“Tune Out The Mariota Talk”

April 13th, 2015
It is still Jameis Winston to the Bucs, says Peter Schrager of Fox Sports.

It is still Jameis Winston to the Bucs, says Peter Schrager of FOX Sports.

It seems awfully curious that the two people — who Joe respects a great deal — fueling the recent Marcus-Mariota-to-Bucs talk have both stated publicly they believe the Bucs will still draft Jameis Winston.

Jaws himself said on ESPN Radio he is “not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

How or why are people missing this not-so-insignificant element?

The timing is odd that all this Mariota talk has erupted in recent days, just as Jameis Winston came to Tampa Bay — invited — to rub elbows with Bucs players of the past and Bucs management in a two-day social affair.

Plugged-in Peter Schrager of FOX Sports isn’t buying the rumors. He put out his updated mock draft today and, per his many top-shelf NFL sources, it is all but a lock Winston is selected by the Bucs.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

Winston’s Pro Day was a bit of a circus, but his draft stock left completely unscathed. Some teams aren’t as high on him as others, but the Buccaneers like the guy a lot. They’ve put more work into his off-the-field history than anyone in the media and are still comfortable with him being the face of the franchise. His meetings with Tampa Bay brass have been overwhelmingly positive and he’s left a good impression on just about everyone in that building. When it comes to an NFL quarterback who’s ready to start Day 1, he could be the most prepared for the challenge since Andrew Luck. Tune out the Mariota talk; Winston’s the guy.

What more is there to say? Look, there are just over two more long weeks to go until the Bucs make their pick, but Joe sure smells Winston is the guy.

In the same BSPN podcast Joe linked above with Jaws, Mike Greenberg claims former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, who has been staunchly in the Mariota camp, stated Winston showcasing himself in Tampa in social settings with former Buccaneers is a sure sign the Bucs are leaning Winston.

Joe is currently searching for that audio/video of Dominik. Thus far, Joe considers it hearsay.

61 Responses to ““Tune Out The Mariota Talk””

  1. Lion Says:

    Those were my thoughts exactly when I read his statement. Dominik has said he prefers Mariota, but has stated numerous times that he believes the Bucs are set to draft Winston.

  2. Drew Says:

    Marcus Mariota with the 1st pick. You heard it here on JBF.

  3. UF Alum that likes a few Noles here. Says:

    Why would anyone want to tune out Mariota talk? We get 90% Winston talk so change is refreshing

  4. louden Says:

    Oh my, seems like Lovie won´t break the Bucs/Winston way of doing things, which is to screw up on and off the field.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    I tuned Mariota talk out over a month ago, possible 2 months ago. I see no need to even talk about the future QB of the Jets. Why? Because I’m not a Jets fan.

  6. labuc Says:

    Joe thanks please help me relax if the pick is not Winston I’m going to flip

  7. Pickgrin Says:

    “it is all but a lock Winston is selected by the Bucs… What more is there to say?”

    Not much – which is why I have been refraining from commenting on most of these threads.

    No use in arguing with the Mariota lovers at this point. Drafting Jameis is all but a done deal at this point from what I can see.

    Winston has been the Bucs preference all along – and nothing has happened to change that.

    Licht says the biggest determination going into this choice is what’s on tape. Tape shows Winston is the best QB this year – and is one of the best to have come out in many years.

  8. JMan Says:

    “Calm the f### down or I’ll bench you.

  9. louden Says:

    Winston is just like Freeman – he even admitted it on Gruden´s QB Camp when saying sth. about:

    Doesn´t matter when he screws up 2 quarters of football, because Football is situational sports…
    He tried to spin in it (his not so good QB play)..

    Freeman? – 4th quarter “magic”?
    how about playing good a whole game (consistency is important)

    would Buc fans realy like a Freeman type again? with the very first pick in the draft?
    With more character problems?

    His realy good trait as a QB: Able to “forget” the bad plays..
    Thats maybe also the reason, that he is doing the very same mistakes over and over again!

  10. David Says:

    Again, if Winston is “The Guy”why do we see these articles:

    “Jets bringing in Jameis Winston for pre-draft visit”

    “As for his post-Titans itinerary, Jameis Winston works out for the Rams later in the week, also has trip to NJ to meet with the Jets planned”

    “Titans view Mettenberger as poor man’s Brady” This report came out and Winston worked out for them. They must not have been impressed.

