Joe Talks Jameis Weekend, Respecting Elders, Late-Pick Surprises, Silly Season & More

April 14th, 2015

joemugshotIt’s Tuesday, so that means Joe stepped into the cage with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620, at 5 p.m.

The JoeBucsFan hour was lively, as usual, even though Duemig opened the show saying Joe turns his top-rated show “to crap.”


59 Responses to “Joe Talks Jameis Weekend, Respecting Elders, Late-Pick Surprises, Silly Season & More”

  1. finishers Says:

    If it ‘s not Winston get the best DE Screw taking Mariota! you might as well go with Mike

  2. WS99 Says:

    I find it funny that Winstons biggest and most vocal critic spent 2-3 hours with him and is now in love with him. The big dog has a man-crush, how cute. Goes to show just how informed his critics really are. He sounds like a little school girl when talking about winston. Smdh

  3. Espo Says:

    That talk show host who shall remain nameless seems to have done a 180 with his stance on drafting Winston. Gotta keep a good rapport with the team I suppose.

  4. Espo Says:

    Lol WS99, I noticed too but I figured I must’ve missed something since I rarely take the time to listen to him.

  5. Dreambig Says:

    Interesting segment. The host was tolerable and actually intersting for a change. As for Winston’s non sponsored visit that had him functioning as part of the family …. not much more needs to be said. Come on draft! Can’t wait to Youtube the rest of our picks.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    “Can’t wait to Youtube the rest of our picks.”

    lol I do that too.

  7. Jordan Says:

    How quick we are to forget…well worth the whole read:

  8. tval Says:

    Nytimes link??? Ill pass…lol!

  9. Nick Says:


    What?!?! Winston was accused of rape! Please, tell us more..

  10. Buc1987 Says:

    New York Slimes?

    Really Winston was accused of rape this can’t be….

    Shocking…stop the draft!

  11. Brett Farve Says:

    Next you’re going to tell us he stole crab legs or something.

  12. Jordan Says:

    Just set aside 20-30 mins to read the whole article, the statistics, the accounts of his behavior with other women, and draw your own conclusions. Crab legs, soda swiping, BB shooting, “f her blank” viral videoing, all dumb kids stuff. But at the least, you have to question a guy who does these things under a very public accusation.

  13. Luther Says:

    @Jordan The only think most of us care about is that L&L and of course the Glazers had all of this investigated and he’s STILL the pick. I don’t really need to read a biased hit piece.

  14. Brett Farve Says:


    What’s your Twitter handle? I want to send you a pic of my ….

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    “So many people try to dehumanize me,” he says. “They say, ‘Off-field issues.’ They say, ‘The sexual allegation stuff.’ People view me as a convict, and I didn’t even do nothing. People say, ‘How does he play like this and all this stuff going on?’ Like by me playing well during that adversity, that made people think about me worse, thinking I’m a sociopath … It [the allegations] hurts the women that I respect.” – Jameis Winston

  16. Buc1987 Says:

    @Jordan…and then you take the time to read this…

  17. Mr. T Says:

    With the Bucs not having formally committed to either Winston Or Mariota there remains the possibility of a trade down if somebody is willing to give up the farm. To keep that door open, as Licht said earlier they were doing, I would expect there will be no formal commitment to either one prior to the draft. So we will most likely just have to wait till then and see what they do.

  18. Jordan Says:

    I read the article, thanks Buc1987. While certainly an indictment of the New York Times’s slanted reporting, conveniently leaving out facts to tell the story it wanted, I still draw the same conclusion (Much the way I felt about Michael Moore’s “Sicko”…grossly one sided? Yes. Informative and necessary?Absolutely). None of this changes my last point though. Let’s say it was a false accusation…why would you jump on a table and yell that line under the umbrella of those charges? Let alone all the other stuff. There’s something off in that kind of personality.

  19. port richey george Says:

    i wonder what las vegas odds that Winston is in some off the field mess in the years to come…. maybe sooner. what great character the past bucs QB’S have had. josh freeman,mike glennon and mccown are recent examples. i never even questioned any of their character. seems to me if the bucs wouldn’t take Richie incognito because of his character(he was a 0- lineman not a QB) how can they take Winston?

  20. Luther Says:

    @87 if anyone actually takes the time to read your link, they can easily see that its a witch hunt and a money grab. There are way too many actual rape victims out there that are really hurt by this kind of garbage.

  21. Luther Says:

    did you read the link george?

  22. Jordan Says:

    Not every day you get to pick a potential franchise QB capable of leading your team to multiple Super Bowl victories, that’s why George. There’s a reason Winston hasn’t checked out with many teams and checks out with others, including the Bucs…we need a quarterback. The Glazers need one for revenue. Lovie needs one for his job. The fans need one for our sanity. But at what price, if/when it’s Jameis?

