Bad Review Of Offensive Line

March 7th, 2015


As far back as last summer, Joe was scolded by various people, both on and away from this here corner of the interwebs, for being too harsh on the Bucs’ offensive line.

Joe was just not convinced the remade line would become the reincarnation of the 1970s Oakland Raiders’ front wall. And Joe was right. The offensive line was miserable beyond words.

Outside of Demar Dotson — who Joe likes a lot and is a decent player, but let’s not get carried away and confuse him with Dan Dierdorf — the front line last year stunk like a porta-potty in the Florida sun.

Last week, during the NFL Network “War Room” feature on the Bucs, it was suggested the entire offensive line needs to be replaced, including Dotson. Now comes spreadsheeter Aaron Schatz of In a piece he typed on BSPN about the Bucs, his eyes are still burning watching tape of the Bucs front five.

Offensive line: The Bucs ranked dead last in adjusted line yards and 29th in adjusted sack rate. The whole line needs help, but the right side is worse than the left. Out of all the Bucs’ linemen, Football Outsiders game charters singled out right guard Patrick Omameh with the most blown blocks leading to sacks, pressures and run tackles for a loss.

And to think Josh Allen, the true epitome of a turnstile, was even worse.

Joe would sign two free agent offensive linemen and draft no fewer than two. The offensive line must be addressed if the Bucs are to toy with a .500 record.

Joe sure hopes that barbecue pitmaster Logan Mankins found a joint to rig up his Green Egg.

13 Responses to “Bad Review Of Offensive Line”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wow… to me!!!

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    Offensive line play for the Bucs the last 2 years has been – in a word – OFFENSIVE. L&L were right to blow up the line last off season. Unfortunately – their replacements were just as bad or worse.

    We need to rebuild this OLine the right way which is through the draft. Bucs need to make it a priority over the next 2-3 years to draft at least 2 linemen each year in the top 4 rounds until the makeover is complete.

    I still find it very hard to believe that coach Warhop is considered part of the solution as opposed to a big part of the problem.

  3. Dadlad Says:

    It is hard to believe that there was not a better Oline coach available this year. The fact that he did not replace Warhop will just be another reason for Lovie to be replaced at the end of this year.

  4. ddneast Says:

    Big surprise here. What was surprising is they rated Omaneh worse than Anthony Collins. Yikes!
    Pickgrin you made a very valid point and critique.
    Line play was just as bad in 2013 as it was in 2014 and something had to be done.
    To many people in their hate Lovie mode conveniently forget how bad 2013’s was.
    Hopefully the team will get the right players this year.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I guess the fans have to trust that this glaring weakness will be upgraded asap.

  6. mac Says:

    Demar Dotson is barely average… But he is the best we have… Mankins and EDS are past their primes… Everyone else is hot garbage… We better find a starting right guard and right tackle and a solid backup guard/center this off season if we want to be more then a laughing stock AGAIN!!!

  7. BuccoBill Says:

    “Joe would sign two free agent offensive linemen and draft no fewer than two.”

    Isn’t that essentially what we did last year?

  8. MGM4Life Says:

    This should be Lichts priorities –
    Mike Iupati, G – 49ers
    Bryan Bulaga, T – Packers
    Orlando Franklin, G/T – Broncos
    Stefen Wisniewski, C/G – Raiders

  9. ChessMaster Says:

    I have been saying Dotson was a good (not great) player for 2 years, even when many were skeptical after the last Schiano year. The media, fans, owners, and the coaches wanted heads and the line suffered because of it.

  10. ChessMaster Says:

    heads to roll I meant.

  11. LargoBuc Says:

    Orlando Franklin at RT would make the right side the strongest part of our line by far. It would take pressure off of whoever we draft at RG and C and even ASJ would benefit from having a road grader like Franklin on the strong side.
    Teams that overpay multiple free agents every spring to fill in their many holes often lack consistency. Franklin, however, would be a wise move that could make our entire line and as a result our offense better. D coordinators would have to plan their blitz packages around where Franklin would be lined up taking alot of pressure off of Doug Martin.

  12. LargoBuc Says:

    Plus we could draft Tra Jackson out of FSU to compete for our starting RG spot. Then either Dotson could be moved to LT for a year. Or if he cant make the transition then he could provide some good and much needed depth. Relying on Dotson to be our top lineman is a mistake.

  13. Harry Says:

    “…I still find it very hard to believe that coach Warhop is considered part of the solution as opposed to a big part of the problem…”

    Amen bro. I mean I am shocked. But then, that’s friggin Lovie