Jameis Watch: Mechanics Overrated

March 12th, 2015

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Crab-legs-stealing, BB-gun-shooting, obscenity-hollering, Heisman-Trophy-winning, former national champion Jameis Winston, the pride of Florida State University, continues to look like a much better quarterback prospect than Mike Glennon.

It’s Joe’s daily nugget on the Jameis Watch, celebrating the best quarterback ever to wear No. 5 in the state of Florida.

Yes, Joe knows that recently, “Jaws,” superb NFL analyst and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski, was harsh on Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston’s mechanics.

One guy who was Brett Farve’s quarterback coach thinks “mechanics” is an overrated term. That would be Steve Mariucci.

The former coach of the 49ers, who also guided Steve Young, thinks Winston’s mechanics are not that awful, so he told Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney of CBS Sports Radio.

“I think if you look at every quarterback in the National Football League, mechanically they’re all a bit different than each other,” Mariucci said. “I think if Jaws were to detail and really eventuate Philip Rivers’ mechanics, he would say, ‘This guy is a very awkward passer.’ So as long as the job gets done, I think (it’s okay). And I had a guy named Brett Favre and his mechanics were always off a little bit. It was more, ‘Get the ball there. I don’t care what it looks like.’

“So mechanically, is (Winston) perfect?” Mariucci continued. “No, he’s not. He’s not Tom Brady. He’s not pretty. He’s not going to have a clinic film on him with all of this stuff. But I think he’s good enough. I think he’s coachable enough. I think he’s a young kid. He’s only been there three years, so you’re going to have a guy that has a lot of practice and rep time in front of him, so he can smoothen out some of the things Jaws might be talking about. That doesn’t concern me. It wouldn’t be a reason not to draft him.”

Remember, the Bucs once had a southpaw quarterback whose mechanics were godawful. The Bucs traded him and some guy named Bill Walsh straightened out his mechanics, and, voila!

The quarterback? That would be Mr. Young.

You can hear the full interview below.

74 Responses to “Jameis Watch: Mechanics Overrated”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    Winning is winning. Throughout the history of the game, there have been QBs that could win despite their flaws. Nobody is perfect. Winston is not perfect. Mariota is not perfect. You’ll never find a perfect QB. Jaws is entitled to his opinion. And his job calls for these kind of things. 1 thing you can not deny is that Winston still manages to win a hell of a lot of games on the college level. He took over a team loaded with talent to a national championship. The next year struggled with a much lesser team but still took them to the brink of a championship. That is good enough for me. He will turn us into Champa Bay again! Can’t wait!

    Welcome To Tampa, Jameis!!

  2. Ray Rice Says:

    Just FUKN win! It’s all that matters. I don’t give a $hit how many ducks he throws!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mechanics don’t matter
    40 time doesn’t matter
    Athleticism doesn’t matter
    Interceptions don’t matter
    Character/immaturity doesn’t matter

    What mattered yesterday with Mariota was “system, system, system”

    Tokyo Rose (Tokyo Joes)

  4. tmaxcon Says:


    opinions and stats are meaningless.

  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Yes mechanics are not important system is everything! (snark font off)

    IE. A highly talented QB with proper mechanics and better throwing playing in a spread offense is not as solid a prospect as a QB with poor mechanics.

    This debate is growing absurd! BOTH players are excellent PROSPECTS! Neither has converted one single first down in the NFL. MIke Glennon has!

    This is not to say that either Fameis or Marcus won’t one day be MVP material, it IS to say that we fans are getting caught up in some hysteria here.

    I’m not against drafting Fameis, even though I prefer Mariota. Whichever player we draft we need to take off the rose colored glasses.

    Either one or both of these guys could turn out to be busts. You all are going crazy purely on potential. I get excited too but could we bring some reality back to this debate.

    We’re now down to Mechanics versus system?

    BTW I do not hold system against MM nor do I hold Jameis mechanics against him. I take Mariucci’s point about Jameis needing work and would add that baseball probably hasn’t done Fameis football career any good. Sometimes Fameis looks like he’s really winding up to deliver that 97MPH fastball. Quit baseball…get coached up..and Jameis can correct his mechanics just like MM can learn any pro offense.

