“I Thought It Went OK”

March 13th, 2015

Mariota2Joe watched University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota’s Pro Day on NFL Network yesterday.

It was rather boring. Mariota looked alright, but a little uncomfortable in his NFL-style scripted throwing session.

Mariota chatting after the event also was kind of boring. “I thought it went ok,” he said.

Joe’s got full video here from The Oregonian.

Don’t expect Joe to make a fuss about a Pro Day. They’re just not that important. Guys have phenomenal pro days and fail in the NFL (see JaMarcus Russell), and guys have bad Pro Days and thrive quickly (Teddy Bridgewater).

Across NFL circles, reviews of Mariota’s afternoon were mixed.

113 Responses to ““I Thought It Went OK””

  1. MadMax Says:

    Im sorry, but I see bust written all over him.

  2. Eric Says:

    I agree, pro days are not all that important.

    But, when you are neck and neck with another player going into the pro day, or a little behind by most reports, seems like you should shine.

    Or at least not look worse than the combine…..

  3. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    His throwing motion is perfect !

  4. Brad Stilwell Says:

    It was boring. I didn’t expect any different. Hard to do anything that anyone would care about while in shorts, throwing to scripted routes. I did like that he took all his snaps under center, signifying that he was working on that part of his game. He had jitters early and settled down after that. In the end, pro days are a “who cares”. The guy is a boring interview that’s for sure. I’m still not sold on either QB for the #1 overall

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Watched the entire event…..Mariota took all snaps under center….huddled….dropped back….missed a couple of deep routes…..very crisp on short and medium distances…..not much news here.

    What you can’t measure at a pro day or combine is the head….the thought process during a game can only be judged by performance in a game and Mariota has certainly passed that test.

    Bucs will have him make the important throws to them at their private workout.

  6. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Fortunately Licht is smart enough to keep Glennon around to start while either Mariota or Winston sit, learn, and develop into NFL caliber QB’s….that is IF the Bucs decide to draft a QB with the #1 pick. I still won’t be shocked if the team trades down or if Lovie pulls a power move and drafts Williams

  7. JWisaCRACKDEALER!!! Says:

    mariota backing up MG8, THE CANNON, all the way to the playoffs baby!

  8. Jim Says:

    I don’t care which QB is most ready for next season. Select the one that has the most ‘up side’ for the next 10 to 15 years. The Bucs already had a qb with great physical skills and he threw way too many picks! With a weak o-line, they need a qb that can buy time to extend plays, not just throw home run balls.

  9. robert 9 Says:

    you got that st8

  10. MTM Says:

    Mariota is playing the game well. His stock is dropping just enough to potentially move him down the draft board low enough to go to a better team. Let’s face the top 7 teams are lousy and will probably be in the same position next year. If Mariota drops far enough he may go to a better organization.

  11. Chef Paul Says:

    I just cant see it. I don’t see what all the appeal is.

    If he is so nervous during his pro day, at a facility hes been in hundreds of times, throwing to receivers hes thrown to hundreds of times, what is he going to be like when the Falcons are pumping crowd noise through their speakers?

    “So Marcus, what happened out there today? You couldn’t get anything going against the Falcons?”

    “Um, I was, uh, it was my first time in Atlanta, and um, I was, um a little, um, nervous.” There was, uh, all these eyeballs, um, on me.”

  12. Eric Says:

    Yeah I am sure the guy is intentionally dropping in the draft.

  13. Stpetebucsfan Says:

    And while I’m not forecasting this stranger things have happened.

    I’d love to see the reaction if we draft either one of them and it’s MG8 who thrives under Koetter’s tutelage, play calling and a revamped OL with healthy RB’s.

    Again I’m not talking about the likihood so lots not get into a p!ssing contest about how certain either Fameis or MM supporters tell us what a sure thing their guys are.

    I’m an old dude who has seen a lot and stranger things have happened. I’m not a member of the MGM but I woudn’t be shocked if he has a good year with Koetter here. Then again I won’t be surprised if we take Fameis and he’s annointed starter with Glennon again getting no respect or even a chance to REALLY compete.

  14. Jody Says:

    Mariota had plenty of eyeballs on him when he laid the smack down on FSU’s defense! Oh and Byron leftwich throwing motion that wont work in NFL Winston.

  15. louden Says:

    This ladys and gentleman, should be the new starting QB of the Tampa bay Buccaneers for the next decade.

    It would be a sad day if the Bucs chose to go with Freeman 2.0 instead.

    Lets just hope they get it done for once and get this fine young men right here:

    The best QB prospect in the 2015 NFL draft (when removing all BS hype)

    a Bucs life? this would be a new era – Get the former Duck – GoBucs!

  16. The Buc Realist Says:

    “I Thought It Went OK”

    said Mark Dominick as to what he thought he did as Bucs GM!!!

  17. CAN'T FIX IT Says:


  18. MTM Says:

    @ Eric

    Yeah every college player dreams of playing for the Bucs, Browns, Raiders and Rams for 2-3 yrs then retiring from the league is disgust.

  19. Pickgrin Says:

    “Marcus – Compare your performance today with the Combine”

    “Uhhhmmm – I thought at the combine I threw – Uhh – better – I think – uhhhm – today – you know, I think a lot of emotion being back – you know – in Eugene, and stuff like that is, is – uh – caused maybe some, some nervousness a little bit – uhhhm…. But at the same time, I thought – you know – I thought it went well both days – so…. Uh – you know – it was good…”

    That is an exact direct quote. not embellished or changed in any way.

    So what’s it going to be like for Mariota in a hostile stadium environment as the visiting team in the playoffs trying to call a play in the huddle with the game on the line in the 4th quarter and the opposing team’s fans making a ton of noise…?

