Coaches Seemed More Intense

May 9th, 2015
WR Chandler Jones runs a down and out and looks to haul in a pass from Jameis Winston at Bucs rookie minicamp Saturday.

WR Chandler Jones runs a down-and-out and looks to haul in a pass from Jameis Winston at Bucs rookie minicamp Saturday.

Joe remembers the very first rookie minicamp practice former Bucs commander Greg Schiano presided over. Schiano, almost immediately, did not like the pace of practice so he let his players know crystal clear what was on his mind.

You guys are out here dragging your [arse] and you want to make an NFL  team???!!” Schiano bellowed.

There was none of that yesterday with Lovie Smith in control on the first practice of rookie minicamp. However, today, Joe heard more chirping.

While yesterday may have been a get-to-know-you gathering, today was time to get to hard work.

First, Joe heard Hardy Nickerson. The linebackers coach wasn’t yelling. Joe sure heard him encouraging his troops to work hard and hustle. Maybe it was coincidence that it seemed the linebackers were out-hustling the rest of the team in position drills.

The real chirper among the coaching staff was wide receivers coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker. Time and time again, virtually the entire time Joe was allowed to view practice, Hayes-Stoker scolded his receivers for not finishing their routes.

Not uncommon, no matter the quarterback, receivers would stop and look at the ball as it sailed toward them near the end of their route. Often, the pass was overthrown or off target. Initially, Joe thought the pass was just bad.

Nope. Hayes-Stoker kept harping that passes were accurate but receivers kept stopping their routes. So the ball would float wide or high, away from receivers’ outstretched hands. Hayes-Stocker emphasized this early in practice and all the way through during the hour-long session Joe was allowed to watch.

“Why are you stopping?” “Keep running.” “Finish your routes.” “Don’t stop.”

Joe heard these and variations of these orders constantly.

13 Responses to “Coaches Seemed More Intense”

  1. DepressedbucsfaN Says:

    For all you Jameis haters…. That means he is dead accurate and is going through his progressions. It is not his fault that the receivers are not running their routes properly. If the receivers can fix this early and gel with Jameis I may have to change my name from depressedbucsfan to highlymedicatedbucsfan. Lmao

  2. Raymond Jameis Stadium Says:

    I’m not going to lie. I was all for drafting Mariotta before hand but the more I hear about Jameis’s character the more I see why FSU won so much and why this kid got drafted #1 overall. We need this type of leadership and charisma on our team which is contagious in the locker room. He has everything we thought Josh Freeman had and some. Hopefully he stays focused and helps us win some games. Can’t wait to see him throw to our receivers and pick apart defences. Hurry up September.

  3. Hawk Says:

    I said this in an earlier post, but it relevant here, also.
    “So often fans are all over the QB for a ‘bad’ pass, when it was a ‘bad’ route (especially timing routes) that caused the problem(cough-Jacquez Green-cough).”
    Sometimes, it is the WR’s belief that since he isn’t the primary receiver, it isn’t important to run out his route (Gee, what if the primary is covered/falls/etc?). Sometimes, it is just discipline/laziness on the part of the receiver. It is not ‘always’ the QB’s fault if the ball bounces to the receiver, OR sails over his head.

  4. Ooogie Says:

    Thats not Chandler Jones in the picture.

  5. Bucnut2 Says:

    Sit of the past and the future: bad passes not JW’s fault. It’s the receivers stupid. Wonder how VJax will feel about that. Get ready bucks fans… Any bad play for Americas QB wil be someone else’s fault

  6. Bucnut2 Says:


  7. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    Are we sure that Jameis is America QB?

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    The quarterback America loves to hate.

  9. BUC IT Says:

    @BUCNUT…. I wanted Mariota over Winston as well but that statement is just stupid and he defiinitely isn’t America’s qb. That belongs to Brady, Manning or Rodgers.

  10. Hawk Says:

    @ BUC IT

    Do not waste your time. The reading comprehension, of some people, is beyond your help. Pay attention to the sign, “DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS”.
    It helps you live a stress-free life. :^)

  11. youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    @ Hawk and @BUC IT

    And don’t even try to teach the trolls when to use there, their or they’re

    Heaven knows when to use to, too or two

  12. pick6 Says:

    Yeah because the undrafted WR from the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs is running routes of the same quality as Vincent Jackson. I think the point is not to make excuses for the WB, it’s to point out that expectations should be much higher once the veterans show up

  13. Hawk Says:

    @ youpeoplearesodumb

    Twoshay! ;^)

    @ pick6

    I would hope that no one sees my post as making an ‘excuse’ for bad throws. I was merely pointing out that it isn’t ‘always’ the QB’s fault when the ball doesn’t hit the numbers. That is why I (on purpose!) wrote “sometimes”, and “not always”. You seem to get it, but others… smh.