    One thing that does make me feel great. As far as I can tell BOTH of these young men are incredibly competitive and are known as hard workers.

  6. Phil Says:

    Jameis should already be signed. Why wait.

  7. Rob Says:

    I am praying the Bucs just take Marcus and dash Joe’s hopes of getting his man Winston. I would not gamble the future of the Bucs for the next 5 years on the talented but incident prone youngster. Play it safe and take Mariota. I don’t care if he was a system qb. Marcus has won at all levels and seems to be a great leader and motivator as well as player on the field. Build the offense around Marcus and depend on his smart decision making. Mariota does not turn over the ball on a regular basis like Winston and we all know that games are decided by the turnover ratio almost every game in the NFL. Winston will throw as many interceptions as touchdowns as a rookie, maybe more. The Bucs will not be able to compensate for the turnover machine he will become but with Marcus, we can keep games close and score enough to win plenty of games while he figures out the pro game.

  8. Jeagan1999 Says:

    So I guess we can’t overlook the fact that Marcus Mariota didn’t line up under center or play in a “pro-style” offense, but we can overlook Winston’s poor mechanics and propensity to throw INT’s. Got it!

    Personally, I’ll take the guy with more athleticism who throws fewer picks. Just my own humble opinion.

  9. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Marino threw 23 ints as a junior AND senior. I have been watching football close to 50 years now and I can tell you Winston can sling the ball all over the field. I am glad mariota has won at every level, so has Winston. Does mariota has a NC ring? the Bucs are taking Winston. There is no doubt in my mind. but the still have to go to Mariota’s pro day. They have to cover plan B.

  10. passthebuc Says:


  11. Larry Says:

    I remember another QB who Jaws criticized coming out of college for the same reason – Tim Tebow.

  12. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Oh yes let’s keep debating about Winston when it should be clear to all that he’s going to be the pick by now. Well not all…so keep it up the rest of you.

    It gives you something to do all day.

    I’m staying out of the fray as much as possible. There’s no need to banter on anymore about a guy that’s GOING to be the pick.

    I’ll just sit by as much as possible and wait until draft day to hear the name that I KNOW they are going to call. You MM guys can sit in here and hem and haw for the next month over whether they are going to take MM or not.

    I’ve ONLY been trying to tell you guys for 2 months now. The pick is already in.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Phil Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 12:30 pm
    Jameis should already be signed. Why wait.

    1. We wait because we can.
    2. We wait because we aren’t sure we will sign him yet.
    3. We wait to make sure he doesn’t FU in the next few weeks
    4. We wait because we aren’t going to sign him, we will sign Mariota.

    Personally, I like reason 1 best…..

  14. Tiny Tim Says:

    I love all you haters that likes to point out INTs which is so irrelevant to the NFL. You clueless and yes I said clueless haters truly believe because Mariotta did not throw a lot of picks in college means he won’t throw a lot of picks in the NFL? You guys are freaking hilarious and clueless all at the same time. News flash, Geno smith junior year in college threw 31 TDs and 7 INT on 65% completion. His senior year, he threw 42 tds and 6 ints on 71% completion. Yes, in the spread offense like Mariotta. What has Smith done since getting to the pros? His rookie year he threw 12 tds and 21 ints. Last year he threw 13 tds and 13 ints in 14 games. You can not predict what Mariotta’s INT rate will be based off a gimmicky offense in college which every QB that has ever run that system has a low INT number. Tim tebow never threw more than 6 INTs in college. TIM TEBOW!!!! Please get a clue

  15. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    One more thing…there is virtually NO sign pointing towards MM for the Bucs, but there are signs everywhere that Winston’s going to be the pick.

    If I saw it differently, I’d admit it. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I admit that it looks like MM’s going to be the pick….

    You guys see nothing…or just bury your head in the sand and refuse to see it.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Oh yea!….sure…..you don’t need to continue to post support for Winston 75 times a day….every day….because he is so certain to be the pick.
    You are so absolutely positive that you’d sit back until the draft…..
    My bet is that you’ll be back in a few minutes….not days or weeks.