  20. BucTrooper Says:

    I’m sorry…. Oregon just doesn’t turn out stud QBs. And he reminds of Freeman in demeanor.

  21. Chef Paul Says:

    Just for fun, I counted. In a six minute video, he said “uh” or “um” 52 times.

    No wonder he didn’t huddle in Oregon. Chip and the gang want to run plays faster than he can stumble them out of his nervous mouth.

  22. Walter Says:

    Take Jameis #1, don’t look back

  23. Zam Says:

    I’m not sure I’d say Bridgewater is thriving at this point. He still has to prove immensely not to be a bust.

    Mariota was 60/65. I didn’t watch the pro-day, so I don’t understand how that kind of performance is being called by some “underwhelming”.

  24. flmike Says:

    At least he didn’t say…

    Real know real…
    Doin’ dis n’ dat….

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Chef

    I’d be a bit careful criticizing the QB candidates on their diction…..if that is a criteria for the choice…..how about your critique on Winston?

  26. Eric Says:


    Jameis Winston dreams of playing for the bucs.

    Also, in case you are unaware, the higher you are drafted the more money you make……………

    If the man did intentionally dump his pro day that would be the red flag to end all red flags.

  27. Chef Paul Says:


    IMO speaking ebonics(sp?) does not make you a slow thinker. But stammering around with a bunch of ums and uhs does show you are not thinking quickly. How a guy speaks and thinks is not as important as how fluid he speaks and thinks. Plus the ums and uhs shows nervousness. Which makes me think come game time, the game might too big for him.

  28. tval Says:

    Mariota showed what everyone knew vs fsu..gimmick system made his #s, period..winston looked better, and i know that HAS to make you sick. its been broken down by pro scouts and they agree, outside of chip.(coincidence?) I’ve officially heard everything a mariota supporter can muster..hes now “playing the game well” showing awful timing/anticipation with guys he knows..meanwhile, jameis was better with strangers..and now watch him distance himself further during his pro day..marcus doesnt have the nfl arm/anticipation/touch/accuracy/ poise/durability (real red flags) to survive in the nfl, let alone a pro system. He may fool a silly team to take a crazy risk on another run first proiect with less potential than many other very similar qbs from the previous 8 drafts…those guys are what, 0-20 now at realizing said potential? The bucs simply cant take mariota 1st, but they could trade down to 15 and still get him..lol!! #1?????…gimme a break. And, just like ive said for months, chip is trying his hardest to make it a debate and keep him in top 10..knows he’ll ruin an opponent and say “i couldve succeeded with him”..lmao @ the team that picks him..please be the redskins…..but chip would never put his job on line for him, guaranteed…. and if he really believes “hes the best qb this draft” because all i can see is college talent (bradford, barkley, mariota) not how they translate to nfl, its more of an indictment of mariota….be careful what you say, chip..you may see mr winston sooner than you think..:)…its over though, not that it wasnt 2 months ago.. jameis winston #1!!

  29. Tiny Tim Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    March 13th, 2015 at 9:09 am

    @ Chef

    I’d be a bit careful criticizing the QB candidates on their diction…..if that is a criteria for the choice…..how about your critique on Winston?


    Hahaha you missed again. Chef was not talking about Mariota’s diction. He was talking about the uncertainty in his answer. Some may call it confidence, swag or for the haters…….arrogance. If Mariota is unsure of himself, why should the bucs believe in him?

  30. Tiny Tim Says:

    Charley Casserly after Mariota pro day: “Not a sure thing. If you’re going to take him, you’ve got to hold your breath.”

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    OK….you guys have opened up the “speech police”…….if that is fair game with Mariota it is also with Winston.

    There is a treasure trove of horrendous public speaking disasters from Winston.

    “Not only did Winston’s speech consist of poor grammar and poorly enunciated words, but the lack of a handshake or hug and failure to mention his fellow nominees in his speech, made Winston seem as if he was there all by himself.
    The criticism came no louder than from Sean Thompson, Producer of The Morning Show. When discussion of the speech and the outbursts on Twitter that followed came up, Sean came right out and said that “as a black man, I cringed”.

  32. Tiny Tim Says:

    Ian Rappaport tweeted out…………………Interesting. @MoveTheSticks says good thing Marcus Mariota threw at the Combine, which was far better than his pro day. Rarely hear that.

  33. Jeagan1999 Says:

    It’s obvious Mariota did not throw as well as he would have liked to yesterday, but more importantly, he answered a lot of questions about his ability to line up under center and about his footwork. He took all his snaps yesterday directly from the center without issue, and his footwork (still needs a little practice here) was adequate. He did struggle a bit with some of the deep balls…although he hit a few nice ones too….and he will need to work on that a bit prior to the season, but to all those who say that Mariota can’t throw the deep ball…..look again! According to NBC sports, Mariota completed a higher percentage of his deep passes ( over 20 yds ) than Winston or Humdley…..


  34. Tiny Tim Says:


    You keep talking grammer and diction. Chef is talking the unconfidence in his voice. I will take Winston and his so-called broken english and confidence/swag over a player who is unsure of himself and it obvious in his answers…..umm, well, umm, it went ok maybe um..

  35. Couch Fan Says:

    If the man did intentionally dump his pro day that would be the red flag to end all red flags.


    Exactly!! I’m glad someone gets it. If Mariota did tank, thats a GIANT red flag. It’s ridiculous to think someone would tank when they had a possible #1 pick hanging in the balance.

  36. Tiny Tim Says:

    Jeagan1999 says:

    He took all his snaps yesterday directly from the center without issue, and his footwork (still needs a little practice here) was adequate.


