Mariota’s Private Workout Won’t Clash With Winston Pro Day

March 29th, 2015
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Tuesday won’t reveal any hidden message

Bucs fans are buzzing on Twitter today about Gil Brandt’s report claiming Marcus Mariota will have a private workout with Tampa Bay on Tuesday.

Hey, that’s the same day Jameis Winston will have his pro day at Florida State University. What gives?

Calm down. A trusted source informed Joe that Brandt is “inaccurate.”

Lovie Smith, speaking to Joe and other assembled media at the NFL Owners Meetings in Phoenix last week, said new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and QB coach Mike Bajakian will run the private “scripted workouts” with both quarterbacks — at each player’s school.

Lovie also said the Bucs will be “in cohoots” with those running Winston’s pro day activities. (Mariota’s pro day was earlier this month.)

Regardless, per Lovie, the Bucs won’t put much stock in the private workouts. “In my mind, it’s a small part. We have a lot of video. We’ve done a lot of research, hung out with both of them. So we feel pretty comfortable,” Lovie said.

So what really goes on at these private QB workouts? Joe talked to Hall of Fame former general manager Bill Polian about them in Phoenix last week.

Polian said fans thinking the quarterbacks are put through intense sessions designed to test their decision making under duress would be surprised.

“My experience with Tom Moore and Bruce Arians, and later Jim Caldwell, was about mechanics and performance and, you know, judging ability and technique, not any kind of a high pressure,” Polian said.

58 Responses to “Mariota’s Private Workout Won’t Clash With Winston Pro Day”

  1. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota has better technique than Winston. Winston has better anticipation. Both are pretty much the same in accuracy. Ahh, decisions decisions.

  2. 87LikesFreeJerseys Says:

    Mariota who?

  3. Barry Bryan Joel all agree Says:

    Did Lovie/Licht/Glazers spend some time with the young girl who says Winston brutally raped her? You know just to get to know her.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard

  4. Luther Says:

    Pro Day means nothing. Not even sure private workout means any more than confirming a few things. Winston is the pick as he should be. I’m glad you got behind the right horse this year Joe. I didn’t want your guy(s) last year but I’m happy to have the chance to pick Winston this year. I’m so glad guys like Barry don’t run this organization.

  5. Jman Says:

    I think private workouts are probably more important than Pro Days.

  6. Jacko101 Says:

    Jman they are more important than pro days, with private workouts you control the script. And you see what the person looks like in your scheme.

  7. Supersam Says:

    There taking Mariota, so who cares about Winstons pro day?

  8. Waterboy Says:

    Lol what’s with all of the stupid hashtags that I see everytime there’s an anti- Winston comment? Is that an attempt to try to link him with those stupid accusations on the internet?

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard

  9. deminion Says:

    Lol dude said Mariota and Winston have the same accuracy lol Winston is pin point accurate.

  10. Waterboy Says:

    BTW I thought that Mariota’s private workout with the Bucs was on April 7th or 9th not this Tuesday.

  11. 87LikesFreeJerseys Says:


    Mariota sucks.

  12. Jacko101 Says:

    @SuperSam I love your confidence, But I hope you’re right. lol

  13. Underdog Says:

    It goes back to the journalism ethics question – do you want to be first or do you want to be accurate?

  14. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think I have 30 odd days while the final jeopardy tune plays endlessly in my head. The QB topic is all beat up black and blue with bones sticking out.

  15. Jacko101 Says:

    18 INts is so pin point accurate these days lol

  16. JBuc Says:

    I have yet to see tape of Mariota making a throw into a tight window. Oregonian system doesn’t require it. Good article in the Trib today about the challenges of evaluating QBs coming out of these systems. Most are use to making one read, throw or run. Guessing on whether or not he can adjust to another offense is a big gamble. Very view examples of those coming from that style succeeding in the NFL.

