Dan Connolly Takes Step 2 In Tampa This Morning

April 2nd, 2015

The Patriots’ Super Bowl left guard is being courted by the Bucs

The Tampa dining (and wining?) segment of the Dan Connolly free agency tour went down last night.

Today, it will continue with the more meat and potatoes stuff at One Buc Palace.

Joe got the word directly from Connolly. He had dinner with position coaches and will mingle with the big guns today.

This is a very interesting situation. The Bucs have showered all kinds of praise on their left guard, barbecue-yearning Logan Mankins, who played six years on the Patriots’ line with Connolly. Obviously, Mankins has recommended his close friend, who took over spatula duties in New England last season. (Yes, Joe talked to Connolly at Super Bowl Media Day, where Joe snapped the photo above)

But interest in Connolly in Tampa runs deeper.

First, he’s versatile, having started last season in New England at center, and then moving to left guard. In 2012 and 2013, Connolly started 30 games at right guard. After the Buccaneers’ backup center debacle last year, a guy like Jeremy Zuttah Connolly would represent wonderful insurance.

The Boston Globe recently said Connolly arguably was the Patriots’ best offensive lineman last season. And Joe can confirm Connolly is seeking a starting gig.

So who would you rather have starting at right guard? A versatile guy with a shiny new Super Bowl ring, or Patrick Omameh, who started 16 games for the Bucs last season?

It’s a nice thought that the Bucs can find O-line help in the draft, but that’s no given. And that’s a scary thing to rely upon with a 21-year-old quarterback.

54 Responses to “Dan Connolly Takes Step 2 In Tampa This Morning”

  1. lurker Says:

    spend the money. we need an upgrade on the line. with a shiny new qb in place, jameis christ, we need some armor-all to help protect him.

  2. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    TPA is turning into a retirement village for aging NFL offensive linemen…..word is out !

  3. TheDon Says:

    Bring him in. Gotta keep king Jameis upright.

  4. Dreambig Says:

    Joe I think you’ve taken Mankins BBQ comments a bit out of context. Sounds like in NE he was the frequent host of Oline gatherings and they were a tight knit group. Mankins was saying the Bucs unit was not close like that yet. No wonder they’re not. It was a totally new group with no leaders and no stability with players or coaches. Bringing in Connolly might help getting a nucleus of at least two players who have experienced success at a high level. Maybe between the two of them, they can start establishing some leadership. Heck, if they need a place to bbq, I have a nice Webber, a Big green egg and a great view!

  5. Stanglassman Says:

    All the Pats fans on their site sure want him to re-sign. Not one bad thing to say, they love his leadership and pass protection. He played for the Jags his 1st few years so he has some familiarity with FL and won’t be shocked by the heat too bad.

  6. Architek Says:

    From a transition and maturity standpoint I think this is the right thing to do. Get proven and productive players in here that can mentor while these youngsters catch up and eventually unseat them like successful franchises do.

    Heck even the older Bucs teams of the Dungy and Gruden era did that. We were better ran from the top – down.

  7. BucsQcCity Says:

    Nice pic.

  8. brandonbucfan Says:

    This could be a significant signing for the BUCS when the draft rolls around. Suddenly, our 2rd rd pick is not locked in for an OL but DE and MIKE suddenly come in
    to play. And IF we get a 3rd for either MG8 or Monster Hamster…NOW we’re talking a draft!
    OH YE NAYSAYERS..don’t give up on the BUCS yet.(.Where are you Robert 9?) Let’s see how everything shakes out! GO BUCS!

  9. Espo Says:

    Well, he’s no Zuttah

  10. buc4lyfe Says:

    any offensive line signing would be an upgrade at this point, sign somebody so your not looking as desperate for help on the o line as we are

  11. Jeff Says:

    Why is everyone trying to dump Glennon, who would you replace him with, as a backup quarterback! He’s smart, works hard, costs very little, really a bargain!

  12. mavsmoney Says:

    Awesome pic Joe

  13. meh Says:

    This guy is worse than Cousins. Seriously. Why do we keep picking up other teams garbage for the line?

  14. DrHoagy Says:

    If he really wants to come here and isn’t just trying to bump up his $$$ it will be a 2 year patch that gives the Bucs time to backfill with the next two draft classes. Gives the young guys time to learn from a couple of true pros. Don’t knock the strategy of bringing in “old” guys. If they can still play it works. (Lomas Brown anybody?)

