March 30th, 2015
Peter King, lord of, writes in retrospect, the Bucs got the raw end of the deal that brought G Logan Mankins to town.

Peter King, lord of, writes in retrospect, the Bucs got the raw end of the deal that brought G Logan Mankins to town.

Joe is trying not to write about the offensive line for several reasons:

1. We know it stinks.

2. It rankles the Bucs when Joe reminds fans it stinks.

3. Joe gets unflattering communiques from the Bucs expressing displeasure that Joe is writing about how the offensive line stinks.

4. It’s like writing Rachel Watson is ridiculously hot. A guy walking around with a white cane can see this… and that the Bucs offensive stinks.

If that isn’t enough, pickpocket-thwartingBucs-uniform-frowningAllie-LaForce-smittenBig-Ten-Network-hatingpedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvebaseball-box-score-readingNPR-listeningfilthy-hotel-stayingfight-instigatingbarista-training Peter King, of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports fame, claims in the trade that sent a Bucs draft pick and tight end Tim Wright to the New England Belicheats for barbecue pitmaster Logan Mankins, the Bucs got shafted.

King cited three trades from last year that deal with a team shipping 2015 draft picks. He picked the three where the team sending a draft pick likely wishes the trade was never consummated.

Tampa Bay sending the 101st pick in the 2015 draft (the first pick of Day 3, at the top of the fourth round) plus tight end Tim Wright to New England for guard Logan Mankins. Wright is a useable depth player. Mankins had a middling year—and he’s 33, on a rebuilding team.

To be fair, for reasons unknown, Bucs coach Lovie Smith soured on Wright, thus making him expendable. And Mankins, who may have been hampered all year due to a dinged knee early in the season, was hung out to dry by left tackle Anthony Collins. In NFL circles, the cliché, “when your left tackle struggles so too will your left guard” may apply here.

Of course, Mankins never, ever gave the impression he wanted to be here. Understandable. He literally went from the NFL penthouse to the outhouse. Mankins, however, didn’t do himself any favors when he claimed indirectly that he and his teammates couldn’t play their best due to his inability to find a place in the Tampa Bay area to grill.

Could the Bucs have used that first pick in the fourth round to draft an offensive lineman in a 2015 draft deep with middle-rounds, O-line talent? Sure.

Basically, the Bucs got caught with their pants down last summer. They put too much faith in Carl Nicks returning, and that Oneil Cousins and Jamon Meredith could fill-in. When they couldn’t, the offensive line was nothing less than a sieve and the Bucs needed the Mankins trade, or both turnover-prone Josh McCown and Mike Glennon would have been in body casts.

46 Responses to “Shafted?”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    “3. Joe gets unflattering communiques from the Bucs expressing displeasure that Joe is writing about how the offensive line stinks.”

    Interesting… Maybe if the Bucs don’t like you writing about it, then they should go f*cking fix it!!

    Problem. Solved.

  2. robert 9 Says:

    i friggin said this the day the deal went down. some people are just slow i guess.

  3. JFat Says:

    I’m still curious on just how much of an impact missing an OC has on the o-line. I think I remember Licht saying Warhop had to pick up some of the game-plan slack since Arroyo didn’t know what the hell he was doing.

    Maybe we actually have decent pieces right now but they just looked god-awful because they had no real direction last season?

  4. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Wright > ASJ

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hang in with Mankins…I think his play will improve greatly…..

  6. BucsFanInChina Says:

    Tim Wright couldn’t block. And as long as Lovie is HC the Bucs will be a run-first team.

    At the time the Mankins deal wasn’t bad at all – the guard situation was and still is a mess – it just stinks that Mankins play and what I have read reflects that he clearly does not want to be here.

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    Wright (much younger, much cheaper) outplayed Mankins last year. So a straight up trade would have been bad. Then you add that top 100 draft pick and it’s just another reason the coach/GM duo don’t deserve much benefit of the doubt. They got it last year, and left mostly doubt.

  8. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    I hate hearing about the o line f ing sucks we have to spend prob 2 or 3 picks on OL I wish we get one and then depth draft it up fr there

  9. drdneast Says:

    Joe. you really aren’t stupid.
    You know for a fact Mankins didn’t blame the fact the team didn’t barbecue together as a reason for the units poor play.
    Logan used the barbecue as a metaphor for how most good offensive lines develop a bond, cohesiveness and communication when they play together as a unit for awhile
    Sorry, but that is what I read into his statement and have told you as much before.
    If you want to continue to exploit this remark and pound it relentlessly into the ground, it’s just another reason why most players don’t trust talking to the media.
    Besides for that, it’s just getting old and annoying.

