Trade Market For Glennon Loses Promise

March 4th, 2015

Glennon and Vick

Fresh action on the NFL trade and free agency front is hurting the trade value and options for former Bucs “quarterback of the future” Mike Glennon.

This afternoon, reported the Bills swung a deal with the Vikings for former Pro Bowler Matt Cassel, who is 32 years old with 71 career starts under his belt.

Buffalo gave up the first overall pick in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, a pick they got from the Bucs on a draft-day trade last year. In return, Minnesota gives up Cassel, the Vikings’ 2015 sixth-round pick, and a seventh-rounder next year.

So Buffalo got a below-average starter with a $4.75 million contract for a seventh-round pick and a swap of third-day picks. (One would think the Bucs could have traded the Bills Josh McCown for the same deal, but that’s a mystery for another day.)

What Joe gets from the Cassel trade is bad news for the Bucs’ potential hopes of trading Glennon for anything more than a fifth-round pick. And that means the likelihood of Tampa Bay trading Glennon drops.

In a market desperate for QBs, Cassel didn’t garner much interest. And two QB-needy teams, the Bills and Browns, are off the trade market.

Joe had hopes Rex Ryan and the Bills would come calling for Glennon, but now it appears too late.

The free agency dinner bell rings in six days, and more teams will fill their needs with the likes of Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer and others.

The Mike Glennon Mob might get an early start on happy hour today.

45 Responses to “Trade Market For Glennon Loses Promise”

  1. Lev in Philly Says:

    I want them to keep Glennon. He is a hall of fame back up QB.

  2. scott Says:

    Good , we dont need to shell out millions of dollars on a backup. Glennon is still on his rookie contract so it will save us money for next year

  3. Robert 9 Says:

    who cares about the FA QB market. last I checked he is our starting QB.

    put that in your pipe and smoke it

  4. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Anyone pining for Glennon to be traded first needs to answer what we’re going to do about a backup QB if he leaves.

  5. scott Says:

    Joe, the fact Glennon is on a rookie contract is what gets the higher round pick. So we might be okay. I see someone shelling out a third for him

  6. Buctebow Says:

    This is indeed bad news for the Bucs. I hope they still find a way to pull off a trade. Enjoy the reprieve MGM.

  7. NJBucsFan Says:

    Up in Philly…listening to sportstalk radio and Mike Missinelli said he got an email with a source within the Eagles organization and apparently there is a deal in place for them to receive the #1 pick… this is what they are saying

    Tampa gives
    #1 and Mike Evans

    Philly gives
    Nick Foles
    #1, #2, #3 2015
    #1, #2, #3 2016
    #2 and #3 2017

    The things people will say…..

  8. Keith Says:

    A “third?” Pass the bong.

  9. NJBucsFan Says:

    oh and apparently it will be made public on March 6th


  10. Bear the Bucs Says:

    Why didn’t Lovie play Glennon the last 3 games ? Was he afraid he was going to win ?

  11. Rodney Says:

    Bucs will still need a backup, so if they can’t get what they want they just keep him. Easy enough.

  12. NJBucsFan Says:


    #1 and #2 2017

  13. Rodney Says:

    Bear the Bucs Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 3:39 pm
    Why didn’t Lovie play Glennon the last 3 games ? Was he afraid he was going to win ?


    Why did they take out most of the starters in that NO game? Of course they were playing for the top pick, that isn’t even in dispute, and thank goodness they did, because otherwise the Bucs would be without a QB for the next decade plus.

  14. scott Says:

    NJBucsfan thats crazy…. Glennon would be our man in that case.

  15. scott Says:

    Id be down if we got rounds 1,2,3 from the eagles for 3 years. Man id be upset about losing Jameis and Evans but the whole team would be stocked

  16. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Too funny how some of you want Glennon gone so bad. Better prepare to see him be the Bucs starting QB regardless of who (or if) they draft at QB this year.

  17. NJBucsFan Says:

    The Eagle fan base is all up in arms about the McCoy trade. Talking Super Bowl after signing Suh, Revis, Maxwell, Spiller, and Mariotta.

