Ali Marpet A Large Man

May 1st, 2015

ali marpet

The Bucs, thirsty for any help on the offensive line, decided to trade up into the late second round with the Colts and selected Division-III offensive lineman Ali Marpet of the football factory known as Hobart College.

Marpet is a huge man, 6-4, 303. Even though he played at a Division-III school, he was talented enough to be invited to the NFL Scouting Combine this past winter in frozen indianapolis.

Here is Marpet’s analysis from

Has the body type and movement of a zone-scheme center with guard potential. Technically sound and has athleticism to become an NFL starter, but must prove he can handle the substantial jump in power and speed he will see. Looked strong enough at the Senior Bowl, but he could be a year away from being ready. Ascending prospect with a chance to be one of the steals from this year’s group of interior blockers.

52 Responses to “Ali Marpet A Large Man”

  1. Jacko101 Says:

    Why not GO DE UCLA, this is just Stupid. Traded up for someone who would be there

  2. Jonathan Says:

    What the heck?!?!!!! I hope they know what they are doing – there were still a ton of good lineman available.

  3. Saskbuco Says:

    Smart pick, moved up for the player they wanted. Smart move

  4. ATrain Says:

    Why trade up?

  5. Al121976 Says:

    Was the guard from Pitt taken? What was his name Clemons?

  6. Dr J Says:

    Why the hell did we trade up for him- bet he would have been available without trading up

  7. The Real Drew Says:

    Seahawks would have picked him. Switched 4th’s with Colts and gave our 3rd.

  8. Dr J Says:

    Great pick though- needed the depth for sure!

  9. Dan Says:

    dont get it. someone thinks they are smarter than the rest of the room.

  10. Nybucsfan Says:

    L&L are back dumb pick. Our D was ranked 25 let’s not address that at all Dumb

  11. Waterboy Says:

    They traded up for a D3 player!?!? VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  12. drdneast Says:

    The kid shined in the Senior Bowl and the Combine but I think the Bucs could have waited and he would have fallen in their laps in the third round without having to waste a fourth to move up.
    Someone is watching to much TV features in the War Room/

  13. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Did the Bucs trade up before the Cowboys picked Gregory or after? Just wondering if they were going for Gregory and got c*ck blocked then decided to go with the guy they were going to take originally?

  14. Dr J Says:

    @Nybucsfan – they put all their money on Winston. Doing whatever they can to protect him and their investment!

  15. Bucs54 Says:

    im with Jacko101; thought they traded up for a reason. i’m no draft expert but this doesn’t feel like a “trade up worthy” pick

  16. Waterboy Says:


  17. JabooBuc Says:

    Very suspect. Hope they have a clue. A lot of quality players on the board at positions of need and they move up for this?

  18. RastaMon Says:

    He has a faster 40 time than Jameis

  19. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    We swapped our 3rd for their 2nd. And swapped our 4th for their 4th. Thats a steal of a trade

  20. Brent Says:

    Suck move. Wasted 2 hours tonight. Could have had aj cann div 1 sec.

  21. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    That UCLA DE has hip issues. Hmmm…Bryan Price comes to mind.

  22. The Real Drew Says:

    They went from 10 to 29 in the 4th from what I saw, not a big deal.

  23. cover deuce Says:

    Everyone hyperventilating about a trade up, they essentially swapped their third for Indys second, and swapped 4th rounders. In other words we lost no picks and ended up trading down in the 4th. I’m not Lovie or Lichts biggest fans, but their draft strategy has been fairly impressive thus far.

  24. Dan Says:

    nybucsfan we were also 31st in offensive plays per game.

    might have an effect on our defense. the fewer plays we do the more opportunities and drives the opponent has to gain yards.

  25. The Real Drew Says:

    Terrribely uninformed people

  26. Mcruzer Says:

    The “Hebrew Hammer” baby!

  27. Dan Says:

    @nybucsfan oppenent time of possession 54% third worst

    our d gets better once we field an actual nfl offense.

  28. The Real Drew Says:

    I thought it may have been for Tyler Lockett at first

  29. salish_seamonster Says:

    people are idiots

  30. Gmax Says:

    They traded up to get Randy Gregory and Dallas snapped him immediately! Why do you think it took them so long to make the pic? Just my take! Dumb move, could screw their whole draft up!