  10. LargoBuc Says:

    With an offensive coordinator and a good quarterback, the offensive line should look better. Especially if we add some young ralent through the draft.
    Hopefully assuming Jameis or really whoever our quarterback is, can take advantage of opposing defenses stacking eight in the box. If that happens and defenses actually have to respect our passing game, then that should really help the running game and take pressure off of the line. With Josh Mccown throwing incompletions and turning the ball over it was way to easy for our opponents to stack and not have to adjust. We need a quarterback and an offensive co. to exploit what the defense is doing and make them adjust. Then once they back off and our receivers more attention and be more careful about when they blitz and which gap they attack.
    With Dirk Koetter here plus all of our playmakers Jameis or Mariota or even Glennon should benefit greatly and so will the rest of our offense and that will help our defense get more rest instead of them being on the field for 30 plus minutes a game.
    But no its just easier to say so and so sucks.

  11. Mike10 Says:

    Or how about having too little confidence in either Zuttah or Joseph… Love’s past with the Bears seems to be repeating itself here, in his inability to build an OL.

    Whatever, question is how do you learn moving forward? You don’t wait til the last minute to get the players you need… esp on the worst OL in the league

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Maybe we actually have decent pieces right now but they just looked god-awful because they had no real direction last season?

    I think that’s a big part of it Jfat. We had no OC and run/run/desperate 3rd and long pass/punt is just not conducive to good OL play.

    I believe more importantly that the OL is the single most important situation where the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

    We had two (40% of of our OL) missing links not just weak links last year.

    I hope we put Demar Dotson back at RT where he has shown he is competent if not a world beater.

    We NEED to find an LT. We can easily find an improvement at RG. If we find just two competent lineman along with Koetter’s input our OL will be dramatically better.

    Despite the Chicken LIttles here who need to vent their anger…we are NOT that far away.

    The thing that does concern me though is depth. I can easily imagine us crafting a decent starting five but that will use up all of our resources. We can’t afford an injury on the OL.

  13. The Real Malloy Says:

    The Barbecue Master WILL have a good season….

    Him and EDS started getting together in the offseason working on sauces and spice rubs…

    All is well with the Barbecue Master…

  14. drdneast Says:

    Your so right about the weakest link StPeteBucFan about the weakest link.
    To make matters worse, our weakest link was the offensive coordinator.
    As far as Tim Wright is concerned, if he was such a high value player, why do you suppose the Pats went out and signed a FA tight end this year instead of using that money on Darrel Revis.
    Wrights days appear numbered in New England. That stiff of a LB we gave them is already gone.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Ship Mankins back to Boston so he can shelter in place like the rest of those wimps did up there. New England pukes.

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    Last year, tons of posters here screamed to the heavens that our newly rebuilt line would fail miserably. No one louder than me.
    We aren’t coaches, but make no mistake- there are some knowledgeble posters here

    Yet the wise and powerful Buc regime propped their feet feet up on Collins, Cousins, and Merideth- and pronounced us unclean, uneducated masses.
    Leave it to the professionals.

    By the end of Preseason- it was obvious that the O-Line was a total train wreck. Our all seeing, all knowing leadership was forced to make desperate moves. Those seldom work. Bringing in a great player, with no traing camp, then throwing him in next to a sleeping Left Tackle, bad O-line coach, and cordinator less offense! Yeah, how could that not work??
    Mankins went from the epitome of continuity- to a madhouse of chaos!!
    Including several players who might as well have stood there counting thei money- cause they didn’t put any effort at all n to this team.

    A mankind must have thought he was in Hell!

    The Bucs o-line will be improved this year. Releasing Collins and Cousins alone improved them. Mankins being here in the offseason wil help the entire line.
    Having a real offensive co- ordinator will help immensely.