    If he is the slam dunk pick for the Bucs why all the extra. If he knew or anyone knew this probably wouldn’t be happening. Nobody knows except The Bucs.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    I think some of thee absolutely most moronic statements over the past 2 months is anyone that says he’s the next Jamarcus Russell. Not just here either, you can find it on other blogs too.

    So if you’re one of those people. I have no problem with calling you a moron, Bucs fan or not. Nothing makes me shake my head more than reading those moronic words.

  12. The Real Malloy Says:

    Jamarcus 2.0 😉

  13. bucs4lyfe Says:

    nothing will silence the nonsense people post even after draft day….if winston comes and is the day one starter and this offense is playing good for having started a rookie, good or great it wont matter because the winston haters will pretend they never said one negative word if we were on the path to playoffs. either they would lie or say it’s not because of winston, im looking forward to a quarterback competition. if winston starts over glennon so much for the glennon didn’t start because lovie was being loyal to mccown theory

  14. TheShaz Says:

    Joe: I did not agree with you last year about Johnny Football. Something about that “Show me the money gesture” turned me off.

    But I am on the Jameis Winston bandwagon and I am beating the drums. I have scoured Youtube and rewatched several games. As obnoxious as Gruden can be and he was not the 1st to point it out. Jameis was keying on Greene because he was all he had downfield last year. Will not be a factor with Tampa – we have Jackson and Evans.

    But even with that handicap of only having one experienced WR and being way behind in games….He came back and won every single one of them except the last one. Week after week and with a media circus surrounding him. I dont care what you say, that was impressive.

    I am 90% sure of the Bucs taking Winston.
    The 10% come from the fact that I was not impressed with the offseason moves L&L did last year. Paid big $ to a ghost at DE, hired a OC with a defective ticker, McClown as the starter. Put human turnstiles into offensive linemen.

    Sorry but L&L have to reaffirm my faith in their decision making skills in picking talent and coaching said talent.

    The 1st BIG step they can do is grab this kid with the 1st pick.

  15. bucs anthem Says:

    Winston = JaMarcus Russell
    Mariota = Aaron Rogers

    Geeeeeee. …..who would you pick?

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The pick will be Winston. I’m sure of it. Getting used to the idea too.

  17. Drew Says:

    Spoke to a Physic (QB whisperer) this weekend and the pick is Marcus Mariota. She also predicted it would be revealed that J Bust W is Jamarcus Russell in disguise.

  18. I'm a great person Says:

    Bill Polian just broke the two down on NFL Insiders. Was very intersting to say the least. And yes, Polian knows way more than any Winston lover or Mariota backer on this site including Joe.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    because the winston haters will pretend they never said one negative word

    Are people who question anythiing about FAmeis on or off the field automatically haters?

    Is it possible to admire his athletic talent while thinking poorly of his personal character? Can you say Warren Sapp a true major ahole as well as one of the best DT’s ever?

    Must we like our athletes personally to be a fan? What if we think they’re arrogant cement heads but great football players?

    Warren SApp was one of the greatest Bucs football players eer!!! I cheered for him on game day. Outside of that if I saw him on fire I wouldn’t cross the street to p!ss on him to put him out!

  20. Keepitreal Says:

    Comparing Mariota to Rogers is like Dungy picking QB. Oh Dungy is the one that made the comparison… What a joke. Dungy knows D but not sh!t about offence.

  21. Jacko101 Says:

    It makes sense, welcome Marcus to Tampa

  22. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    I’d like to tune out this whole debate!

  23. I'm a great person Says:

    @Keepitreal. Tony Dungy may not of had the best of luck with QB’s in Tampa, but saying a former NFL coach and player who was a QB himself in college knows nothing about QB’s is really just silly talk of you or anyone who says that. I promise you this to be a fact, Dungy still knows more about Qb, Db, Rb, any position than you or anyone else on this site. Period! To argue anything different is ridiculous.

  24. Bucnjim Says:

    This screams of the Manzel clown show! Not a huge fan of either, with recent history character does play a part in the success of the modern NFL QB.

  25. Keepitreal Says:

    @im a great person. Really you want to go there. Played QB for the Gophers. Never in NFL! That makes him an expert…. What a joke. Did you live here then. Defense one every game. We would be lucky to score 10 points. 5 point in NFC title against the rams and you think he is some guru. I wouldn’t let him pick QB for a pee wee squad. Doesn’t matter, moot point. Winston’s the pick. Enjoy dreaming for next to weeks then is snap back to reality… Lol

  26. Drew Says:

    Proud member of throw Winston in the Bay club.