    By the way, I have posted many times that I would support Winston if picked…but haven’t heard you agree that if you are wrong and Mariota is the pick, that you would do the same.

  17. J Says:

    Mechanics? Ints?

    Stats are for losers.



  18. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Why is it that anyone who disagrees with the Winston Gang is considered a “hater”? Is it “hate” to point out that an NFL Draft prospect threw nearly as many INTs as he did TDs last season? Is it “hate” to point out flawed mechanics in a college QB’s throwing motion? Is it “hate” to point out serious character/behavioral/off-the-field issues that even all the NFL team executives said they had questions and concerns over? Maybe it’s just “hate” to not agree with the rest of the gang, period? Most of us who prefer Mariota have gone on record saying that we believe he will be the better answer for the Bucs! That he has the fewest question marks about his game and his character! And that he shows better athleticism and decision making (specifically,fewer INTs). Is that “hate”? Most of us have also said we will support whomever the Bucs choose at #1….does that sound liked “hate”? I think the ones yelling “haters” need to look in the mirror to see where the real “hate” is coming from!

  19. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    TBBF, 87 has said on numerous occasions that he would support Mariota. As have ALL of us who want the Bucs to take Jameis because he’s the better QB.

    Can you say the same thing about the Mariota SLURPERS? I have seen quite a few that have said they’d ditch the Bucs if they take Jameis Winston, the best QB to wear #5 in the history of Florida football.

  20. OAR Says:

    Can I get the lottery numbers for this weekend too? My magic eight ball is still deflated.

  21. Nybucsfan Says:

    So besides winning in the ACC what can he do? I can beleive the people that wanna draft him. In all seriousness he has a ton of red flags. this is crazy BUST. Look at the other Jimbo quarterbacks all must now add all the other red flags. I don’t care if you win in the ACC this is the NFL

  22. Rob Says:

    Glazers will force Lovie/Licht to take Marcus. I don’t hate Winston, I just would not trust him as the face of the franchise based on recent history and bad decision making off the field, not on it. Marcus provides marketability with lower risk. Sure, if Winston gains millions of dollars and is able to keep his nose clean, he will have a chance to succeed in the NFL. Marcus has the same chance in my opinion without the risk of character issues.

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ Jeagan. I perosnally have only called people haters when they post erroneous facts about Winston; which happens all the time. It’s typically the same 5 people; #creepycrab Barry; or Robert who thinks Winston was bragging about rape when he shouted an interent joke; and others.

    Now on to the mechanics. Mechanics are only an issue if they are causing the ball to come out too late; or too low. Too late = not quick enough to go from seeing an open guy to getting it to him because of your windup. Too low = ball gets batted at the line.

    Winston’s release point is high; and his motion – while not the standard QB NFL statue like perfection – is still fast. When he makes a decision the ball comes out fast and at a high release point – so I have no issue with his mechanics whatsoever.

    Tim Tebow had a crazy slow windup; and Byron Leftwich’s windup also was much slower than Winston. Not good comparisons

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    He may have said it….but, I guess it has been burried in the voluminous rants about Winston…..I must have missed it. Time for him to say it again….

    I don’t speak for others…but there are many Mariota posters who will support the Bucs choice, like I will.

    I don’t support a trade down unless it is of epic proportions

  25. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Jeagan, let me explain this to you

    A Jameis Winston hater is someone who won’t even acknowledge that the kid has been part of a media lynching. Someone who had already found Jameis guilty for getting money for autographs and never even acknowledged when that claim blew up in their faces.

    A hater is someone who believes Jameis shaved points.

    A hater is someone who makes stuff up….for example, if you think that what Jameis yelled in the student union was in reference to an investigation and not an internet catch phrase that numerous students were yelling at the exact same time.

    A hater is someone who sees Jameis getting into a BB gun fight with a dozen of his friends and calls that a “gun problem,” or says that he intentionally vandalized an entire apartment complex.

    A hater is someone who won’t acknowledge that the young woman who accused Jameis of a heinous crime was a self described cleat chaser. That she has changed crucial elements of her story on multiple occasions, is lying about other parts of her story, and is clearly out for a cash grab.