    But looks like they plan to start two rookies. With worst O-line coach in the league.
    I’m telling you- it’s still gonna be bad

  17. Phil Says:

    The Bucs have had a lot of bad personal decisions since Lovie got here including getting rid of Donald Penn & Revis. It’s hard to get better as a team when your coach & front office keep making bad personal decisions. The good news is Lovie has only been here for a year of bad decisions.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I really think they were counting (mistake) on Carl Nicks to return….and it took them by surprise.
    Mankins is the least of our problems….and I agree….It’s time to stop poking fun at the barbeque comment….Mankins very well will be the leader of the entire line and to some degree the offense.
    Lay off and give the man a chance!!!

  19. Mister Niceguy Says:

    Mankins age is a major pitfall, but the simple truth is what’s done is done and we cannot fix every position of need this year.

    Getting rid of him would only create another need, and at this point it will be impossible to address the needs we already have. Creating new ones would be…unsmart.

    Same goes for Goldson. I was in favor of cutting him, but now we know doing so would create yet another need this year.

    The odds are against us successfully addressing our needs this year. Let’s not increase the odds against us.

  20. bucs4lyfe Says:

    I don’t know how anyone was supposed to look like a star on that offensive. the line will be just fine this year just ask dirk koetter

  21. Mister Niceguy Says:

    Capt. Tim says
    “The Bucs o-line will be improved this year. Releasing Collins and Cousins alone improved them.”

    That would depend upon their replacements. You might assume it can’t get worse, but it can always get worse. It can also remain the same, but with different faces.

    There is no reason (yet) to believe the offensive line will be better. Even if the Bucs draft to offensive linemen, it will take time for them to transition, and the time until then could be downright ugly.

  22. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I had forgotten about Nicks. And I agree they apparently thought he could still play. They kept trotting him out in that floppy hat like it was only a matter of time.

    To this day that is the biggest mystery of last year for me. Is our training staff so incredibly inept they couldn’t see the writing on the wall?

  23. The Other Side of the Coin Says:

    Personally I’m more than pleased with the play of the O-line last year. Played to perfection when you think about where it’s led. We Buc fans are finally going to get a franchise quarterback. How long have we waited for that? Don’t screw this up Jason and Lovie. We’re here at the gates to the promised land. Don’t get fancy. Just make the JW pick and a new day has arrived.

  24. Dick2111 Says:

    @Joe … “Of course, Mankins never, ever gave the impression he wanted to be here. Understandable.”

    Didn’t want to be here? Understandable? YGBSM. What other team would’ve paid him $7 MILLION a year if the Patriots cut him (which they would’ve done).

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Agreed. Always a problem with this team. You get rid of good players( Penn, Revis), with only shaky plans at their replacements.
    This team has really bad players to replace. Let’s do that first.
    Losing Penn and Revis made this team worse.
    Using the Money on Johnson, Collins, and cousins made us 10 times worse than without them. Also made us the league laughing stock.

    Another season anything like that- and it’s time to clean sweep the whole damn office.

    But I still have faith in Lovie. I really do. I think he overreacted, when he saw what a debris pile Schiano left him.
    At least he is dumping guys who absolutely couldn’t play their position- foster and Barron.
    He’s got another year- and a huge oportunity with this draft.
    They drafted well last year.
    Let’s hope they do been better this year.
    I hope so. Sooo tired of being embarrassed of this team and its personel decisions.

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sorry, Mister Niceguy.
    Damn phone

  27. Dick2111 Says:

    And yes, the Bucs got screwed … yet again.

    Welcome to Buc-world. Getting screwed year-after-year is how you earn the #1 pick in the draft.

  28. bucs4lyfe Says:

    it’ll be no different from the defensive line….prime example is in 2013 bucs had a total of 35 sacks, this year they had 36. why I say the defensive line improved? its because in 2013 14 of those sacks came from blitzing and lavonte david was 2nd on the team in sacks, last year with the exception of 2.5 sacks they all came from the d line. when you go into the offseason addressing a position unless your name is mark Dominick you usually make it happen even if it’s a slow process, players are better across the board in year 2 than year 1. addressing the line issues is easier when you have better quarterback play and a real offensive coordinator. jaguars led the league in sacks allowed which got their o coordinator fired. I like our odds with the new coordinator we have

  29. robert 9 Says:

    so you guys think he’s going to get better and give it 110% in the last year of his career working at a place he does not want to be far away from home.

    good luck with that.

    be lucky if he finishes the season on the field and not IR. more likely he comes in overweight and just does enough to beat out guys 10 years his junior to ensure a paycheck. which again will set us back by setting back their development.