    And now all the callers are talking about Mike Evans as if he is in Philly now.

    The Eagle fan base is horrible.

  18. DG Says:

    This trade does not change the market at all! Especially when you consider, Buffalo is making bad move after bad move. Trading Kiko Alonso for a $10.25M running back and then trading for a journeyman QB for $4.75M just means the Bills have added $15M to their cap and lost a really good, young inside linebacker. I think the Bucs will still be able to trade Glennon to a playoff like Arizona that did not make the playoffs because Carson Palmer was injured. A 2nd or 3rd rounder for Glennon may get the Cards over the hump and do some damage in the playoffs. Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley are not going to be starters EVER, but Glennon can under Arians.

  19. @eric Says:

    Evans isn’t going anywhere……

  20. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Internet GM’s are the only ones talking trade MG…he is a perfect back up /transition starter if the Bucs take a QB @ #1

  21. bucrightoff Says:

    Nobody is giving up anything of significance for Glennon. The current management team has already shown inept negotiating skills and poor asset management, other teams will be patient and get him for free or nothing. Like the 6th Zuttah got for instance (to outplay our entire line combined last year)

  22. Rob Says:

    We’ve already fleeced the Jets once in the Revis deal. Who’s to say we cant do it again. Glennon was built to play in NY.

  23. Joe Says:

    We’ve already fleeced the Jets once in the Revis deal.

    Fleeced? How so? The guy the Bucs traded a first round pick for was turned loose for no good reason.

    The cash “saved” on Revis was p!ssed away on Josh McCown, Anthony Collins and Ghost Johnson. Woody Johnson still laughs at the wet bar on his yacht over that.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I still look for Glennon to go to the Rams or Cardinals….for a 3rd…at minimum.

    We probably wil need a FA vet to mentor the rookie (either one)

    I don’t see the Phil trade happening…..

  25. iamkingsu Says:

    I live in VA where are people getting this Mike Evans trade talk from?? Is it some time of buzz down there or are people just pulling it out of the air? Tell L&L they better not!!

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    Glennon isn’t going anywhere, unless somebody is suckered out of a 2nd rounder. You all are funny to think that Lovie/Licht are desperate enough to get rid of him for a measly 3rd when we need him as a back up. No vet free agent will be better than him or cheaper.

  27. NJBucsFan Says:


    This is something the Philly fan base is trying to drum up and it is being spearheaded by the sportstalk media in Philly. They now think they can sign every top FA and make any trade they want.

  28. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol that’s sad we cant even get that much for glennon but matt cassell is a better quarterback than glennon….forget josh mccown and it’s silly to think your going to get a draft pick for any and every player on your roster. you cant compare the Vikings to the bucs, the Vikings have their young quarterback already and we have glennon and everyone knows or assumes bucs are drafting a quarterback…….every gm has common sense because they know both mccown and glennon wouldn’t be there, not hard to figure mccown would be the odd man out. no issue with cutting mccown at all….glennon is the one they need to get a draft pick for but they aren’t getting more than a 5th round pick and I don’t know why licht can’t understand he’s not worth more than that

  29. Bill Says:

    I could envision Glennon being traded during the season. Particularly if a good team loses their QB to injury and Winston/Mariotta look good. I wouldn’t trade him for less than a 3rd…it’s not like we should be trying to get rid of him.

  30. Jerseybuc Says:

    Philly sports radio is a joke. Last year they wouldn’t even entertain the idea of NOT winning the division. I am talking about the hosts of the shows saying this..Wasn’t open for discussion.
    As for the fans…It is either the sky is falling or they are winning big while embarrassing the Cowboys/Giants or any other fans who dare to venture into their turf. There is no middle ground…Only Eagle fans would lose 3 starters and immediately start smack talking.
    So…we give up pick#1 this year AND top 10 pick last year in Evans for 3 #1 picks that may well be in the bottom third of the draft each year?
    Only way we trade out is to get top players at multiple positions in top half of the draft AND a boatload of em. Never happen. This is all Philly driven rumors.
    I am in Jersey but I can imagine the fan base storming One Buc if this ever happened. Glazers need to sell season tickets. Can’t wait to hear this myself, thanks NJBucsFan.