    Yea because there were no 300 lbs defensive lineman coming at him and it was only adequate. All the stuff he thinks he is learning will go out the window as soon as the bullets start flying for real. Five months of learning how to play under center/pro style offense does not equate to 10-12 years of training like Winston has. Its ingrained in winston while its all new for Mariota. The choice is obvious. The bucs must take Winston.

  37. jimmy53 Says:

    “Laid the smack down on FSU’s defense”.

    Lol! You need to watch that game again–when FSU got the least bit of pressure Mariota couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. This has been par for the course over his career. FSU got beat down because their defensive backfield kept getting lost in coverage (a problem all season) and offensive turnovers because the O-line leaked like a sieve (another problem all season).

    Mariota’so accuracy disappears under minimal pressure, and he won’t have a scheme like OU’s to bail him out. BUST. The Bucs Oline is atrocious—do you want a QB who can’t hit a receiver with a defender in their face or a QB who still manages to win behind a suspect line?

  38. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol who ever heard of a mike glennon pro day hahaha he was a nobody coming in to the draft and still isn’t more than trade bait. with that said I wouldn’t call mariotta a bust but tim tebow and RG3 had great pro days. mariotta isn’t a slam dunk neither is Winston but since we don’t have a legitimate starter on our roster i’d say why not go with a rookie over a guy who still plays like a rookie…..you never hear about fierce pass rushing defenses in college only specific pass rushers and this is why quarterbacks are so easily missed. you never know until they are facing a real pass rush in preseason

  39. JMan Says:

    Joe I agree,

    I am not in the Winston camp but if he has a bad pro day I’m not going to jump all over it.

    I liked Teddy last year and I know his Pro Day was unimpressive.

    What I want to see is how either of these guys take correction.

    Teddy impressed Norv Turner with his ability to take coaching by adjusting his mechanic. Things like that should make the difference.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Tiny Tim

    The use of “um” is part of a person’s diction….diction is definde as the choice and use of words….and…yes….”um” is a word….

  41. tval Says:

    @ zam. No reason to miss a handful of guys when you are literally playing pitch and catch..speaks to his anticipation/touch/arm strength if he cant, 1) put it on someone but make it very catchable (arm strength, touch) 2) put enough air on the ball and let his receivers run under it (arm, touch, anticipation)..this helps with ‘throwing a receiver open’..all are equally important for pro qbs to succeed. He didn’t look awful..those deep throws were troubling..but he has time to get ready..no team in their right mind should play him this season, and possibly not next year to be honest….dont get the kid hurt.. let him adjust speed from sideline, look at tons of film, beef up the shoulders, learn the nfl game and get the oregon mindset out of his head..and turn him loose mid 2nd or 3rd year..he could then, imo, be a problem for defenses..right now, like most guys, hes not ready..jameis will have some stumbles, but i think hes a bona-fide top 10 nfl qb by midseason..hes that special..you cant pass up that guy

  42. Tiny Tim Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    March 13th, 2015 at 9:33 am

    @ Tiny Tim

    The use of “um” is part of a person’s diction….diction is definde as the choice and use of words….and…yes….”um” is a word….


    You can keep dodging the fact that Mariota is not confident in himself while trying to make the debate about diction. Open your eyes, he is not confident in himself. His answers says so!!!! But you keep debating diction if you like. Diction has nothing to do with playing football. This is my last post on this topic

  43. Bill Says:

    Mariotta blew it. I won’t pretend to be disappointed, I’m not.

    Winston may not have been a lock before, but he is now. He’ll throw just as well, and put on the charm that everybody knows he has.

  44. JMan Says:

    Chef umms and ahs don’t necessarily show nervousness. Some people use it when being deliberate in their word choice instead of impulsive. Sometimes it shows honest answering to questions instead of a deliberate script.

  45. Mikebucsfan Says:

    Lovie Smith wasn’t even in attendance and he supposedly has pretty much final say on the roster? If that wasn’t a tip that we are taking Jameis I don’t know what is. But I couldn’t be happier. Mariota looked like sh*t. The part that pissed me off the most was that he was laughing at his terrible throws. When you are neck and neck with someone in the draft, especially at the qb position, you better be going out there and everything you got. Mariota will have two sit at least 2 years in the NFL unless he goes to a spread offense system. Dirk Koetter is a PRO STYLE OFFENSE. So can we just please come out and say we are taking Jameis and move on! God bless the bucs

  46. Clint Says:

    The important thing is he didn’t do enough to pull equal with Winston. That’s the only reason it’s relevant to us.

  47. panhandle buc Says:


    These are the same guys that are pounding the table for Hardy and AP, yet are willing to take a much lesser talented QB (that is a fact) because of Winstons “character issues.” lol

    Aside from his 40 time, how is mariota better than winston?

  48. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @TinyTim….The NFL a season doesn’t start for 6 months! Mariota will spend a large portion of that time working on footwork, timing and learning a new offense. Remember, he wasn’t asked to do much under center in the Oregon offense, so it’s only natural that he’d need a little practice. You don’t think that Winston doesn’t need practice on anything, do you? Jameis will spend a lot of time after the draft working on correcting his elongated throwing motion. So whether it’s footwork or throwing mechanics or reading defenses, or whatever else…all college QBs have things they need to address as they enter the pros! Personally, I think footwork is easier to change than throwing motion.

  49. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Trade down TWICE in the first round !
    Start MG8
    Let the home grown rebuilding begin!
    Next year,as in every year, there will be the next great QB everyone is drooling over…..every freak’n year
    Take a QB next year !

  50. Chef Paul Says:


    I just want to start by saying thank you for debating without being a dick. Thats rare and you excel at it.