  30. gt40bear Says:

    Of course we got shafted, we ALWAYS get shafted when we deal with Belicheat!

  31. bucs4lyfe Says:

    robert 9 Says:
    March 30th, 2015 at 1:09 pm
    so you guys think he’s going to get better and give it 110% in the last year of his career working at a place he does not want to be far away from home.

    good luck with that.

    be lucky if he finishes the season on the field and not IR. more likely he comes in overweight and just does enough to beat out guys 10 years his junior to ensure a paycheck. which again will set us back by setting back their development.

    That kinda sums up what your about….not everyone thinks like you and Michael Johnson. likely he comes in overweight? lol and if you do enough to be out guys 10 years your junior your doing a lot, players are always getting cut for the younger player. if your mark Dominick you cut a hall of famer like derrick brooks so geno hayes can get playing time

  32. bucco brice Says:

    it was a panic move for sure…and here we stand in the same situation this year, needing a couple of “starters”….if the line isn’t set by the first week of may, time for mutiny and revolt LOL

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I honeslty thought the line would be OK. I was only mad about letting Zutah go; but Penn/Joseph were playing bad and on the downturn of their careers. Collins was younger than Penn and had flashed really good play in his limited starts.

    If Collins would have been the top 15ish LT we thought he would have been; and if our OC didn’t go down; and if we had good QB play; the line may not have looked so terrible.

    I don’t mind the Mankins trade still. Wright was expendable and if Mankins can play solid next year while grooming up younger O-lineman it is worth it still to me. I’m not sure Wright is that special a talent.. he’s essentially an oversized WR without Graham/ASJ type size; and without elite speed or athleticism.

    We need a new starter at RG no matter what. I’d LOVE it if we got an elite OG prospect in the 2nd who could start there immediately. And get another G or C in the 4th or 5th rounds.

  34. Ralph Phillips Says:

    You Lovie apologists crack me up. You blame the lack of an offensive coordinator and the offensive lineman for our team sucking last year but guess who caused both of those problems? Lovie Smith did. He fired our whole starting offensive line and he was the one who hired the offensive coordinator that bailed out on us just like Freeman bailed on us last year. Not only that but Lovie could have easily hired another offensive coordinator to replace him but he chose not to. There is no rule in the NFL that says a team has to stick with their original OC. It was a stupid decision for Lovie to get rid of our whole offensive line and it was a stupid decision for Lovie to not hire another OC.


    When our team sucks this year, which they will, I cannot wait to see all of the excuses that the Lovie apologists come up with. If we draft a starting rookie QB then I am sure that will be on the top of the list.

  35. Cover deuce Says:

    If St. Lovie Smith and his lapdog Jason Licht don’t like you repeating it, then I guess it’s up to the fans: This line stinks to high heaven! Do something to fix it and we’ll all stop complaining!

  36. robert 9 Says:


    That kinda sums up what your about….not everyone thinks like you and Michael Johnson. likely he comes in overweight? lol and if you do enough to be out guys 10 years your junior your doing a lot, players are always getting cut for the younger player. if your mark Dominick you cut a hall of famer like derrick brooks so geno hayes can get playing time


    I just keep it real. I talk to people about their careers every day of the week and have been doing it 20 years, so I know a little something about how people think. and a guy with 10 years experience can sleep walk and still be as good or better than a fairly new guy, so it’s not saying much except that he is mailing it in.

  37. ShiverMeTimbers Says:

    I’m having a lot of fun reading how many people called me a moron for questioning the trade when it happened….but I’m just going to leave this here. That makes me 5 for 6 on major predictions I’ve made over the last 2.5 years 😉 but who’s counting.