  17. 87's Nice side Says:

    deminion Says:
    March 29th, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Lol dude said Mariota and Winston have the same accuracy lol Winston is pin point accurate.
    See this is the homeristic posting that turns some of us off on Winston. I have my mind almost completely wrapped on us having a QB finally and I am trying to look at both of these kids honestly but MOST of his supporters just continually spew stupid stuff. HOW can Any fool square his mouth right to downgrade Mariota’s Accuracy when he Probably has the best TD / INT ratio, 105 passing TDs to 14 INTs in THREE yrs as a starter., in College Football History?????
    Im all for Winston if the guys that get paid to make those decisions say that he is ours. Im really trying to rewatch all the games I watched this yr so I can get a better feeling for him. But when homers say he is “pinpoint accurate” I want to bring up the UF game. Don’t do this Homers. Just let us get to like the kid on our own. Making stuff up isn’t swaying us any faster

  18. lurker Says:

    “It goes back to the journalism ethics question – do you want to be first or do you want to be accurate?”

    no such thing as ethics in journalism, it is all opinions, just ask joe. remember the nytimes hit piece on mr. winston was about sensationalism, not the truth.

  19. Supersam Says:

    Your right, Winston is accurate. You should see how well he throws it to the opposing team! Right in the numbers!

  20. Supersam Says:

    Winston throws up 50/50 balls, hence his high interception rate. In the NFL the defenders will eat his lunch. Mariota makes smart calculated decisions and has a throwing form similar to Aaron Rodgers, quick release not a lot of drag.

  21. WS99 Says:

    Barry Bryan Joel all agree Says:
    March 29th, 2015 at 1:20 pm
    Did Lovie/Licht/Glazers spend some time with the young girl who says Winston brutally raped her? You know just to get to know her.

    #DP #HGH #PEDs #MushBrainRetard


    Yes they did but they couldn’t get her out the locker room. Her knees were all cut up and bleeding. They had to give her a towel for all the mayo she had spread all over her mouth and hair. She said she’ll be back in 3 days.

  22. Jimmy53 Says:


    It’s not homerism, it’s fact. You apparently don’t undestand the system Mariota played in or you wouldn’t hold up his td/int ratio as proof of accuracy. As mentioned in another post, all Mariota does in his system was make one read and choose to either run or throw—it’s nearly always short throws go an open receiver. This greatly skews the int stats–not to say they’re not good, they’re just not comparable to a qb from a different system.

    Anyone who watched fsu football last season an tell you tha Winston’s increase in int’s last year were due mostly to late game heroics and often very young WR’s running incorrect routes.

    There’s no debate here, Winston is significantly more accurate. He threw extremely well in an undesigned rollout, while Mariota loses all accuracy when there’s pressure—this is extremely important to any qb that plans on playing for the Bucs.

  23. WS99 Says:

    87 nice side

    All you need to do is look at the Louisville highlights when he threw a TD pass between two defenders, made them crash into each other. Possibly the best TD pass of all time. Lol

  24. Luther Says:

    Interception rate in college has no direct relationship to ball placement and accuracy. Tebow threw very few ints too but he was a terrible thrower. If you watch the combine, Winston was head and shoulders not only on the touch throws but his placement was always spot on. Looking at the tape from, it’s easy to see that he was the superior QB.

  25. Brett Farve Says:

    Did somebody say something about interceptions?

  26. Waterboy Says:

    Geno Smith and RG3 had great TD/INT ratios in the spread offense also. So did Darron Thomas but look where he’s at now.

  27. charactermatters Says:

    Homers please look at the numbers when under pressure then tell me again how much more accurate Winston is. Can you tell me which QB threw more passes under 5 yards? Have you looked at the breakdown in situational passing at all with these QBs?

  28. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    These Bucs are trying to confuse me and are doing a very good job at it. I just want the draft to come already. If they screw it up and pass on Winston then oh well but I am not about to get this emotionally invested in this draft.

  29. charactermatters Says:

    You mean like the pass he threw at the receiver’s feet (caught) or the one he threw behind the receiver on the sideline pattern (also caught) that would have been a pick six on game day?

  30. danati74 Says:

    J. Winston stays instate to help Bucs back to the playoffs, then SB. Raise ticket sales and put Bucs back on the map. Feel real real bad for the MG8 mob and Mariota supporters. What are you gonna do?

