Bo Jackson A Big Jameis Booster

May 14th, 2015
Bo Jackson, who is also from Jameis Winston's hometown, seems geeked over Jameis leading the Bucs.

Bo Jackson, who is from Jameis Winston’s hometown, seems genuinely geeked over Jameis leading the Bucs.

Joe thought it was awfully ironic — you will see that word again shortly — that on the very same radio show in which Bobby Bowden verbally wagged a finger at “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, the legendary Bo Jackson also appeared and spoke about Jameis.

For unaware, Jackson, like Jameis, is from Bessemer, Ala. Like Jameis, Jackson won a Heisman Trophy. Like Jameis, Jackson was the first overall pick in the draft. Like Jameis, Jackson was selected by the Bucs.

We all know how that worked out.

But to hear Jackson talk to the notorious national “Paul Finebaum Show,” it sounds as if Jackson is about ready to run out and buy Bucs gear.

With zero hint of the animosity Jackson had built up with cad owner Hugh Culverhouse, Jackson admitted he is “excited” about Jameis playing for Tampa Bay, and also offered to be part of young Jameis’ growing inner-circle of former stud NFLers with successful careers outside the game.

“It is ironic that Jameis and myself are the Heisman Trophy winners and the first players picked in the draft by the same football team, Tampa Bay,” Jackson said. “That is ironic. That is ironic.

“Actually I think Jameis is going to have a good career. He is a talented kid, a talented kid. I think the country is just sitting back waiting to see what he’s going to do with that team. I am waiting to see what he is going to do. It is exciting for everybody.

“I have not talked to Jameis for a while simply because he is getting ready to do his thing and I am head-first into the business world. I have spent three nights this past month in my own bed because I have been on the road. When our paths cross, I am sure we will talk.

“He seems like he is ready to go to Tampa and be a leader and that is what everybody is waiting on. I think he is going to surprise a lot of people.”

Jackson noted that whenever he goes to lunch or goes out to dinner and there is a TV nearby, he looks up and almost always sees Jameis. Even Jackson can see how Jameis has captivated the nation.

Joe thought what Jackson said is pretty cool. Gee, how many personal confidantes does Jameis have? Derrick Brooks, Doug Williams, Mike Alstott, Deion Sanders, Charlie Ward… now Jackson? Pretty heady stuff.

Joe hopes the pixie dust from those guys rubs off.

Oh, and for those that don’t know, in Jackson’s excellent ESPN “30 for 30” feature, Jackson said the reason he didn’t sign with the Bucs was that Culverhouse promised him that a ride to Tampa on his private jet would not jeopardize his baseball eligibility at Auburn. That turned out to be false.

When Jackson was ruled by the NCAA ineligible for his senior season of baseball because of the plane trip, he was so enraged he vowed never to play for the Bucs. Now that Culverhouse is wormfood, it seems Jackson has lost his bitterness.

46 Responses to “Bo Jackson A Big Jameis Booster”

  1. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I try to read a lot of philosophy and self help books. One thing that pops up over and over is a variation of the old cliches about..birds of a feather…lay down with dogs get up fleas…be careful about the company you keep. Several have even gone so far as to say you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

    Think about that. If you’re surrounded by jerks chances are you’re going to be a jerk. If you’re surrounded by immature college kids…who was the kid that was with Fameis both on the night with Kinsman as well as the bbgun’re more likely to be like them.

    I agree with Joe’s point in this piece. Fameis has a growing coterie of experienced, successful, class acts who all had great careers in the NFL.
    With any luck this will rub off on Fameis as it normally does and replacing the juveniles in Tallahassee with these folks will lead Fameis to also become classy and successful.

  2. budnbeers Says:

    Well, I upgraded my seats yesterday from the east side to the Buccaneers side. Go Bucs

  3. SoonerinTampa Says:

    Joe…like him or not it is damn disrespectful to refer to Hugh Culverhouse as “wormfood”.

    This site has become a joke. Consider me a former fan of JoeBucsFan. So long, I will get my Bucs news elsewhere.

  4. SoonerinTampa Says:

    It is no wonder that every message board concerning the Bucs clowns this site.

  5. meh Says:

    Bo Jackson can go crawl in a hole. I’m still bitter about what he did to us.

  6. Mariota Joe Says:

    First of all, it sounds like Jackson (and his advisors, which he certainly had) was stupid about protecting his NCAA eligibility, and blamed it on Culverhouse?? Weak. Second…”Jameis has captivated the nation”?? Well, yeah, but NOT in a good way, that’s for sure. Third….the “America’s Infamous quarterback” is just plain dumb.

