The Scary Nine

March 7th, 2015

Glennon and Vick

Joe will call them the Scary Nine.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Caplan wasn’t as harsh.

He Twittered today a list of his very best of the free agent quarterback market. The Bucs, of course, could be diving in head first to add experience and mentoring ability in their quarterbacks room for a rookie QB.

Here’s Caplan’s list:

Mark Sanchez
Brian Hoyer
Michael Vick
Matt Moore
Jake Locker
TJ Yates
Ryan Mallett
Colt McCoy
Jason Campbell

Man, that’s a scary group, if you’re thinking about a 2015 starter.

As Joe wrote earlier this week, Campbell might be right up Lovie Smith’s alley to be the new mentor-in-chief replacing Josh McCown.

Remember, that third QB in the house would give the Bucs some leverage to trade Mike Glennon, and he could assist in learning the brand new Bucs offense. Joe would be somewhat surprised if the Bucs stand pat at QB.

58 Responses to “The Scary Nine”

  1. WS99 Says:

    Mike Vick
    Matt Moore

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Whoever it is, it will be the biggest clue as to who the pick will be.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    It’ll be Campbell.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    What does Campbell bring that MG8 can not? I think that Joe is once again selling Glennon short, and will be sadly mistaken, like he was last offseason.

    MGM Lives!!!!

    Campbell brings a wealth of experience, on field, in various playbooks, and as a mentor. Was lauded for the latter with Bengals. –Joe

  5. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Of that group,.. I’d take Mat Moore!

    Bur I’d rather have Glennon!

  6. Strider #FamousJameis Says:


  7. Waterboy Says:

    Looking at it from the perspective of bringing in a veteran leader to mentor a rookie I’d take Vick or Campbell.

  8. Brian Dorry Says:

    Buc Realist…

    Campbell brings nothing that Glennon doesn’t, you’re right…the difference is, Glennon will fetch us an extra 3rd rounder.

  9. Brian Dorry Says:

    Should’t Shaun Hill be on this list?

  10. Tom Edrington Says:

    Aren’t the coaches supposed to “Mentor” rookies?????

    Players are paid to play, the notion of them being mentors is a universal falsehood.

  11. Bird Says:

    Matt moore

  12. J 2.0 Says:

    The Bucs will be drafting Jameis 1st overall. I don’t think Campbell offers him anything. None of these guys do.

  13. bucs4lyfe Says:

    every single guy on that list is better than glennon all day every day..some older or more injury prone but all better, i’d even settle for vick a guy who somehow managed to get 2-100 mill contracts to start over glennon but just go all out for matt moore and no matter what rookie you draft they could both sit for this guy, i think he would be a little better than a stop gap that vick or some of the others would be

  14. Pat Says:

    Pass on QB FAs above. Retain MG8.

  15. BucIt941 Says:

    @Tom Edrington

    Seriously? Did those words just fall out of your mouth? Teams do it all the time, especially at QB when drafting a new one. Having a veteran QB who has had experience around the league can help groom the young man and also add to the coaching that the staff does.

    Perfect example. Vincent Jackson- Mike Evans, His mentorship is one of the big reasons we are keeping him with his hefty pricetag. It has proven to help on many occasion of the years.

  16. Pat Says:

    Lousy example. Brett Favre – Aaron Rodgers…

  17. anthony55 Says:

    Michael Vick perfect fit to mentor Winston plus father Dungy will approve

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    TJ Yates….was Koetter’s backup in Atlanta….

    Josh Johnson is a FA…..somehow, our roster seems incomplete without a Josh at QB….

  19. spokmann Says:

    We get it you don’t like Glennon. If you respond to this post you’ll state you never said you didn’t like him. While true but your articles are filled with every short coming you can come up with while mocking the QB of the future statement from Lovie. In addition informing of every trade scenario possible. Why would a team in need of so much help spend cap dollars when Glennon is under contract for around $700,000. Wouldn’t those dollars be better spent on oh… I don’t know, maybe OL. To protect another QB that may be drafted, one that also can’t run. I think I would concentrate more on protection than mentorship. Of the QB’s listed I don’t think they would offer Famies anything he wouldn’t find on this team. Your thoughts?

  20. theodore Says:

    McCown would have been a good mentor.

  21. Erik with Says:

    The Bucs will be drafting Mariota, so I don’t know if he really needs a mentor like Winston would…. (or a babysitter, or bodguard, or a lawyer on stand-by)

  22. Pat Says:

    GangGreen is licking their chops over Mariota. Why are we reaching when no one is?

