on there too Hawaiian. It was so obvious what play was going to be run on just about every snap. Has to be a huge advantage for the d-line on the other side when they can guess run/pass with about 90% accuracy.

  9. HawaiianBuc Says:

    It also didn’t help that McCown is by no means a “throw a guy open” type of QB. I remember the Carolina game where you could see Jackson starting to separate deep down the field, but McCown just waiting, waiting, and waiting for him to fully separate before he threw him the ball. Only problem was, the other team was playing defense, and they put him on his arse before he could get the throw off. I can’t count how many times that happened throughout the season.

  10. ruggyup Says:

    Oh? Lovie is chief of all personnel decisions? And he is head coach. How is that working out? Could it be this tribe has too many chiefs who can’t find the indians and can’t remember how to teach bows and arrows first grade?

  11. drdneast Says:

    McClown was his own worst enemy.
    Take the first game of the year against Carolina, he knew he wabout to get sacked, but instead of throwing it away or eating it and just going down ala Peyton Manning, he tried to force a play and get INT’d.
    Short routes? Because of the OC they rarely used the middle of the field on slants.
    They also ran the same routes and plays so often during the game the DB’s knew the plays as well as our own receivers.
    Add to that fact was the Bucs threw more passes downfield than any team in the NFL. You ran a story Joe that informed us of that.
    McClown also used to defend Arroyo for reasons I don’t understand. He should have gotten a set and spoke out about the amateurish offense that everyone else in the league saw.

  12. ufour20 Says:

    He held it too long? How do you hold it too long when you have the worst offensive line in the NFL? You can’t…dude got pummeled both by opposing defenses and by the Tampa fans. This line was the reason for the poor offense, plain an simple. Josh was the scapegoat for the lack of talent acquisition on the line by management and the departure of our OC before the season started. We don’t clean up the line play this year, the homers will be out in force again calling for the next QB savior.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    If you look at last years draft-, all offensive weapons
    Then you read Our Gms comments, about how he dreamed of drafting Jameis while still with the Chiefs.

    I think it quickly becomes apparent that last years team was on a mission. To cure a problem this team has had for 39 years

    That’s what I believe.

    If you believe that, then it doesn’t make any sense to criticize any players performance last year.

    They had a mission. Mission accomplished. Good job one and all.
    To criticize them, is idiotic

  14. LargoBuc Says:

    Bad quarterback and no offensive coordunator. Plus an oline that just played like garbage at time last season. Hell if we had even an average offense, we could’ve won some more games, even the Packers game. Our defense held Aaron Rodgers. That is alot of progress from 56-0. Remember the stop on fourth and goal? Om goodness I jumped outa my seat I was so pumped. It was beautiful watching our defense play so hard against Arod. But our offense! What a disgrace! Rob Johnson was pissed! Shaun King was embarassed. It was just, I cant even use words to describe how terrible our offense got as the season went on. Remember the Lions game? Oh man, Mccown got hit so hard. You almoat wanted him to stay down and let Glennon take some heat. It was just painful.

  15. tickrdr Says:

    INDYbucsfan Says:
    May 8th, 2015 at 9:25 am

    It’s crazy that we had 2 1k yard receivers last year!
    No one on this site knows that Glennon threw for 1296 yards in the five games he started. Do the math, and that comes out to 259.2 yards per game.
    Do the math once more, and that yields 259.2 ypg X 16 games = 4147.2 yds for the season. Even with a bad OL, and new OC, etc., etc.

    Jameis the “Savior” should certainly do better than that, even with one hand tied behind his back.


  16. buccochris Says:

    Wonder how many times Glennon got hit behind the same line. Bet the numbers work out that Josh just held on too long

  17. Bill Byrne Says:

    For those who have in the past and continue to “slam” Josh McCown, INCLUDING JOE, clearly do not understand football. McCown lost his OC and worked under a total unqualified OC throughout the 2014 season. Enough has been said about the offensive line that damn near got McCown killed on many occasions in 2014. There isn’t a BUCS player from the 2014 team that doesn’t have the utmost respect for Josh McCown for his courage and commitment to winning. The total lack of a running game allowed the defense to tee-off and cream Josh.

    Josh McCown is going to have a good year with the Browns, with a really good offense and coaching staff….something the BUCS did not have last year nor this year.

    Thanks Josh….you deserve better!!!

  18. LargoBuc Says:

    Sorry. But given how mediocre Mccown has been, I cant imagine Tedford would’ve gotten much more out of Mccown. And the lack of cimpetent quarterback play is why we had no running game. Its not simply because the oline sucks or Doug Martin forgot how to run. Defenses stacked the front against us, leaving the defensive backs vulnerable to get picked apart. But Mccown could not take advantage. He couldn’t expose the mismatch. Therefore the defenses never had to adjust. Unless your offensive consists of multiple all pros, no quarterback will usually equal no running game. It also works vice versa. And yes, Arroyo didnt help Mccown out with his pkay calling. With a full box and blitzes coming from everywhere, Arroyo should’ve used more three step drops and quick slants. Instead, every play seemed to depend on the quarterback surviving long enough to launch the ball downfield and Mccown, despite being “mobile” couldnt step up and ran around fumbling and throwing picks. Glennon was better at this approach, despite being slower than Mccown. He was able to drop back, step up and throw. Problem is that Glennon lacked accuracy and touch on passes longer than 20 yards (my own observation). So really the mix between mediocre quarterback and clueless play calling resulted in that disgrace of an offense we saw last year. Mix in an offensive line that had never played together and lacked talent to begin with, yeah.
    Luckily, Winston and Koetter will work on a gameplan. The Titans will probably stack at least eight up front and force Jameis to carry the offense. I think, at least against Tennessee, Jameis and Koetter will execute, force the opponent to respect the passing attack, and that will open up our running game and keep our defense on the bench.
    Also, is it a coincidence that Doug Martin had his best season the same year that Freeman set all of those franchise records? No. It is not.

  19. Bojim Says:

    I don’t blame Josh alone. I at least came away with much respect for him but I wanted to win more and was frustrated as we all were. That being said, good luck Josh and GO BUCS!!!!!

    And please leave mariota joe. You’re just being a dick.

  20. Another J Says:

    Josh didn’t know when to throw the F##cking Ball Away!

  21. drdneast Says:

    Great post LargoBuc. You hot the nail on the head. Extremely valid points about what the defenses were doing. id points. Saw the same thing.
    Most QBs, when they see an 8 man box, will go to a pass play, Mclown very rarely did.

  22. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lets keep it real here fellow Buc fans, Josh M was no savior. But he took some severe beatdowns during last season. And over 50% of it was not his fault. Yes, a lot of it was. But our Offensive line sucked to holy hell and beyond!! I mean every other play Josh was laying on his backside. Any glimmer of hope will be an improvement. And Dotson has gotta improve on those multiple penalties. Yes, I’m optimistic. But cautiously so. Jameis will be on his butt to if our line is not improved measurably. We..shall see..what we got come season start. If Lovie and Licht do not do at least 8-8, I’m all for both of them joining Schiano fishin and tellin tales off of the Tampa Bay Bridge!!!