The Oily Drew Rosenhaus Factor

March 18th, 2015
Bucs GM Jason Licht had an oily Drew Rosenhaus imitation for Joe this morning.

Could the antics of oily Drew Rosenhaus have chased the Bucs away from Greg Hardy?

Updated 4:04 p.m. Joe asked a Bucs source last week whether Greg Hardy was too toxic to pursue, given his dicey legal problems in recent months.

Joe was told, “There is interest.” How much interest, Joe didn’t know.

Again, “interest” could the same has having a tanned, buxom lass wearing a fetching sundress sit at a table next to you at your favorite watering hole. Would there be interest? Damn, right! Doesn’t mean there will be any action.

It seemed, the Bucs — clearly factoring in Hardy’s legal issues — began to slowly lose interest when Hardy’s agent, the notorious oily Drew Rosenhaus, began to hard-sell the Bucs  in order to squeeze Jerry Jones.

This became clear yesterday when Rosenhaus dropped in Yahoo! Sports’ Rand Getlin’s lap that Hardy was going to fly to Seattle and Tampa Bay for meetings. (Rosenhaus has influential friends in the national media he is happy to use.)

Seattle immediately called “BS;” they had no desire to negotiate with Hardy. The Bucs stated there were no plans to host Hardy, but there was interest, still.

In other words, Bucs general manager Jason Licht had no desire to be used as a public pawn by Rosenhaus to leverage Jerry Jones. It seemed the Bucs would be willing to talk to Hardy if talks broke down with Dallas, which never happened.

This morning, the Bucs still had interest, but the team was getting turned off. Whether Hardy’s legal situation was too toxic, whether the Bucs didn’t want to deal with a soon-to-be suspended player due to miss an untold number of games, or if they simply grew weary of being played by Rosenhaus, Joe isn’t sure.

This afternoon, the Bucs and made it public they were no longer interested in Hardy. (Update: Hardy signed a one-year deal with Dallas, per

Joe wonders if Rosenhaus’ strong-arm tactics actually chased away a serious bidder for his client’s services?

26 Responses to “The Oily Drew Rosenhaus Factor”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Cowboys sign Hardy, 1 year, $11.3 million with the potential to over $13 million with incentives. Bucs would have had to go 5 years $75 million at least to get him here. But hey they’ll have a chance to get him next year (maybe).

  2. NJBucsFan Says:

    Once Lovie is fired we will sign him.

  3. Dan Says:

    its one year at rookie minimum per pft. with incentives up to 13 million.

  4. Dan Says:

    *veteran minimum

  5. Bigbucs1 Says:

    He Has a no trade/franchise clause and will be an FA next year- on top of that each fabulous sack will be 1.8million so yeah- good one jerry, classic jerry- still I wouldve like him here

  6. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’ve read some reports from former teammates that the guy has issues. I’m ready to move on.

    Sacks and pass rush aren’t everything but they are important.

    Interesting stats:

    Seattle had 37 sacks last year compared to Bucs 36. Eagles D had 49. Arizona had 35. Cincy had 20.

  7. Dan Says:

    It’s a one-year contract, which carries a salary of $750,000. He can earn up to a total of $13.1 million (which was his base salary as Carolina’s franchise player in 2014) through a series of per-game roster bonuses, incentives, and a large workout bonus.

    Specifically, Hardy can earn a workout bonus of $1.3116 million, a whopping $9.25 million in per-game roster bonuses, and $1.8044 million in incentives based on sacks

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Those stats are really meaningless but I was surprised Seattle didn’t have better numbers; although PFF grades their line extremely well for pressures.

    In Lovie’s D we need pressure on the QB though since turnovers are such a stressed element. In Seattle they just don’t give up big plays and make you fight for every yard.

  9. Dan Says:

    my last comment was a quote from the pft article, left out the source, my bad

  10. louden Says:

    Salute the the Buccaneers for that: Lovie and Licht should be aware that their jobs are on the line this year and still they said no to one hell on an talent(ed women beater). Respect that decison

  11. BucsFanFromSaintsLand Says:

    I would have loved to have him but I think he would have used us to get a better contract somewhere else. Can’t keep getting bent over every night then waking up in bed alone.