  23. wifebeater5 Says:

    Babysitter, or lawyer. I’ll admit that one made me laugh. True but still funny.

  24. The Rockstar Says:

    None of those guys on that list wants to be a mentor and besides that, why would you want a guy that wants to be a mentor for someone else? A backup quarterback has to be able to assume the position in the case of injury or in the Bucs future case a bust rookie quarterback.
    McCown was a mentor for the Cannon, how’d that turned out?
    Think, who was Tom Bradys mentor? Bledsoe? Who was Roethlisberger’s “player coach” Tommy Maddox or Charlie Batch? Do you really think Brent Favre taught Aaron Rodgers anything about HIS position? Who mentored Peyton Manning? Eli had to complete with Kurt Warner. Warner didn’t stay to help Manning he moved on to return to the Super Bowl with the Cards.
    No, no, what you what for your rookie QB is a non threatening babysitter. Never mind the how that mentality failed miserably with Dan Orlovsky behind Josh Freemen.

  25. Matt Says:

    (I hope) Matt Moore so he doesn’t sign for someone else and beat us yet again…Tj Yates is also very likely and willonly cost 1-2m while Moore will be 4-5m.

    I like what we did front loading McCoys contract last year so the cap hit doesnt escalate down the road. Hope we can manage same with David’s contract.

  26. buccinfan Says:

    i believe based on what qb they take will really give insight to who they draft.

  27. Buc4life1979 Says:

    No argument with Campbells body of work, was wishing it was he we had signed last year and not Mccown because Campbell had never in his career looked as useless and inept as Mccown did last year, but Glennon to me has a Dilfer feel to him…Not able to do crap here (especially given the Offensive offensive circumstances last season) but cut him lose and watch him win a SB for somebody else…Wow, what a Bucs fan life it is….

  28. The Buc Realist Says:

    Here is the problem Joe. Who was Payton Manning’s Mentor? he did not have one because he has Peyton Manning intelligence! Look what they are saying about Winston, he has Peyton Manning intelligence. If you bring in some journey man qb making 5 million that has failed at every stop he has been too and is just slowing the process because Winston already has the concept and Campbell is asking the OC to repeat it. Then it is worthless!

    Its like taking a freshman student thats gifted and assigning a D senior student to him because he has ” Experience ” !!!

  29. BucRayfan Says:

    I think I read that Moore knows a guy who knows a guy from that show (deadliest catch) maybe that give’s him a (Leg) up

  30. The original "Kevin" Says:


  31. Pat Says:

    This Mariota article is hilarious, it even involves Bill Belichick at then end.

  32. biff barker Says:

    Keep Glennon. Why pay more for a retread when every QB will be learning a new offense anyway.

    It’s the QB coach’s and OC’s job to coach and mentor.

  33. R.O. Says:

    Vick…? OMG!! Smh!!

  34. passthebuc Says:

    The will probably trade their 2nd round pick to Cleveland for McCown.

  35. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Moore, Cambell, or Mallet…if we do.

  36. The Buc Realist Says:

    Maybe if one of these clowns had played for Koetter for two seasons, otherwise everyone is learning, so what is the point in down grading your #2 QB???

  37. Howard Cosell Says:

    I’d take the Cannon over any of those guys.
    He’s entering his 3rd Buc season and he’s 26 years old.
    I think it’s silly to look for a new #2 QB.
    It’s a questionable lateral move at best.
    Glennon would make a better bridge to Winstiota
    than any of those guys in that list would.
    I don’t understand why some people would want to
    trade The Cannon. They only thing I can think of is
    that they’re bad decision makers.

    Like Poor-Decision Making Rob Lowe.

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @Howard Cosell

    Bridge to Marioton…..

  39. Rob Says:

    Glennon’s better than everyone on that list. I wouldn’t take less than a 2nd rounder for him. As a back-up he’s one of the better options in the league and he’s under contract for two more seasons.

  40. Skyline Crew Says:

    None of those are mentors.

  41. @eric Says:

    Colt Mcoy is the best one on that list and can ball out given the chance and protection.

  42. Seminole Bill Says:

    If the reason is to find a mentor, I find it hard to find anyone on that list better than McCown. And we released him without getting anything for him. ?????

  43. iamabuc Says:

    I’m with you @eric…..Colt McCoy is the best of that bunch…draft Winston and get McCoy for back up, no need for qb mentor , that’s what the coaches are for.

  44. kaput Says:

    There’s no need to sign a vet, we’ve got a decent back up in Glennon.