  23. Buc1987 Says:

    @Jordan & George…I’ve gone over this ad nauseam for the past 4 months in here the “off the field” stuff. I stopped talking about it about a month ago. So I leave it in the hands of the Bucs and their investigators that they’ve hired. So far they say everything checks out fine. It’s not in our hands anyways.

    Jordan I could go into detail as to why I think he stood up on the table and said that stuff, but you probably won’t like it or look at as just an excuse. I’ve repeated it many times on this site, so I’m sorry I can’t help you right now. Like I said ad nauseam.

    I can tell you this. I believe him when he says the college stuff is behind him and it’s time to move forward with his life. I believed him when he said, I now realize that I can’t just be one of the guys, because of who I am.

    I also believe he won’t ever steal anymore crab legs, or stand up in a bar somewhere and holler something he shouldn’t. I believe stealing soda from ketchup cups at BK is just kids stuff, but again he was just being “one of the guys”. I believe he was just being “one of the guys” when he and his football friends decided to have a BB gun fight.

    Do you see where I’m going with this? I hope so because a blind man can see where I’m going with this.

    Jameis Winston never thought of himself as a star at FSU, as cocky as he is. Off the field he was just that “one of the guys” and never thought about the consequences because of who he is. Then again even if he did think about, I think he didn’t really care, because like he said, he wanted to be “one of the guys”.

    That’s my stance anyways and I think the 21 year old kid will straighten himself out. If not then we, our team made a mistake and we move on.

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    That was waaaaaaaaaay much longer than I wanted it to be. That took a lot out of me right there. Phew!

  25. Luther Says:

    Wonderlic scores have been released

    Winston – 27
    Mariota – 33

    Very respectable from both of them. Bet all the Winston haters thought he would score a 10 or lower.

  26. Bill Says:


    I can respect what appears to be your genuine concern for the truth. There are some issues which the NY Times conveniently ignores. The biggest issue is that of “victim” privacy. Winston is/was a celebrity and moving forward in such a case requires explicit permission from the victim. The TPD and University claims they did not have that. I imagine at some point the victim will be asked for her own phone records as evidence of her attempts to push the case forward. I’ll be interested to see what happens at that point in time, as I can only wonder why that data has been lacking up to this point.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    And no I’m not Winston’s lawyer, but some have suggested I should be in the past. lol

    Draft hurry up and get here please. My brain hurts!

  28. Jordan Says:

    Hear what you’re saying buc1987 and I don’t believe he’ll get into trouble in the pros. And I’m actually surprised he didn’t score higher on the Wonderlic…the man is bright. Look, Roethlisberger has done quite well since paying off his accuser. Does that make it all right? There’s a lot we still don’t know…can’t wrap my head around it being a cash grab witch hunt when the witch hadn’t played a down of football when he was accused. I’ve been a fan of this team for 18 years and I guess all I know is that I’m struggling with this one…

  29. Pat Says:

    Welcome to the 30’s club Mariota! Scores in the 30s are common. Reportedly the list of 30-plus scores includes Tom Brady (33), Aaron Rodgers (35) and Andrew Luck (37). And again welcome to Tampa Bay MM!

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    Jordan and I 28 long years and we’ve never had a franchise QB. I’m just trusting the Bucs to do their investigation on him and if he clears that, which so far he has then he deserves to be a Buc. I think many others have done their own investigation on him as well, reporters, news people and such. I think if his past was that bad, those same people would be telling us all about what they found out right here and now. It can’t be just the Bucs doing the investigating.

    Alrighty…I’m off to bed. It’s been a long blogging day. I actually have real work to do tomorrow so I won’t be on as much. Yipee for me and my blood pressure.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Pat ..slap yourself and wake up from this Mariota pipe dream you have.

    Good gawd man. Some of you are hanging onto to nonsense right now.

  32. Luther Says:

    I don’t think teams care if you score a 27 or a 33 on the Wonderlic. They just don’t want guys who score a 10 or less. I’ve taken the Wonderlic before and it’s just an aptitude test, it doesn’t tell anyone that you have physical skill. By the way, I scored higher than both of them.

  33. Pat Says:

    Hey…At least Jameis (27) beat Geno Smith (24) by 3…lol 🙂

  34. WS99 Says:


    You deserve your own press pass.

  35. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    I predict people will bash a 27 while ignoring him being within one point of Peyton, Brees, and Russell Wilson.

  36. P'cola Buc Says:

    Other quarterback Wonderlic scores:

    Weeden : 27
    Flacco : 27
    Cutler. : 26
    P. Manning : 28
    Brees. : 28

    Winston’s in good company.