    I just cant see the appeal on Mariota. Every time I say something about what makes him so great, I always get a variation of the same reply. “He’s not Winston”

    Well, I need more than that. I need to know what makes him the exception to all of Chip Kelly’s QB’s not excelling when they leave his system. I need to know what makes him better than the other countless spread option QB’s that have flamed out in the NFL. I know there are exceptions and some spread QB’s have succeeded, but that’s just what they are, exceptions, and by and large, they’ve mostly all flamed out. What makes him the exception?

    I need something to reinforce he’s not just a system QB. And I haven’t seen it, nor has anyone said what it is. The ums and uhs are not helping.

  51. Chef Paul Says:


    I agree. I doesn’t necessarily show nervousness, but in my opinion when he’s doing that AND saying he’s nervous, it does.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Tiny Tim……Chef Paul……Pickgrin

    “Diction has nothing to do with playing football.”

    I agree……but I wasn’t the one who made the point…..Chef Paul saying Mariota’s using ‘um” in an interview means that he is a “slow thinker”……can’t deliver plays in the huddle…
    I’m suirprised….I read all of your posts and usually they are quite rational……your are way off base on this one…..Mariota intelligence or commuinication skills on the field have never been in question.

  53. Bill Says:

    Be real people.

    Jameis is coming to Tampa. Unless he throws ball backwards at the FSU pro day, he’s gonna be our draft pick. It’s so obvious that some other posters where theorizing about MM “intentionally” lowering his draft stock.

    It’s over.

  54. tmaxcon Says:

    I swear in the video clip I saw of Licht shaking Mariota’s hand at end of pro day. You could read licht’s lips, I am positive he said “nice try young man”

    Winston to Evans

  55. Skyline Crew Says:

    Can’t wait for Mariota to come workout with the Bucs. Of course he worked out with the Titans yesterday after his pro day as well. Wonder how that went.

    Best part was that Licht was following Mariota around and talking with him while also having conversations with Helfrich.

  56. Skyline Crew Says:

    SI – Going under center wasn’t as foreign to Mariota as it was for people who have watched him the last few years. Mariota pointed out he did it as a kid growing up in Hawaii, and center Hroniss Grasu, who’s been training with Mariota in San Diego, said for the last four years he and Mariota started every practice under center before moving to the shotgun. Still, Grasu laughed and said he appreciated how odd it must be for everyone else to see.

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Chef Paul

    Now that’s the Chef Paul I came here to read…..

    Sure there are questions about Mariota’s talent transferring to the NFL….and that is the debate….vs Winston’s demonstrated immaturity and the trust factor going forward…..these are the differences between the two QBs….and I do think reasonable fans can disagree on this…..most pros probably are having the same debate…
    Most GMs probably prefer Mariota because they already have a QB and they know that if they picked him….he would sit and develop….
    In addition….those same GMs would have the luxury of not taking the risk on Winston.
    In the final analysis….the Bucs will have to take a risk either way….but it is a risk that must be taken on one of them.
    I have stated many, many times that if Winston passes the discernment & scrutiny of the Bucs brass….I am good with them picking him. I have never questioned his ability.
    It just concerns me how he will react to a multi-million contract and all the temptations that includes….especially in the off-season.

  58. MTM Says:

    This Mariota kid must have been really lucky the last 3 yrs. He can’t get in the huddle, call plays, no leadership qualities and no National Championships. He will probably go in the 4th round. It must be that wacky spread system.

  59. Skyline Crew Says:

    When asked how Mariota can project at the next level, Helfrich told NFL Network, “Talk to him. Talk to him and watch film … Not all spreads are created equal and not all quarterbacks are made equal. Marcus is a quarterback, not a spread quarterback.

    “He knows scheme, he knows offense, he knows defense. He knows not only what to do but why it’s done. And he immediately knows why … Those are things, no matter what system you’re in, you have to do to have success at the next level.”

  60. ADown88 Says:

    We are talking about Winston’s speaking ability? The guy is from south Alabama… Lol. Just because he speaks differently from you, doesn’t mean he is stupid. You guys are something else.

  61. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Bill….be real, it’s hardly “over”. It will be “over” when the Commissioner reads the card and announces the name. Or it will be “over” when our pick agrees to a contract a few days before the Draft. But nothing is “over” now because there is no logical reason for it to be “over” a lot of things can happen between now and the end of April….arrests, allegations, misbehavior, saying or doing stupid things, etc… That’s why its not “over” until it’s actually over! If it’s Winston…welcome aboard Jameis, keep your nose clean and win some football games and you will be fine! But it’s ridiculous to use the word “over” just yet. It’s not a “pick” it’s a process….and that process is hardly “over”!

  62. Jeagan1999 Says:

    MTM…I’ll bet you $500 that Mariota does not “go in the 4th round”! What a ridiculous post!

  63. Skyline Crew Says:


    I think he was joking. IF we don’t take him he won’t make it out of the TOP 5.

  64. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Skyline….I hope he’s not joking. That would be the easiest $500 ever! 🙂

  65. Bill Says:


    I know this will sound crazy to you….I really don’t think Winston is much of an off-field risk. The rape case is what it is. Everything else is petty crap….great headlines, but petty crap.

  66. MTM Says:

    @ Jeagan1999

    It was sarcasm.

  67. Chef Paul Says:


    That is a totally justifiable concern. I feel my concern is justifiable too.

    To be honest, the closer we get to the draft, the more I don’t want either of these guys. This just keeps reminding me of the Vince Young, Matt Leinart draft. QB1a and QB1b. That scares the hell out of me. That’s why I hate defending Winston, because I’m not in his corner enough to even want to defend him. He’s got a ton of red flags too. I just think both QB’s have way too many red flags. But i think Winston is the “lesser of the two evils” if you will.