  15. meh Says:

    But DrHoagy, he can’t still play.

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    Don’t know Connolly’s game or the veracity of the work done by the spreadsheeters that gave him bad grades. What I do know is that if this guy was good enough to play for the Patriots for several years and help them win a ring then by default his game must be superior to Cousins, Omameh or whoever else incompetent Lovie Smith and his lapdog GM stuck at RG last year. When you fail as badly as Lovie/lapdog did last year it is much easier to find improvement.

  17. The Real Malloy Says:

    Is the Barbecue Master in on the wining and dining? Did EDS and Mankins pick him up at the airport with a 24 pack of bud light in the cooler? Word is, the 3 of them were seen high fiving and playing cornhole at Selmons…

  18. meh Says:

    He’s 33, can’t stay healthy, and can’t play effectively anymore. He’s over the hill. He’s done.

    But this is our answer on the offensive line? LOL.

  19. buc4lyfe Says:

    I think oneil cousins and anythony Collins were enough to scare fans away from average to below average lineman signings. I say sign him but still draft someone high and let em battle it out in camp

  20. The Real Malloy Says:


    great name…

  21. biff barker Says:

    I can see the headline now. “Dr Hoagy gets eaten alive by Winston during fan fest!”

  22. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Jeff haven’t you heard on JBF that Glennon sucks and will never be a good QB. He looks like a string bean, who will only cause us to lose. He is not even worth holding on to because we are going to draft a “Franchise QB” who will win 12-15 games his first season take us to the playoffs, then win us another Super Bowl. All while never getting sacked our Oline he will make supremely better just by signing his contract.
    He will get us a 3rd round – 6th round pick in this draft.

    Did I miss anything JBF posters?

    Bring in Mr. Connelly we need Oline help, but only at a good price. Still draft a few more Oline players from the draft.

  23. bucrightoff Says:

    Yeah its a good thing Zuttah was mentioned, because if they simply don’t make that disastrous trade they aren’t as pressed for lineman right now. Connolly is ok I guess but it is worth wondering if he isn’t looking for one last decent pay day rather than anything else. And your younger guys aren’t getting any better sitting on the bench and learning. You need them playing to get better.

    I’d prefer going with younger guys to try and build something long term, this approach to me probably starts a continous cycle of signing these types of stop gaps rather than developing something that can last. It also gives them an excuse to avoid drafting OL until later in the draft which likely won’t work.

  24. Dave Pear Says:

    Maybe we’re bringing him in to be our new kick returner.
    He does own the NFL all time record for longest kick return by an offensive lineman at 71 yards.

  25. Stanglassman Says:

    He is actually 32 and only missed 5 starts in the last 3 seasons. I don’t know if those were due to injury or not. In 9 seasons (since starting 7 years)the most games he has missed in a year is 3. Considered the best OL on the team who won the SB last year but I’m sure Meh knows better. I can’t find one Pats fans who has a single bad thing to say about the guy and they want him re-signed.

  26. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    33……bwahahahaa….is like buying a 2005 Chevy Impala with 233,000 miles on it

    we need to draft OL with the
    2nd and 3rd round picks !!!!

  27. Ra'Shad Says:

    Is that a nipple I see. Either way great pic.

  28. Eric Says:

    The spreadsheeterst have him at a -29, which was #72 of 75 guards total in the NFL.. ..According to them he was ranked 3rd from the bottom (awful). I don’t put a ton of stock into that stuff but if he is rated that low, he must’ve been awful

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Sign him up! Then we can complete our OL needs in the draft.

    Watching the NFL Net last night and their mock drafts plenty of talented LT’s dropped pretty far. I think they had my favorite Humphries going 20th. That’s only 14 spots up from our 2nd round pick. Package a pick and a perhaps a player and move up!

    If we get a franchise LT to go with our franchise QB our OL will actually have the chance to be decent. 4 experienced guys with only one rookie. Dotson is fine at RT our guards would have some wear and tear but a few serviceable years left, same with EDS and Connolly gives us some flexibility if somebody else goes down. Hopefully Omemah’s experience last year and a 2nd year for Pamphile and Edwards will give us some depth.

    I’m starting to get jacked up!