  37. Tiny Tim Says:

    Jordan Says:
    April 14th, 2015 at 9:35 pm
    I read the article, thanks Buc1987. While certainly an indictment of the New York Times’s slanted reporting, conveniently leaving out facts to tell the story it wanted, I still draw the same conclusion (Much the way I felt about Michael Moore’s “Sicko”…grossly one sided? Yes. Informative and necessary?Absolutely). None of this changes my last point though. Let’s say it was a false accusation…why would you jump on a table and yell that line under the umbrella of those charges? Let alone all the other stuff. There’s something off in that kind of personality.


    Obviously you are uneducated in the matters that are known as winston. The bb gun and soda incident took place before the rape allegations occurred. In fact, they would have never come out unless the rape allegation occurred. Yes sir there is a witch hunt that took place.

  38. Tiny Tim Says:

    Mariota scored a 33 on the wonderlic test. Jamarcus Russell scored a 24. Jim kelly and dan marino scored a 15 on the wonderlic test. They say the minimum to play qb is to score at least a 20 on the test. My question is, what does the tape tell you? Who has the warriors’ mentality? Who has the biggest heart? Who truly wants to play football? Who wants to be great? Do not over think this thing

  39. Pat Says:

    Q: what does the tape tell you?
    A: Mariota is THE protoypical QB 3S = Speed / Size / Smarts

    Q: Who has the warriors’ mentality?
    A: No brainer, the ‘Flying Hawaiian’

    Q: Who has the biggest heart?
    A: Again, no brainer, give’em a Purple Heart, why don’t you!

    Q: Who truly wants to play football?
    A: Mariota

    Q: Who wants to be great?
    A: Mariota

    Why are these questions so easy, give me harder ones Please!

  40. Andrew 1 Says:

    If you were to say that Mariota is a better athlete than Winston, I would probably concede to that notion. BUT if you were to say that Mariota is a better QB than Winston, I would say that you are not good at judging the QB position and should probably move on to something else. There IS a difference people. We’ve seen that just because a guy is athletic doesn’t mean he will be a good QB. Vince Young, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, MICHAEL VICK. These are just some of the guys who were super athletic but did not necessarily make great QBs in the NFL. Give me the better QB any day aka Winston. But I’m sure this will fly over some peoples heads.

  41. Pat Says:

    Chip Kelly just keeps on saying just when he got Marcus, how easily and how different he was just being able to read concepts at an early level and we’ve seen how Marcus Mariota progressed at Oregon each year getting better, getting faster, getting better command. Progression-wise, he is ready for this next level. He’s got the athleticism, he’s physically strong. I’m not worried about him being a run-first guy. He understands how he’s got to play. Mariota was ASKED to master the SPREAD. He did IT? Correct? He will be ASKED by an NFL team to run PRO STYLE? And he will.

  42. Pat Says:

    And another thing about Chip Kelly…Chip Kelly is an innovator, and he is a guy who is above the cut when it comes to college, when it comes to the NFL. There’s a reason why Bill Belichick was always going to Chip Kelly, they were always sharing joint practices in the summer times where Bill would bring him in for training camps. And the reason is because Chip is always thinking outside the box, and in the NFL that’s what you got to do because the level of competition is so close between everybody. You’re not going to outwork another coach, you’re really aren’t going to outthink that greatly another coach. You’ve got to get every advantage you can innovative-wise to set yourself apart to do whatever you can differently to make a match up difficult for another team.

  43. P'cola Buc Says:

    Who can be “out there” leading the troops: Winston
    Who will be motivating the team on the field and on the sidelines: Winston
    Who has experience leading the huddle: Winston
    Who is able to fight through adversity: Winston
    Who regularly can launch an on field comeback: Winston
    Who is the better quarterback that can be immediately utilized: Winston

    Skip B : “Picking Winston number one overall is a slam dunk”.
    Stephen A : “They ( the Buccaneers) will rue the day if they pass on Winston”.

  44. Pat Says:

    Here is Vernie G’s take below:
    “For some reason the classic image of a leader is a screamer, a madman who rants and raves. I have seen too many of these so-called leaders in my 44 years of coaching. They are not leaders; they are individuals who want to call attention to themselves instead of the team. You will notice when the chips are down they tend to blow-up or disappear. This is why Marcus Mariota epitomizes authentic leadership. He is all about making his team better not calling attention to himself; he knows his arms and legs will do the talking. Watch this young man he will go far in football and even farther if life because of leadership abilities.”