  31. destro44 Says:

    If you notice the two OL players taken were considered to be taken early. I hope they are just making sure they get the guys they want. If they really like a guy I have no problem taking them a little early.

  32. Dan Says:

    tied for 3rd last in yards per play… but yeah… lets focus on the side of the ball that is doesn’t score points.

  33. Destinjohnny Says:

    We need to trade up for a GM

  34. BucDaddy82 Says:

    great move

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    So I learned there’s such a thing as Hobart College. Alrighty then. Not too sure what else can be said about the pick other than you’d think he’s a long term development guy. I would have preferred DE at this point though who could maybe impact more right away

  36. Brent Says:

    I think div 3 is a risk plenty of safe picks no trade necessary. How bout those 2 o line guys last year? Are they garbage. If this market guy bombs I’d like to punch Lovie in the mouth.

  37. bucs4lyfe Says:

    For everyone asking why you more know why your just a fan. Everyone can scout first round talent, let them do what their paid to do. You shouldn’t ask why until the season starts and he’s out there looking like Garrett gilkey lol

  38. Deminion Says:

    Got sum Hogs thought it was Lockett hope we somehow get him

  39. drdneast Says:

    Sorry, but it was originally announced we gave up a fourth, not that we swapped fourths, if we did swap fourths, it was a good trade if it works out.
    Reported on NFL that Randy Gregory was late to a number of meetings with GM’s during his interview process.
    Not a good sign. Also reported that the Bucs had decided to stay away from Gregory for a number of other reasons including his drug use.
    Sounds like a real head case.

  40. MadMax Says:

    Getting Marpet was HUGE! We needed him….and Ive been all over drafting him and was the first here to talk about him.

    Trust me, he’s a major upgrade to our O line.

    Man Im happy with these first 3 picks!

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    Good move. This guy will eventually be a pro bowler

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Great trade, to- got our guy before pats- only cost us dropping a few spots in fourth round.
    Well played

  43. Rrsrq Says:

    I like this pick, but with A. J. Cann and Tre Jackson still on the board how much of a difference did they see.

  44. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    They upgraded it to a SECOND ROUNDER!

  45. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I am amazed at the ignorance shown in the comments here.

    Ali Marpet was the best remaining center. There was every chance he would have been snatched up.

    It was a great trade. We lost zero picks. Upgraded the 3rd to a 3nd and downgraded the 4th a few spots.

    Possibly the best trade of the night, simply because Licht gave up so little and gained so much.

  46. 77bassguitarist Says:

    I believe they traded up for Randy Gregory they settle for this guy as the Cowboys jump them For Gregory

  47. Dan Says:

    my mistake on third round, i must have misheard on nfl network exchanged 4th round picks

  48. iamkingsu Says:


    So the colts just felt like moving back for free huh?? Lmao

  49. iamkingsu Says:

    And he definitely would’ve been there at the beginning of the 3rd. Now I could accept it if the bucs actually coached him at the senior bowl and saw something. You don’t give up a pick for him to see if he can make the jump from div. 3 to the nfl

  50. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Why does everyone worry about d III? There a ton of nfl players who started in juco, went to d1 for a year and the nfl the next. Most of the turned out pretty well. Not sure why you would bag on a guy just because of the school he went to. He has the size and athleticism to play in the nfl. It’s not like he is some undersized loaf. He seems to be a decent grab. And as far as trading up for him goes. If you wait for the guy that you want, he won’t be there. It happens all the time. If you want him bad enough to make a trade then it’s always worth it. You see potential and you want to make sure he’s on your team. I have no problem with that. And if you’re trading up for him, then he’s gotta be your BPA. So wins all around.

  51. Pawel Says:

    I am not a fan of these OL picks but I hope they prove me wrong.

  52. Brandon Says:

    The guy was an absolute standout at the Senior Bowl. Behind 1st round pick, Laken Tomlinson, there wasn’t a better OL in Mobile and Tomlinson used his performance to upgrade his status to that of a 1st round pick.

    Marpet is extremely athletic. I think it’s possible that he becomes our version of former Cowboy, Larry Allen. The strength, size, is there, and his athleticism is rare for the position.

    What the team has done is set themselves up well for the future. Last year’s draft netted Pamphile and Edwards at OT and OG and this year got them another OT and OG. There will be plenty of completion at OG and at the very least, Mankins and his giant salary will be gone next season.