    A hater is someone who believes every internet story they’ve read about Jameis without looking into whether or not it’s true.

    Interceptions, mechanics, hell even the heisman curse, does not make you a hater. It makes you someone who doesn’t know what teams are looking for when they grade prospects, but it doesn’t make you a hater.

  26. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @ Lord Cornelius….I appreciate your reasoned and well thought out reply. However I would say this….mechanics are important because these guys are going to be playing against the best athletes in the world come September. I will agree with you that Winston’s throwing motion is not as bad as Tebow or Leftwich…however, NFL a defensive player will look to exploit ANY weakness they can find. I think if we do take Winston, the BUCS AB coach will try to iron out that elongated throwing motion in his arm, so defenses can’t try to take advantage of it.ill also point out that I have yet to see any NFL expert or journalist say that Mariota has anything less than a beautiful, fast and clean throwing motion.

    I appreciate a reasoned and civil discussion between people with different ideas!

  27. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Furthermore, a HATER is someone who thinks that jameis can’t be trusted with moeny, compares jameis to Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young, and thinks that Jameis will be spending all his time at Mons Venus

    A hater won’t acknowedge that every coach and player who has spent any time with Jameis has called him the hardest worker, best teammate, and most knowledgeable QB they’ve ever been around.

    A hater describes Jameis as a lazy thug, when anyone who has spent any time around him calls Jameis a gym rat

  28. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also – I’d like to ask Mariota supporters.. I was googling to no luck.

    Has Mariota EVER had a game winning drive in the 4th while down?
    Has Mariota EVER come back from signigicant deficit to win?
    Has Mariota EVER put up great passing numbers without the running game working at all?

    This is what scares the living sh*t out of me if we draft him. All of Oregon’s wins have been blowouts with the running attack working well.

    I’d also like to see his numbers on 3rd and long. The few plays I saw in those situations; he struggled.

    Even in Oregon’s loss to Arizona; they ran for 150 yards as a team. Mariota got the ball with 3 minutes left down 7; and got sacked / fumbled and lost the game.

    I just haven’t seen him play in many tough in-game QB scenarios. In the very few games where Oregon’s rushing attack doesn’t get going (NCG); they’ve been beat pretty handily

  29. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ Jeagan – appreciate your responses as well and the points you’ve made.

    I’m guessing the main thing defenses could try to take advantage of would be stripping the ball as he goes into his motion; and that may be slightly easier than a QB with better mechanics. However, any QB who is stripped while going through the throwing motion typically will fumble.

    Other than that I don’t see what anyone could take advantage of; as long as the ball is coming out quick and high which it does with Winston imo

  30. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @CreamsicleBananaHammock….that’s your opinion and you are welcome to it, just as I am welcome to mine. But discussing issues like behavior, character, mechanics or decision making means dealing with people who have different opinions. You can be darn sure the BUCS have looked at these issues and asked a lot of questions about Winston. Does that make them haters, or just diligent in making such an important decision? I won’t speak for anyone else, but here is my opinion….for what it’s worth…I think Mariota is the better long term answer for the Bucs. If that makes me a “hater” than I doubt that Winston supporters who continually throw that word around, actually know the meaning of the word.

    P.s. I’ve been watching football for over 30 years, (both college and pro)and I’d put my knowledge of what “teams are looking for” against yours any day of the week.

  31. Couch Fan Says:


    I would add that a Hater is… someone who only looks, believes and comments on anything and everything negative Winston but refuses to acknowledge anything positve winston and instead turns it into a negative. Which happens here quite often.

  32. Erik with CleanAthletics.com Says:

    I honestly think that the reason everyone has the Bucs taking Winston #1 is because everyone is accustomed to the Bucs making the wrong decisions and they expect the trend to continue….

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not a hater…..because, I’ve found it always difficult to hate someone I don’t know or someone who didn’t do anything to me or my family or friends personally….even then, hate is an emotion that is harmful.

    I think a person can make accusations….blindly follow others….jump to conclusions…have a dislike….prejudice….make hateful comments….and still not be an actual hater…..same goes for racist. Racial comments don’t necessarily make a person a racist….perhaps simply ignorant or stupid.