    I guess some expect Tampa to trade him for a fifth or sixth round pick, but I wouldn’t. He works hard and is a good teammate, and we need those kinds of guys on the team.

  45. tickrdr Says:

    @BucRealist, Howard Cosell, Rob etc.
    All + 1!


  46. MariotaOrWinstonOrWalkdaPlank Says:

    I’d rather keep MG8. He’s proven he can win games off the bench, I hope the Bucs keep him to back up our rookie.

  47. Mr. T Says:

    I’m sure before he signed Koetter was told he would have significant input on who we have at QB so if he thinks he can coach Glennon up MG8 will stay if not then he’ll be traded. I think the signing of Koetter will have the biggest impact on the Bucs fortunes this year than anything else they do.

  48. Bad Decision Making Rob Lowe Says:

    I want to bring in Mike Vick AND Mark Sanchez and then I’ll
    release Glennon.

  49. Pickgrin Says:

    Slim pickins. We need to just keep Glennon – at least for this year. Let Glennon and Winston fight it out in camp for the right to start on opening day. Its important to have a decent back up QB. Ask the Cardinals. Winston doesn’t need a long tenured veteran QB mentor. Winston and Glennon in the QB room with Bajakian working with both will be just fine.

  50. ddneast Says:

    I don’t know why Joe keeps trying to trade Glennon away.
    The kid is at least as good or better than any of the ones he listed with more upside except for maybe Moore or Locklear.
    Actually Locklear was starting to have a good season last year until he went down with an injury. I’m not sure he is ready to be a “mentor” or give up his dream of being a starting QB.
    As for Vick, please, why even throw the name out there. The Jets pulled him off the bench for one game and he admitted afterwards he hadn’t prepared for the game. And this is who you want to be a mentor? LMAO.

  51. Mike Vick Mentoring Services Inc. Says:

    ___// LESSON 1 \___

    1st on the agenda: Never run a dog-fighting-gambling ring. You’d think
    it was OK, but its not.
    2nd on the agenda: Never sneak weed on a plane. I’ve tried brah, it
    never works.
    3rd on the agenda: Never flip off the camera at a game. You’d think people
    would laugh but they don’t.

  52. Ironman Says:

    It will probably be TJ Yates since he was in Atlanta with the OC and already knows his offense

  53. mikeh Says:

    mike vick? ya he did wonders mentoring gino smith and Winston already knows how to throw INTs. I hope not!

  54. bucs4lyfe Says:

    I’m not saying Vick is a world beater but the guy got 2-100 mill contacts in his career, Glennon will never see a 30 mil contact. He’ll get backup money even if he’s a starter

  55. tickrdr Says:

    bucs4lyfe Says:
    March 8th, 2015 at 12:08 am
    I’m not saying Vick is a world beater but the guy got 2-100 mill contacts in his career, Glennon will never see a 30 mil contact. He’ll get backup money even if he’s a starter
    I don’t think I’ll ever understand your irrational hatred of MG8.

    Not one of the nine QBs listed has a career QB rating better than his 83.7.

    Mark Sanchez, a #5 pick in the 1st round, has played 6 seasons and has had only 1 season with as many as nineteen TDs.

    Brian Hoyer has played 7 seasons, and never thrown for 19 TDs.

    Matt Moore has played 8 seasons and has never thrown for 19 TDs.

    Jason Campbell has played 10 seasons, and had only one season with as many as 19 TDs.

    Michael Vick, a number 1 pick in the 1st round, has played 12 seasons overall, and has only thrown for as many as 19 TDs two times.

    Glennon threw for 19 TDs as a rookie, in only 13 games. 4TDs went to Tiquan Underwood, who I believe is now out of the league. 5TDs went to Tim Wright, an underrated free agent TE. VJAX had 7 TDs that year.
    All with an OL that everyone knows was so bad, that L & L sent most of them packing? And with losing their starting and backup RBs too.
    Have I ever mentioned that the Bucs faced the hardest schedule in the league that year’ and that Glennon played five of those games against the top four ranked defenses for 2013!


  56. Owlykat Says:

    Sign Tebo to mentor and back up Mariota after Tebo starts while the OL works out their chemistry with Two new members.

  57. pick6 Says:

    glennon is better than all of them from a long term perspective,and only vick might do better as a starter right now. BUT the goal of every team with a solid situation at QB is for their backup to never see the field. Add that to the fact that this is our last year to cash in on Glennon via trade, and i think you can throw on-field projections out the window as decision criteria

  58. pick6 Says:

    for a backup to a designated franchise QB you want experience, brilliance in the film room, and a guy who works twice as hard as he needs to