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    @SoonerinTampa – Pretty sure that every other site “clowning” JBF has more to do with the disparity in web traffic than it does in the verbiage that the Joes use.

  8. Mariota Joe Says:

    And the “wormfood” comment was classless.

  9. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Mariota Joe – Yeah, “America’s Infamous Quarterback” is dumb. That’s why he didn’t say that. You said that. He said “America’s Quarterback”, which is just fine.

  10. The Real Malloy Says:

    yeah joe, the worm food comment was not very classy. id apologize on here before you lose more readers..

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    Also not a fan of Bo Jackson.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Everybody loves Jameis……and everybody becomes “worm food”….that’s what Joe has in common with everybody.

  13. Drew Says:

    Joe… Not a good comment.

  14. mike Says:

    i used to love this site when it had real news and stories. Does every article have to be about why someone thinks jameis is great or someone thinks he is a jerk? Is every article in the fall going to be “bucs lose, but it wasn’t jameis’s fault.

  15. Eric Says:

    At least the worms got a good meal out of it.

    One of the few free lunches the man ever gave, except maybe to that mistress.

  16. jimmy53 Says:

    There is a difference between those “mentors to Jameis” whom he actually talks to, like Charlie Ward, and those he does not, like Bo.

    Bo put out some pretty pissy comments about Jameis during his collegiate career, and it was made clear by Jimbo Fisher that Winston and Jackson are not overly involved with each other.

    I have not been a big fan of Bo since his retirement, he comes across as a bitter opportunist.


  17. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    wow, what a bunch of dainty little pearl clutchers we have in the comment section this morning

    Hugh Culverhouse is dead. He’s 6 feet under, pushing up daisy’s……worm food

    get over yourselves

  18. Fritz50 Says:


    After what he tried to do to his wife, I find the term VERY appropriate. I can understand falling apart from the wife. But have some balls, get a divorce, and move on. Having a series of mistresses, to flaunt in her face , and then trying to screw her out of her inheritance was nothing short of cowardly and vindictive, in the extreme . Nothing but a money grubbing … never mind, don’t want to get banned for life.

  19. Patrick in VA Says:

    @CBH – They’re the professionally offended man. It doesn’t matter what is said, if there is something out there that can be construed as offensive they will be offended by it. If they actually wanted to effect change they would take their patronage elsewhere but what’s important to them is that they are on record as being offended and they make sure to threaten to stop visiting the page but they never will. That would mean actually altering their behavior in the name of standing for something that they claim that they believe so strongly in so that’s out because that would be inconvenient. Better to just portray yourself as better than everyone else without actually having to have the strength of your convictions.

  20. Buccfan37 Says:

    Worm food? You mean worms eat ashes?

  21. Garett Says:

    Proud to be one of the few who was NOT offended by the “worm food” comment. Culverhouse was a jerk, but even if he wasn’t, he’s not around to hear it. You guys can call me whatever you want when I’m pushing up daisies/sleeping with the fishes/kicked the bucket/worm food.

  22. tmaxcon Says:

    Hugh Culverhouse and his family were sucm… Wormfood is actually too polite for them. do some research people. I’d look up some of the criminal records for the culverhouse family Mariota Joe before you start waiving the flag for and defending culverhouse’s. I understand facts are irrelevant to the agenda and the bs cause but Hugh Culverhouses son is one of the most notorious arse holes of all time. Culverhouse’s played games with all his employees and businesses and not in good way – screw that dude.

  23. cmurda Says:

    Figuratively speaking, we all will eventually become wormfood. It doesn’t matter if Culverhouse was a class act or a P.O.S. He’s still dead and as crazy as it sounds, we all will die. Welcome to reality sensitive nation. The Wussification of America in full effect.

  24. Buccfan37 Says:

    Worm food? That reminds me of the latest pushed food source for American’s. Insects, they’re raising crickets to grind into a powdered eatable, I guess that includes their poop also. Meat, who can afford it much longer? American’s, third world insect menus in your futures.

  25. AdamBomb418 Says:

    If you like Culverhouse or not, the wormfood was over the line. No need to spit on a man’s grave.

  26. AdamBomb418 Says:

    *the wormfood comment

  27. Joe Says:

    If folks want to leave this site because Joe referred to that supreme dirtbag Culverhouse as “wormfood,” then good-bye. Joe ought to refer to him in much harsher terms.