    Hate is described as an intense or passionate dislike for someone…..man, that’s really hard to do if you don’t even know the person…..

  34. Couch Fan Says:


    I agree if its 1 or 2 or maybe 3 times. But when its a continual pattern, over and over and over again… Not so much.

  35. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan…excellent points. The Bible teaches us to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Maybe some are confusing the questioning of certain aspects of Winston’s game or behavior, with hate for the person himself? Like you, I don’t know Jameis, but I hope all the things said about him are untrue. I wouldn’t like to think of a young man blessed with so much talent doing anything to throw his opportunity away! I’m just getting so tired of the “hate/haters” talk flying around. Let’s all just agree to disagree like adults and hope the Bucs make the right decisions to get this team back to playing competitive football again….with Mariota at QB :)!

  36. robert 9 Says:

    the words “no, please, stop and HELP” are over rated per FSU and JW

  37. Zam Says:

    Mariucci keeps proving why he never got to the Super Bowl, even with a hall of fame QB.

  38. robert 9 Says:

    “Mechanics don’t matter
    40 time doesn’t matter
    Athleticism doesn’t matter
    Interceptions don’t matter”

    TBBF, you had me at mechanics :-p

  39. berserker Says:

    He releases the ball much faster than Mariota

  40. robert 9 Says:

    @ creamsickle….

    jameis is a gym rat…… RTFLMAO!!!!!

    on look at his abdomin will tell you otherwise, his arms as well. he’s a big dude, with a jelly belly and flab just waiting to pile on. Mariota, on the other hand, “LOOKS” like a world class athlete.

    JW looks like a young jamarcus russell….and after looking at your posts, a hater is anyone who does not have JW balls deep in their brain.

    WTF MAN?

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I think most are not haters….it’s easy to categorize people…especially on the Internet…
    I actually have watched & studied Winston carefully & I think he just is immature and wants to be loved by everybody…..some of the things he has done sort of fall into that category.
    I believe the difficulty with the Bucs going forward is a matter of trusting that he isn’t a risk…especially after he recieves a lucrative contract….
    This is my concern with him.
    I wouldn’t be so skeptical with Winston if we didn’t have an extremely good alternative in Mariota.
    I think the percieved differences in the two’s ability to transfer their skills to the NFL aren’t enough to outweigh the risk Winston presents…..
    And, I have been of the opinion from the beginning that the Bucs will see it that way in the end.

  42. J Says:

    Lord Cornelius,

    Mariota led a pretty good comeback against MSU which I’d argue would have been in the playoffs if They had not run into MSU. Solid defense. With Ore and Osu games aside.

  43. Bill Says:

    I like Mariotta. I think the spread offense has its place in the NFL, Oregon is more than just a spread team. What I’m skeptical about is the pace that Oregon operates at and the advantage it offers the Ducks as a team.

    The data I’d love to get my hands on is their performance on 1st down after achieving a 1st down. I’ve heard commentators refer to this as being critical to the Ducks success. It’s based largely on the defense being unable to line up fast enough and getting caught off guard… then it snowballs out of control. It’s a great team strategy which has worked very well for Oregon over the years. It’s worked out “OK” in Philly.

    This is the “system” complaint I personally hold. When trying to project MM to the NFL one needs to differentiate his skill from the advantage the Oregon pace offers. It’s hard to do because the Ducks never slow down. I suppose we could focus on the first play of a drive, plays after incomplete passes, etc.

    I suspect even Chip Kelly realizes this won’t work the same in the NFL (see the attempt to sign Gore and possibly Murray). Slowing down and controlling the ball is an important thing to be able to do. How well will MM perform when he doesn’t have the advantage of a blazing game pace? It’s a real question with an impossible answer.

  44. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @tbbf….agreed. I also think it may even be better for Winston to go out of Florida and begin his career farther away from the huge expectations FSU fans have for him in Tampa. But I also see it from the ownership side too. A #1 overall pick, millions of dollars and 3-5 years of the team’s time and effort is a lot to invest in someone who may have some immaturity issues! Especially when Mariota and Winston are so close in terms of NFL talent.