  31. delson Says:

    Winstons wrs HAD to go up n get the ball. For that reason tb might be his best option to succeed in the nfl bc we have evans jackson n asj. Mariota is the smarter decision maker. He sees the field better that’s why there are wide open passes. Winston will throw it into traffic. Watch their gametapes n not their highlights

  32. anthony55 Says:

    Matt Ryan19 interceptions Manning 12 interceptions Drew Brees sophomore year at Purdue 20 interceptions Andrew Luck 11 interceptions I guess they all suck too since They all threw this many interceptions in college famous Jameis Winston all the way Buccaneers

  33. Waterboy Says:

    Guys go to YouTube and look up “The Film Room EP 3: Marcus Mariota” so that you can get a better idea of the type of reads that Mariota had to make in that package based offense. There’s also one on Winston EP 4.

  34. 87LikesFreeJerseys Says:

    Mariota huh?

  35. rayjay1122 Says:

    Conspiracy theory: The Bucs were planning on picking Winston for over a year. That is why they drafted the Dunkaneers, passed on QB last draft and then tanked the season to guarantee getting Winston. You heard it here first. LOL

  36. charactermatters Says:

    We constantly hear about Winston’s NFL type throws, but whenever he played against NFL style defense he struggled. Please let’s keep in mind the level of competition.

  37. Mister Niceguy Says:

    Skyline Crew Says:
    “Mariota has better technique than Winston. Winston has better anticipation.”

    This is fairly accurate.

    The reason, though, that Winston has better anticipation is because his eyes follow his intended target constantly, giving him time to anticipation where to throw.

    This is actually one of the complaints I have on him. Many people see the anticipation and miss the reason.

    The reason I have a problem with it is that I believe it contributes to his interceptions, because defenses watch his eyes.

    And, with NFL secondaries being better, and the game being faster, I have serious doubts that he’ll adjust well.

  38. Bucfan4life Says:

    @delson. You may have just said the dumbest fking thing I have ever read on this site. Mariota “sees the field better that’s why there are wide open passes.” The rest of your post was idiotic as well and shows you have no clue how to judge a QB but that statement takes the cake. When the Jets or Rams draft him you can go be a fan of them.

  39. charactermatters Says:

    At Bucfan4life
    that statement is not as idiotic as you think. Many times you saw Winston make NFL tight window throes when he could have hit the wide open receiver instead.

  40. charactermatters Says:

    Sorry I didn’t spell check – I do know how to spell throws! LOL

  41. Bryce Says:

    With out a good line and a good running game either QB will be toast focus should be on offensive line.

  42. P'cola Buc Says:

    First step Mariota has to learn is how to form a huddle. Next step how to speak up in the huddle. Next step how to run the offence without these huge cards being held by the coaches on the sideline. I think he could do it but there is a significant learning curve. Great athletes are not necessarily great QBs.

  43. Skyline Crew Says:


    That is false. Statistics showed that Mariota’s passing percentage was better than Winston’s when being pressured. After you posted one read or run I instantly knew you didn’t know what you were talking about.

  44. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mister Niceguy,

    Agreed. He does stare his WR down a lot. He also has problems reading underneath coverage.

  45. Skyline Crew Says:


    Luck had 11 interceptions and that is the same as 18 by Winston? Get out of here

  46. Skyline Crew Says:

    Agreed Mariota made smarter decisions when throwing. Of course I would put that as knock as well because he wouldn’t sometimes take the risk, but he didn’t have to.

  47. Tiny Tim Says:

    Just because some lying mariota supporters says something doesn’t mean its true. Please show me where a knock on Winston is he stares down his receivers. You guys need to stop it. Every FSU game and I mean every FSU game I watched the commentator would always talk about how he freezes/manipulates the defense or holds the safety with his eyes. Yet you mariota supporters say he locks on to his receiver. News flash, there is a reason he is considered by many to be far and away the best prospect in this draft. Again, just because you type lies does not make them true.

  48. WS99 Says:

    P’cola Buc Says:
    March 29th, 2015 at 4:33 pm
    First step Mariota has to learn is how to form a huddle. Next step how to speak up in the huddle. Next step how to run the offence without these huge cards being held by the coaches on the sideline. I think he could do it but there is a significant learning curve. Great athletes are not necessarily great QBs.