  28. There is only Joe on this site. Says:

    You should steer away from negative comments about Mr. Culvershouse or any individual who has lost their life. It was cruel, uncalled for, unprofessional and unnesseary. There is no need for this in sports reporting.

    Many people who have lost loved ones. You have touched a nerve. You website is better than this.

    [Where was your outrage at Culverhouse’s widow who all but danced down Dale Mabry when that skunk died? Sorry, Culverhouse is due zero respect. To do so would be whitewashing what a cad he was. Respect is earned and Culverhouse earned his rep. — Joe]

  29. tmaxcon Says:

    The over-sensitive wusses obviously were not around when culverhouse and his cronies were running the show.

    I love all the babies that threaten to leave a public blog that no one is forcing them to visit just because the commentary is not a fit for their agendas . The best part is when they think that anyone cares that they go elsewhere. It’s an entertainment blog with a bunch of random / anonymous opinions from all walks of life and that is what makes it fun. if we all agreed, all the time, JBF would be just like the bucs passive defense with no fire and unable to finish games. However, they will lead the league in picking up players, group hugs and ice cream. at least there is consistent passion and fire on JBF…

    Thanks for the platform Joe and keep promoting the most important buccaneer in over a decade America’s Quaterback Mr. Jameis Winston.

  30. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Wormfood who cares, if you truly are a bucs fan then that comment and the way he ran this team and just used it to line his pockets and did not put a winner on teh field for 20 years except a few good runs with ol dougie at the helm who he let walk out the building, grow up…this isn’t a bible group

  31. Joe Says:

    Thank you tmax!

  32. ak427er Says:

    instead of wormfood can we call refer to him as a cheap ass old piece of sh!t racist? the guy is what he was and thats the risk you run when you act like culverhouse. you leave a legacy behind that no one feels the need to show you any respect because you were a POS racist cheap SOB. I’d never refert to a glazer in that manner but screw culverhouse.

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo loves worm food….Pablo drinks lots of worm food…..Jose Cuervo”

  34. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    You know how Dan Snyder is considered the worst owner in the NFL? Well at least Snyder wants to win. He might be terrible at it, but that’s his goal.

    Culverhouse was about collecting profits, and that’s about it. Fans loved the team more than he did. It’s funny to see people defend him.

  35. Maze Says:

    [Now, now. Joe appreciates the thought and agrees but have to keep it clean. — Joe]

  36. cmurda Says:


    Dude, you are alright. I’ve enjoyed your comments and this previous one is one of your finest. Keep up the good work. You even got an atta boy from Joe. That’s a rarity.

  37. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Culverhouse turned the Bucs into the NFL version of The Producers

    screw that guy…I hope he rots

  38. tmaxcon Says:


    Thank you. I hate when bad people die and are put on some freaking pedastal and all bad they did is forgotton or whipped clean.

  39. JW-ARMY Says:

    who cares what bo jackson has to say…the single most overrated athlete of all time..never even broke a 1000 yards in NFL season….

    He did have a great marketing company in Nike…hence why we even recall his name…

  40. Johnny Football Says:

    Is every article in the fall going to be “bucs lose, but it wasn’t jameis’s fault.

    Nailed it….

    Sample: Bucs D loses game to Titans by 21 but Jaemis scores late TD to ASJ

    Great we lost 28-7; so glad for that late TD….like it matters in scrub time…

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Bo Jackson was a bad mofo in Tecmo Bowl.

  42. Eric Hernandez Says:

    Just because you die doesn’t mean you get a pass on the things you did in life. Jamies getsa hook up on crab legs and yells an something stupid and he is demonized. This guy is a P.O..S and should be respected. I call B.S. on that.

  43. rick Says:

    Bo is funny, he has spent the last three years hating on Jameis, and now all of a sudden, wants to help him. Please. Anyone that has been paing attention knows that Bo was hurt when Jameis decided not to go to Auburn, and has manyh quotes to back up his anger with Winston. SOunds to me that he wants to cash in anyway possible.

  44. BuccaneEric Says:

    Culverhouse was not a good person. I understand if you don’t like Joe’s comment. It can be viewed as classless. That being said, he earned every insult being thrown at him, unfortunately for us.

  45. grafikdetail Says:

    JW Army you’re very naive… Jackson was one of best natural athletes ever…was a star in the NFL & MLB… only a few can even say they played both

  46. Mariota Joe Says:


    Thank you.