  45. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @ Bill…you bring up some good points. No player is perfect when coming out of college. IF they were we wouldn’t have so many busts that flame out in the NFL! I guess it all comes down to potential vs. risk. Some teams are more risk adverse than others. Not quite sure where the Bucs are at right now, but I’m sure Lovie/Licht feel the pressure to “win now”….which direction that takes them, is open to interpretation.

  46. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ J

    Oregon beat MSU 46 to 27. They were down in the 3rd quarter though and Mariota converted a 3rd down when it mattered to get a score that started a barrage of scoring; so that’s positive. Still – no where close to the pressure of being down by 3-7 and needing a game winning drive in the 4th.

    I’m looking at all of Oregon’s games and it is insane how many blowout wins they have.

    From 2012-2014; there have only been 5 games that were decided by one score or less; and Mariota/Oregon are 2-3 in such games. That’s a losing record in close games.

    Does that not scare any one else besides me? Most NFL games are close; and a ton of those games always come down to 1 score and the final possession / 4th quarter.

    Can’t teach Clutch. Winston is undefeated in close games. (7-0)

  47. BoltIsle Says:

    The Glazers are not the moral authority of Tampa Bay. They are about the Benjamin’s. If so, they sure wouldn’t allow pursuit of Greg Hardy. Inconsistency is to say Hardy is ok to sign (though found guilty by a judge), and no to Winston when he wasn’t charged. And don’t try the face of the franchise BS. Hardy will bring his own protests What is the time frame with no incidents to cut the guy some slack?
    Nobody has excused his behavior, just feel that you can only go so far with attempting to make amends. He paid his debt to society for the Publix incident as well as for the BB gun incident. Benched the whole game for the yelling in the union and haven’t heard of anything else from him since.
    I prefer Winston, and am ok to sign Hardy, but I am also consistent.
    Mariota has not shown an ability to bring a team back. Great leader of the pack, but not so much a rally the troops guy. Ohio State showed this. And before the FSU-Oregon mentions are made, remember who brought his team back to win a ring. That doesn’t mean Mariota can’t do it, but he hasn’t yet and that’s my main concern with system. System means little to me. Mechanics mean even less.

  48. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Google : The Cinematic Railroading of Jameis Winston

  49. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am happy that we still have Glennon and we hired Koetter…

    I believe that whoever we sign at QB, they need to sit for a while….Glennon would be a good bridge QB….especially with a Koetter offense…..Glennon similar to Ryan @ Atl…..
    I think Koetter could design an offense for Mariota’s skillset…..expanding on what Glennon would be doing.
    Wouldn’t be ironic if the hiring of Koetter and other offensive improvements created a winning situation for Glennon while our rookie sits….what a nice problem to have.

  50. robert 9 Says:

    google: rapist quarterback

    it’s all winston, followed by winston

  51. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    87ForJameisNOMariota Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 12:45 pm
    Oh yes let’s keep debating about Winston when it should be clear to all that he’s going to be the pick by now. Well not all…so keep it up the rest of you.
    It gives you something to do all day.
    I’m staying out of the fray as much as possible. There’s no need to banter on anymore about a guy that’s GOING to be the pick.
    I’ll just sit by as much as possible and wait until draft day

    Didn’t take you long….less than two hours….how was lunch?

  52. Barry Says:

    Winston’s starting out with #BabySitters #UnderLockAndKey #ShutDownSocialMedia

  53. Jeagan1999 Says:

    It would be nice to sit a rookie QB (even a #1 overall pick) for a year or so before they start, but I fear those days are gone. The very nature of a #1 overall pick means that you are going to a Team that is not very good and there is pressure to quickly turn the ship (Buc pun 🙂 ) around! I’d love for Mariota or Winston to be able to learn for a year behind a guy like Glennon…who I do think has skills….but with coaches getting fired after only 2 year stints, I to just seems like this doesn’t happen much anymore. Seems like a lot of young guys are thrown into the fire right away!

