Computer Q&A With U-Click-We-Fix Computer Repair & IT Services

May 2nd, 2015

Q. How long does a repair take?

U-Click-We-Fix: Every repair varies. We will not know until we look at the device. We offer a FREE 30-minute diagnostic service. That’s a $49.99 value!

Q. What do you recommend for an anti-virus software solution?

U-Click-We-Fix: Currently, we recommend Kaspersky Anti-Virus. They are one of the leading companies.

Q. What is a virus/trojan and can it be removed?

U-Click-We-Fix: A virus/trojan and any form of malware is designed to disrupt or steal your data. Most of the viruses on the market can be removed without an issue. However, there are a few that require a FULL operating system reload.

Q. Is my device worth repairing or should I just go buy a new one?

U-Click-We-Fix: Any device is worth repairing as long as after it’s fixed it can meet your needs.


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