  27. Yungry Says:

    “It is still Jameis Winston to the Bucs, says Peter Schrager of FOX Sports.” –

    Whoever believes any of this crap is an idiot! All these we are picking Winston for sure and we are selecting Marcus I know it. The truth is nobody knows the name on the card, so these captions and articles everyday are just foolish… Nobody knows so please stop saying for certain we are getting somebody. If you want to speculate thats one thing but anyone who says they are certain is a fool.

  28. Brandon Says:

    Just watched the entire Winston Gruden Camp video then followed it up, because I still had energy, with watching a Mariota interview with some chick on campus about Hawaii, dating, and social media…. I need a nap… I haven’t stopped yawning since watching Mariota…my wife asked if i was tired… I am now. This dude takes boring to all new levels.

  29. robert 9 Says:

    where’s all the trade down articles?

  30. DallasBuc Says:

    As long as incompetent Lovie Smith is still in charge there is a very strong possibility that Winston will not be a Buccaneer on April 30.
    The only certainty is that Lovie Smith is a very poor decision-maker and talent evaluator; see McCown, Johnson, Collins.
    I am very concerned by what I am hearing. Lovie is gonna screw this up if allowed to make the decision. Let’s hope the Glazers don’t allow it.

  31. Pat Says:

    Wait till you see Mariota lull the opposing D to sleep. Go Mariota!

  32. I'm a great person Says:

    @keepitreal. Did you play qb in college? The Nfl? Highschool? Jr.High? Peewee football? Did you coach at any level? Dungy knows more than you peroid! Now shut up because you can only make yourself sound more stupid acting like you would know more than a former NFL coach. If anyone is Laughing out loud it’s people with common sense laughing at you for even dreaming of the that you have more knowledge than an actual coach. Idiots everywhere on this site!

  33. P'cola Buc Says:

    Chris Simms was asked to respond to Jaworski’s comment. Simms states that he has connections at One Buc Place and that the pick is still Winston. He added It would be a big mistake for the Bucs not to take Winston. He feels Mariota is a top 15 pick.

  34. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Umm im sure Dungy played saftey in college and in the nfl. Where is the QB stuff coming from? And face it, Dungy doesn’t kno QB’s.

  35. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Well i jus looked it up. Dungy did play qb. Opps lol. Still tho; the guy jus doesnt kno qb’s

  36. bucs 84 Says:

    Fat boy winston:” I should have let my food settle hahaha

  37. Keepitreal Says:

    @im an idiot!! Your right. Never said I new more BONE HEAD….. But trust every other scout and coach more than Dungy and yes little fella about 95% prefer winston. You better get moving or you will miss the short bus. What a clown, thinks Dungy is the be all scouting QB.

  38. I'm a great person Says:

    @keepitreal. You are obviously an idiot. I’m not saying who is or isn’t gonna be the better Qb. . I will let the experts decide. You on the other hand seem to believe you know more than coach Dungy. Translation, you’re an idiot!

  39. Buc1987 Says:

    Moron #1

    The Real Malloy Says:
    April 13th, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Jamarcus 2.0 😉

    Moron #2

    bucs anthem Says:
    April 13th, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Winston = JaMarcus Russell
    Mariota = Aaron Rogers

    Geeeeeee. …..who would you pick?

  40. Keepitreal Says:

    @im an idiot! How many times do I have to repeat myself.. I know your slowww, but follow me. I never said I new. I said the vast majority of scouts and coaches know. Dungy is one of a few out of hundreds that likes MM. Awe you did miss the short bus. Go do something you know about like chasing butterflies. Dumb a$$

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    lol@ Chasing butterflies!

  42. gotbbucs Says:

    For the life of me, I cannot understand what makes anybody think that Mariota will fair any better than the litany of spread-option QB’s that have come before him.

    The list of QB’s like him coming out of college to flop in the NFL is enormous, and that’s just spread-option QB’s. There’s a whole other list of spread passing offense QB’s that couldn’t run but put up huge passing numbers.

    Even the TV talking heads haven’t figured this out.

    Until I see one of these guys come out and win something in the NFL I will continue to disagree.

  43. Dave Pear Says:

    I can’t wait for the draft.
    When we pick Winston, hopefully these yokels will disappear.

  44. I'm a great person Says:

    @keepitreal, you’re a back pedalling fool! You’re initial comment for everyone to see was you saying Dungy knows sh$t about QB’S, nothing about Dungy vs other experts! So i reminded you that Dungy knows more than you’ll ever know and that you assuming you knew more than him might make you a dumbass and then the back pedalling began. Yes, you’re still an idiot as you keep proving it yourself with no help from me. Figures you would have the ultimate hardon for Winston trying to defend you.