    ShiverMETimbers Says:
    August 26th, 2014 at 3:35 pm
    Belichik and Co has almost always known when enough is enough and let go of players (see Moss, Seymour, Tommy Kelly just this week) at the right time. What about paying a guy $6.5m for the next three years is any different than what we had in Zuttah/Joseph or even signing Incognito?? This is an almost unilateral move to where we were four months ago. I’m not even upset that it came via trade. I also recognize that it’s a HUGE improvement over Cousins, but at what cost? Will past performance really dictate his current health? No one knows better than the Patriots. Not to mention, Joe likes to remind us Tim Wright was in the upper half of tightends last season with the leagues worst offense. He has YEARS to turn into a great player, how much does Mankins have in the tank? He’s missed 20% of his starts (15) in the last four seasons due to injury.
    ShiverMETimbers Says:
    August 26th, 2014 at 3:08 pm
    Dear Bucs fans,
    I ask because I’m genuinely interested. The Bucs gave up 43 sacks last year, or an average of just under 9 per lineman. Mankins gave up 11. I know in our team in particular Joseph gave up a disproportionately high amount. Mankins is a BEAST with run-blocking, he’s a phenomenal pulling guard. There’s lots of tape to support that. But he has always been a questionable pass-protector. How is this an improvement (consider his salary and what we had to give for him) over what we could have got for Incognito OR keeping Zuttah and Joseph (who St Louis press is gushing over his preseason performance)
    I just don’t get it….please enlighten me

  38. WS99 Says:


    “be lucky if he finishes the season on the field and not IR.”

    Whoop there it is, I thought they knew.

    You’re assessment is spot on. Hes a probowler so I would hope he can out play a rookie, even if he’s mailing it. He’s tough as nails but seems disenfranchised.

    I personally wouldn’t have done the trade. I think Wright is money in the red zone, mankins plays on only one leg bc of his injuries, we could have signed incognito for league minimum and kept our draft pick.

    I love the fact that mankins plays through pain, maybe that will rub off on some of our leaders. I know vjax played through a broken wrist and LVD was PISSED when he got sat bc LVD does not know what pain feels like, he has no weakness to purge.

  39. WS99 Says:

    I actually remember those posts. #crystalball

  40. JFat Says:

    @Ralph – Which quality OC was just sitting out there after the pre-season last year? Would need to be an OC that could take Tedford’s playbook and work with it too, can’t really install a new offense in a week. Just curious who you would have hired…

    I somewhat agree with your o-line comments, but people seem to forget the line was terrible in 2013 too. Joseph and Penn looked a bit washed-up. Penn turned out ok but Joseph was nothing to write home about and I don’t think he is on a team currently. Zuttah is and forever will be a head scratcher, that and signing/anointing McCown as the starter were my least favorite moves last off-season. There should have been at least a camp competition @ QB.

  41. LargoBuc Says:

    Ok Ralph

    I can understand you being mad about Lovie changing the offensive line and then going 2-14. But how could Lovie know that Tedford was going to need emergency heart surgery in late August? And he didn’t “bail” as you claim. According to this very site Tedford was ready to return in, I think it was, late October. But Lovie didn’t want to disturb what Arroyo had established(?)and went on to part ways with Tedford. So unless you know somwthing we fans do not, then please share.
    Now as for Lovie shaking up the offensive line yea I agree to an extent. Trading Zuttah for a sixth rounder was bull spit. However Davin Joseph was not playing any where close to his salary and had foot problems to go along with other injuries. Penn wasn’t much better. So at the time it made sense. We fans thought Ant Collins to be able to be a decent replacement. Personally I was wrong because, while I heard of his injury history, I didn’t realize that he was more of a depth piece/rotational guy. He never should have been an every down NFL left tackle.
    However, Alot of our line problems came from having no offensive coordinator and on top of that Josh Mccown was our quarterback. Throw in a lack of rapport and our line was terrible.

  42. Bucfan4life Says:

    @ st Pete that were not counting on Nicks returning. Everyone, and I mean everyone including all o f the local sports stalk shows were saying that Nicks would not be playing in 2014. Lovie had to have known what Ian Beckles and Ron Diaz knew. The problem was he released all of these players but didn’t have a real plan.

    This is where I disagree also with Joe. While some of the offensive linemen and defensive ends underperformed or were injured last year, letting them all go and not replacing them does not make the team better. The guys that were backups last year were there because they weren’t as good as the starters. Releasing the starters and not bringing anyone to replace them actually makes the team worse. I know Joe likes to bash these guys and deservedly so, but saying the team is better without their starters and less depth is just downright idiotic. At least realizes just how bleak this next season became once the Bucs decided to ignore both lines in free agency.

  43. iamkingsu Says:

    Smdh. You can ask anybody that know me I’m still not over this fuggin trade. Wright is more than “usuable depth player”. He has star potential its just that New England has Gronk

  44. feelthepewterpower Says:

    to be fair, Joe…Mankins came in to a new conference, new team without solid lineman around him nor an OC…can’t accuarartely grade out the trade yet…wait a couple years there, Shaun.