  45. Pat Says:

    Some more…”I would like to share with you what I have seen about Marcus Mariota and his leadership. I have been privileged to attend several Oregon practices, weight workouts and speed sessions and also to be on the sideline of one game over the past three years and what I have seen and experienced is a great leader – an authentic leader. He is solid as rock, a stable force, he is a cool calm and collected presence that his teammates look to. He does not scream and holler instead he leads by example, by a pat on the back and an encouraging word. In practice and training there is no bluster or trash talking just “perfect effort” and focus on making himself and teammates better. In fact last off-season he set up his schedule up to do some of his lifting workouts with the offensive line. How many Quarterbacks would do that?”

  46. Andrew 1 Says:

    Leadership, off the field stuff, you can flush all that crap down the toilet!!! who has better pocket presence, who can manipulate the pocket better, who has better accuracy, who has better arm strength, who can make the impossible throws, who can bring a team back to victory, who doesn’t lose his cool when a play breaks down, who can make something out of nothing, who has more experience huddling and running a pro style offense, who can go through his progressions. THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT MATTER DAMMIT!!!

    Winston has a better handle on most if not all of these areas than Mariota, making him the better QB. Wish Mariota was the better QB because he is the better dude, BUT HE’S NOT.

  47. P'cola Buc Says:

    Jameis Winston always give his team mates credit and never takes the credit on his own. He is acknowledged as a motivator of his team mates. He is confident of himself and makes those around him better players. Mariota is a gifted athlete but personality wise he is highly introverted. His present lack of confidence in himself is evident. That’s the key….it’s not that he is quiet. He may be sure of his athletic abilities….it’s the self confidence regarding
    communicating and leading the troops. Team mates will pick up on this. More is asked of the QB in the pros. Listen, I always liked Mariota. I just think his learning curve is larger than I first envisioned.

  48. P'cola Buc Says:

    98% of professional mock drafts choose Winston. 2% choose Mariota. These mock drafts are created by those who make their living in the world of sports, having the abilities as well as the connections to do so. They know more than you or I. Mariota I believe will do fine in the NFL but as for me I choose to go with the 98%, the professionals who know more than us, selecting Winston as the number one pick.

  49. Andrew 1 Says:

    There’s also one other trait that I forgot to mention that’s probably something that Winston is the best at doing. Anticipation. He can anticipate his throws with the best of them. FSU would run dig route after dig route because before his WR’s would even turn around, the ball was already out of Winston’s hands and in the exact spot his receivers would be in. He was masterful at anticipating his throws while at FSU.

  50. The True Buc Fan Says:

    Why can’t people understand that for there to be a deep investigation into a crime, there has to be significant evidence. Aka witnesses, evidence, even dna. This girl went and cried rape, sorry, slipped a drug than raped by Winston the next morning. Rape kit done by a Dr, no evidence of forced sex. Blood test, no drugs in system. She lied twice, right off. Knowing a woman who has been raped, I’m saying this only to shut you all up, she tore, she had bruises, she was hurt, she had dna on her, it’s sick what this woman I know went thru, and thank you police for catching the man responsible. Winstons accuser showed no physical signs, no drug signs, and no emotional signs. Can you people see crying sheep here. $$$$

  51. Mariota Joe Says:

    If the Eagles had the number one pick, Chip Kelly would doubtlessly pick Mariota. Now, who would YOU rather have at the helm of your team? Kelly? Or…L&L? Please don’t try to suggest that you believe L&L are smarter than Kelly, because that is laughable.

  52. Mariota Joe Says:

    And regarding Deumig’s “about face” on JW….what a brown noser!! I only wish that Booger was still on the radio.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Chip Kelly might not even be in the league in 2-3 years. Will Lovie? I don’t know.

  54. Pat Says:

    Who is to say? Just say you do not know.

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    Chip Kelly is not our coach. Mariota won’t be our quarterback. I don’t feel the need to debate either one anymore. Some of you do and that’s your prerogative.

    I think such talk should be reserved for an Eagles blog site, but to each his own.

    BTW I still HATE the Eagles and their fans even though we whipped that ass in the NFC Championship game and they aren’t even in our division.

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    Pat…”might not” is the same I don’t know.

  57. Mariota Joe Says:

    Buc1987…..If you can give an unbiased opinion (and I acknowledge that’s it’s difficult as a Bucs fan), who’s the better, wiser coach? Kelly or Lovie? Unbiased national polls have Kelly at number 10 and Lovie at number 26.

  58. ADown Says:

    What a stupid argument. Chip and Lovie have completely different styles. In fact, you picked the one system MOST believe is the ONLY system Mariota could thrive in right away. Also, Chip is his old coach, so of course he has a bias.

  59. Mariota Joe Says:

    What’s STUPID is to ignore the obvious….. that Kelly is a better coach (and obviously the Glazers think so too). And you’re absolutely wrong to say “most” believe MM can only thrive in that system. Idiocy reigns!