  31. lurker Says:

    keep him. mike lemon glennon can backup jameis christ.

  32. Jerseybuc Says:

    Don’t see the comparison of Glennon to Cassell or McCown etc….Those old QBs are what they are. Vet QBs who have a history-as backups.
    Glennon’s value is to a coach who sees his potential. Arizona is the perfect locale. Good team, vet QB and HC who is a QB guru. Denver may make sense for the same reason.

  33. tgreg Says:

    Browns a QB needy team! What happened to the mancrush Joe had on Johnny last year…LOL About as sensible as his Winston jock sniffing this year. Joe knows QBs

  34. NJBucsFan Says:


    I find Philly sportstalk entertaining due to the fact of the hormonally tendencies of the fanbase. They are so bi-polar it is ridiculous….and then they bash our fanbase and others for being fair weather fans. I love their pain.

  35. David Says:

    No matter who we draft, they need to keep Glennon! Cheapest & best option IMO. Mariota!

  36. Deacon Blues Says:

    Glennon not going to the Cards.. Why would you think that the Cards think Glennon is better than Drew Stanton? I thought Buffalo would be real good place for him… No harm in keeping him and then when Cassel poo poos we send Glennon there way. Maybe even St Louis next year if Sammy B has another off year.

  37. Buccfan37 Says:

    I like Glennon better than Winston or Mariota. Get him some up front protection and his ability will be evident. Trading him for a third round pick accomplishes nothing.

  38. Brandon Says:

    Robert 9 Says:
    March 4th, 2015 at 3:34 pm
    who cares about the FA QB market. last I checked he is our starting QB.

    put that in your pipe and smoke it


    That’s because none of the 31 better teams in the league want him. They didn’t on draft day, they didn’t last season, and they don’t now. Seems there is a very small market for skinny stilt wearing QBs with noodle arms, no athletic ability, poor accuracy, and a penchant for checking down whenever possible.

  39. ddneast Says:

    Perhaps because of the beating he took for the team, Lovie and Licht just cut McClown so he could pick his own team.
    Maybe that’s why players like Adrian Peterson want to play for Lovie, despite what a number of morons who post out here think.

  40. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Glennon still has more upside than Cassel. The Cassel trade bodes well for the Bucs. Think positive, Joe…

  41. Posey99 Says:

    “That’s because none of the 31 betters teams in the league want him” Jason licht already confirmed they received mutliple offers for him last offseason.

  42. BoJim Says:

    Glennon starts and whoever QB we draft sits and learns. Win win.

  43. Phillip Says:


    The Cardinals did make the playoffs… They lost to the Panthers…

    I’d keep him and start the season with him(as the starter) and see if he can play his way into a second contract with us or enhance his trade value at the deadline.. Either way we win with that scenario.. Go Bucs

  44. Tobin2 Says:

    I am a relatively new reader to your blog but one thing I’ve noticed is your great dislike for Mike Glennon. Some have refereed to it as hate. The only crime , if it rises to that level, is that he was drafted by Schiano and replaced Freeman. Could it be that you really liked Freeman and it pissed you off that he got benched? Why don’t you give the guy a rest and pray that if he is cut or traded he doesn’t prove you wrong on your ability to judge talent or character. I heard you were real big on Johnny football, Winston reminds me of him a lot. Oh, that’s right Cleavland is not sure if Johnny will be able to play this year. Now you can call me a lyre but you know this is truth.

  45. P'cola Buc Says:

    The back up quarterback is a bonafied position in and of itself. He has to be an excellent game manager and have the “do no harm” mentality. Mike Glennon is an excellent back up quarterback. He has a great work ethic, is positive and is helpful to his team mates. Obviously he has stayed around because team mates and coaches like him. I would love him to stay as a Buc in that role. Moreover if he remains, he’ll likely get several games to start in 2015 when our rookie QB rides the bench awhile. Who knows if he shows even more improvement he might one day still be a starter. In any case I see an excellent football player making more than a decent living in the NFL.