  45. WS99 Says:

    So which qb did dungy draft that makes him credible?

  46. Keepitreal Says:

    And their is another MM fan @ I’m an idiot. I’m sorry I can no longer talk you you. Having a conversation with a true dumb a$& reflects bably on me. If you go by scouts and coaches as you say you do then why r u defending MM. Go play in the street, the bus will be there in morning. Why do we have to put up with morons like this on this site 87?

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Keepitreal…it ain’t easy my man. Then again it ain’t easy being a Bucs fan now is it?

    Problem is we still have 16 1/2 more days of it….

    Notice how I just try to stay in the shadows as much as I possible can these days.

  48. DallasBuc Says:

    87- aren’t you a little concerned that Lovie is going screw this up?

  49. I'm a great person Says:

    @Keepitreal. Just remember, Coach Dungy swarfs your dumbass in football knowledge. Since we all know that and you already knew that yourself before you LOL’D his football knowledge maybe you and 87 can go makeout now while watching FSU film from last season. #TonyDungyoutsmartsyouanyday

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    DallasBuc …I’m more so worried that the Bucs will screw this up. If history tells us anything.

    My nephew (a Nole) keeps telling me that they will figure out a way to screw this up one way or another.

    I just plug my ears.

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    KeepitReal…you’re right about I’m an Idiot.

  52. I'm a great person Says:

    Again Keepitreal. There are many fans out there that know either Qb could be great or either could bust. There are fans that like Mariota better, but aren’t stupid enough to say Winston lacks on field talent, but idiots like you take the cake. The whole Mariota sucks, Dungy is an idiot, Mayock is an idiot, Jaworski is an idiot crowd are the biggest bafoons of the bunch. Did you hear Bill Polian today break down both players? G.M. of the year on his resume! He must not anything either right? The only people that know anything are the ones who say Winston is the greatest and Mariota must suck in your eyes. That my peanut sized brain friend is what makes you an idiot! Your ability to open your mind is non existent. So you and 87 go ahead and laugh it up. Maybe ESPN can hire you and 87 as dtaft experts and you two can show the nation how to properly form a Winston circle jerk…. I’ll keep my mind open like a thinking man does, and you can keep your mind closed just like the idiot you are!! Now that I’m done destroying you may resume crying on 87’s shoulder about all these idiots like Dungy who know nothing about football.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    @I’m a great Idiot

    All that matters is that Winston will be a Buc and that Dungy’s not an idiot, but you are.

  54. I'm a great person Says:

    @I would blow Winston 87 if he let me. Shut the hell up already. Call keepitreal and talk about all the idiots that would dare consider any other option but Winston and how much smarter you two must be. Stroke your ego’s and yourselves. Whatever works for you.

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m a great idiot….I guess you prove that even God makes mistakes sometimes.

  56. pick6 Says:

    i wonder how many people who knock winston for his first half picks also celebrate andrew luck’s habitual ability to come back in the second half. apparently when luck’s team falls behind in the first half it’s somebody else’s fault.

  57. I'm a great person Says:

    @I would blow Winston 87 if he let me, yes, I’m God’s big mistake.. Do you not hear yourself at all? Now a person who fights back against yours and keepitreal’s arrogance must be a mistake made by God… You only solidy my poiny to the others who are sick of ass’ like you that can’t handle a conversation that is opposed to your opinion. Yes dude, God does make mistakes too..

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m a great idiot…I refuse to engage in a battle of wits, as I will not take advantage of the handicapped.

  59. I'm a great person Says:

    My typing skills on my phone are terrible! Lol… Solidy? Lmao, oh well, 87 would still blow Winston 87 times if Winston let him..

  60. Joe Says:

    As far as Dungy knowing about quarterbacks because he played quarterback. Dungy was a quarterback for the Gophers in the early 1970s. The B1G back then was literally three yards and a cloud of dust (yes, Woody Hayes was still coaching).

    Joe is pretty confident high school quarterbacks today are much more advanced than B1G quarterbacks were in the early 1970s. That era of that league is about a step above current Pee Wee standards. A far, far, far cry from NFL quarterbacks of today.

    Just because Dungy was able to run and pitch the ball and occasionally throw it doesn’t mean he is Jon Gruden. Let’s not get carried away.

  61. BB Christina Says:

    If Winston was hanging out at the Alstott charity he’s our man end of story 😉 Can’t wait for Fameis finally someone with a personality lol this town needs some swag desperately Go Bucs!!