Alex Marvez Talks To Joe

April 29th, 2015
alex marvez

Alex Marvez

Joe is emptying a notebook of interviews with national NFL media types concerning the Bucs in recent weeks. Below, all-around good dude Alex Marvez of Fox Sports and SiriusXM NFL Radio chats with Joe.

JoeBucsFan: If you are Jason Licht, how do you rebuild this team?

Alex Marvez: It starts with a quarterback. It begins there. If you are convinced it is Marcus Mariota, or Jameis Winston is the guy, you have to take him. Hopefully, as an organization, you won’t have to take the No. 1 overall pick again. So I think it is quarterback where you have to go. We know that the interior line is a very big deal for [Licht and Lovie Smith]. You might be able to get a left tackle in the second round in a very deep draft [for offensive linemen].

Joe: So you are of the same mind as Joe that you can get value for offensive linemen later?

Marvez: Yes, indeed. Maybe that is the direction they want to go to. A lot of guards are plug-and-play. You are looking at that in this class. I think that is a possibility. It really has to start up front on offense for this team I do believe. Now in the second year of Tampa-2 I think the defense will be more comfortable. It never really caught on last year for what this team wanted to do.

Joe: Outside of Gerald McCoy and possibly Johnthan Banks.

Marvez: Right.

Joe: Jon Gruden says on Monday Night Football the Tampa-2 is dead. Now Lovie doesn’t run a strict Tampa-2. Your perception is the Tampa-2 dead or has it evolved?

Marvez: No, it has evolved. The Tampa-2 has evolved but what you have to have is a trust factor. Everyone has to trust everyone else. Sort of what the Patriots always say, “Do your job.” It wasn’t like that in Tampa. You had guys overreaching a bit. Let’s be honest: Michael Johnson? Big time disappointment. Adrian Clayborn spent the year on injured reserve. McCoy, he was banged up and if you don’t get pressure up front, eventually your secondary is going to get picked apart. Plus, I was surprised that Alterraun Verner, all the money they spent, this guy’s burn ratio was among the highest in the NFL.

Joe: Burn Ratio!? That’s nice analytics. Burn Ratio! After Mike Glennon was sent to the bench, what was the perception from folks around the NFL you talk to, was that a surprise?

Marvez: Yeah. It was a surprise. Initially, you come out of the offseason [from 2014] and you proclaim Mike Glennon is the quarterback of the future. Well, a quarterback of the future should be out on the field when you nothing to play for but the No. 1 pick. Except, they stuck with Josh McCown, I think for the long-term of the franchise, it just shows you where Mike Glennon is on the list. I don’t think they believe he is the guy that is going to lead this team into the future. Hey, it wasn’t their pick. Pretty obvious he is not their guy.

Joe: Some Bucs fans will suggest that, “Oh, no. You don’t need a quarterback you need an offensive line. I suggest that you can find offensive linemen to fill in gaps — Donald Penn is a perfect example. Shoot, the Bucs won a Super Bowl with Kenyatta Walker as a starting right tackle. You can find decent linemen off the street. You cannot find a decent quarterback off the street.

Marvez: Right. Quarterbacks are never available, good ones. You can draft one and groom him. I mean, do you want a Matt Moore who is been in mothballs for two years? No. You want to draft a quarterback. No. You need to draft a quarterback. If you feel Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota is that guy, you need to take the plunge.

13 Responses to “Alex Marvez Talks To Joe”

  1. Ray Rice Says:

    At least he agrees that Big Vern was getting burned far too often. #burnratio LMFAO… Good one Alex!

  2. The Real Malloy Says:

    Mariota!!! Tomorrow, we shock the world and take Marcus Mariota 1st overall….

    It will be glorious…

  3. flhillbilly Says:


  4. Bob 9 Says:

    not sure it will happen, but if JW is the pick I will support it

  5. Bobby Says:

    Agree to an extent. If we had a deal thrown at us like the one Washington gave for RG III it would be hard to pass up, especially if we stayed in the top 5 or 10 picks. That would be the only scenario where I could see putting off picking a QB in the first round. We could stack up a bunch of picks this year and have multiple first round picks for the next several years then yes….trade. It would hurt us at the QB position but we could help in every other way and address QB next year.

  6. Nuckinfutz Says:


  7. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Joe is there going to be an open draft thread tomorrow?

    I wish that there were video to see people’s reactions when Jameis is announced as TB’s pick at #1.

  8. Joe Says:

    Joe is there going to be an open draft thread tomorrow?

    Of course! All three days of the draft.

  9. Smart1 Says:

    Drafting Jameis Winsron will be like opening up Pandora’s Box, and at this point the Bucs don’t need anything like that

  10. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Agree that we need a QB #1 but if we could just pick up a lineman off the street then we would not be in the problem we are in with our line.

  11. Erik the WiseMMan Says:

    Mariota is coming to Tampa 1.5 days. If Lovie didn’t covet elite athletes at every position, maybe there would be a better chance for the Winstonites to get the mediocre QB that they all desire so much.

  12. Luther Says:

    Erik, I think Mariota will be here for the first game this year. Then he goes back to Tenn.

  13. Babaloo Says:

    Remember qb’s are never available. It’s why Drew brees is still qb in San Diego right? Why Brett Favre finished a long career in Atlanta and why jay cutler is still with the broncos. Right? I could go on but what’s the point? The talking heads know everything.

    Lovey has us on the right path. Just some patience.