    He also needs to learn how to read a defense pre-snap, learn how to read safeties, and he needs to learn how to improve his red zone efficiency.

    “Mariota’s stat sheet against the Buckeyes looked fine on paper. The redshirt junior finished with 333 yards on 24-of-37 passing and a pair of touchdowns plus a pick as time expired. However, almost all of those yards were picked up outside the red zone. When the field shrunk and the windows got tight, Mariota had just two completions on five attempts for 10 yards and a touchdown pass”
    Ben Kercheval Jan 2015 B/R

    Luckily, after the game he brushed his teeth and went to bed by 9pm. Hallelujah

  49. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    You know I’ve come on board the Winston train. But you Winstonites are making me incredibly nervous with your trash talking about Mariota.

    WS99 You conveniently left out the fact that Mariota was missing all of his top receivers. You conveniently left out that two of the substitute receivers CHOKED like a Josh McCown dropping easy first down passes early in the game that would have kept drives alive and could have clearly changed the game.

    The fact that you cannot see this kids talent makes me devalue your perceptions of Fameis.

    And I will conclude with this You guys have me on board with the Fameis pick. But if Fameis is not all pro all of you need to come back and admit your ignorance. And if he screws up off the field or tosses many int’s and ends up a bust 87 has to promise to never leave Pasco County.

  50. Skyline Crew Says:

    Come on Stpete you can’t really expect the Homers to think anything is wrong with Winston do you? Like some have said, If we lose a game I can’t wait to see all the Homers come out and blame everybody, but Winston.

    As for you TinyTim, I know it is hard to understand that there are flaws with Winston. It is ok, I’m sure they will have support groups for you, but in the meantime before you call people posting facts liars you should do yourself and Google about Winston. Not just Winston Highlights.

    “Some scouts also believe he needs to quicken and shorten his delivery in order to be consistently successful at the next level, as he tends to wind up when he throws, lacking the quick release NFL teams desire. He has NFL arm strength, so the elongated delivery was not a big issue at the college level. Winston still has a tendency to stare down his targets and will make poor decisions with the ball down the field when hemmed between the tackles and forced to get rid of the ball under pressure. At times, he?ll backpedal and throw while off-balance, rather than stepping into his throws, negating his natural throwing power. He has proven especially vulnerable to underneath defenders dropping in front of his intended targets ? a significant issue given the frequency of zone-blitzes in the NFL as compared to college.” -CBS Sports

  51. WS99 Says:


    The commentators were discussing his red zone efficency during the FSU game. I was looking for a stat that discussed RZE specifically and ran across that article. The authors name is there, feel free to read the article.

    Too many people talking about off field but not enough ON field discussion.

  52. 87LikesFreeJerseys Says:

    Skyline Crew …not me man. I call it like I see it. If Winston ef’s up, I’ll say so. Remember I said that too.

  53. Skyline Crew Says:

    I’ll hold you to it. However, if we draft him let’s hope he doesn’t ef up that much.

  54. delson Says:

    Nah man I’m watchin gametapes bc I want to know who we are drafting. Can’t invalidate my opinion just bc u heard from a show on tv or u r repeating somebody else’s opinion. Mariota made the smart reads short passes aplenty but read the safeties cbs n lbs. When they dropped too far into coverage mariota threw the short passes. When the safety was cheating on the short routes or the screen he threw to his deep route. When the safety covered the deep n the short pass was taken away mariota still had 3 options hit his te on a out, buy time n hit an open wr on a broken route or scramble. Which would u have? The decision maker or the risky trigger happy arm?Whoever we draft i hope on offense we move the ball n stay on the field.

  55. RealkillersmoveinSilence Says:

    Why is everyone yelling!

  56. usospecial Says:

    Its a lot of jameis haters in the building

  57. usospecial Says:

    Sit back and shut up. Let jameis take us to the promise land.All u mariota lovers are so special.

  58. delson Says:

    Watch any jameis winston gametape on utube. The gametapes not the highlights. After the majority of his throws ull be asking was that pass necessary? Thrown into traffic with multiple defenders around his wrs. He is no andrew luck he might be eli manning type just throw the ball up. U guys can say his football intelligence is through the roof! But u can say that about any qb. Winston is garbage.