  54. lurker Says:

    Why haven’t the Bucs signed Mariota yet? He is clearly the better quarterback and anyone who thinks Winston is better needs to realize he reached his peak already that’s why after the NC game he has been regressing ever since. He is essentially a 1-year wonder and will become rich off of it and sign with the Titans

  55. Tiny Tim Says:

    Nybucsfan Says:
    March 12th, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    So besides winning in the ACC what can he do? I can beleive the people that wanna draft him. In all seriousness he has a ton of red flags. this is crazy BUST. Look at the other Jimbo quarterbacks all must now add all the other red flags. I don’t care if you win in the ACC this is the NFL


    So winning in the Pac 10 means something? Look at Jimbo’s QB’s? Have you looked at the history of pathetic college spread QB’s success in the nfl? You are too funny.

  56. Sim Says:

    Mechanics are very important. Lets look at which QBs are winning SBs – Brady, Manning, Rogers, Brees, Ben, etc. These are QBs that have refined throwing motions and excellent footwork. The guys with the bad mechanics can be effective in the league but are working under a significantly lower ceiling. Bad mechanics usually results in turnovers…in big moment of big games. Without proper mechanics a QB cannot work out any problems, everything becomes a “feeling” and next thing you know you just drafted Cleveland’s next 3rd string QB as the overall #1 in the draft. Winston’s wind-up and his poor footwork will lead to a ton of turnovers and passes defended (at the line of scrimmage). This guy is going to be a bust.

  57. Buc-O's 82 Says:

    Well this is a first, I agree with the Shamus Fans (the next tenant for the Orient Street Hotel), mechanics won’t be an issue for Shamus on the field………. But then again it will be an issue when he gets to meet the boyz at the Orient Street Hotel.

  58. Edgewalker Says:

    Mariota won at all levels? I don’t recall a national title for Oregon.

  59. buddha Says:

    Google: Jamies Winston is not a Victim

  60. Buccfan37 Says:

    87… it’s like flipping a coin, you have a 50% chance to be right.

  61. Bill Says:


    Assuming we still have Glennon I won’t be surprised if starts for the first few games. Of course it is possible either rookie beats him out. I’d have no problem with a Bortles-like approach to next year. If Glennon performs well, we can stick with him and make the long term decision this time next year. Options are good!

  62. Pickgrin Says:

    I disagree that Winston’s “mechanics” are an issue in the 1st place – that said, “mechanics” are not all that important. Its results that matter. Winston is one of the most accurate and anticipatory passers we’ve seen in quite some time. His results, clutch play and winning record speak for themselves.

    Lord Cornelius – to answer your question – Mariota has had ONE 4th quarter come from behind victory in 3 years. As you pointed out – Mariota is 2-3 in games decided by less than 7 points (which a majority of NFL games are).

    Winston by comparison is 7-0 in games decided by a TD or less and has SIX 4th quarter come from behind victories in 2 years – including this gem in the biggest game of his life when the National Championship was swinging in the balance:

  63. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Pickgrin, you know I think Winston is, will be, and should be the pick…but football is a team sport. The come from behind thing doesn’t mean all that much to me.

    This right here is what matters to me:

    Don Brown had just spent an hour inside the Boston College defensive film room, dissecting the performance of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston in their Nov. 22 game in Tallahassee. Brown, 59, has been a college defensive coordinator or a head coach since 1984. He’s been in charge of defenses in the ACC and the Big East for the past six years. Basically, Brown, who coined the “Be a dude” mantra that has popularized Steve Addazio’s program on the recruiting trails, has coached and defended a bunch of dudes in his time.

    Brown’s frustration was apparent as he pointed out the array of coverage and pressure packages the Eagles threw at the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner. They didn’t beat themselves that day: just one blown coverage, a few missed tackles and containment problems here and there. Jameis Winston beat them. The 20-year-old redshirt sophomore completed 22 of 32 passes for 281 yards, one touchdown and one interception in a 20–17 victory. It was another close call for the Seminoles, who have won 27 straight games since Winston became the starter in 2013—the last four by five points or less.