  68. Bill Says:


    C’mon man. Winston had 1 loss in his career, MM had 5. MM needed to out-perform JW, and after yesterday that’s no longer possible.

  69. delson Says:

    Jameis is further along in the pro style mechanics. That’s repeated in every post n every interview or evaluation yes we ALL know that. Mariota won’t be asked to start right away you would be a fool to argue that point. I think mariota has a higher ceiling than winston does Way higher when u also consider his ability to throw on the run. He rolls around the pocket seeing the gaps in coverage. That ability has made him a particularly hard to read dual threat qb. Mariota can be mike vick without the dog abuse rather the mike vick that came back n played very good after sitting out of the lg. Give marcus a year maybe a year n a half. Riddle me this somebody.. Would it make a difference to learn the pro style as a college player with college talent surrounding you? Or learn the pro style as a pro with professional talent around you?

  70. Jeagan1999 Says:

    MYM….yeah, I was hoping I’d make an easy $500! No worries 🙂

  71. ADown88 Says:


    Michael Vick? Michael Vick was one of the most elusive runners ever, that is what made him great. Mariota is a great straight line runner, but he’s in not great at juking guys out. If anything, I’d say Winston has more elusiveness than Mariota.

  72. Couch Fan Says:

    Nobody has answered the question “What makes Mariota so much better than all the other QBs that have come out of that particular system and havent done just crap in the NFL?” Its a very simple question..

    And before you say it, Yes I know none have come out of Jimbos system either. BUT they are usually picked in the 1st round and also start immediately. they might not be very good but they clearly are rated much higher on a consistent basis. They even start very early in their careers.

    Can’t say the same about those Oregon QBs though. Not being a smart ass here. I’m trying to figure out what exactly you all see in Mariota that makes you so sure he’s going to buck that pathetic trend Oregon QBs have going.

  73. Bill Says:

    Michael Vick would beat MM in a race “today”. Vick is one of the fastest players to ever walk on a football field, he just happened to play QB.

  74. P'cola Buc Says:

    Mariota is a wonderful quarterback and a gifted quarterback. His character off the field seems to be beyond reproach. A quality man. That being said, I feel that his transition to the NFL will be more challenging for him than first thought. I’m not talking about just taking the ball from under center, I’m talking about the challenge he will have dealing with his own significantly introverted personality. He himself freely admits that one of the challenges he will face will be conducting the huddle. Moreover, he initiates little if anything during television interviews. He seems so uncomfortable in them which tends to result in moderators both asking and answering the questions for him. I feel badly for him as I see him perspire in those situations. At the NFL level the quarterback must take charge and command the huddle let alone the team. He must take the bull by the horns and be out there motivating team members. What will his reaction be when either he or his teammates mess up on the field? Will he out there talking to various team members or will he sit and sulk on the bench? A year and a half ago I was so into Mariota eventually being the leader of our team. Love to watch him out run his opponents on the field. Wonderful, beautiful. All I’m saying now is I feel his transition to the NFL may take longer than 1st expected. Still a wonderful quarterback, athlete and man.

  75. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Bill…can’t you just admit that both had outstanding college careers? Maybe Winston had a better team around him…it is a team sport after all….is 5 losses in an entire college career anything to sneeze at? Why look just at Ws and Ls….look at the stats and you’ll see that Winston was not nearly as prolific a passer as Mariota….yds, completions, TDs, INTs…all favor Mariota. Maybe Winston will be the guy here in Tampa? But would it be so bad to have Mariota at QB? The guy put up Manning, Luck, Brady, Marino, Elway type numbers in college, and there are a lot of very smart NFL people who think he can do the same in the pros.

    As I stated before….this is a process. Let it play out. We earned that #1 overall pick. Let’s enjoy the ride and make sure we get the right guy with it. We will know for sure on April 30th. Till then, your guess is as good as mine! Enjoy the ride?

  76. delson Says:

    I agree vick was more elusive but I’m talking about the dual threat that vick imposed. He threw great in his comeback year with the eagles

  77. Tiny Tim Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    March 13th, 2015 at 9:53 am

    @ Tiny Tim……Chef Paul……Pickgrin

    “Diction has nothing to do with playing football.”

    I agree……but I wasn’t the one who made the point…..Chef Paul saying Mariota’s using ‘um” in an interview means that he is a “slow thinker”……can’t deliver plays in the huddle…
    I’m suirprised….I read all of your posts and usually they are quite rational……your are way off base on this one…..Mariota intelligence or commuinication skills on the field have never been in question.


    I am not talking being a slow thinker etc. I am talking the confidence he lacks in himself period. The way he answers questions spells that out.

  78. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota should be the #1 pick. Will have to wait and see though.

  79. Pickgrin Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    March 13th, 2015 at 9:53 am
    Mariota…communication skills on the field have never been in question.

    The opposite. Like many of the legit questions about Mariota’s ability to translate to a pro style system and success at the NFL level – the communication and verbalization aspects were not prevalent in his game. You can’t see it. There wasn’t much of it. Everyone on Offense looks to the sideline to see the card that says what the next play is. If there is an adjustment at the line pre-snap because the call was a bad one due to the Defensive match up – everyone looks to the sideline again to see what the “audible” is by looking at the card. Little or no verbalization by the QB within that process. Then he stomps his foot and the ball is snapped.

    Just like the progressions reads to his 3rd or 4th option and the throwing into “tight windows” concerns – the communication and verbalization question exists because you just don’t see these things very often in the close study of Mariota’s tape.

    Its all about the tape really. 80% of it anyway (Licht even said this at the combine).