  12. Connor Says:

    I see; so this team along with its fans would rather be 2-14 again. Awesome!

  13. tmaxcon Says:

    So much for Dallas salary cap troubles. Just proves good organizations get it done. Bad organizations make excuses

  14. ddneast Says:

    Jerry’s trying to get around the salary cap with the contract and you can bet every GM in the league is going to cry foul.
    Looks just like what Dan Snyder tried to do in DC and they got whacked good. One of the reasons they are so bad.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if we heard more about this later.

  15. dmatt Says:

    We r not serious about winning now. The money would’ve been well spent on a playmaker. Hardy will play with a vengeance. We go out n spend money on crappy players such as ACollins n MJohnson then let a gem like Hardy slip through our hands. He’s worth two players. I don’t care if he’s suspended eight games had the Bucs brought him in it would’ve been worth the wait of 10 yrs since we had an elite defensive end.

  16. Zam Says:

    I don’t think the Bucs like to reveal anything that they are doing. The classic not saying yes, not saying no, just saying maybe.

    But eventually they got sick of Rosenhaus and just declared “no”.

  17. 77bassguitarist Says:

    @ tmaxcon i agree with …’s disappointing

  18. Bucs_Sam Says:

    Dallas promises the clown he could earn as much as 13 million next season (assuming he plays all games lol). Bucs have 26 million available in cap space.

    The Boys have 2 million free….

    When does the Bank of Romo open?

    Looks like a suspension can cost him 50K a game. I would bet his escalators are hard to hit with missing games. $9.25 million in per-game roster bonuses… that requires him wearing a uniform right?

    Oily used the Bucs to squeeze the contract for sure, but looks like hitting women gets you a crummy contract.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I keep telling you that Lovie is not in trouble with the Glazers….yet….and he is and will not be desperate with his FA or draft picks….
    I know Buc fans hate that thought…but I am quite certain the owners will stick with him and believe he will eventually build a long-term winner. I’m not saying I agree he will….just that the alternaitve is another coaching change and it isn’t going to happen.
    Stop with the fire Lovie posts… are wasting your time and ours.

  20. bucrightoff Says:

    He didn’t build a long term winner in Chicago, and has more say in personnel (by far his worst area) than ever before. So why would he now? I strongly suspect Lovie leaves the Bucs worse off than when he got here, which is a pretty amazing statement.

  21. TBFAN813 Says:

    The Bucs were never an option this was always a ploy to get more money out the Cowboys. There were only three teams reported to have an interest in signing Hardy; Cowboys, Seahawks, Bucs, now which one of these teams doesn’t fit with the group. Not to mention the fact that Hardy hasn’t even stepped foot in the state of Florida let alone One Buc Place and it wasn’t very hard to figure out was happening.
    Until the Bucs can manage to put some winning seasons together the only way top tier free agents are coming to Tampa is if they over pay. Tampa Bay is becoming the Oakland Raiders of the NFC, the place older players come to get that last fat check before they retire.

  22. gt40bear Says:

    Oily doesn’t BEGIN to describe Rosendouche! If I’m a GM, I NEVER deal with him or ANY of his clients…EVER! Let’s all hope for a nice six game suspension for the woman beater so he won’t kill our new franchise QB next year.

  23. Mike10 Says:

    I love how we’re talking about the Bucs like this is the Rays. This is just another example of management not having a plan and missing out on another impact player. It’s not like the bigger wallets won

  24. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    wonder if this a prelude for the 2015 season. I’m already starting to get pissed about wasting money on this team. 4 season tickets every year is money that’s getting old

  25. pick6 Says:

    drew rosenhaus’ strong arm tactics got him what he and his client wanted. mission accomplished. the bucs had a price they wouldn’t go beyond and greg hardy probably had a price below which he had no interest in joining a 2-14 team with a coach on the hot seat. the 2 values did not overlap, and 11.3 in one year is not chump change. drew rosenhaus is not crying

  26. Phil Says:

    Maybe we can trade Lovie to the Cowboys for Hardy. This would be a great deal for us.