    But there’s one more play Brown wants to review on his desktop computer before he calls it a night. “Let me see if I can pull it up for you,” he says. “It’s worth seeing.” With help from a coaching intern (football coaches always need assistance with technology), he calls up a play from BC’s 2013 matchup with the ’Noles, Winston’s fourth collegiate start.

    “This,” Brown says, sighing, “is the play that broke my heart, because we’re playing our asses off. It’s unbelievable. And he’s unbelievable in the play.”

  64. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Will anyone address Mariota’s 2-3 record in close games? Or lack of a single game winning 4th quarter drive ever? No concern there?

    In those 5 games Mariota had 3 interceptions and 4 fumbles.

    7 turnovers in 5 close games; with 3 losses; versus only 18 turnovers in 42 blowout results.

    The close games are more indicative of the type of scenarios he’ll have to deal with in the NFL. This on top of all the schematic / system concerns.

  65. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @ pickgrin thanks for the reply – was annoying digging through those stats lol; so he does have 1 4th quarter come from behinid victory. That’s encouraging

  66. JWisaCRACKDEALER!!! Says:

    his mechanics are almost as bad as his speed and common sense

  67. Brett Says:

    So everybody uses the “all this kid does is win” reasoning for him being great choice in the draft. It seems to me that QB’s that win a lot in college don’t really translate to winning NFL. Just a few examples: Tebow, Leinhart, V. Young, Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, Sam Bradford, and Colt Brennan. These are all modern football QB’s that dominated college yet could not succeed in the NFL. I just don’t see the logic behind this argument. I know this article was about mechanics, but it fell back on the ol’ “winner in college” defense.

  68. Joe Says:


    Trying to think of a losing quarterback in college that has done anything in the NFL. Just off the top of head, Aaron Rodgers’ Cal teams weren’t that great, but not sure if he had a losing record. Hard-pressed to name a good NFL quarterback whose team stunk in college.

  69. ADown88 Says:


    I don’t thin Hardy would bring much “protesting” at all. It happened last year, surprisingly was not covered that much by the media (in comparison) and it’s not a local guy (state of Florida). Honestly, just don’t see the Hardy signing (if it happens) drawing that much media hype. Maybe the first day, but not much beyond that.

  70. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    OK, I will do it again. Remember all of you lemmings who attacked Fly when he told you Mark [slow foot and head] Baron would be a flop. Well, it is about to happen again. The Bucs are going to draft Dum-dum Winston and give him a boat-load of money. He will soon thereafter, (1) throw more pics than TDs, (2) say stupid things to the media, and (3) make us forget about Josh Freeman as a bad example of an NFL QB…………..have a great day.

  71. Clint Says:

    You know who had great mechanics? RG3. Can he play? No, hurt always also. Give me the durable Winston.

  72. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    “There is no doubt in my mind. but the still have to go to Mariota’s pro day. They have to cover plan B.”

    This is why so many of us find the Winstonites amusing. I just have diffculty understanding them sometime.

    Logically…IF there is no doubt that the Bucs are taking Winston…by definition NO DOUBT means there is NO plan B. If they’re postively, no doubt taking Fameis that’s the plan…PERIOD!

  73. Brett Says:

    I just wanted to point out that winning in college has no correlation with winning in the NFL. For some reason every pundit out there talks about how he is a “winner” and that “you draft the guy that wins football games”. Football is a team game and a QB that goes undefeated is made to look good by the entire team around him. QB is the star of a team and he gets the credit. Truthfully both of these guys had easier jobs because of the strong rushing attack of each of their teams. Opposing teams weren’t unleashing their DE’s and dropping LBs into coverage every down. Having a great running game greatly improves your QBs chance at success. They also played with less pressure because they knew their defense could bail out their mistakes and they would get another chance. Neither one of these guys had to worry about turning it over or punting and the other team grinding 12min off the clock and gaining 7pts.

  74. Bill Says:

    Over the last 3 years the Ducks (and MM) have lost 5 games. 2 to Stanford, 2 to ARZ, and 1 to OSU.

    Over that 3 year period the Ducks average more than 50 points a game. In the 5 loses they average 18.8 points a game.

    What happened? Clearly, there is something to this riddle.