    If you don’t see much of a particular quality that is an important part of the NFL game while watching any player’s tape – then you have no choice but to “project” how that quality will look in real life when the player is asked to do things in the heat of battle that are not 2nd nature already. Project is kind of a fancy word for Guess.

    There’s a lot of “projecting” going on by scouts and GMs when it comes to trying to truly evaluate Mariota at the NFL level.

    Winston by contrast already checks most every NFL box with lots of examples to see when studying his tape. Communication, Leadership, verbalization, audibling into a better play match up after reading the defense – these are all major strengths of Winston’s.

  80. ColoradoBuc Says:

    This guy has no personality, no enthusiasm, and no leadership qualities…boring!

  81. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ Jeagan1999

    You say the season starts in 6 months. Wow, you mean mariota will have a whole 9 months to learn how to be a pro QB. A whole 9 months? Well that settles it then. lol. Yes Winston will have to work on things but he is already light years ahead. The basic things Mariota is learning now is fifth nature to Jameis. You say that changing footwork is easier than changing throwing motion. Obviously you did not watch the combine. Winston has already changed his throwing motion and it was nice and tight. That was the first thing the QB guru did with him when they were training in Arizona. So try again.

  82. Bill Says:


    I’ve said multiple times that I like MM. I’ve made arguments in his favor. If you need me to acknowledge he had a great college career and has superb pro potential. I will (i just did, right?).

    He needed to out-perform Winston. I don’t think that’s possible anymore. Yesterday was his day…he needed to “WOW”. We all know he didn’t.

  83. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota can take snaps from under center. Can go through progressions. Can make audibles at the line. Can throw in tight windows. Can run and throw. Can run. Wins games. Leads his team on the field. What else do you need? I could careless if he is quiet when it comes to giving an interview.

  84. bucs4lyfe Says:

    how many quarterback running a 4.5 are starting in the nfl right now lol. just imagine if he had a pass rush coming at him, you cannot compare this guy to bridgewater at all because he didn’t run a gimmick offense at all. you have to compare mariotta to geno smith, RG3, and other qb’s like them because he’s never done anything in a prostyle offense, I can just see the press conference after a loss and him reminding me of josh freeman aaah um yea ummm lol Winston talks like he’s from the south, it sounds ignorant but it still sounds confident.

  85. Jeagan1999 Says:

    TinyTim…Winstons throwing motion has improved…and yes I did watch the Combine….but he still has a way to go. My point is all college QBs are unfinished products when they enter the NFL. I firmly believe he will correct the flaws in his game quickly and be ready to show that he can play in a pro system. Just my opinion. I think Winston can repair his mechanics too…as you stated, it’s already improved somewhat….but it might take a bit longer. Again, my opinion! That’s what’s so great about this time of year….everyone has an opinion of who should go where. Remember the whole Johnny Football debate last year at this time? Many (Joe included) thought Manziel was the answer for Tampa….how’d that work out? Remember all the experts last year saying that Sammy Watkins was hands down the best WR in the draft? Sure he had a nice rookie season, but Evans and Odell Beckham blew Watkins numbers away! All this is such an in exact science….I guess if it wasn’t, there would be no such thing as draft experts, because we would all be them.

  86. Daniel Says:

    Some people are putting a lot of stock in Glennon. Avergering 230 ypg with 8 tds and 4 ints in 5 games isn’ bad but it isn’t great.

    Also drafting a guy 1st overall to play behind an ok QB for a year or two doesn’t make any since. You want a guy who is going to shine and start as soon as possible.

    Most confusing statement ever is ” the safer pick is Mariota, Winston is too risky?” What is a risky about a guy who has won a championship running a pro style offense vs a QB who has a big question mark running an nfl system.

  87. bucs4lyfe Says:

    EVERYONE has to adjust to the speed of the game. I think Winston will adjust faster than mariotta….both of them working on their mechanics im sure looks great in the offseason throwing against air but until you see it in live action against a pass rush everyone is just guessing. then again bridgewater choose to do pro day without gloves and wasn’t comfortable, if mariotta did have a perfect pro day theres no excuse for that especially if he “mechanics” have improved. theres always private workouts to fall back on. no one is worried about Winston’s proday because he is already the best prospect, mariotta needed that one badly

  88. Pickgrin Says:

    Chef Paul Says:
    March 13th, 2015 at 10:15 am
    To be honest, the closer we get to the draft, the more I don’t want either of these guys. This just keeps reminding me of the Vince Young, Matt Leinart draft. QB1a and QB1b. That scares the hell out of me.

    Too many Bucs fans (including most of the “trade down” crowd) are scared to take a chance on getting a franchise QB. Don’t be scaredy fans.

    We’ve got the #1 pick. Gotta take your best shot at majorly upgrading the QB position. There are 2 very good QB prospects to choose from. Both better than any other QB prospect in the last 3 years and 1 of them looks to me like a generational talent. You do your homework like you’ve never done it before and then choose a QB. No ifs, ands or buts. If it doesn’t work out – then so be it – but you HAVE to take that shot in our position. QB is by far the most important position on a football field and we need a major talent upgrade there.

    Winston will provide that in spades and be able to start from day 1. Mariota will need more time to transition but is likely to be a good NFL QB as well in time.

    The odds of both being Busts in the NFL is very low IMO. So you gotta pick one and take that shot at the franchise QB we’ve never had. Glazers are insisting on it BTW – so its gonna happen.