  45. Pickgrin Says:

    Joe – I bet it “rankles” the Bucs even more that you keep TELLING us that it rankles them for you to keep pointing out that the Oline stinks. If you are getting – “Dude back off on the OL will ya?” overtures from the Bucs –
    Then that means they are listening/reading and cringing because it sucks to have your worst attribute hammered on. Its like if you are a kid and you accidentally poop your pants when you are 7 and the entire neighborhood calls you “poopy boy” until you do something good to make them forget the poop incident.

    The Bucs OLine play for 2 straight years has been as ineffective and embarrassing as having to run home with poop in your pants – with millions of witnesses. (The perfect metaphor of what 2-14 feels like).

    I understand that this is mainly Dominik’s fault. Not drafting Oline in your entire 5 year GM tenure is just so far out of line that its laughable. He should never be considered for another GM job for that reason alone. But he’s long gone now even though the talent deficit lingers.

    Look – I know its hard to find good Linemen in FA. But L&L must shoulder some of the blame for the OLine mess because they tossed a hand grenade at the 2013 OLine problem (which was indeed a problem) – but that napalm like reaction also took out 2 players up front who were NOT the problem. Namely Zuttah and Penn.

    Cutting Joseph was a given – he was done and I can see that move all day – but as bad a year as Joseph had in 2013 – can we really say that Omameh played any better then Joseph would have? Probably not in retrospect.

    Penn – I was wary of letting him go – although I did understand considering his bad year in ’13 and his High salary. But he bounced back and had a pretty good year last year for Oakland – and considering how badly the hand picked FA replacement Collins played (which wound up costing $9M instead of Penn’s $8M) – getting rid of Penn – even at his big salary which Bucs could have easily afforded – was obviously the wrong move. A definite bad decision to release Penn and replace him with Collins.

    And then there was the Zuttah move. Trading a somewhat talented and very versatile Lineman for a late 5th round pick – when you have so little talent – (starting or back up) to begin with – that was the worst move made in the entire offseason. We could have DEFINITELY used Zuttah in multiple spots last year. I know he liked to play center – but Zuttah was a pretty solid Guard and could play either side. Hell I would have much rather had Zuttah out there playing LT than Collins as well. Not a good move – Ok point made.

    Oh – and did your REALLY expect Carl Nicks to play last year?? Most of the fans (without the benefits of Dr’s explanations and actual visuals of that nasty ass toe of his) pretty much assumed he was done – there was hope he could come back – but certainly not expectation. So what was plan B?? There wasn’t one. How is that possible?? I’m glad we were able to get Mankins at the last second – but talk about your desperation moves out of necessity…

    If the Bucs don’t like hearing so often that the OLine has been PITIFUL for the last 2 years – then they best start DOING something about it. And then make it work on the field.

    Anything less than TWO 2nd day draft picks going to OL is unacceptable and they need to pick up a 3rd good OL prospect in the 5th or 6th round as well. Only way to truly get out of this OLine mess is to draft well, draft high and draft often for the OL the next 2-3 years.

    Are you reading this L&L? I hope so. I’m not some disgruntled, constantly complaining “fan” like too many of the yo-yos here on JBF. I’ve almost always got your back – telling the way too many Lovie haters on here to stop their constant shots at you guys and to give you at least 2-3 years to clean up the mess Dominik and former coaches left. But you have GOT to do something about the OLine. Fix IT! Find a way. Spend a bunch of $ – spend a bunch of draft picks – but do whatever you have to do to provide Jameis Winston with good protection – THIS YEAR!

    We can’t take anymore of what we’ve seen up front the last 2 years. Its been that bad.
    Make it happen – Joe’s begging you – I’m begging you – All Bucs fans are begging you. We don’t want to be called poopy boy anymore. FIX the OLine!!

    You must protect your rookie QB and give him time to make plays. You must be able to open up holes for the running backs. FIND A WAY. MAKE IT SO.

    Fans are getting really nervous when not one FA Oline player has been brought in – not even for depth. We want to see OLine players come off the board to the Bucs early and often on May 1st. DO IT.

  46. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Mankins old Buddy Connolly the Patriots Guard, is visiting Tampa! If he signs with us in Tampa, Mankins will have someone to BBQ with.