  30. Chef Paul Says:


    I agree 100% with your words but don’t consider it a bad thing. When you’re having a bad stretch and have no car and only a few hundred bucks, that old Impala can be a god send until you get through the rough desperate times. Plus an impala is a pretty darn reliable low maintenance car.

  31. buc4lyfe Says:

    I see why so many people get angry and so many people are disappointed by the beginning of the season. apparently because you are drafted in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round your supposed to be an instant starter….apparently every second and 3rd round pick works out for every team. yea ok bucs your fans say don’t sign someone with experience because every 2nd or 3rd round pick is a homerun cant miss prospect that will start day one….this is why you don’t listen to fans, I’m glad they went out and attempted to sign those free agent lineman, it didn’t work out but what was worse is the undrafted offensive lineman behind them all the inexperience that cant be overcome.

  32. meh Says:

    The best on the Pats line? That’s insane. He rated as one of the worst guards in the NFL last season.

    The PR is being laid on thick now, but this guy is not the answer. We should stay away.

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Lovie really wants a DE with our 2nd pick…this signing could make that happen…I really don’t see the harm…we have plenty of cap space and need the depth.

  34. iamkingsu Says:

    Here we go again trying to get someone with sort of a name to Tampa. Do not waste the friggin money. Its a reason he’s still on the market after winning a super bowl. Those players are usually the first to get signed and over paid.

    Draft a damn lineman early forv a change. The draft is deep this year with lineman. We can easily come away with 2 starters from the 2nd round on.

    Please don’t ruin this great off-season we’ve had thus far by overpaying for a guy and filling the team with false hope that the line was addressed and then remain a similar position next offseason with the same o line problems.

    If he comes in at a bargain to create competition at position then that’s fine. Otherwise, hell no!

  35. P'cola Buc Says:

    Belichick is a Master of knowing when a former productive player is about to show he is no longer able meet that standard. He also then is able to squeeze the last ounce of production he can from the player prior to “exchanging” the player for an other team’s player with some talent and perhaps future upside. That being said, the Bucs will need to go online x1 in this years draft, and pieceing together an oline from FA and waivers afterwards. Poor Lovie has been very patient drafting all offense last year and Winston with the first pick this year. He deserves to be able to pick SOME defense this year. So yes sign Connolly as a role model, someone to keep Mankins company, and a very short term stop gap to try to keep Winston upright.

  36. buc4lyfe Says:

    I love the way fans get to pretend they never wanted to sign Anthony Collins or cousins…..everyone gets to act like they thought it was a bad decision from day one even though your posts about how good a signing. a few people need to be put on blast like this guy that hated Adrian clayborn so much

    The_Buc_Realist Says:

    March 13th, 2014 at 10:44 am
    This will be the biggest upgrade for the Bucs of all the signings.

    Buc a Deer Says:

    March 13th, 2014 at 10:45 am
    Lovelite is on fire!! Who will they sign next? Lots of cap space still. He’s buddies with MJ!! The sword is mightier than the Penn!!
    terraj35 Says:

    March 13th, 2014 at 10:46 am
    Thank you! Over payed Penn is finally gone. A great step for the Bucs.
    theDON Says:

    March 13th, 2014 at 10:53 am
    it is a good sign, because collins said he was deciding between 3 teams , and he chose the bucs. this can only be good
    Brian Says:

    March 13th, 2014 at 11:05 am
    GREAT signing! Man these guys have done their damn homework…Carolina and Cincy both wanted him to start at LT for them…sometimes you either take a chance or you miss the boat…Collins will be a franchise left tackle, and cheaper and better than Penn.
    ok I’ll just stop there lol I can get more evidence on posters here than Erica kingsman has on winston

  37. iamkingsu Says:


    I from the start hated the collins signing because he was swing tackle in Cincinnati. He wass strictly used for depth their. And we pay a guy big money to come start at LT and wonder why it doesn’t work??.

    I live outside of Florida so I have the pulse of how everyone feels about the bucs. They consider us the Yucks again. They saw what revis got for 1 year and see this as their biggest chance for a payday.

    That’s why I’m glad Lovie cut bait with johnson and collins even though he still owes them money to sort of get rid of that perception.

  38. DrHoagy Says:

    @meh Thats why I said “if” he can still play. A check of the various scouting sites render a split decision. I do wonder if he can still return a kick.