  89. bucs4lyfe Says:


    yep and every pick is risky….at the very least you must nail your first and second round picks to be a competitive team that doesn’t need free agency every year. your right and it’s simple reasoning that if we are running a pro style offense why draft a guy who never ran one in college? it’s not mariotta’s fault, blame his predecessors because success in that style of offense is rare at the next level. rare like Russell Wilson rare and even he is an average quarterback, ill admit that he makes above average decisions with the ball though except in the playoffs

  90. Tiny Tim Says:

    Jeagan1999 says:

    Remember the whole Johnny Football debate last year at this time? Many (Joe included) thought Manziel was the answer for Tampa….how’d that work out? Remember all the experts last year saying that Sammy Watkins was hands down the best WR in the draft? Sure he had a nice rookie season, but Evans and Odell Beckham blew Watkins numbers away! All this is such an in exact science….I guess if it wasn’t, there would be no such thing as draft experts, because we would all be them.


    Obviously you did not see my debate on Manziel. The same reason I did not want Manziel is the same reason I do not want Mariota. The system he played in did not translate to the NFL and therefore you are taking a guess of whether or not he can perform in a pro style offense. So no, it was no debate for me. And Sammy Watkins can very well be the best WR in the draft. He did not do anything to dispel that. And Mariota’s pro day did not dispel the question marks many people have about him. Sorry but it is what it is.

  91. ADown88 Says:

    Mariota making his visit to OBP on Monday.

  92. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Bill…I agree with a lot you are saying…except your conclusion that Mariota “needed to outperform Winston…needed to WOW…we all know he didn’t.”

    For all we know, the Bucs saw exactly what they wanted to see from Marcus….that he could take a snap directly from the center without problems, that he could drop back, that he could turn his back to the play and throw the play-action, and that he could huddle (as ridiculous as I think that last one is).

    I think the game tape, the one-on-one interviews and the personal visits to the facility is what will make the decision for Lovie/Licht. Unfortunately, none of us get to be privy to most of those meetings! I will support whomever the Bucs choose…I’m sure you will too! Until then it’s fun to speculate and debate who we think that guy should be!

  93. Chef Paul Says:


    The problem is the over analyzing and over thinking BS. It causes cold feet, which I have. Nothing to do but read read read. Think think think. Read some more and talk yourself into and out of every which posibility there is.

  94. bucs4lyfe Says:

    espn is so annoying, I cant believe they are still kicking around this idiotic idea of the bucs trading the first overall pick for dried up drew brees….so moronic and stupid considering we’d be quarterback needy again in 2 years. number 2, and mike glennon would be a nice deal though but the number 1 overall pick for a guy that cost 26 mil against the cap so annoying

  95. Jeagan1999 Says:

    TinyTim…I never said “you” wanted Manziel…only that many people did. Sorry but my 46 year old brain can’t remember who said what in conversation that far back anymore! As for Watkins, he may turn out to have the best career of any of the rookie WR’s from last year….but last season he was not the best! Evans and Beckham put up better numbers…catches, yds and TDs! You can’t deny it. AGAIN…my point is no one knows for sure who will do what when they get to the pros because no college prospect is a finished product when they come to the NFL. They all have things they need to work on and get better at….Mariota (deep ball, footwork) and Winston (mechanics, not forcing throws) included! That’s just the way it is. Once these guys get to the pros, they’ll have access to resources they never had before and I think BOTH will become fine QBs!

  96. Pickgrin Says:

    Chef Paul – any time you are feeling apprehensive about the Bucs taking a QB with the #1 pick – just go back and watch the highlight reel of your new Quarterback.

  97. P'cola Buc Says:

    @Skyline Crew

    I agree with you that just looking at Mariota “being quiet” during interviews is not always that troublesome. I believe it is however just the tip of the iceberg in his case. I don’t see him taking charge on the NFL level. I see that his self doubt will erode his self confidence. If he lacks these interpersonal skills the transition will no doubt be even more difficult. He needs at the next level be at least extroverted enough to be comfortable motivating others, it is a team sport and personalities are very difficult to change. I like Mariota, have for a while. I’m only saying that these difficulties I feel will be even more of a challenge for him then learning to take that football from under center.

  98. Tiny Tim Says:


    I never said you thought I liked manziel. I was only giving you insight as to why I do not want Mariota or any spread QB for that matter. What you are missing in my points is Mariota has to learn how to play the QB position altogether. Huddle, calling line protection, audibling, going through progression, throwing in tight windows, throwing in tight windows in the redzone. It was telling when Curt Herbstreet during the national championship stated how Oregon’s offense bogs down in the redzone because the offense is predicated on spreading you out. In the redzone the lanes are much tighter. He has no experience operating as a QB in the redzone. I mean those are serious concerns.

    You mention footwork etc., but you neglect to mention footwork while also trying to go through nfl progressions, while 300 lbs defensive linemen are coming. Thats too much thinking taking place. Nine months does not prepare you for that. Ten to twelve years of preparation like Winston has put him light years ahead on the field and in the classroom. Line protections/audibling etc. is something he has always done. So he will not be thinking as much, he will be reacting and playing naturally as oppose to robotic like Mariota looked yesterday.

  99. lurker Says:

    so marcus mediocre had a mediocre pro-day. surprise.

  100. Bill Says:


    At the end of the day, you’re right. Nothing is set in stone until the pick is made. I think yesterday was MM’s biggest day, and I don’t think he made up any ground on Winston.

  101. Skyline Crew Says:

    @P’cola Buc

    Mariota is vocal on the field where it counts. He changes plays at the LoS. Frost has said he is very vocal with his players and has even been in the middle of scuffles during practice.

  102. Skyline Crew Says:

    Frost told King. “To say he can’t do the things an NFL quarterback can do–I laugh when I hear people say that, and I am keeping track of all the experts who’ve said it. He changes protections, he slides protections, he shifts protections, he makes reads, he changes calls at the line. Watch our games. We have every protection at Oregon that they have in the NFL. He changed protections at the line seven or eight times a game. He completely changed the play two or three times a game.”