  39. tmaxcon Says:

    Another injury waiting to happen. Signing washed up has beens is the Lovie Smith way. Lovie has NEVER fielded a oline and is well on his way fielding another crap line in 2015. Just another piece on the 2015 free agent garbage run Lovie is on.

  40. Jolly Bucs fan Says:

    I see people complaining about losing money, or saying to only sign him on the cheap,
    this is my opinion, we have cap space so why does it matter? Pay according to your need. its why I disagreed with us not signing any of the OL in free agency, yes they were mediocre players getting high pay, but we had a need. pay the d@mn money, its not going to help us win just sitting there doing nothing.

  41. buc4lyfe Says:

    we have roster spots to fill and a roster to form and personally I think that competition at every position along the offensive line is what is needed no matter the name or how good or bad you are lol play for your job….what I like this year is we have a better defensive line with more experience in this defense so they will be ahead of the curve and already more jelled than the offense, this defense should give our o line hell in training camp which is what they need to get better

  42. tmaxcon Says:


    I think that competition at every position along the offensive line is what is needed no matter the name or how good or bad you are

    I agree completely with competition needed but, How can you have competition when they are bad??? Competition is good players raising each others levels. Not a bunch of garbage heap players fighting out for a job.

    When will the bucs learn if Belicheat does not bring someone back they are done. Mankins is done and we will be replacing him in a year so why bring in another has been that belicheat has already put on the trash heap. I don’t want to hear about salary cap if a team wants a player they can make it happen see cowboys. This is exactly why Lovie will never consistently win in tampa and why he did not consistently win in chicago. glazers get this bum out of town.

  43. buc4lyfe Says:


    I hear you…he’s basically unknown to me so doesn’t bother me but you can say I told you so if we sign him and he ends up starting and im enraged by his bad play

  44. BucsfanNJ Says:

    Totally agree, the BBQ thing has become tedious, since it was obviously taken out of context right from the gate.

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    Oh look, a Bears OLineman was released. I got about 2 days before he’s a Buc.

  46. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m all for it; as long as we still draft at least 2 O-lineman. Would love to nab a LT somehow at top of the 2nd / RT

    LT – 1st/2nd rounder
    LG – Mankins
    C- EDS
    RG – Connoly
    RT – Dotson

    With Pamphile developing to hopefully be our RT eventually; and I’d like to take a guy like Ali Marpet or someone as a C/G for depth. That’d be a massive improvement I’d think over last year

  47. unbelievable Says:

    This guy’s play has fallen off. He’s one of the bottom rated guards in the league last year.

    How many more years will this franchise continue to stock the o-line with over-the-hill, past-their-prime free agents before we do the smart thing and build through the draft?

  48. Pickgrin Says:

    We need depth and competition up front if nothing else. Signing Connolly would probably make Mankins happy and that can’t be a bad thing.

    You should lay off the BBQ teasing Joe. I’m sure Mankins doesn’t appreciate you saying that every time you mention his name. It was a one time offhand comment that you jumped all over and have taken way too far.

  49. unbelievable Says:

    I agree that we need competition and depth at many positions, especially o-line. But Love Smith has said he signs FA to be starters. So would signing Connolly mean he just get’s the starting job? Much like Collins, Johnson, and McCown did last year? Connolly is one of the bottom ranked guards in the league the last 2 years, so besides experience, I’m not sure his actual play will be an upgrade.

    I’m all for competition and depth though.

  50. rayjay1122 Says:

    Maybe if we sign him it will inspire Mankins to step up his game???

  51. pick6 Says:

    we have the cap room to take a shot at it. he can start training camp as the starter at RG. and that’s 2 guys who had brady’s back for years, who will help winston on and off the field. it’d be great for him to have a little insight into another brash QB who worked and pushed his teammates year in and year out to be the best ever.

  52. Buccfan37 Says:

    This team will have to change their name to the Tampa Bay Buccaneercowboypatriots.

  53. salish_seamonster Says:

    Dreambig Says:
    April 2nd, 2015 at 5:40 am

    Joe I think you’ve taken Mankins BBQ comments a bit out of context.

    Jeez, ya think? But that’s Joe’s M.O. Most of Joe’s stuff is taken out of context.

  54. Johnny Dejay Says:

    Connely definitely won’t be wearing #63 in Tampa, that one will always belong to the greatest Buccaneer ever, Lee Roy Selmon.

    He may be 33 years old, but he says he’s 100% Juicy Juice.