  103. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Bill…I certainly think Mariota could have thrown better yesterday, that’s for sure! Who knows how the Bucs have the 2 QBs ranked? Guess we’ll find out about 6 weeks from now!

  104. Clint Says:

    Oh look, two more people in the know who say Winston signed, sealed, delivered to Tampa


  105. Skyline Crew Says:

    Mariota even has a little Andrew Luck in him:

    “The pass was away, but the guy popped him anyway. Just barely legal, an unfriendly hello. Marcus Mariota bounced up, patted the guy on the helmet, and delivered his own message:

    “Good hit.”

    This was a couple of weeks ago, during Oregon’s victory at Utah. But it’s a scene repeated regularly enough that the quarterback’s teammates have grown used to it, even as they marvel at the cause — and its effect.”

    “They’re trying to rattle him, do a little late shot,” Oregon center Hroniss Grasu says. “I’m getting really upset, because I’m very protective of Marcus and I take it very personal. Marcus just pats him on the back, says ‘Good job,’ and ‘Keep coming.’

    “The guy just gets even more mad. It’s awesome. When they see it didn’t faze Marcus, it gets them more upset.”

    Just like Luck does in the NFL. Man to have a guy like that gets under defense’s skins.

  106. Skyline Crew Says:

    There was the time during fall practices when, on what passes for really hot in an Oregon summer, he was dissatisfied with the team’s energy level. He gathered the players together and then commenced cussing a blue streak at very high volume.

    “That’s not the nice-guy thing to do,” Grasu says. “But he’s competitive at everything.”

    Teammates describe a guy who won’t stop playing games until he wins, or stop doing something until he gets it right. One example: Mariota and Grasu regularly play golf, a sport they both took up in college. Neither is very good. But Mariota is driven to get better. During a class, when the lesson was how to hit balls out of the bunker, Mariota wasn’t satisfied. Using his wedge, he pounded the ball deep into the sand, then practiced hitting from the horrible lie until he’d mastered the shot.

    This is the type of guy we need.

  107. Skyline Crew Says:

    Frost insists he’s seen Mariota get frustrated and, in classic angry quarterback fashion, punt the football far downfield. Once, Frost says, he even had to be dragged away from a fight.

    “He’ll tell you he was just trying to break up two other guys,” Frost says. “But he was right in the middle of the melee.”

  108. Skyline Crew Says:

    Hey Clint,

    This is from that Mock Draft on Mariota:

    “Greg Peshek’s QB metrics breakdown on Mariota, Winston and Brent Hundley helps. Peshek charted every throw made last season by those three quarterbacks, uncovering a couple things that flow against some Mariota scouting reports. To wit: Mariota threw a higher percentage of his passes from 11-20 yards deep (33.4%) than did Winston (23.0%); he was more accurate from 11-20 yards (70.1%) and deeper (58.1%) than Winston (60.0% and 46.9%, respectively); and hit more passes than his likely Round 1 counterpart when pressured (67.7% to 57.7%).”

    Seems Mariota is the better player here if you just look at that.

  109. Jeagan1999 Says:

    TinyTim….you have some valid points, but I think some are also overstated. Mariota has been playing QB since he was a kid. He played in a very unique system in Oregon that only asked him to do certain things. Doesn’t mean he can’t do others. If you watched any of his games over the past 2 seasons, you’ll agree with me that “robotic” is not normally a word that gets applied to him. He is a natural athlete and very fluid on the field. I don’t know that we, or the BUCS brass can evaluate him properly off of one hour long “pro day” session. If Winstons pro day is lackluster, will that alone change your opinion of his skills?

    Your point about experience is well taken, but Mariota is a smart kid, and there are always exceptions. Take Ryan Tannehill for example, he started college as a WR and converted to QB. He had to learn things like footwork, protections and reading defenses quickly. And yet he has had a promising start as an NFL QB. I know you prefer Winston, and you know I prefer Mariota. At the end of the day I think both are very talented…maybe just it different ways.

  110. 87ForJameisNOMariota Says:

    Josh Freeman …um’ed and ah’ed a lot too.

  111. lurker Says:

    greg peshek’s stats are just stats. look at last year’s stats from the same guy. he railed on carr, who did awesome last year in the pro’s. his stats like manziel, just like mariota. so, ummmm, yeah. people bashed manziel but like mariota and they are the same type qb.

  112. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    Idk about him anymore

  113. Tiny Tim Says:

    jeagan1999 says:

    If you watched any of his games over the past 2 seasons, you’ll agree with me that “robotic” is not normally a word that gets applied to him. He is a natural athlete and very fluid on the field. I don’t know that we, or the BUCS brass can evaluate him properly off of one hour long “pro day” session. If Winstons pro day is lackluster, will that alone change your opinion of his skills?

    Your point about experience is well taken, but Mariota is a smart kid, and there are always exceptions. Take Ryan Tannehill for example, he started college as a WR and converted to QB. He had to learn things like footwork, protections and reading defenses quickly. And yet he has had a promising start as an NFL QB. I know you prefer Winston, and you know I prefer Mariota. At the end of the day I think both are very talented…maybe just it different ways.


    Please let me learn you. Mariota looks robotic now during these drills because he is asked to be a pro and not just an athlete. In the spread, being an athlete is good enough, hence looking fluid. In the pros, being a football player is what is required…..see Ronde Barber, you may have heard of him.

    BTW, Jameis will not look lackluster in his pro day because he is built for this. This is what he does/all he knows is how to be great whether in the classroom or on the field. And if you are wanting to take Tannerhill as some type of an example, I’m laughing even harder. Wasn’t there rumors that Tannerhill was about to benched last season? Tannerhill does not help your argument at all.